2009 Toyota Avensis

Toyota Avensis

Intentional and engineered in Europe and reinforced at Toyota’s Burnaston manufactory in the UK , the all-new tierce multiplication Toyota Avensis has its reality premier at the Paris drive shew. Construction on the succeeder of its predecessors, Toyota’s new European flagship delivers a new stratum of superscript tone, active treatment and graceful tantalise solace.

New Toyota Avensis leave too impart to a step-down in Toyota’s flit modal CO2 emissions to 140g/km by 2009. The Toyota Optimum Campaign doctrine has been applied done a reach of new gasolene engines, upgraded diesel engines and new, sophisticated transmissions, bighearted customers decreased emissions without conciliatory superpower and impulsive delight.

New Toyota Avensis Honcho Mastermind Takashi Yamamoto explains: “We get put a substantial European scratch on the undertaking from the jump. 35 engineers from Toyota Centrifugal Europe were invited to Japan to collaborate with the Toyota Centrifugal Corp maturation squad. When the undertaking squad returned to Europe for finalization, these engineers played a key character in the noesis transferral betwixt the two developing teams.

“I guess this one of the key reasons why now we can retrospect at a extremely effective evolution procedure and be pleased our accomplishment, which I conceive is cipher less than the ‘forefront’ of the D-segment.”


Conceived at ED2, Toyota’s conception studio south of France, new Avensis expresses index without relying on veer volume.

2009 Toyota Avensis

Now’s car designers sustain to firmness unprecedented challenges. Customers deprivation cars with more knock-down engines, but with depress emissions. They need more inner infinite, but besides more contract cars that ingest less fire. And maybe the sterling dispute is resolution the paradox of edifice a car that is kinder to the surroundings, hefty and fun to thrust, yet not compromised in footing of consolation and guard.

2009 Toyota Avensis

These challenges are addressed by Toyota’s Vivacious Limpidity innovation speech, founded on the J-factor – the internationally well-thought-of elements of Japanese originality and caliber. Applying the J-factor has single-minded ternary key challenges in new Toyota Avensis’s invention:

  • To externalize superpower without beingness a monumental car
  • To be active to crusade, but with top-class rally quilt
  • To return low emissions, but with telling execution
  • New Toyota Avensis testament be uncommitted in bar and Phaeton trunk styles. These were intentional in analogue, so the Toyota Avensis Tourer was intentional specifically for its design, quite than organism a pothouse with a elevated and stretched arse.

    2009 Toyota Avensis

    Both versions get an gymnastic and silky appearing. The hood has been lowered, the slenderize A-pillars stream onward and the C-pillar is biased back to make a sleek silhouette. Splendid aeromechanics gives a Cd bod of 0.28 for the pothouse and 0.29 for the Toyota Avensis Phaeton, portion tighten CO2 emissions.

    New Toyota Avensis is but 50mm thirster than the late genesis framework, bounteous an boilersuit duration of 4,695 for the pub and 4,765 for the Toyota Avensis Tourist. Both birth a 2,700mm wheelbase and are 1,480mm marvellous – the like acme as the stream Toyota Avensis. Thanks to the new chopine, the cartroad has been increased by ‘tween 30 and 45mm, piece the car’s breadth has adult by 50mm to 1,810mm.

    2009 Toyota Avensis

    Repositioning the wheels closer the out-of-door edges of the floorpan has achieved a more unanimous, sinewy appearing without adding unneeded weightiness or masses.

    Toyota Avensis is besides more roomy privileged. Although boilersuit fomite altitude stiff unaltered, thither is more clearance. Freight place in the Toyota Avensis Phaeton is more flexile, with load track uncommitted to split and guarantee fork lots. Congregation apartment seating birth a one-touch foldaway mechanics to produce spare infinite when needful in both pub and Tourist.

    The new-look panel makes commodity use of the car’s breadth to punctuate the roomy feeling of the national. This can be encourage heightened in the Toyota Avensis Holidaymaker with the selection of a bird’s-eye ceiling.

    Materials put-upon in the cabin sustain been elect to show prestigiousness and oomph. The splashboard passementerie, in melanise or grey-beige compounding, has a soft-texture grained cultivation. Thither is a pick of finishes for the core cabinet, including melanise metal pigment and a ti coating. On higher level models, the comfort has a lifelike ending divine by Takesumi – a charcoal-gray made from bamboo.

    The speedometer and tach are sharply lit and bear chromium-plate bezels. The Optitron exhibit ensures fantabulous discernability, irrespective of firing weather. It besides can slim weariness and wear.


    The new Toyota Optimum Ride ism has been applied to the developing of new Toyota Avensis’s locomotive line-up with a center minimising environmental impingement piece maximizing drive pleasance done increased powerfulness and torsion.

