2009 Volkswagen Phaeton

Volkswagen Phaeton

A new documentary organisation (RCS 810 and RNS 810) also as an effective V6 petrol aim shot locomotive, now with 206 kW / 280 PS, qualify the Volkswagen Tourer of exemplar class 2009 that has been perfected in legion details. E.g., all engines fulfill the Euro-5 emissions stock in the new modelling twelvemonth. Former modifications admit: deuce-ace new types of debase wheels (17, 18 and 19 in), a somewhat limited grille, ternary new car colours (“Smooth-spoken riffle metal”, “Glucinium gray-haired metal” and “Mocca-anthracite ivory burden”), the new leather coloring “Cornsilk”, the new woo accents “Poplar cereal latte macchiato” and “Vavona”, switching light that is now whiten end-to-end alternatively of red, emphasis and permutation passementerie in new “Lovesome gray” colouring, an upgraded car key, make-up mirror in the arse of the farseeing interpretation, dampers optimized for low-friction, ceramic brakes (movement) for the Volkswagen Tourer W12 likewise as a rearview camera (Ass Assistance). The new adaptation of the hi-tech saloon is organism shown first in the man at the 2008 Paris Centrifugal Display. Commencement deliveries of models are already slated for 2008.

2009 Volkswagen Phaeton

Control of climate control system and infotainment redesigned

The almost in-depth alteration on the Volkswagen Tourer is a entirely new essence solace excogitation. A key part hither: the new, measure RCD 810 documentary scheme (wireless edition) or the besides new RNS 810 (optional seafaring organisation variation).

2009 Volkswagen Phaeton

To mix the Volkswagen Tourer’s new documentary systems in a flair that is as balanced as the anterior modeling’s resolution, the essence solace was full redesigned. This besides byzantine ever-changing controls for the four-zone reflex mood command (Climatronic): the temperature is now set by circular dial and is unendingly displayed digitally supra the panel. The keys controlling person respiration functions were likewise redesigned. The visceral board for mood ascendence continues to be set below the docudrama arrangement.

2009 Volkswagen Phaeton

Newly developed: RCD 810 and RNS 810

The RCD 810 and RNS 810 documentary systems with high-resolution 8-inch touchscreen in 16:9 formatting were redeveloped for the Volkswagen Tourer. Takings the lesson of the RNS 810: it unites legion multimedia functions such as an accessory TV intercrossed radio (choice) and the “Agio” preparation for Bluetooth nomadic phone with a rattling speedily responding piloting organization, which accesses an unified 30-Gigabyte gruelling crusade. Moreover, it is dim-witted and sluttish to qualify ecumenical fomite settings via the touchscreen proctor. The higher-level menus are selected by eight-spot extra keys to the leftfield and compensate of the touchscreen. The betoken of the optional rearview camera is likewise familial to the screenland.

The merged DVD driving can study out all normally victimised sound formats and – when the fomite is stationary – telecasting films can too be played backbone o’er the supervise in vivid simulacrum character. Thither is too a slot for SD remembering cards on the strawman of the whole. Extraneous MP3 players and exchangeable information media can be interfaced via the MEDIA-IN (MDI) media socket. A Dynaudio organization with an acoustical exponent of 1,000 W provides for exceptionally dear phone.

As mentioned, the new RNS 810 whole’s stove of use has been lengthened with a TV loan-blend radio. It enables receipt of both analogue and digital broadcasting stations (DVB-T). Its digital response has an specially mellow persona calibre. In improver, the up-to-the-minute tidings can be called up via the structured tv textbook sport. TV response is usable as a extra choice on the RNS 810.

In combining with the optional “Bounty” homework for a Bluetooth peregrine call, the RNS 810 likewise makes telephoning easier. It is operated handily by press the “Earphone” key on the leftfield slope of the 8-inch expose. Farther ascendance, such as scrolling done the number store or fastness dialing can be performed via the 10-key numerical keypad shown on the concealment. As an alternate, the ring may be operated with relaxation from the multifunctional wheel, by vox ascendancy or an aide roving whole.

2009 Volkswagen Phaeton

New V6 FSI, full conformance to Euro-5 standard

A new V6 petrol locomotive beingness victimized in the Volkswagen Tourer is an FSI locomotive (organize petrol shot); it has 3.6 l translation and 206 kW / 280 PS. This locomotive is replacement the 3.2 l V6 with 177 kW / 241 PS. The well-fixed FSI develops a maximal torsion of 360 Newton-meter, which is invariably usable ‘tween 2,500 and 5,000 rpm and guarantees telling high-torque execution. The utmost exponent of the xxiv valve six cylinder is turnout at 6,250 rpm.

2009 Volkswagen Phaeton

Powered therein way, the sumptuosity saloon – with its received 6-speed reflexive, 4Motion all-wheel campaign and electronically controlled air hanging – exhibits spry impulsive execution. The Volkswagen Tourer V6 FSI reaches the 100 km/h grade from a closure in 8.6 seconds, and its top amphetamine is electronically express to 250 km/h. Its ordinary fire uptake is 11.7 l Superintendent. CO2 emissions were rock-bottom from 288 g/km to 273 g/km.

Too the new 3.6 litre FSI, the two early more sinewy V8 and W12 gas engines with 246 kW / 335 PS and 331 kW / 450 PS, severally, already fill the Euro-5 emissions measure that takes core in September 2009. It was one of the outset engines in the humankind to meet this received at the origin of 2007, due to its exceedingly fuel-efficient V6 TDI with 3.0 liters translation and vernacular railing engineer injectant (171 kW / 233 PS).

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