2010 Daewoo Matiz Creative

Daewoo Matiz Creative

GM Daewoo Automobile & Engineering (GM Daewoo) launched its all-new world mini-car, the GM Daewoo Matiz Originative. The new miniskirt bequeath pass sale on September 1st, 2009.

“The GM Daewoo Matiz Originative is an all-new mini-car highly-developed at GM Daewoo, the planetary fomite evolution gist for GM’s miniskirt and pocket-size cars,” aforesaid Michael Grimaldi, Chairwoman and CEO of GM Daewoo. “With its best-in-segment figure, operation and refuge, the new miniskirt is bound to go an industriousness benchmark and a achiever among consumers in Korea and round the earth.”

Based on GM’s globose mini-vehicle architecture, it took 27 months to grow the GM Daewoo Matiz Originative. KRW 295 1000000000000 has been invested in the fomite’s evolution. Undermentioned its establish in Korea, the world-wide miniskirt bequeath be sold in ended 150 markets round the humans including those in Europe, Asia and N America.

2010 Daewoo Matiz Creative

Aimed at confluence the highest timbre and operation standards in the well-nigh advanced markets, the worldwide fomite was implement terminated 1 1000000 kilometers of intensifier enduringness tests, extremum conditions tests, and clank tests both at abode and afield.

With roof-rail pall air bags and high-strength and ultra-high-strength brand complete a bulk of its eubstance, the GM Daewoo Matiz Originative ensures segment-leading resident security.

With a subversive designing, innovative engineering, segment-leading features and benchmark prophylactic, the GM Daewoo Matiz Originative offers often more a miniskirt.

2010 Daewoo Matiz Creative

Segment-Leading Size and a Dynamic Exterior

The GM Daewoo Matiz Originative is a car that is idealistic for those with an urban life-style. With the styling of a clean hatchback, it showcases the new focus of GM Daewoo conception and a new tendency in the pattern of mini-cars.

“Our elucidate end from the real source was to make a gyration in sizing and conception contempt the restrictions of the miniskirt section,” aforesaid Taewan Kim, V.p. of GM Daewoo Pattern. “We cherished to pee-pee a argument with an modern excogitation that would arrive bey a distinctive mini-vehicle and set new standards for the section. This is not your average-looking mini-car.”

The GM Daewoo Matiz Originative’s roommate proportions and dynamical styling are courtesy of its segment-leading distance of 3,595 mm, altitude of 1,520 mm, wheelbase of 2,375 mm, and breadth of 1,595 mm combined with its “body-in/wheels-out” posture. Dramatically sized headlamps that literally reach from the battlefront facia to the backbone of the punk, with elucidate polycarbonate lenses and chrome-coated bezels, resemble diamonds, adding an upscale show and witch.

A windowpane contrast that is aslope dynamically upwards, an arced roofline and shrill sidelines work a flashy yet restive feel, a tenuity in the section. Arcanum perpendicular ass doorway handles situated in the C-pillar are another strange characteristic. They devote the GM Daewoo Matiz Originative a alone, clean three-door coupe appearing without sacrificing five-door substitute.

A first-in-segment oblation of an merged back looter as banner equipment fundamentally extends the arse roofline, for enhanced streamlined operation and provides a stalls position in high-velocity drive besides as increased fire efficiency. Turn taillamps with crystallise polycarbonate lenses add to the GM Daewoo Matiz Originative’s warm bottom picture.

A chrome-coated grille and fog lamps, extraneous mirrors with two-tone semblance, and a refined-looking ceiling single-foot are over-the-counter invention cues that transfer the GM Daewoo Matiz Originative’s styling bey that of a miniskirt.

GM Daewoo Matiz Originative buyers suffer a bigger pallet of outside colours from which to opt. They may choose one of the deuce-ace advanced colours of fluent, tweed or inkiness or apply one of the more traditional miniskirt colours of red, teal, embrown, orangish or ice amytal.

Unique Interior Defined By Fun, Fashion and Functionality

The excogitation rotation continues within the GM Daewoo Matiz Originative. Spell pursuing a proportionate base with the active outside, the upcountry is more around functionality.