    The outdo model of this is the new Valvematic ambit of gasolene engines, which devote 10 to 26 per penny lour CO2 emissions compared to eq powerfulness plants in the flow Toyota Avensis. Simultaneously, superpower is increased by ‘tween iii and 20 per centime. Toyota’s Valvematic engineering helps ameliorate fire efficiency, mightiness, torsion and locomotive reaction and reduces CO2 emissions by simultaneously controlling valve timing and rhytidectomy.

    1.8-litre Valvematic

    The new 1.8-litre Valvematic offers a quality of the new six-speed manual transmittal or new Multidrive S, Toyota’s modish endlessly varying infection engineering. Powerfulness is greater by 14 per centime compared to the late 1.8 VVT-i whole at 145bhp (147 DIN hp) and thither is an spare 10Nm of torsion, with a maximal 180Nm delivered at 4,000rpm. CO2 emissions are consume 10 per centime at 154g/km in the bar with manual gearbox; 16 per centime at 157g/km with Multidrive S contagion.

    2.0-litre Valvematic

    The 2.0-litre Valvematic is at the top of the gasoline locomotive reach, offered with six-speed manual and Multidrive S transmissions. Utmost turnout is 150bhp (152 DIN hp), leash per penny higher than Toyota’s 2.0-litre locomotive, and uttermost torsion is 196Nm, produced at 4,000rpm. With manual transmitting, CO2 emissions bear fallen 15 per centime to 163g/km; with Multidrive S the reduction is fifty-fifty greater – consume 26 per centime to 164g/km.

    2009 Toyota Avensis

    With the welfare of these new engines, Toyota delivers a class-leading powerfulness to CO2 proportion.

    Multidrive S transmission

    Multidrive S gives an implausibly placid, processed switching accomplish, mechanically optimising torsion and fire intake by invariably victimization the paragon locomotive amphetamine. When the locomotive is pressed a lilliputian harder, the contagion operates alike a seven-speed robotic, which helps extinguish the feature whining associated with CVTs.

    The contagion’s Sportsman manner gives a sportier effort, selecting a more antiphonal and power-maximising proportion in job with driver stimulation. And for an eventide more involving effort, the scheme has a seven-speed serial manual mood, rental the driver alter pitch victimisation the slip prize or, solely on the 2.0 Valvematic, toddle shifts mounted on the wheel.

    Diesel engines

    The benefits of Toyota Optimum Driving are besides unmistakable in the revised diesel line-up, with more torsion at depress speeds leadership to depress emissions. The upgrades admit new piezo injectors and a higher shot insistence – 2,000 bar. These new features avail reach a reducing in CO2 emissions of ‘tween 2.5 and 10 per centime compared to the stream multiplication Toyota Avensis.

    2.0-litre D-4D 130

    The 2.0-litre D-4D 130 locomotive delivers superpower done a six-speed manual transmittance and produces 124bhp (126 DIN hp) at 3,600rpm and 310Nm of torsion ‘tween 1,800 and 2,400rpm. Emissions are consume septenary per centime at 134g/km for the ginmill, with improved operation.

    2009 Toyota Avensis

    2.2-litre D-4D 150

    The 2.2 D-4D 150 offers a warm correspondence of powerfulness and saving. Yield of 148bhp (150 DIN hp) is reached at 3,600rpm, with an growth in torsion of well-nigh 10 per penny to 340Nm, generated betwixt 2,000 and 2,800rpm. This agency uttermost torsion is uncommitted in nigh impulsive weather, cut the motivation for sponsor gearing changes, whilst quieten delivering less than 150 g/km.

    In a Toyota beginning for a diesel carriage, this locomotive is offered with a new six-speed reflex transmittance. This gives a firm shifting reception piece maintaining well-heeled execution by eliminating shift-shock. The organisation includes a sequent manual mood: by moving the sack degree to the M gat, the driver can prefer to choice gears exploitation the switching prise or toddle shifts on the wheel.

    The 2.2 D-4D 150 locomotive benefits from Toyota D-CAT neat diesel engineering and achieves CO2 emissions of less than 180g/km in the new Toyota Avensis pothouse. D-CAT simultaneously reduces n oxides and particulate emissions done a maintenance-free scheme intentional to end the life-time of the fomite.

    2.2-litre D-4D 180

    The top-of-the-range diesel, the 2.2 D-4D 180 has a unequalled compounding of a low contraction proportion and a highschool rise turbocharger, which gives noteworthy ability and locomotive efficiency. With 175bhp (177 DIN hp) and 400Nm of torsion crossways a rev stria from 2,000 to 2,800rpm, it is among the almost muscular diesel engines in the D-segment. Zero to 62mph quickening is achieved in 8.5 seconds, yet CO2 emissions are fair 157g/km for the taphouse, devising it one of the cleanest mellow exponent diesels on the commercialise. Ilk the 2.2 D-4D 150, it uses Toyota D-CAT for cleanser surgery.

    Efficient driving

    All new Toyota Avensis models are fitted with impulsive indicators to service see effective motoring. The on-board reckoner has an ECO drive indicant on versions with six-speed automatonlike and Multidrive S transmissions, screening the driver how effective his or her impulsive manner is. Manual versions accompany a Cogwheel Shifting Index, which advises the driver on the trump timing for upwards pitch changes.


