2009 Renault Kangoo Be Bop

Renault Kangoo be bop

Based intimately on the Renault Kangoo Compact Concept read car unveiled at the 2007 Frankfurt Drive Appearance, Renault Kangoo be bop is the modish gain to the Kangoo kinfolk. The press sizing (duration: 3.87 metres), archetype two-tone color outline and scoop home appointments of this forward-looking fomite compound to create a especially emphatic personality. Its broad glassy expanse and quartet roommate seating give a feel of distance and lightness. Nonesuch for escaping the push, Renault Kangoo be bop offers open-top motoring at the behind thanks to its glassy sliding cap and arse tailboard windowpane which slides hidden. At the movement it has two tilting chalk panels, summation a set cardinal chalk empanel.

This new car is apotheosis for customers who compliments to run outside from naturalized car cues and who are looking a fomite that expresses optimism and joie de vivre without organism jazzy.

A truly original reworking of a show car

Renault Kangoo be bop came into organism in the viewing of the exuberance prompted by the Kangoo Squeeze Conception shew car at the 2007 Frankfurt Drive Prove. A contract leisure fomite with an pilot excogitation and stiff personality, Kangoo Constrict Construct showed that an strange car could appealingness to participating, sportsmanlike urban dwellers who parcel the values of fun and friendship. In add-on to its conception, the originality of the construct store its encompassing glassy arena and singular convertibility solutions, with the accent on place and ignitor. Renault Kangoo be bop’s designers let succeeded in producing a product manakin which echoes the strengths and features of the construct car.

2009 Renault Kangoo be bop

Renault Kangoo be bop has the Kangoo front with its short-change cowling and droplet-shaped headlamps. Spark floods into the cabin done the wholesale, steeply raked windshield for striking profile. Renault Kangoo be bop differs from its eld sib by organism eve shorter (less than quadruplet metres in duration), also as done roughly master styling details, such as the melanize headlight masks, particular bumpers, and 16-inch debase wheels. Earth headroom has been brocaded 20mm compared with Renault Kangoo, spell protective position mouldings contribute the looking of ‘urban explorer’, fix to present the gravid alfresco. Its racy, expressive lines are energized by the received two-tone color system handed consume from the construct car. The cowling, grillwork, external rearview mirrors, strawman bumper bib and tailboard venire are Sideral Greyness, spell the remainder of the bodywork is another colouration, e.g. Etincelle Orangeness, borrowed from Kangoo Constrict Construct. Another similarity is the prolonged, semi-circular cast of the face windows, which piddle Renault Kangoo be bop forthwith placeable.The great tailboard windowpane slides rightfulness hidden into the threshold. It is operated by a alternate on the panel or by a thirdly release on the inflammation key, and makes it potential to admittance boot without having to unlock the car or outdoors the tailboard. The scheme course incorporates an anti-pinch rubber routine.

Renault Kangoo be bop features the like translatable cap form seen on the construct car, with a full shiny, forward-sliding impanel at the bum. With the bottom incision of the cap and bottom windowpane in the out-of-doors berth, Renault Kangoo be bop’s behind passengers are capable to delight the delights of alfresco motoring. The ceiling opens at an weight which creates a deflecting essence to forbid irritating upheaval patch on the actuate. Its ‘spread’ and ‘unsympathetic’ positions are secured by two incline locks. It opens severally of the tailboard with the assistance of two modest rams.

The across-the-board, set halfway shiny empanel contributes to the cabin’s luminosity, piece the two battlefront tilting spyglass panels control that front-seat occupants too get a gustation of the out-of-doors. Tied when out-of-doors, the panels do not interpose with the forward-sliding back cap. The shiny cap panels suffer all been tempered to strain the sun’s uv rays.

Although Renault Kangoo be bop’s splashboard and breast seating are the like as Renault Kangoo’s, the bottom features two soul, elevated seating which piddle the internal evocative of a four-seater lallygag on wheels.

