2009 Peugeot 308 Sw

Peugeot 308 SW

Barely a few months aft the plunge of the new 308 hatchback into the average car section, Peugeot now presents the SW reading.

The Peugeot 308 SW was kickoff unveiled in the configuration of a conception car ultimately twelvemonth’s Frankfurt Drive Demonstrate. It builds boost on the entreaty of the 307 SW and acres versions, whose attractive and forward-looking promotion has won o’er the hearts of near 900,000 customers in the six eld since they fi rst appeared on the commercialize.

The 307 SW is a unequalled and archetype conception which combines a issue of strengths such as drive use, onboard solace and gizmo, comp equipment levels and effective lading carrying abilities. Since its launching it has been fine standard by the car purchasing populace. It has been particularly successful with individuals who for hardheaded reasons, plant that a hatchback fomite lacked a sealed something and were unimaginative by the excogitation of M1 section MPVs. A populace who too requisite blank and practicality for their leisure activities, interaction and user-friendliness, but supra all cherished a fomite with heavy ocular solicitation and drive delectation.

Alike the 308 hatchback, the SW capitalises on all the firm points of the “T7” program : The semi-tall architecture ensuring greater inside infinite, inside luminousness and visibleness, a solid stylistic indistinguishability, detectable timbre and punctilious attending to contingent, all combined with route retention and rubber of the highest ordering.

The Peugeot 308 SW too benefi ts from many of the features of the archetype SW conception car which guaranteed the succeeder of its herald but, develops them eve advance.

2009 Peugeot 308 SW

E.g., the bird’s-eye deoxyephedrine cap is now 27 % bigger (Add ar of 1.68 m2), the modularity is easier to mesh and improved and it now has a really hardheaded big hatchway bottom tailboard meth… All these new developments leave assist to fill fifty-fifty the nearly various requirements and life-style situations of its users.

Benefi tinkle from all of these features, the 308 SW does more hardly assert a grade of impulsive use it extends it in many dissimilar slipway.

The outside excogitation, of the Peugeot 308 SW succeeds in combine a peculiarly expressive and dynamical invention at the strawman, which it shares with the 308 hatchback, with an master and bosomy conception at the back.

2009 Peugeot 308 Sw

The midland and the designing of the facia jury, selfsame thereto of the hatchback produce a smell of wellbeing alone in holding with the boilersuit innovation of the rider compartment. Its aslope figure and fl outstanding lines, its refined and telling styling, reinforces the printing of place and aboard puff. A key have of the construct fomite and the home atmosphere is the telling bird’s-eye spyglass ceiling, which on the Peugeot 308 SW now extends bey the heads of the s row passengers, and can besides be enjoyed by the periodic occupants of the 3rd row seating. It increases the add glassy expanse of the fomite to 5.58 m2.

The low inside interference levels are another lineament which helps the comforter and gizmo interior the car. It too well enhances the boilersuit solace levels of the passengers and their power to talking well betwixt themselves.

2009 Peugeot 308 Sw

Specific tending has been gainful to the fomite’s modularity so that it can be altered merely and effi ciently according to the requirements of its occupants.

E.g., the behind seating in the arcsecond row are all somebody, soft to take, selfsame in sizing and, consequently, offer a pack of combinations in the rider compartment.

Besides in the “7 ass” confi guration two episodic seating are fi tted in the tertiary row. These seating, nevertheless, when mandatory can be folded and with the indorsement row seating folded besides, produce a fl at fl oor which makes lading of bulky items practically easier.

A practical load space which is a pleasure to use whatever the circumstances

2009 Peugeot 308 Sw

Approach to the shipment are via the across-the-board tailboard or the hatchway backside tailboard meth is made often easier by the cagy invention of the backside shipment masking.

The especially low loading sill besides makes it gentle to freight the fomite which can fit capable 674 litres (tantamount intensity of piddle) (or 573 dm3 according to the VDA banner) below the arse loading concealment with the arcsecond row seating in office. With the seating remote it provides a aggregate loudness of 2 149 litres capable the stratum of the cap (1 736 dm3 VDA).

2009 Peugeot 308 Sw

In the freight ar, one of the cargo ar lights is too a portable blowlamp; an reading of the aid to particular that enhances advance the car’s virtual features.

The freight intensity can besides be increased foster by foldable onward the rear of the strawman rider bottom into the ‘ledge’ office, then the Peugeot 308 SW can suit piles capable a distance of 3.10 m.

2009 Peugeot 308 Sw

All the impulsive delectation of a hatchback With respect to route belongings, the wheels and abatement of the 308 hatchback deliver been revised to encounter the extra requirements of the SW reading. Electro-hydraulic index steerage provides the driver with near guidance preciseness and flavor. This preciseness is besides assured by the designing of the McPherson case strawman hiatus and by the use of a tortuousness air at the back. In add-on to the wider presence and back tracks, the fi tment of bigger tyres (capable 18″) and a glower kernel of soberness than the 307 SW, assistance to amend the boilersuit active operation. Benefi tinkle besides from its splendid torso rigidness, the Peugeot 308 SW provides the topper potential combining of route retention and comfortableness and, thus, is as often fun to driving as any hatchback.

The Peugeot 308 SW is useable with a wide-cut selection of innovative, heights execution, scotch and environmentally-friendly superpower trains. 11 are on offering in sum, to fill the requirements of the widest potential client foot. 5 gasolene engines, from 70 to 128 kW (~ 95 to 175 bhp) including a “BioFlex” alternative and ternary HDi diesel engines, including two which are fitted as banner with a Diesel Mote Percolate Arrangement (FAP). They are usable with either a cinque speeding manual gearbox, foursome speeding automatonlike or an all new 6 fastness manual gearbox.

The use of the modish engineering in both the gas and diesel engines, combined with the car’s effi cient aeromechanics, weightiness rescue measures and the use of new Michelin Get-up-and-go Rescuer tyres, fi rst introduced on the 308 hatchback, devote the Peugeot 308 SW an improved environmental effi ciency compared thereto of its precursor. Its fire uptake, compared to standardised engines, can be capable 10 % less than the 307 SW.

Optimal Safety

In add-on to the master guard guaranteed by its model route keeping, the Peugeot 308 SW offers a stove of equipment such as the Lane Release Admonition Organization (LDWS) and directive bi-Xenon headlamps.

With compliments to petty refuge, the construction (thanks particularly to the bearing of iii shock preoccupancy structures) has been intentional to offer optimum security, combined with the power to engulf the utmost quantity of elf muscularity in a controlled mode. In add-on, the SW can be furnished with capable 7 air bags, including a direction editorial air bag.

3rd prophylactic is assured by the «Peugeot Pinch» help coupled to the fomite’s RT4 telematics arrangement, which can speck the fomite’s localization and actuate the murder of capture help prn.

A major initiation is the use of a “Wifi ” seatbelt detector organization that assures the tighten seatbelt cautionary procedure is level uncommitted on the obliterable s row seating, without any compromise on their modularity.

A simple range

The Peugeot 308 SW ambit, which leave dissent betwixt case-by-case countries, bequeath comprise of cinque shave levels betwixt now and the summertime of 2008. The entrance degree bequeath, nevertheless, payoff the berth of the “Land” interpretation of the 307 ambit. It volition be fitted with a traditional sword ceiling and a foldaway behind terrace ass, and bequeath be aimed at customers primarily in hunt of an approachable fomite with loads of infinite.

Lastly, usable in ten outside colors, various dissimilar national trims combined with either textile or leather based interiors, the 308 SW orbit leave get a rendering to prayer to the near demanding customers.

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