2009 Renault Clio

Renault Clio

The 2009 Hollands Centrifugal Shew sees Renault payoff the wraps off the up-to-the-minute hatchback and land versions of the best-selling Renault Clio. New Renault Clio’s styling, comforter, versatility, refuge credential and equipment, which shape a software suitable of that of models from the future section up, are surely to charm to a expectant, firm client bag oecumenical. Simultaneously, its highly stringent habitus tone makes it one of the about honest cars of its family.

A compact hatchback with clear family ties with New Renault Mégane

From the first, Renault’s Bodied Conception Section worked tight with the propose engineers to integrate the stain’s new styling individuality. New Renault Clio sits forthright on the route and features more sleek lines thanks to its extensive distance (4,027mm; 41mm thirster than Clio III), piece the contours of its headlamps carry down to fill the outer parts of the grillwork. The dynamical figurehead bumper designing incorporates a unsubtle air aspiration which is picked out with matte melanize protective mouldings. The steeply-raked ‘flaccid’ wind is flanked by the foglamps and gives the new hatchback a set stare, patch the two-tone outside mirror housings excel done their sleeker forms. At the bottom, the waist is protracted by new spark clusters, and the more dynamical flavour of New Renault Clio is advance emphasised by the revised bumper, besides as by the reversing lights and backside fog lights which are set lour pile and nigher to the car’s sides.

2009 Renault Clio

New Renault Clio GT, a more purposeful personality

Styling: New Renault Clio GT can be recognised by its single Malta Bluing consistency colouration and expressive, gamey lines. It sits straightforwardly on its 16-inch “Night Anthracite” al admixture wheels, patch its more self-asserting forepart features a burnish melanise grill and classifiable blackness headlight masks. The lines of the sills item to the functioning of the GT reading’s particular hanging. Meantime, the similitude eject tailpipes and bum lip pillager emphasise New Renault Clio GT’s undeniable sports holidaymaker looks. Privileged, attention-getting jazzy details admit drilled aluminum treadle covers and excess incline accompaniment for the seating, as seen on New Clio Renault Mutant, asset GT-badging for the strawman seating.

Dangling: Renault Mutation Technologies’ engineers bear gainful especial tending to check that New Renault Clio GT’s form combines get-go year dynamical power with a well-heeled cod. The rigorousness of the breast springs and the standardization of the strawman dampers suffer been uprated by 15 per centime compared to the premature edition. The variable-rate whorl springs at the bum are 15 per penny stiffer, too, and the new backside dampers characteristic larger diam rods. These solutions see enhanced restraint of eubstance cause and more exact cornering without detracting from quilt. To parry consistence scroll, the movement anti-roll bar diam has been increased from 20.5 to 21mm, patch the arse abatement is weaponed with the like stiffer bushes as New Clio Renault Sportsman. The directive stableness of the buns has been made more exact by curb of parasitical movements. New Renault Clio GT’s mightiness direction is besides more orchestrate for swifter reception and greater drive joy.

Powertrains: the GT interpretation is useable with a alternative of leash engines (contingent marketplace): the 1.6 16V 128 (single to New Renault Clio GT), the 2.0 16V 140 and the dCi 105. They all ride done the TL4 six-speed gearbox.

Carminat TomTom®: the first updatable, integrated GPS navigation system for less than €500

Until tod, no master equipment sailing organization had been uncommitted for the compact section for less than €500. Manufacturers often offer either semi-integrated, entering grade monochromatic systems which use the radiocommunication’s minor covert, instead products that are more high-priced. Nevertheless, such solutions flunk to very fill the expectations of customers who birth therefore sour progressively to more low-priced obliterable products, which explains why this grocery is expanding so cursorily. Now, for less than €500, Carminat TomTom® brings those who pause betwixt obliterable and unified seafaring systems the outdo of both worlds, and gives New Renault Clio owners a solid new mind-set on motoring mobility.

The advantages of an incorporate arrangement: positioned high on New Renault Clio’s splasher, the enceinte 5.8-inch (14.73cm) colouration sieve is around the driver’s cable of vision, which substance that his or her tending can check amply focussed on the route beforehand. A tailor-made outside antenna ensures optimum GPS signalise receipt, spell victimization the loudspeakers of the car’s own sound scheme guarantees crystallise vocalise. Incorporate systems fling greater shelter from larceny, too, and are safer in an stroke. Carminat TomTom® is operated by a user-friendly Bluetooth® remote, and covers roughly 40 countries crosswise westerly and easterly Europe and Scandinavia, addition Dud and S Africa. This new GPS sailing organisation is compatible with the new grasp of sound systems uncommitted for New Renault Clio.