With its wider raceway and thirster wheelbase, the GM Daewoo Matiz Originative provides best-in-segment figurehead legroom, bottom legroom, battlefront headway and behind hiproom, resulting in generous blank and well-off fitting for fin adults.

The streamlined inside weaves unitedly the panel, forepart seating and doorway trims, creating an surroundings that is proportionate, continuous and inviting to the senses. An exterior-color-matched panel and threshold trimming appliqués offered in red, dark or eloquent raise the co-ordinated excogitation of the upcountry and outside.

The near impinging excogitation factor in the midland is a motorcycle-inspired active cadence bundle. The first-in-segment guidance column-mounted cat’s-paw clump combines parallel and digital systems, contributory fun and singular styling besides as enhanced profile and appliance. A actuate estimator in the dynamical beat bunch is another first-in-segment lineament.

Adding to the processed feel is an incorporate mall hatful pattern that eliminates the traditional “painting frame” layout and results in a coeval, fashionable kinship. LED-lit ice amytal illuminance adds to the urban, overstrung styling.

Pattern-printed semi-bucket seating supply a unchanging feel when cornering. With high-quality materials and prodigious craft, they likewise heighten the sybaritic upcountry aura.

The GM Daewoo Matiz Originative provides upgraded functionality with features such as headrests that can be vertically familiarised capable 65 mm, c film-heated seating and assorted entrepot places.

New 1,000-cc DOHC Engine Delivers Power and Fuel Economy

Freshly highly-developed for the next-generation world miniskirt at GM Daewoo, the S-TEC II locomotive – a 4-cylinder, 16-valve DOHC locomotive with a translation of 1,000 cc – delivers enceinte execution and fire saving.

The S-TEC II locomotive includes a serial of ripe features that raise execution. The first-in-segment covering of the PDA (Larboard De-Activation) arrangement ensures highschool tucker gas recirculation, resulting in burning constancy at low speeds and optimum operation at eminent speeds jointly improved fire efficiency. In increase, the PDA arrangement contributes to a step-down in emissions, fashioning the GM Daewoo Matiz Originative a sincerely eco-friendly fomite that meets the tight KULEV (Korea Ultra-Low Emanation Fomite) stock.

Another first-in-segment covering is an robotlike temperature accountant privileged the locomotive, which helps ameliorate fire efficiency by reduction unneeded warmth going. A dome-type long-skirt block narrows the place ‘tween inspiration valves spell the covering of quartet resonators reduces locomotive haphazardness.

Paired with the effective S-TEC-II locomotive is a 4-speed automatonlike contagion tuned to GM’s planetary standards that provides enhanced shifts for an undischarged tantalise.

Solid Structure and Advanced Chassis Ensure Pleasurable Ride and Handling

The razz and manipulation of the GM Daewoo Matiz Originative likewise set it isolated from any otc fomite in its section. Adopting the body-frame constitutional (BFI) scheme, the speed structure and anatomy are engineered as a unity whole, resulting in bettor flavor of the route on with a heightened sentiency of resolution and stableness, and enhanced connectivity ‘tween the driver and fomite.

2010 Daewoo Matiz Creative

A McPherson sashay forepart reprieve combined with a four-point mounted yearn locomotive rocker and a breadth superpower simplification leap enhances the solidness of the intact figure, for improved clangoring guard and drive operation. A bum intensify ice contortion transmit incorporates a vasiform V-beam for more good tuning and dynamical functioning.

A first-in-segment treble acoustical absorptive construction and extra underbelly construction foreclose randomness influx from out-of-door, for optimum quietude. Twist racket is minimized done the GM Daewoo Matiz Originative’s sleek consistency job and elaborate threshold waterproofing construction.

2010 Daewoo Matiz Creative

Benchmark Safety: Class-Transcending Use of High-Strength Steel

A emcee of morphological enhancements combined with a total offer of combat-ready and inactive condom systems makes the GM Daewoo Matiz Originative a section leader in its family.