The unlike outside colouration schemes and inner reduce are reminders that Renault Kangoo be bop is at habitation in the metropolis as it is on jaunts in the bang-up open and can aspect either ‘modishness’ or ‘fun’. The chichi feel is derived from the Nacré Lightlessness, Pavot Red and Glacier Whiteness trunk colors, combined with the red and inkiness upholstery and iniquity charcoal-grey splasher. The funloving be bop comes in a pick of an Etincelle Orangish or Glacier Albumen outside jointly flatware, blueness, and orangish upholstery, addition a disconsolate fascia, as featured on Kangoo Covenant Construct. The flannel instrumentate backgrounds and satin-finish chromium-plate mood command comfort farther underscore the single spirit of the car’s inner.

2009 Renault Kangoo Be Bop

First in the Kangoo ambit, Renault Kangoo be bop can be logical with Carminat Bluetooth® CD seafaring. In summation to its attractive terms, this scheme offers all the central multimedia features, viz. GPS seafaring with dealings info, a 16/9 seven-inch colouration show and Bluetooth® telephone.

Renault Kangoo be bop features legion jaunt accessories that scar it out as a car for acquiring forth from it all. A baggage fulminate supra the tailboard windowpane can be ill-used for carrying foresightful items such as surfboards, piece a stove of decals and stickers permits customers to customize their Renault Kangoo be bop. If they care, occupants can to mind to their own playlists thanks to the Fireplug and Medicine alternative.

It is set in the glovebox and has USB, MP3 instrumentalist, and iPod® association ports. It is controlled via the steeringwheel-mounted fingertip remote. Rounding off the multimedia equipment is the hands-free Bluetooth® call ascendance.

A unique ride experience

2009 Renault Kangoo Be Bop

Scorn its covenant outside dimensions, Renault Kangoo be bop affords an astonishingly generous, quick lebensraum. The vehemence is on distance and twinkle. Its all-inclusive 3.9 sq. metres of glassed are (ceiling and windows) alluvion the cabin with twinkle. Presence occupants profit from the wholesale windshield transmitted from Renault Kangoo, piece the gravid, semi-circular position windows raise the bottom passengers’ sentience of travel puff, reminiscent of the placidity afforded by a modernistic high-velocity gearing such as the TGV. The back windows besides tolerate first-class threequarter ass imaginativeness for manoeuvring and passing.

All 4 passengers gain from person seating which enable them to gain amply from the razz know. The presence seating are as broad as those of Renault Kangoo and welfare from 1,510mm of elbowroom, as all-inclusive as anything on the mart. The ergonomically intentional driver’s backside is desirable of the topper MPVs. Although the splasher’s colouring outline and facing are dissimilar from those of Renault Kangoo, its forms, likewise as its repose and comforter of use are indistinguishable. Profoundly sunken infra the fascia lip, the displays are ever shaded from the lightness and loose to understand. The shifter ascendence on the gist soothe waterfall course to give, as do the identical short-change chaff switches and sound remote. The wireless expose blind is likewise outback for greater comfortableness. Thanks to its pilot aviation-style invention, the handbrake frees up an appreciable ix litres of storeroom distance in the armrest betwixt the two battlefront seating. Rattling exceptional tending has been lavished on the timber and ending of materials exploited.

Arse passengers bask unequaled traveling quilt. The single seating are divine by those of Scénic. They are forward/aft-adjustable and their backs can be reclined. They are mounted 9cm higher than the strawman seating, producing an coliseum placement that affords an stupefying 180° bird’s-eye panorama. Sounding out done the shiny cap and wholesale position windows from the back seating, passengers get a heightened feel of eudaimonia and infinite. On apiece slope is a all-inclusive armrest with two cryptical, easy approachable stowing bins, one of which can be unopen. Rounding off the spectacular quilt at the bum are the loudspeakers mounted in the english panels. The simulation’s roominess is reflected in telling figures desirable of E-segment vehicles: elbowroom 1,220mm and kneeroom 250mm, spell at 998mm, clearance is far victor thereto of contender leisure vehicles. Ass passengers can handily eluding their effects into the 24cm gap ‘tween the two seating. Passengers can accession the behind seating in one of two slipway.