New Renault Clio’s interior styling: perceived quality and user friendly

New Renault Clio’s midland styling was guided by a hope to furnish a feel of wellbeing and sensed caliber. The splasher is uncommitted with a soft-touch cultivation and incorporates crystallize, easy-toread instruments, spell the fully-integrated blind of the Carminat TomTom® satnav arrangement is positioned at the top of the kernel solace. New Renault Clio is a car in which drivers look now at dwelling. The pragmatic controls suffer been made evening more user-friendly, including the brusk direction wheel-mounted stalks. The shift for the sail command and hurrying clipper has been stirred to the heart cabinet, aboard the emergency, and the fascia showing permits drivers to deterrent whether the sail restraint/speeding clipper is excited or not. Lag, extra upkeep has asleep into the internal passementerie, with a scope of refined new ambiences contingent equipment degree. Customers can select a undimmed, reposeful hue, or power favor a darker, sportier flavour such as that proposed for New Renault Clio GT.

2009 Renault Clio

Benchmark cabin space and comfort

New Renault Clio boasts a class-leading boilersuit cabin blank forefinger, with ass shoudler-room of 1,362mm in the vitrine of three-door versions and 1,343mm for five-door and acres versions. The sentiency of infinite is advance accentuated by the generous headway which is 866mm at the bottom, piece bottom occupants profit from kneeroom of 162mm, too. So, New Renault Clio well sits passengers who are more 1.88m grandiloquent (Ninety-one centile of the European universe).

2009 Renault Clio

Grand tourer quality acoustic performance

New Renault Clio claims soundproofing execution from the succeeding section up. Its architecture has been cautiously engineered to filter locomotive and transmission-generated interference, likewise as route stochasticity. Attention has likewise been smitten the fathom damping betwixt the cabin and the locomotive, piece farting racket has been decreased thanks notably to the use of inflatable inserts in the construction’s vacuous sections.

Efficient suspension performance for a comfortable, reassuring ride

The New Renault Clio kinfolk delivers a carefully-honed counterpoise betwixt stringent, well-situated and safety manipulation. The abatement has been highly-developed to fulfill the expectations of the customers of the dissimilar versions (Hatchback, GT, Acres). The abeyance of New Renault Clio Hatchback is indistinguishable thereto of Clio III and provides a mellow banner of effective, well-off roadholding. Compared with the hatchback variant, New Renault Clio Estate is weaponed with a bigger-diameter bum anti-roll bar (21mm) for enhanced restraint of consistency roster. Its dampers and abeyance locomotion let likewise been altered to mate the land reading’s heavier weightiness and supernumerary carrying content.

Responsive, environmentally-friendly engines

The reach of engines and transmissions has been cautiously selected to disclose the scoop in New Renault Clio’s active functioning. These powertrains are reverential of the environs, too, thanks notably to:

  • a alternative of dCi engines, two of which utter less than 120g of CO2/km (e.g. the dCi 85: 117g of CO2/km) and the handiness of a particulate permeate for a sure routine of them,
  • the TCe 100, which boasts the last-place CO2 emissions of any 100hp gasolene locomotive,
  • a 1.2 16V locomotive able of track on alternate fuels, videlicet an E85 bioethanolcompatible variant and an LPG variant (contingent grocery).
  • The versions of New Renault Clio powered by the 1.2 16V 75, TCe and dCi 70/85/105 engines fulfil all iii of the criteria necessity to specify for the Renault eco² touch.

    2009 Renault Clio

    The gas line-up comprises cinque powerplants (contingent commercialize): the 1.2 16V 75hp (55kW), the TCe 100 (74kW), the 1.6 16V 110hp (82kW), the 1.6 16V 128hp (94kW) and the 2.0 16V 140hp (102kW). An E85 bioethanol-compatible interpretation of the 1.2 16V 75hp is too useable. Modifications get been made to enable this locomotive, which is based on an existent closure from the orbit, to conform mechanically to this eccentric of fire. The almost famous changes fear the fire cooler, fire scheme, injectant scheme and burning chambers.

    Contingent commercialize, an LPG adaptation of the 1.2 16V is uncommitted. LPG (Liquified Oil Gas) is cleanse and stinting, piece engines which run on this typewrite of fire breathe fewer pollutants than an tantamount gasolene locomotive, and CO2 emissions are standardized to those of a diesel. The quiet-running 1.2 16V LPG can run on either gas or LPG, with the driver able-bodied to replacement freely from one manner to the early at any clip. The fomite’s compass is accordingly yearner, and a igniter on the fascia indicates which eccentric of fire is organism exploited at any disposed minute.

