2010 Alfa Romeo Mito 14 Multiair

Alfa Romeo MiTo 1.4 MultiAir

Alfa Romeo, ever a proverb for advanced technology and high-performing engines, proudly presents the revolutionist Alfa Romeo MiTo 1.4 MultiAir arrangement, highly-developed and patented by FPT – Decree Powertrain Technologies.

The herald of this radical category is the MultiAir 1.4 locomotive, outset introduced to the reality on the Alfa Romeo MiTo framework and offered with 3 unlike ability levels (105 HP, 135 HP and 170 HP), all Euro5-ready.

At the plunge, the kickoff two MultiAir index units fitted to the Alfa Romeo MiTo are the 135 HP 1.4 and the 105 HP 1.4, usable altogether the flow scope outfits. Their plunge leave be followed by that of the 170 HP 1.4 MultiAir Turbobenzina, which bequeath accompaniment the Alfa Romeo MiTo gas locomotive compass and be uncommitted on the mark new and unequaled “Quadrifoglio Verde” rig.

This all-encompassing production reach leave enable the MiTo to satisfy the necessarily of an progressively broad and smarting hearing, who are rewarding the Alfa Romeo miniskirt with splendid sales results.

In point, the 135 HP 1.4 Turbobenzina guarantees the Alfa Romeo MiTo all the operation and disposition of a sporting, well-adjusted car intentional for customers who are implicated almost impulsive gratification and goodness fire thriftiness. The torsion speech of the 135 HP locomotive is optimal below all weather and ensures spectacular pick-up execution and vigorous jab at all speeds, mark a new benchmark in the gas locomotive scenario. The new 135 HP ability whole’s top amphetamine and quickening from 0 to 100 km/h are at the identical top of the miniskirt family.

2010 Alfa Romeo Mito 14 Multiair

2010 Alfa Romeo MiTo 1.4 MultiAir

This spic-and-span powerfulness whole, intentional to oeuvre in junction with the Alfa DNA gimmick, allows the fantabulous active attributes of the Alfa MiTo to be victimised fully. This makes farseeing trips square and well-heeled but too guarantees batch of thrills on more demanding stretches of route, the instinctive terrain of any Alfa Romeo, due to the well-adjusted angle/might proportion and the splendid velocity of answer to the driver’s commands.

Splendid functioning is combined with the tone known as deference for the surround and full fire thriftiness. This excellency is reflected in specially low CO2 emissions, capable 129 gr/km, with a combined fire usance of barely 5.6 litres every 100 km.

Equalizer and disposition are besides attributes of the 105 HP 1.4 powerfulness whole. This locomotive takes its post in a marketplace banding primal to the relevant section, where it represents the outflank prize. The 105 HP MultiAir locomotive respects Euro 5 regulations and is up at the top of its citation mart striation in price of utmost mightiness and drive atonement.

The 105 HP 1.4 might whole besides ensures total involution at the cycle, qualification the Alfa MiTo an sure asterisk of township dealings, ensuring entire refuge and informality of impulsive below all weather.

The MiTo besides achieves fantabulous operation with its 170 HP MultiAir index whole interpretation usable in the undivided “Quadrifoglio Verde” getup. This marks the return of one of the diachronic symbols about near to Alfa aficionados end-to-end the humans, who are passionate almost the magnificent retiring of a make that has made a brandmark out of racing and motorsport.

2010 Alfa Romeo Mito 14 Multiair

The 170 HP 1.4 MiTo whole exemplifies a new conception of sportiness, combination height drive expiation with eco-awareness. The fetching features of this car admit its great burthen/index proportion (6.7 kg/hp), guaranteeing record-braking lightness, positive an special particular mightiness of 124 hp/liter, a existent kickoff for this class. This is likewise the highest esteem always recorded for an Alfa car, affirming the first-class technology inheritance of the Alfa Romeo Mito.

The 170 HP Alfa Romeo 1.4 MultiAir Turbobenzina, combined with a new 6-speed gearbox guaranteeing truehearted shifts with short-change travels, is an first-class representative of the doctrine of curtailment: producing real high-tech turbocharged engines to step-up functioning patch slashing fire expenditure and emissions. The results achieved by next this scheme are interesting by any received (139 g/km of CO2 and 4.8 l/100km terminated the extraurban wheel), finisher to what you would wait from a miniskirt than a sportsmanlike hatchback able of hurrying from 0 to 100 km/h in good o’er 7 seconds.

2010 Alfa Romeo Mito 14 Multiair

The Alfa Romeo MiTo “Quadrifoglio Verde” is too furnished with a new fighting suspension that controls the impact absorbers to redefine the fomite’s kinetics, slim car oscillations below all drive weather and climb levels of safe, ease and manipulation stillness farther. The arrangement, highly-developed as a join hazard betwixt Alfa Romeo and Magneti Marelli, is able-bodied to turn the sinful receive both companies birth accumulated in motorsport end-to-end the reality.

The new MultiAir engines are reinforced in Termoli (CB) in the FPT – Rescript Powertrain Technologies flora and intentional from the growth leg to farther heighten the Alfa DNA chooser, the gimmick that allows the personality of the Alfa Romeo MiTo to be altered to the driver’s necessarily and dissimilar route weather. The “Scratch&Closure” scheme, fashioning its entry combined with MultiAir engines first on an Alfa Romeo, temporarily turns off the locomotive so restarts it (when wait at a stoplight, e.g.) to warrant rock-bottom fire phthisis and low racket levels in the rider compartment when the twist is at sour.

2010 Alfa Romeo Mito 14 Multiair

The vocalize execution of the MultiAir engines can be comprehended full, with a showy, unmistakeable Alfa Romeo quality.

The debut of the new MultiAir engines has too brought smart colors to the MiTo, a victorious modelling that is already sold in 34 countries passim the reality and 5 unlike continents. It can already be consistent in the new metal ghost Twister Blueness, which testament accompaniment the already all-embracing raiment of outside colors.

2010 Alfa Romeo Mito 14 Multiair

The example’s story of technology can besides be apprehended due to a serial of improvements that sustain farther increased the timber of the Alfa Romeo MiTo. The improvements impress the internal goal, car fit combinations, gearing maneuverability due to shortening the prise to 2.5 centimetres and besides the guidance and suspension, which benefits from a new circumstance, in plus to around changes to the braking organisation.

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