2010 Devon Gtx

Devon GTX

From its c fibre superstructure, to its wholesale architectural coat, the all-new 2010 Devon GTX offers bluff figure, effective tactility, and meaningful technologies that shuffle a affirmation dissimilar any early supercar.

Constructed of aircraft-quality c character from base to backside, the Devon GTX instantaneously communicates its ultra-performance potentiality done strong-growing, press proportions and gravid (capable 20-inch) lattice-structure center-lock wheels. Altogether, the outside designing navigates ‘tween the by and skill fabrication, subtly blend sinew, curves, recherche shapes and dynamical artwork to produce a definitive, yet futurist, argument that’s prepare to rack the trial of clock.

Within, c fiber-reinforced racing seating, dual-grained leather surfacing end-to-end, and neat chromium-plate appointments convey a Miesian, “less is more” figure doctrine. A neo-retro shifter – topped by a albumen paraphernalia pommel – melds driver with motorcar.

Vehicle Structure

At the geomorphologic essence, the Devon GTX is reinforced upon a model that is as innovative as any in the worldwide self-propelled manufacture.

2010 Devon Gtx

Overlaying its nerve construction is a glove-fit, single-piece shaped superstructure made of c roughage. Structure of the superstructure requires a composite mould – fundamentally the sizing of the fomite – in which all datum and adherence points are positioned inside literally fractions of a millimetre. Formerly the superstructure is in situation, all personify venire bond points are inherently exact for uncommonly logical builds. The superstructure – due to the use of c fibre – is too exceedingly whippersnapper, potent and blotto, ensuring prominent clangor execution, stochasticity / oscillation tuning, and improbably precise figure tuning.

2010 Devon GTX


2010 Devon Gtx

Spell boilersuit conformation of the new Devon GTX carries traditional “heftiness car” dimensions with a farseeing dash-to-axle and myopic breast and backside offsets, it’s executed in the setting of worldliness and gymnastic gracility. Ostensibly honed from a bingle office, the Devon GTX’s sleek outside pelt is formed of c fibre, which enables exact modelling – instead than traditional stamping – of outside fenders, panels, and closures. Gravid (18 / 19-inch or 19 / 20-inch combinations) 12-spoke aluminium bad monoblock grille integrated wheels leash the eye to big, ultra-performance calipers (carrying the Devon insignia) and rotors, departure no dubiety astir the supercars’s execution competence.

The wheels bear a machined or dressed cultivation and calico inner-spoke surfacing prima to the Devon insignia shaping the gist hub. The Devon GTX is likewise furnished with center-mounted lockup hubs, a lug-free invention more usually seen on subspecies cars.

2010 Devon Gtx

A wheelbase of 98.8-inches – combined with a outpouring wheel-to-body kinship outlined by typical, offset-flush, tone-shaded rack surrounds – ensures reasoned entreaty and front likewise as an spry feel with more powerful battlefront fenders and arse haunches.

The movement “aspect” of the fomite is absentminded of a traditional wicket, resulting in a neat, aero-sloped breast part outlined by a center-positioned office that runs continuous to the core of the cowling. Plentiful air for burning and bracken chilling is achieved done gravid intakes positioned in the glower onward corners. The intakes bear great chromium-plate trapezoid-shaped inlets (around 3-inches wide-cut) that tether to channeling for optimum burning air inhalation and locomotive chilling.

A fixed-glass gist cap factor distinguishes the Devon GTX from all others in its sole stratum. The meth factor ensures smash born spark is perpetually a parting of the upcountry surroundings.

Three-inch blanket trapezoidal chromium-plate two-fold release tips mates the uptake inlets in the movement, are side-by-side positioned, and transit the essence part of the arse dashboard, boost communication the ultra-performance potentiality of the new Devon offer.

Posted outside rear-view mirrors let been aero-optimized – on with the balance of the outside – by a consecrate squad led by Dr. Joe Katz of San Diego Country University (SDSU). The squad’s efforts led to the internalization of a three-piece venter pan constructed of c fibre. In improver to providing enhanced under-car rise charm and aeromechanics, the paunch pan carries radical “swirl generators” for improved downforce – a key enabler to the fomite’s particular nimbleness and equaliser.


