2009 Nissan Pixo

Nissan Pixo

Against a background of immortalize oil prices, fears of a globose corner and exact for always frown glasshouse gas emissions, buyers are looking an cheap and fuel-efficient car with a low CO2 turnout. They motivation flavor no foster. The new Nissan Pixo, a four-seater producing 103 g/km of CO2, bequeath offering truly environmentally-conscious motoring at an approachable cost.

With oil prices fluctuating in a fickle world-wide marketplace and governments global agreeing to set always depress targets for emissions from all sources, the arriver of the Pixo underlines Nissan’s loyalty to providing low-cost, urban exaltation which is effective in price of ingestion and emissions. Its arriver on the Nissan reach complements the Micra and Line, freehanded the society a stiff, various excerpt of press, broad and effective cars which are wellspring equipt for the world of forward-looking urban drive. And when it is launched in Europe, the Nissan Pixo bequeath vesture the new proclaimed Virgin Crusade badge, which volition service car-buyers to describe the about effective models in Nissan’s reach.

Thanks to exceeding fire thriftiness and with CO2 emissions that are among the last in compare with its competitors, Nissan Pixo makes a solid cause for itself.

And when the toll place is interpreted into history, this compounding becomes selfsame compelling. It bequeath contend tete-a-tete with pop belittled city-cars but at a cost that volition institute eco-friendly motoring to an evening wider hearing minded its approachable terms.

2009 Nissan Pixo

Nissan Pixo is a five-door, four-seater with a spacious upcountry and generous baggage spa thanks to its effective excogitation and publicity.

It wants for lilliputian in footing of criterion equipment, besides. Thither are two versions of Nissan Pixo uncommitted: Visia and Acenta. Ability guidance, anti-lock brakes and twofold figurehead airbags are touchstone on every manakin patch keyless entering, mightiness figurehead windows, rent foldable arse seating, incline airbags and strawman fog lamps are banner on Acenta.

Options admit manual air conditioning, electronic stableness command and drape airbags, piece a four-speed robotic transmitting is too uncommitted. And with the Nissan badge on its wind, Nissan Pixo benefits from the fellowship’s firm stain epitome, which is backed by a comp three-year guarantee.

2009 Nissan Pixo

But aboard these big car features, Nissan Pixo enjoys pocket-sized car attributes. Thanks to its alert leash cylinder 1.0-litre locomotive and jackanapes expression, it produces equitable 103 g/km CO2 and delivers fire saving of 4.6 l/100km (61.4 mpg) on the combined cps. These figures volition situation Nissan Pixo among the virtually low-cost eco-cars in the little metropolis car family.

“Thither can be lilliputian question that our attitudes to the car are ever-changing. Thanks to the spiralling be of fire we lack meliorate saving and we wishing to tighten our personal impingement on the surroundings as practically as potential. But at the like we are unwilling to give infinite, puff and refuge or antecede the trustingness we deliver in a steel such as Nissan,” says Pierre Loing, Nissan’s European V.p. of Merchandise Provision.

“With Pixo, thither motivation be no sacrifices. It has many of the attributes of a bigger car but with low emissions and fantabulous saving all at an exceedingly free-enterprise toll.”

Nissan Pixo in detail

The bear of Pixo represents a collaborationism with Suzuki Drive Corp, enabling Nissan to land Pixo to marketplace as cursorily as potential.

Its reaching coincides with an ever-increasing need for cleanser, greener cars as a solution of the excitability of oil prices and, as a outcome, the globular thriftiness.

Reinforced in state-of-the art facilities in Delhi, India, Nissan Pixo is a stain new four-seater competing in the firm maturation A-segment. Dissimilar roughly of its straightaway rivals, withal, Nissan Pixo is far from a micro car. It has fivesome doors to easiness immersion and emergence to and from the arse seating but cadaver sufficiently contract to be spry to be paragon for metropolis drive.

Nissan Pixo is 3565 mm farsighted, 1470 mm marvelous and 1600 mm all-inclusive. It has a wheelbase of 2360 mm. It weighs most 855 kg (contingent degree and spec), fashioning it one of the lightest cars in its family, with resulting benefits in functioning, fire intake and emissions.

The outcome offers sizable inner infinite for quadruplet adults and their baggage. With the backside seating in situation, shipment distance is 129 litres (VDA).


The Nissan Pixo’s alone innovation elements admit the forepart styling, which features the Nissan kinsfolk double-deck six slot grill either slope of a kernel U-shaped division lodging the Nissan annulet. Either english of that is a duad of boldface headlamps.

Next the track set by Micra and Tone, the top of the magniloquent triangular-shaped headlamps are slenderly elevated so they can be easy seen from the drive buns to avail the driver ‘billet’ the car when parking. The igniter assemblies sit supra a wide-cut breadth bumper bar, non-white melanise in counterpoint with the consistency coloration. The bumper itself is placed inside a recondite presence mollycoddler incorporating an air uptake.

