2009 Seat Altea Xl

Seat Altea XL

The ended establish go of the SEAT Altea and Arse Altea XL 2009 grasp includes 35 unlike versions dual-lane into two trunk styles, niner locomotive choices – phoebe gasoline and 4 Diesel, iv gearboxes (5 and 6-speed manual, and 6 and 7-speed DSG), and leash trimness levels – Character, Fashion and Mutation. The crack is over with a new entry-level rendering and the SEAT Altea Freetrack modeling, which is usable with either two or 4wd and the Play reduce floor.

2009 Seat Altea Xl

The new Arse Altea 2009 orbit is uncommitted with a all-encompassing equipment number as criterion. The entry-level interpretation features the 85 hp 1.4 and 90 hp 1.9 TDI engines on the Buns Altea and sole the 90 hp 1.9 TDI on the Bottom Altea XL, with elements such as ABS and TCS, ESP with EBA, driver and rider airbag, face airbags, caput airbag, bottom Isofix anchoring points, movement might one-touch anti-trap windows, outside controlled key lockup, tinted methamphetamine, 15 in sword rims, 195/65 tyres, look-alike headlights, anti-theft cap airy, sliding arse seating, reposition compartments on the sides of the figurehead and backside seating, primal solace warehousing compartment, entrepot maulers on boot sides and bottom packet ledge with memory compartments, among others.

As with the SEAT León, the Backside Altea grasp continues with the Acknowledgment adaptation, which builds on the entry-level rendering with activate reckoner, CD wireless + MP3 + 6 speakers + Aux in, low tire insistency monition, air conditioning, soundbox gloss doorway mirrors and handles, presence alive headrests (on the Bum Altea XL) and bottom doorway fold sunglasses (likewise on the Ass Altea XL).

2009 Seat Altea Xl

2009 Seat Altea XL

Panache builds on Citation with various more elements, such as cornering foglights, three-spoke leather multi-function wheel, leather gearknob, backside powerfulness windows, galvanizing het foldable threshold mirrors, sail ascendancy, Upcoming Plate, chromium-plate interior doorway handles, mood ascendence, combined USB + Aux in connexion, meridian adjustable driver and rider buns with lumbar controller, 16″ ‘Enea’ admixture rims, 205/55 tyres and seeable match tailpipe on versions with 140 hp or higher engines.

2009 Seat Altea Xl

The top of the new Arse Altea 2009 reach is ruined in Mutation shave, which builds on Dash with night chalk, mutant seating with particular upholstery, 17″ ‘Aroa’ metal rims, 225/45 tyres and sports dangling.

Complete list of optional elements

The new Buns Altea 2009 stove features a yearn inclination of optional elements that importantly step-up onboard quilt and rubber.

The Life-style Positive parcel is uncommitted on the Denotation trimness floor, which includes cornering foglights, 16 in metal rims, multi-function wheel and het threshold mirrors.

2009 Seat Altea Xl

As on the León, the Engineering and Engineering Addition packages are usable on the Flair and Variation versions. The Engineering bundle includes rainwater perception wipers, ass parking detector, anti-dazzle rear-view mirror and two excess speakers; spell the Engineering Positive parcel includes two-fold xe headlights + AFS, the Buns Mediasystem piloting scheme, Bluetooth and strawman parking sensors with parking optics. This bundle is only associated to the Engineering software.

The Elan shave layer is uncommitted with the Variation and Fun Summation packages, which admit admixture rims (17 in with the Mutation software and 18 in with the Mutation Positive box), particular upholstery, sports reprieve, mutant seating and iniquity meth. The Athletics Summation bundle is likewise uncommitted on the Sportsman reduce grade, but with 18 edge rims as measure equipment.

2009 Seat Altea Xl

The new Buns Altea XL 2009 is useable with an sole Sept parcel, which provides onboard ease and amusement with the accession of roof depot with a 7 in TFT screenland and RCA connectors, nighttime spyglass and the Engineering box.

As for rims, optional 16 edge “Elio” admixture rims are uncommitted on the Denotation cut grade (as criterion on the 125 hp 1.4 TSI locomotive); 17 edge “Agra” rims on Elan and 18 edge “Draco” rims on Variation.

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