    Leash diesel engines are likewise usable, all of which are wide acclaimed both for the impulsive joy they crack and for their striking acoustical operation. They are the dCi 70 (50kW), the dCi 85 (63kW) and the dCi 105 (78kW). The latter two can be weaponed with a particulate dribble. The dCi 70 and the dCi 85 are especially fire effective and utter less than 120g of CO2/km.

    The catalog features a prime of two manual gearboxes: a five-speed gearbox (Eccentric JH or JR) and a six-speed box (Eccentric TL4) for the 1.6 16V 128, 2.0 16V 140, dCi 85 DPF and dCi 105 engines. Robotized Quickshift five-speed transmitting can be coherent for the 1.2 16V 75 and dCi 85 engines (Eccentric JA3 and Character JA5 severally), with four-speed automatonlike transmittance (Typecast DP0) likewise uncommitted with the 1.6 16V 110 powerplant.

    A raft of equipment from the next segment up

    The New Renault Clio grasp includes a hanker name of equipment from the adjacent section up aimed at either facilitating impulsive or enhancing traveling ease. New Renault Clio is the solitary B-segment modelling that can be logical with a hands-free add-in. To unlock the car, the driver alone has to put a handwriting close one of the doorway handles, instead trigger boot orifice mechanics. The doors mechanically curl at the thrust of a clit set on the driver’s doorway. A outback light use enables owners to settle their fomite at a length thanks a made-to-order clit on the add-in which activates the lights. For hands-free start, the board doesn’t motivation to be inserted into a slot; its bare mien inwardly the cabin suffices thanks to exceptional antennae.

    New Renault Clio comes with the new 80W RadioSat Classical sound organization which includes six loudspeakers, an MP3-compatbile CD actor, the exhibit of MP3 charge names and an RCA socket placed ahead of the gearshift.

    Owners looking more forward-looking connectivity volition treasure the two new Ballyhoo & Medicine and Bluetooth® functions.

    The Jade & Euphony purpose enables iPods® and over-the-counter types of USB-compatible MP3 players, including USB keys, to be attached via a USB socket. Erstwhile attached, the occupier’s portable MP3 musician becomes an inbuilt office of the in-car amusement organization and can be controlled victimization the guidance wheel-mounted fingertip outside controls or via the radiocommunication’s own fascia-mounted controls. Playlist folders and files are displayed on the fomite’s independent sieve.

    The Bluetooth® purpose permits hands-free use of the call victimisation the fomite’s own loudspeakers for enhanced refuge. The arrangement mechanically detects the telephony when the driver starts the car, spell Renault’s undivided ‘clench’ part puts callers on grasp until the driver is in a berth to solution safely. Ingress and extroverted calls mechanically dumb the tuner and the phone’s functions are controlled via the steerage wheel-mounted controls in connective with the splasher exhibit or Carminat TomTom® sieve.

    The Bluetooth® role likewise incorporates sound cyclosis, in early run-in the radio contagion via the fomite’s own loudspeakers of personal playlists stored on A2DPcompatible portable players.

    Other equipment

    For enhanced ease and condom, New Renault Clio is furnished with the survey equipment (either received contingent equipment grade, or optional):

  • sail ascendance with hurrying clipper,
  • extra cornering lights
  • backside parking propinquity detector,
  • a combined pelting/igniter detector which mechanically switches on the headlamps and/or activates the windshield wipers at the nonpareil wipe-speed.
  • Safety: a priority for Renault, and a self-evidence for New Renault Clio

    2009 Renault Clio

    The New Renault Clio class benefits from Renault’s all-encompassing expertness when it comes to fighting and inactive prophylactic.

    The compounding of New Renault Clio’s abatement and a reach of driver aids (ABS with electronic brakeforce dispersion, emergency serve, ESC, grip mastery, locomotive torsion overproduction regularisation) ensures an salient storey of combat-ready prophylactic.

    2009 Renault Clio

    Lag, Renault Clio III Hatchback obtained the maximal five-point valuation in the clangoring tests carried out by the free-lance soundbox EuroNCAP at the sentence of its dismissal in 2005. New Renault Clio is reinforced on the like program and is furnished with the third-generation Renault Organisation for Simpleness and Auspices (SRP3), a drink of sturdy aegis for all occupants.

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