The home of the new Devon GTX has been intentional with the impulsive fancier top of judgment – all features, surfaces and dimensions birth been created to guarantee a second-to-none functioning get. A littler diam, thick-rimmed, leather-wrapped wheel ensures a operation bag and optimum flavour. Carbon-fiber strengthened integrated seating – carrying a shell designing and merged headrests – unified six-point racing rule backside belts (optional; fivesome pointedness banner) – are chromium-plate cut, outfitted with remains functioning durometer backside and bolsters, and skinned with the softest real-leather pelt usable.

Dual-grain leather surfacing ensures a dynamically tactual surroundings. Arse and centerfield solace areas expect softer leather with sander sensual granulate; the amphetamine IP, pillars, star and threshold surfaces integrated a coarser, three-d tactility. All sound, HVAC, and clump orchestration is communicated via digital parallel artwork on high-definition displays. All orchestration incorporates blue fluorescent elucidation. The speedometer, tach, fire, temperature and over-the-counter mechanical related instrumentality is displayed in the clump below a set punk. Sound and HVAC is displayed in the incorporated centerstack. The traditional neo-retro ovalbumin ball-head stick-shift is constructed of cockeyed dressed aluminium for optimum flavor and connectivity; it is instantly attached to the foremost infection that engages below. The switching is encircled by a forte-piano melanise ending, which carries back-lit, surface-flush signature switches for windows, doorway locks, related flesh controls, and an electronically actuated emergency organization.


The fencesitter movement and backside suspensions on the 2010 Devon GTX bear aluminium components for optimized un-sprung people, ensuring quick manipulation and optimum tuning for avenue and racecourse operation.

2010 Devon Gtx

Limited Slip Differential

The rear-drive solitary Devon GTX is equipt with a frame-mounted speed-sensing express slip-up derivative which automatically manages pedal torsion on all surfaces for improved fomite functioning during manipulation maneuvers. The Devon GTX is equipt with the manual six-speed transmittal and carries a terminal effort proportion of 3.07.

Continuously Variable Damping System

A ceaselessly varying damping organisation bequeath be uncommitted on the Devon GTX next the commencement of product. Enhancements in the engineering’s algorithms – combined with all-encompassing rail examination and establishment – ensures the car is unbroken more controlled altogether situations; on or off the racecourse. The arrangement uses electronic ascendence of damping forces in a ceaselessly varying real-time damping organisation to allow particular reactivity, greatly increased driver command and increased jade striking with the route, irrespective of route airfoil.

2010 Devon Gtx

Articulating Front Splitter & Ride Height Adjustment

In club to accomplish optimum aeromechanics and rally/treatment characteristics altogether drive scenarios, the new offer from Devon Motorworks is furnished with an articulating divider (useable position fomite establish) and hydraulicly determined rally altitude alteration (when weaponed with optional uninterrupted damping system- too useable pursuit fomite found). The articulating movement rail-splitter – an rare coating in the global self-propelled diligence – travels around 80-mm onwards to create enhanced downforce for optimum rail functioning. It is hydraulicly determined prow and aft. Rally tallness readjustment – again, an rare lotion – operates likewise to the articulating rail-splitter and drives the vehicles’ cradle headroom via muffler allowance roughly 60-mm up or kill. When equipt with rally stature alteration, the Devon GTX is outfitted with dual-rate springs. In the drawn-out tantalise stature mood (Spell modality, or eminent circumstance), the springs are tuned to be softer for more shock and resile, ensuring a polite razz. In the frown scene (Functioning way, or low mount), the springs are competition-rate corpse, delivering enhanced driver feedback and governed slant and roller characteristics.


The brakes on the new Devon GTX is engineered to have first functioning, show and lastingness without compromise. The engineering has proved itself by fetching pro sports car races and championships, yet too provides benefits that can be experient and apprehended every day. The brakes is intentional to offer shorter fillet distances, ameliorate bracken intonation, firmer wheel flavor and less bracken disappearance than otc high-performance sumptuousness cars, resulting in sinewy, confidence-inspiring operation.

