2010 Bentley Continental Gtc Speed

Bentley Continental GTC Speed

Unveiling of the new Bentley Continental GTC ambit builds on this winner with a elusive phylogenesis of its classifiable flair and a grasp of technological and boast enhancements benefiting puff and client option. The entreaty of the GTC is farther reinforced by the add-on of the new 600bhp (610PS) Bentley Continental GTC Amphetamine modelling. It is Bentley’s near herculean transformable always and divine by Bentley’s fabled ‘Swiftness Models’ from the Twenties.

The new GTC models ploughshare a saucy frontlet show. The grille is more vertical with a more marked feather abut, accentuating the Bentley visibility, and bolder glower air consumption. These modish models are foster imposing by chromium-plate headlight bezels, the availableness of two new outside paints and a new colouring obscure.

For the stock Bentley Continental GTC, new low-friction dampers allow improved bait comfortableness. In increase, two pregnant new options may be specified on both GTC models: whippersnapper, fade-resistant, carbon-ceramic brakes, the largest output carriage brakes in the man, and a advanced follow-to-stop Adaptative Sail Ascendence scheme with long-range radiolocation detector that monitors dealings leading and manages limit and brakes to keep a driver-selected metre gap.

The GTC’s figure and exceptionally stiff brand trunk let proven more subject of cope with the index of the 552bhp (560PS) 6-litre W12 locomotive. For the new Bentley Continental GTC Hurrying, twin-turbocharged W12 now develops 600bhp (610PS) that delivers lawful 200 mph (322 km/h) execution, with the ceiling up, with elating, casual speedup. Tied with the cap consume the Bentley Continental GTC Speeding can reaching 195 mph (312 km/h).

2010 Bentley Continental GTC Speed

The Bentley Continental GTC Fastness is visually grand by pernicious innovation enhancements which accent its higher execution credential. At the strawman, the radiator and lour air consumption grilles have a darkness tinted matrix as criterion. Bigger diam 9.5J x 20-inch, multi-spoke debase wheels with Bentley-bespoke Pirelli PZero ultra-high execution (UHP) tyres, lowered and uprated reprieve, wider twin-rifled fumes arse pipes and a new boot-mounted lip looter that enhances high-pitched fastness aeromechanics, reenforce the dissipated lineament of the Fastness manakin.

The GTC Fastness’s 600bhp (610PS) W12 locomotive develops 9 per centime more exponent than the received GTC. Withal, it is the 15 per penny step-up in torsion that genuinely distinguishes the Velocity example, which now develops an telling yield of 750 Nm (553lb ft). This is achieved crossways well-nigh the finish rev ambit, from good 1700 to 5600 rev/min, delivering that feature Bentley brandish of torsion.

The 0-60 mph dash is despatched in a bare 4.5 seconds (0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds) and 0-100 mph in 10.6 seconds (0-160 km/h in 10.5 seconds).

The GT Swiftness coupe, which debuted in 2007, has get the top merchandising GT exemplar crosswise the world. This was followed in summertime 2008 by the 4-door Continental Fast Goad Upper. Now, the Speeding phratry is accomplished with the foundation of the Bentley Continental GTC Swiftness, which is expected to chronicle for capable two-thirds of GTC sales general in its get-go twelvemonth of output.

Enhanced powertrain delivers more power and torque

Both Continental GTC models are powered by Bentley’s 6-litre, twin-turbocharged W12 locomotive which is produced solely at the fellowship’s Crewe locomotive flora. The Bentley W12 is the nigh compress 12-cylinder locomotive in output with 48 valves and 4 camshafts with continually varying valve timing. Powerfulness is transmissible via a ZF six-speed reflexive transmittance.

The Bentley Continental GTC Amphetamine is powered by Bentley’s W12 locomotive in its near hefty, 600 bhp (610PS) shape. It develops 15 per penny more torsion and 9 per penny more powerfulness than the 552bhp (560PS) criterion Bentley Continental GTC.

Locomotive efficiency improvements solvent from the use of depress rubbing, lighter-weight components and a new locomotive direction organisation, patch similitude, low inactiveness turbochargers with minimum turbo lag add to the W12 locomotive’s matte torsion sheer. In 600 bhp (610PS) manakin, the W12 develops a utmost torsion of 750 Nm (553 lb ft) from 1700 rev/min clear capable 5600 rev/min. The GTC Velocity locomotive is visually differentiated by the ‘crackleware inkiness’ goal to the inlet multiplex.

This endows the Bentley Continental GTC Hurrying with a top upper of 200mph (322 km/h) with the roof-up and a 0-60mph dash sentence of equitable 4.5 seconds (0-100 km/h in 4.8 secs). It likewise accelerates from 0-100 mph in good 10.6 seconds (0-160 km/h in 10.5 seconds).

The six-speed contagion can be unexpended in two full automatonlike modes (Campaign and Sportsman) or victimised as a clutchless manual where the driver can commute gears consecutive, via either the gearlever or paddles mounted bottom the wheel.

The ripe uninterrupted all-wheel thrust organisation of both GTC models provides particular grip altogether weathers. The crusade is transferred ‘tween the strawman and behind axles via a extremely raw core Torsen derivative. If the derivative detects a deviance in torsion requirement betwixt the two axles it mechanically sends more superpower to the wheels with greater hold.

Both the GTC and GTC Speeding too characteristic an innovative electronic constancy broadcast (ESP 8.1). The ‘Athletics Grip’ modality for the GTC moderates ESP treatment at low speeds, benefiting driver interaction and command, especially on low grip surfaces. The ‘Active Fashion’ of the GTC Speeding allows increased bicycle parapraxis at higher speeds compared to the stock flesh. This ensures that torsion is reinstated more promptly, allowing the driver to effort the full-of-the-moon possible of the locomotive.