2010 Daewoo Matiz Creative

Its consistence is the stiffest in the miniskirt section; 66.5 pct of its torso is constructed of high-strength nerve or complete 16 pct is comprised of ultra-high-strength nerve. This ensures the highest layer of aegis in the section. The unanimous construction volition swordplay a key function in securing expected four-star ratings in NCAP clangoring tests in Korea, Europe, and the U.S.

In add-on, ultra-high-strength blade applied to the face construction minimizes the luck of the construction deforming in the upshot of a smash. High-strength blade is too ill-used in the bum structure to protect passengers besides as the fire tankful, minimizing the possibleness of fire escape during a hit.

The four-point mounted longsighted locomotive provenance protects passengers in the case of a frontal hit by optimally dispersing clangor lots. The steerage tower features an lengthened encroachment security zona to raise auspices of the driver’s trunk.

The use of H-spider typecast ultra-high-strength sword bars in the underbelly prevents life-threatening distortion caused by a position clang. The tailor-welded blanking method put-upon in the B-pillar ensures uttermost tribute of passengers’ speed bodies. High-strength nerve in the back and first-in-segment backside clank boxes downplay the shock of whip.

The cap is peculiarly cockeyed, for utmost rollover auspices. The GM Daewoo Matiz Originative has been highly-developed to resist capable fourfold its slant – which goes far bey manufacture regulations. As a answer, GM Daewoo expects the Matiz Originative to experience the highest ratings in IIHS (Indemnity Constitute for Highway Refuge) clang examination in the U.S.

GM Daewoo engineers likewise factored in prosy safe. Copious distance ‘tween the locomotive and hoodlum reduces the fortune of a subaltern hit, confluence European guard regulations for the security of pedestrians.

The first-in-segment diligence of front-end wreck boxes for greater rider tribute adds an frugal component as customers volition motivation to variety lone the clang boxes rather of repairing the stallion fomite in the pillowcase of a low-speed clank. As a answer, the fomite is expected to find a near degree in the RCAR (Enquiry Council for Machine Repairs) run for determinant client indemnity fees.

Too driver, figurehead rider and slope air bags, the GM Daewoo Matiz Originative too offers first-in-segment drapery air bags mounted on the ceiling track to protect both forepart and rachis bottom occupants. A 4-channel/4-sensor EBD-ABS organization reduces braking length and helps preclude skidding and rollover. Over-the-counter prophylactic highlights admit seatbelt pre-tensioners, shock-sensitive threshold locks and arse parking serve sensors with a large-minded grasp.

Premium Convenience Features Go “Beyond Mini”

The GM Daewoo Matiz Originative features an regalia of bounty ease and gismo conveniences that one would anticipate in more expensive vehicles, including:

  • Het windscreen wipers
  • Cap excruciate
  • Het reflex out-of-door mirror
  • Speed-sensitive automatonlike threshold locks
  • Leaning steerage and a driver’s bum armrest
  • A mote strain for a pleasant dust-free inside
  • 6:4 fold seating
  • A radiocommunication outside jump key
  • Versatile entrepot places
  • A weary sealer compressor kit
  • The GM Daewoo Matiz Originative comes in tercet shave levels: Pop, Wind, and Furrow. It is priced from KRW 9.06 1000000 for the entry-level Pop, from 9.44 jillion for the Malarky and from KRW 10.09 zillion for the Vallecula. (All prices admit a 4-speed reflexive transmitting.) A manual infection bequeath be useable start other adjacent yr, bountiful consumers in Korea and abroad markets another choice.

    Technical Specifications

  • Duration: 3,595 mm
  • Meridian: 1,520 mm
  • Breadth: 1,595 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,375 mm
  • Stride
  • Strawman: 1,410 mm
  • Arse: 1,417 mm
  • Locomotive
  • Valve Prepare: DOHC
  • Deracination: 995 cc
  • Max. Ability: 70 PS at 6,400 rpm
  • Max. Torsion: 9.4 kg.m at 4,800 rpm
  • Fire Efficiency: 17 km / l
  • Restrict Weightiness: 910 kg
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