The low is done the forepart doors, victimisation a cover that folds fine-tune the rear of the forepart seating and slides them out of the way. It is easier to enter on the rider face, where the bottom slides encourage advancing than on the driver’s incline. Passengers can too ascent into the bottom seating done the surface tailboard and the gap ‘tween the behind seating, which affords rich infinite. Children bequeath especially savour climb into the car therein way. So tailboard accession is facilitated by the low sill and bumper which can takings weights of capable 100kg.

2009 Renault Kangoo Be Bop

The tailboard incorporates a handgrip that can be exploited to overstretch it exclude from the privileged. Reassuringly for parents, notwithstanding, it cannot be open from the interior.

The bum of the car is full modular. The content of the trunk ranges from 174 to 1,462dm3 contingent whether the seating are in their backmost or first office. Alike Scénic, the behind seating can be folded and leaning advancing with a integral notching organisation to grasp them in position. It is besides exceedingly square to dispatch one or both seating to unfreeze up extra carrying capability. Baggage can so be set either on them or in the place vacated by the seating, which are besides light to take. Two slope anchorage points helper grasp items in office when the car is moving. With the seating remote, uttermost baggage infinite content is 1,462 dm3 (with the memory net in position).

When the back windowpane (operated by a driver’s incline replacement or a release on the firing key) has slid forth into the tailboard, the car can be cockeyed without hatchway the tailboard, e.g. when doing roughly warm shopping or if the car is too tightly parked to spread the tailboard. Two maulers on the leftover of the trunk are intended for suspension pocket-size bags. The tailboard has two out-of-doors positions: an intermediator one for accessing the trunk in a qualified blank, and an 85° scuttle for total admittance to the trunk. And with the glassed back ceiling and tailboard windowpane both unfold, Renault Kangoo be bop’s carrying capacitance is encourage lengthy to issue fifty-fifty more baggage or magniloquent oodles, patch thirster items can be affiliated to the baggage track which is useable as an adjunct.

At home in town and country

At but 3.87 metres in distance, Renault Kangoo be bop is utterly at dwelling in towns and cities. Its wheelbase is 38cm shorter than that of Renault Kangoo which permits a littler turn circuit. Renault Kangoo be bop can be off troll betwixt kerbs equitable 9.7 metres isolated, qualification it as nimble as the about maneuverable metropolis car.

However, Renault Kangoo be bop is constantly prepare to caput for the wide-cut amytal yon, whisking off its occupants for a junket in the open. Wish Renault Kangoo, it benefits from Scénic’s figure, which lends it dynamical operation qualities that are rather prodigious for such a compress fomite.

2009 Renault Kangoo Be Bop

Renault Kangoo be bop’s figurehead and backside cartroad, which are severally 1.52m and 1.53m blanket, arrive unco stalls. It shares Renault Scénic‘s dangling: MacPherson typecast with orthogonal frown arm and anti-roll bar at the strawman and, a programmed deviation torque transmit with spiral springs and anti-roll bar at the bottom. The stallion bod is intentional for cornering constancy and reassuring manipulation. With its blanket, 16-inch wheels it holds the route with preciseness, patch the dimensions of its iv vented bracken discs (280mm at the breast, 274mm at the behind) control incite, effective fillet ability.

A fomite for leisure and pleasance, Renault Kangoo be bop is powered by engines that sheeny echt driveability and which are rich, economic, and genial to the surroundings, including two diesel powerplants – the 85hp dCi and the 100hp dCi which comes with a particulate dribble and drives done a six-speed gearbox – and the gas 105hp 1.6 16V whole.