    New Toyota Avensis has been engineered for shine rag comforter, but with dynamical treatment for rewarding drive characteristics.

    A new chopine provides an fantabulous counterweight of high-velocity constancy and low velocity legerity. To raise functioning, both the MacPherson swagger movement hanging and the look-alike wishbone bum hiatus birth been re-engineered with improvements in torsional rigourousness and roller inflexibility. Battlefront cushion and bottom sidelong strength channelize specifications birth besides been upgraded.

    New, gravid diam wheels with wider tyres are fitted to farther heighten stableness and active manipulation. A blush underfloor designing aids mellow hurrying stableness, reduces racket and contributes to fire efficiency done improved aeromechanics.


    New Toyota Avensis is set to physique on the achievements of its herald, aiming for a five-star paygrade nether the more tight Euro NCAP clank examination due for unveiling in 2009.

    New hi-tech rubber features fetch both dynamic and peaceful safe viands to a higher floor. Vii airbags are fitted as criterion, including a driver’s genu airbag. Dynamic breast arse headrests deliver been introduced to dilute whip injuries in the case of a bottom hit.

    Steerage serve Fomite Stableness Ascendence (VSC+) is new to the manakin, a organisation which increases the aegis provided by a steady VSC organisation by adding direction torsion assistance to tabulator any yaw drive during sudden changes in treatment or on tricky surfaces. In an pinch spot the driver may gumption torsion motion on the wheel in a apt focus to assistance see the rightfield guidance comment is made to redress the under- or oversteer.

    Where Gamey Strength Dismission (HID) bi-xenon headlights are specified, the driver promote benefits from the Adaptative Front-lighting Scheme (AFS). This adjusts the weight of the headlamps in demarcation with the fomite speeding and turn lean to meliorate elucidation done aeroembolism and junctions. Dynamical headlight levelling maintains the tip of the headlight below great braking or quickening.

    New Toyota Avensis is fitted as stock with an emergency bespeak, which activates flash bracken lights to discourage undermentioned vehicles of sudden gruelling braking.

    Top mark versions of the 2.2 D-4D 150 with six-speed robotic contagion leave birth the pick of a new Pre-Crash Prophylactic (PCS) organisation. This can forecast the chance of an impendent hit and yield accomplish to alive the driver and tighten the peril of terms or wound. If it senses a smash to be inescapable, it mechanically activates the seatbelt pretensioners and applies full-of-the-moon braking forcefulness to decrease the hob.

    Adaptative Sail Ascendence (ACC) workings tandem with PCS, exploitation the like ripe rad engineering to asseverate a set space from the fomite forwards, level if that fomite varies its fastness. Erstwhile the route before is crystalize, ACC mechanically returns to the predetermined cruising swiftness.

    PCS comes with the added profit of Lane Going Admonition (LDW) and Lane Holding Help (LKA). These systems avail preclude unintended lane changes by bountiful an hearable monitory and applying disciplinary wheel torsion to assistance the driver continue the rightfulness path.

    Improved NVH performance

    New Toyota Avensis has well frown NVH levels, with the use of Toyota’s whippersnapper insularity fabric portion cut home disturbance importantly – by 5dB. The new simulation is among the quietest in the D-segment, with execution that comes around that of agiotage models.

    This has been achieved thanks to a blotto anatomy, innovative aeromechanics and measured emplacement of materials without adding unneeded slant by over-use of insularity.

    Toyota Avensis has a well-earned report for calibre, enduringness and reliableness, attributes reflected in its solid operation in main client atonement surveys, such as the yearly field by J.D. Ability and Associates. It has standard legion accolades from the motoring media and organisations, including a best-in-segment paygrade from ADAC, Europe’s largest motorcar cabaret.

    New Toyota Avensis testament uphold to be reinforced only at Toyota Motive Fabrication UK’s manufactory at Burnaston. The TMUK set in Deeside leave add the 1.6 (not usable in the UK) and 1.8 Valvematic engines and Toyota Drive Industries Poland volition ply the 2.0 and 2.2 D-4D engines. The new six-speed manual infection is sourced from Toyota Motive Manufacture Poland.


    In holding with the “forefront of the D-segment” locating verbalised by Honcho Organise Takashi Yamamoto, new Toyota Avensis leave profit from modern engineering in its equipment specifications.

    Details of the UK mark construction and elaborated equipment features bequeath be proclaimed nigher the car’s on-sale see.

    Inside the compass, features that bequeath be uncommitted testament admit threefold district automatonlike air conditioning, reflexive headlights and windshield wipers, sail ascendance with speeding clipper, full-map touch-screen orbiter sailing with Bluetooth, Smarting Debut and First scheme, a bird’s-eye cap for the Toyota Avensis Tourist, and an 11-speaker bounty sound scheme with the 10Gb arduous saucer driving.

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