With six pistons in apiece forepart calliper and foursome in apiece behind, the brakes is custom-tailored to the sturdy requirements of the Devon GTX. The opposed-piston bracken calipers are commencement bad, so weight-optimized by amply machining all outside surfaces. The bikini rotor innovation reduces angle by third compared to a one-piece bracken rotor of the like dimensions. The patented, directing AeroRotor web innovation induces capable 80-percent more chilling airflow than the rotors victimized as archetype equipment on many high-performance sumptuousness vehicles. This reduces utmost and intermediate operational temperatures, up pad and rotor animation.

The bracken pad corporeal was particularly selected to coalesce the courtesy needful of a on-key high-end luxuriousness oblation in day-to-day drive with mellow functioning impulsive. The measure bracken pads ply low haphazardness levels and often less disperse than distinctive of many high-performance lavishness vehicles. Simultaneously, they deliver the hotness potentiality to defy airstream racecourse imbrication with low susceptibleness to accelerated assume or shake that may smite otc cars.


Direction feedback to the driver is operation tuned done a agio torment and pennon steerage pitch. The direction organization incorporates undischarged torsional rigourousness with less operational detrition. The resolution is guidance preciseness of the highest fiat, with near-perfect running reception and tranquil, predictable transitions.

Wheels and Tires

For confident, enhanced treatment, the Devon GTX is furnished with role intentional and reinforced Devon Motorworks bad aluminium debase wheels with gist engage constellation. Cycle sizes are 18- by 10-inches in the breast; 19- by 13-inches in the bottom. Bigger wheels are optional and step 19- by 10-inches ahead; 20- by 13-inches in the backside. The grille construction wheels integrated a geometrical innovation which not but enable views to the prominent brakes (unchanging or in gesticulate), but enable angle optimisation – a key to reduction un-sprung bulk.


The all-new 2010 Devon GTX blends gymnastic forcefulness with sturdy subtlety thanks to what is peradventure the nearly knock-down course aspirated output car powertrain organization in the manufacture. The Devon GTX is furnished with an 8.4-liter (510 three-dimensional inches) V-10 locomotive that produces 650 h.p. (484.7 kW) at 6100 rpm. The V-10 locomotive is paired with a track-proven six-speed manual contagion.The end outcome is a actuation arrangement that rivals – and in almost cases surpasses – the well-nigh herculean offerings in the reality.

Induction and Exhaust System

The air evocation box receives burning air via schnorchel tubes from the superintendent coupe’s low-mounted centerfield air uptake in the strawman serving of the fomite. The elicitation box provides minimum intake limitation at crest airflow – a key enabler the locomotive’s special index.

The three-fold exhaust is initiated with whippersnapper 5-into-1 super-tuned hanker metro headers starring into 2.5-inch diam pipes that aid enable low rachis force and gamy menstruum. The organisation is made of stainless, which leads to chromium-plate, 3.75-inch beveled (concave) tips exiting the bottom plaza serving of the fomite. Reflecting the receptive workmanship that has asleep into the Devon GTX, the discharge billet has been specifically tuned to audibly bring the fomite’s capableness and boilersuit edification.

Six-Speed Manual Transmission

The contagion on the Devon GTX incorporates a innkeeper of applications to see efficacious transport of the 8.4-liter locomotive’s especial superpower and torsion spell delivering high-performance, fun-to-drive unfirm characteristics. The end resolution: is short-change, ruckle slip throws; smoothen train synchronism, and boilersuit improved slip flavour with niggling or no palpitation. The transmitting boasts wider gears for increased torque-handling potentiality; a six-gear synchronoscope organization for exceeding shimmy feeling and rock-bottom efforts; double-cone reverse synchronoscope for relieved “R” pick; reinforced trapping for minimum “turn” and improved unfirm; and a threefold bulk flywheel with twin-disc clutches.

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