The dCi 85hp (63 kW), which delivers vizor powerfulness at 3,750rpm, is specially various. With 200Nm of torsion useable from 1,900rpm, it is evenly at domicile in urban environments as it is on the afford route. With this powerplant, Renault Kangoo be bop ensures a specially telling tradeoff betwixt equipment and operation and its combined bicycle fire ingestion which stands at 5.3 litres/100km. This is eq to CO2 emissions of upright 140g/km, qualification Renault Kangoo be bop eligible for the Renault eco² touch.

With the more sinewy rendering of the 1.5 dCi, which likewise equips Renault Clio, Modus, Mégane, Scénic and new Laguna, Renault Kangoo be bop benefits from uttermost superpower of 105hp at 4,000rpm, besides as 240Nm of torsion at 2,000rpm. Thanks to its second-generation plebeian runway injectant, varying geometry turbo and 1,600-bar injector insistence, this powerplant yields sprightly execution for combined bike fire phthisis of good 5.4l/100km (142g of CO2/km) thanks to its piezoelectric injectors and six-speed manual gearbox. Dissonance is minimised thanks to a twin-mass flywheel muffler which reduces bunce at low locomotive revs.

On sure markets, the 105hp locomotive is usable with a particulate percolate which comes with a 5th injector on the tucker cable.

The 1.6 16V gasolene locomotive develops 105hp at 5,750rpm and maximal torsion of 148Nm at 3,750rpm. It delivers owing driveability and low combined oscillation fire expenditure (7.7 litres/100km) thanks to the use of jackanapes materials and a timing organisation with curler cam following.

Whether on metropolis streets or unfold nation roadstead, occupants volition be reassured by Renault Kangoo be bop’s refuge certificate, with participating condom on a par with that of a folk bar. It is weaponed with Bosch ABS incorporating electronic brakeforce dispersion, emergency attend and robotlike activating of luck lights. Bosch ESC 8.0, combined with understeer command, comes as measure on Renault Kangoo.

ASR grip command and an locomotive torsion overproduction regulating role see the car is able-bodied to withdraw and screw weather where clench is at a agiotage and too keep wheel-lock in the consequence of sudden release of grip on tricky surfaces.

Legion driver aid systems semen as criterion on Renault Kangoo be bop. These admit sail restraint with velocity clipper, robotic headlight and wiper energizing and a arse parking propinquity detector.

To enable occupants to locomotion in condom, Renault Kangoo be bop has genetic Renault Kangoo’s structure, made of sword and materials that steep and scatter shock zip. Kangoo be bop’s figurehead seatbelts are equipt with pyrotechnical pretensioners to grasp occupants safely in office in the result of a hit. All seatbelts unified consignment limiters graduated to optimize shelter of the pectus. Renault Kangoo be bop is usable with capable iv airbags, two movement airbags and two pectus airbags.

2009 Renault Kangoo Be Bop

To concentrate the danger of seawall wound in the case of a frontal hit, the presence seating are weaponed with anti-submarining humps. Renault Kangoo be bop is too weaponed with a retractable bracken bike to preclude harm to the driver’s ankle.

As function of the on-going pursue greater condom and quilt, Renault Kangoo be bop’s battlefront seating and headrests are intentional to engulf get-up-and-go in the case of shock from the back. Clio III debuted this engineering, which has helped to substantially cut whiplash. Headrests are familiarized to the veracious elevation by sliding them improving their reenforcement struts and no thirster by sliding the struts in and out of the seatbacks. To concluded the peaceful condom ikon, the strawman rider ass and both ass seating are weaponed with Isofix nestling bum anchorage.

Whether drive on coastal, flock, or nation roadstead, Renault Kangoo be bop respects the surroundings. The Renault eco2 touch testifies to Renault’s committedness on the environmental figurehead.

Renault Kangoo be bop is assembled at the ISO 14001-certified MCA Maubeuge implant in France, contains 7kg of recycled plastics (6% of its angle) and is 95% recoverable by weighting (85% reclaimable). Renault Kangoo be bop dCi 85 emits fair 138g of CO2/km, devising it dead eligible for the Renault eco² touch.

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