A luxury convertible with outstanding ride and handling

2010 Bentley Continental Gtc Speed

The Continental GTC’s blade soundbox has an exceptionally inflexible torsional rigour of roughly 30Hz that not lonesome minimises ‘scamper tremble’ but provides a really stalls chopine for the aluminium-intensive suspension, optimising its operation. Scorn the advance in mightiness and torsion for the GTC Amphetamine modelling, no changes to the structure were mandatory.

For the 552bhp (560PS) GTC, new low-friction dampers render improved subaltern razz (the reaction of the car to misfortunate route surfaces) and fifty-fifty greater levels of solace.

2010 Bentley Continental Gtc Speed

The Bentley Continental GTC Hurrying has a orbit of active enhancements that render a more betting, open-top Bentley drive get. The retuned Continous Damping Ascendancy (CDC) organisation ensures that the consistence reception matches the inputs from the new sports wheels and tyres, piece improved eubstance ascendance reduces gear and roller when cornering sky-high. In improver, stiffer back axle bushes present improve axle mastery and turn-in reception.

The GTC Hurrying’s dangling is lowered by 10 mm at the breast and 15 mm at the bum for improved treatment, spell the retuned speed-sensitive steerage organisation and solid-mounted breast subframe, divided with the touchstone GTC, profit direction reply.

The wider 9.5J x 20-inch multi-spoke metal wheels, singular to the GTC Speeding, are fitted with tailored 275/35 ZR20 Pirelli PZero ultra-high functioning tyres that supply the car with master grasp likewise as sharpie steerage reply and look.

To guarantee optimal sleek counterpoise at speeds capable 200 mph (322 km/h) the new GTC Swiftness is fitted with a circumspect freebooter on the tracking sharpness of the bootlid. This provides extra downforce and increases the top fastness.

For both models, Bentley’s carbon-ceramic brakes (CCB) are offered as a price alternative. Bigger diam (420 mm strawman, 356 mm back), whippersnapper discs and eight-piston callipers fling fade-resistant braking functioning with minimum saucer aberration nether gamy thermic weather. A 20kg weighting economy reduces unsprung multitude and benefits guidance reply and manipulation. This braking arrangement may lonesome be specified with 20-inch diam wheels and are the largest and nearly potent brakes always fitted to a product car.

The standard-fit tyre-pressure monitoring scheme (TPMS) allows drivers to prize tire eccentric and amphetamine orbit parameters. Also as monitoring pressures, the organization warns drivers if their swiftness is too eminent for the tire pressures or if tire upper ratings are exceeded on overwinter tyres.

Commenting on the GTC Amphetamine’s lineament, Dr. Ulrich Eichhorn, Phallus of the Table, Technology, aforementioned:

“The Bentley Continental GTC Amphetamine offers supercar execution, brilliant nicety, solace and matchless craft bushed one car. It dead evokes the purport of the master Bentley ‘Amphetamine Simulation’ of the Twenties.”

2010 Bentley Continental Gtc Speed

Subtle evolution of the GTC’s distinctive style

Both the GTC and GTC Fastness profit from pernicious revisions to their head-on show.

The matrix lattice is now more upright and has a more marked straightforward bound that accentuates the classifiable Bentley visibility. A new depress bumper designing with a widened air ingestion reinforces the betting position of both GTC convertibles, complemented by new chromium-plate headlight bezels. The new designing likewise provides a virtual welfare by up airflow to the more brawny Upper locomotive by 14 per penny.

The Bentley Continental GTC Hurrying has a singular set of innovation cues, notably a dark-tinted matrix lattice to the speed and frown air intakes, a blacken lour bumper pelmet, wider, rifled tucker tailpipes and 20-inch, silver-painted, multi-spoke metal wheels. The wheels are useable as an selection with a particular shadow tinge finishing.

GTC and GTC Hurrying customers let a alternative of 17 ‘stock’ pigment colors including two new colors (Turquoise and Disconsolate Crystallization).

Luxurious hand-crafted cabin

The cabins of both GTC and GTC Speeding are useable with a prize of 6 innate, uncolored, laser-cut solicit veneers and 17 bounty class leather hides, including the new pick, Aqua.

The GTC Amphetamine’s cabin is based thereon of the Mulliner Drive Stipulation (a toll pick on the banner GTC). It features rhombus quilted obliterate seating with embroidered Bentley emblems, a knurled chromium-plate and fell gearlever and a three-spoke multi-function wheel with napped aluminum shift circumvent. These are complemented by drilled admixture foot-pedals and ‘Amphetamine’ logos to the refined treadplates. The stock GTC besides receives a new Bentley ‘B’ bracken bicycle.

2010 Bentley Continental Gtc Speed

A ambit of options commit advance opportunities for personalisation, including dashboard panels, core comfort, doorway pads and bum quarters in hopeful al. Unambiguously, the Bentley Continental GTC Velocity is besides useable with a wickedness tone aluminum pick.

New adaptive cruise control system

A advanced follow-to-stop, radar-based Adaptative Sail Ascendancy (ACC) scheme is now useable on both GTC and GTC Hurrying. It uses a long-range radiolocation detector, mounted in the depress breast wicket, to reminder the route onward for over-the-counter vehicles. When a slower moving fomite is detected, the scheme mechanically adjusts the choke or brakes to asseverate a ‘meter gap’, as selected by the driver.

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