2009 Volvo V50 Drive

Volvo V50 DRIVe

At the 2008 Paris Centrifugal Display, Volvo Cars presented economic new diesel variants of the C30, S40 and V50 models with fire expenditure of upright 4.4 litres/100 km (C30) or 4.5 litres/100 km (S40 and V50). The like CO2 figures of 115 and 118 g/km signify that the C30 and V50 bear best-in-class CO2 emissions in their segments. All trey models – the C30, S40 and V50 – are equipt with a limited set of efficiency-enhancing features and pronounced with the Effort allegory to point their uprated environmental properties.

The Campaign models are based on the Volvo C30 Efficiency construct car that was shown at the 2007 Frankfurt Motive Appearance. The measures adoptive to concentrate CO2 emissions that were presented so testament be in output ahead the end of the twelvemonth in the C30, S40 and the V50.

“We precious to shew that low CO2 ratings are not alone the conserve of belittled diesel cars. By offer the Volvo V50 Driving with discharge levels beneath 120 g CO2/km, we are too fashioning it potential for families and early customers who command supernumerary place to pee-pee an combat-ready pro-environmental selection,” says Volvo Cars Chairwoman and CEO Fredrik Arp.

Holistic approach to eco-performance

The diminution in fire ingestion and CO2 emissions was brought most by meticulously analysing the cars’ summate potentiality for more effective, more stinting impulsive. The cars were so optimised inside iv distinguishable areas:

2009 Volvo V50 DRIVe

Rock-bottom air immunity:

2009 Volvo V50 Drive
  • Bod meridian decreased by astir 10 mm. Like comforter context as the measure car.
  • Pamperer at the figurehead, the like as on the T5 (S40 and V50).
  • Covered grille. Backside the feature Volvo lattice thither is a wind-deflecting jury that provides ameliorate aeromechanics privileged the locomotive compartment.
  • Flatus deflectors ahead of the presence wheels.
  • Aerodynamically optimised wheels of exceptional conception. Useable in 15 and 16 in sizes.
  • Underbelly panels for more effective airflow below the car besides (C30).
  • Alone bum freebooter (C30). The Volvo S40 DRIVe has the like looter as the T5 and D5 models.
  • New behind bumper (C30).
  • Lour rolled impedance:

  • All the cars are weaponed as banner with a new multiplication of Michelin tyres with low pealing impedance. Useable for 15 and 16 edge wheels.
  • Higher ratios:

  • Gearbox with adapted ratios for one-third, one-quarter and 5th gears.
  • More effective driveline:
  • Optimised locomotive chilling, locomotive direction and superpower guidance.
  • New transmitting oil with depress rubbing.
  • Gearchange index in the data expose.
  • “Ever-changing the transmittal oil gives us a 0.75 percentage depress fire use. Tyres with low wheeling impedance preserve another two pct. Apiece of these measures may appear sooner small-scale, but it is significant to deal the unharmed photograph. Interpreted unitedly, all the belittled adjustments get helped us reach our aim, with emissions downstairs 120 g/km for all tercet cars. Without in any way flexible on either impulsive properties or consolation, which was an authoritative necessary,” says Magnus Jonsson, Elderly V.p., Explore & Growth at Volvo Cars.

    2009 Volvo V50 Drive

    Volvo C30 DRIVe best in the ECO test

    Volvo’s Effort cars are all certifiable according to the required European NEDC stock. In plus, the Volvo C30 has excelled in the ECO examination, which carries out fifty-fifty more comp measurements of CO2 and particulate emissions. This documentation appendage relies on stars and points, in a like way to the EuroNCAP program for condom. The freelancer ECO run places the Volvo C30 at the top of its sizing class, with four-spot stars and 76 points in the boilersuit judgment of the car’s summate environmental operation.

    Benefits for the environment and economy

    Reduction fire ingestion and falling infra the 120 g/km CO2 discharge story offers a compass of benefits, both for the surroundings and the purchaser’s thriftiness. With frown co2 (CO2) emissions, these cars dilute the net donation to worldwide thaw. All new diesel models from Volvo are besides fitted with a maintenance-free mote trickle that traps astir 95 percentage of all smut particles.

    2009 Volvo V50 Drive

    With the cars’ full environmental operation, the driver can estimate respective fiscal incentives in the shape of subsidies in the 13 European markets that bear enforced a CO2-based fomite tax organisation, e.g. with a “common concession” that is paying to the possessor, lour route tax, readjustment tax freedom or former alike forms of fiscal boost.

    Ascent fire prices too pee-pee our 1.6D Driving crack real attractive. The fire phthisis has been decreased by 0.5 l/100 km and is as low as 3.7 l/100 km at highway speeds.

    Sold throughout Europe

    “We testament crack our diesel-powered Driving cars end-to-end Europe, eventide in countries that tod do not whirl any manakin of fiscal motivator. We are doing this to pay everyone the chance to select a pro-environmental option from Volvo. For us it is not just a doubtfulness of short-run sales – it likewise distinctly shows how powerfully Volvo prioritises environmental properties passim the production ambit, both nowadays and for the hereafter,” says Fredrik Arp.

    2009 Volvo V50 Drive

    Volvo Cars expects to deal terminated 20,000 1.6D Crusade cars in 2009 in Europe. Sales are expected to gap somewhat uniformly passim the area, with France, Sweden and Spain accountancy for virtually sales. The ground for this is the especially prosperous price offered to buyers in these countries.

    The cost add-on for the Cause box is estimated at ‘tween 150 and 450 euros contingent example and commercialize. The Effort cars can be specified with virtually of the options and accessories that Volvo offers, asunder from those that feign the cars’ flowing properties.

    “The higher damage mustiness be regarded as especially pocket-size presence in intellect the advantages the client gains in the configuration of environmental incentives and decreased fire usance. We too think customers volition treasure the chance to sartor their Effort car by choosing from the across-the-board compass of options useable,” adds Fredrik Arp.

    The most eco-friendly car range

    Obscure from these ternary diesel-powered Thrust cars, Volvo too offers a comp Flexifuel scope all-inclusive five-spot car models and tercet bioethanol engines. Altogether, this substance that Volvo Cars now offers the mart’s widest compass of bounty cars with a low environmental depression.

    Volvo Cars is besides conducting intensifier inquiry into cross engineering and hereafter option fuels. The attention-grabbing Volvo ReCharge Concept board cross and Ford Motor Company‘s decisiveness to ground its European loanblend gist in Volvo’s abode townsfolk, Göteborg, understandably foreground the environment-technology likely thither is inside the troupe.

    2009 Volvo V50 Drive

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