Freehanded Nissan Pixo a optical dynamical abut, the beltline mildly rises towards the bottom of the car, where it wraps roughly the upswept bottom position windowpane. This is farther accentuated by the frown upset occupation which links the prolonged bicycle arches, underlining the car’s blanket footmark and hanker wheelbase.

The Nissan Pixo too has a classifiable downwards chimneysweep of the roofline towards the behind of the fomite from its highest spot equitable forwards of the B-Pillar. The prominent nursery helps outwards profile and ensures an ethereal midland.

2009 Nissan Pixo

At the back, like handling to the forepart sees a full black-coloured bumper bar stretch the entire breadth of the fomite to commit tribute from bumps and scrapes. As with the breast, one of the near contact styling features is the sheer intervention of the lightness assemblies, serving to springiness Pixo a typical persona. The full bumper and glower valency incision is unparalleled to the Nissan edition of the car.

The outside floor is realized by the split-spoke styling of the bike covers on the touchstone 14 in wheels, which are intentional to brand the wheels feel wish alloys… debase wheels are uncommitted as an alternative, withal.

2009 Nissan Pixo


With its spacious inside, Nissan Pixo is wide, hard-nosed and well-situated. The panel is relatively bare in its layout, the two-tone gray/melanise discourse and bodoni styling lucifer the air of sophistry of the car.

A one dial faces the driver and incorporates an easy-to-read schematic flier speedometer with digital read-outs for fire stratum positive boilersuit and actuate mileages. The fascia besides incorporates a heart batch with unified bingle DIN sound scheme and heat and respiration (HVAC) controls. Saucy air vents can be plant in the essence of the hyrax with two advance vents at either end. When fitted, the air conditioning organization comes with a pollen strain.

Thither’s copious depot spa, with an amphetamine box forward of the presence buns rider and a box and cup bearer in the gist of the soothe forrader of the gearstick. Thither is a farther hardheaded snug – this sentence well-lighted – in the eye of the smokestack supra the HVAC controls.

Large aid has been nonrecreational to ensuring rider comforter. The fabric-covered seating are wider than commonly to be ground therein category of car, and gain from thicker buns cushions. The strawman seating get yearn coast bars devising them easier to adapt and are covered with a pernicious contrastive stripes convention for their essence sections.

Grades and equipment

Thither leave be two versions of Nissan Pixo useable when sales starting in the s one-quarter of 2009: Visia and Acenta. The ingress degree Visia includes index steerage, anti-lock brakes, driver and rider airbags, ISOFIX nestling buns trimmings and a backside wiper. Otc criterion features admit a bum packet ledge, rock adjustable direction editorial and no fewer than quartet cup holders – two in the battlefront and two in the bottom.

Ascend to Acenta mark and touchstone equipment besides encompasses keyless ingress with superpower lockup, an MP3 compatible CD participant, galvanic figurehead windows, burst fold arse seating, battlefront fog lamps, and personify bleached doorway handles and mirrors. The refuge floor is enhanced encourage by the comprehension of incline airbags as received.

Dealer options admit electronic constancy command (ESP), manual air conditioning, pall airbags, debase wheels and metal or opaline key.


Thither is equitable one locomotive pick uncommitted for Nissan Pixo. It’s powered by a constrict 1.0-litre three-cylinder all-alloy 12-valve gasolene whole development 65 PS (48 kW) at 6,000rpm and 90 Nm at 4,000rpm.

More important, withal, are the exceptionally low fire use and emissions figures. The five-speed manual reading uses 4.6 l/100km on the combined cycles/second, 4.3 l/100km on the supernumerary urban cps and lonesome 5.1 l/100km on the urban bicycle. Tantamount figures for urban, additional urban and combined cycles are 55.4, 65.7 and 61.4 mpg. CO2 emissions are hardly 103 g/km.

Remarkably therein category, Nissan Pixo is besides useable with a total four-speed machinelike, reinforcing its suitableness as a township car that’s dead subject of yearner journeys when needful.

Flesh layout is a combining of well-tried and sure components that offer stalls treatment with near bait puff characteristics, peculiarly when coupled with a farseeing wheelbase and 14 edge wheels. The figurehead abatement uses MacPherson cock piece at the back, a leash contact detached tracking linkup organization can be plant.

Superpower aided wrack and quill steerage is criterion, spell the braking scheme has presence discs and bottom drums with the up-to-the-minute anti-lock package. Electronic constancy ascendance (ESP) is an alternative.


2009 Nissan Pixo

Pixo marks Nissan’s beginning guess into the A-segment of the European commercialize and its reaching coincides with a brobdingnagian increment in sales. In France, e.g., sales of A-segment cars sales jumped 36 per penny from January to June this yr compared to the like menses in 2007. Boilersuit, the European marketplace saw a ascension of 30 per penny betwixt 2005 and 2007. This was partially due to new models stimulant saleroom dealings, but besides can be coupled to rise fire prices and environmental concerns.

More one-half of the cars sold in the section grow ‘tween 60-70 PS. Nissan Pixo develops 65 PS, rightfulness in the heartland of the sphere. And piece the immense bulk of the sales are of cars with manual transmittance, that is more devour to the want of accessibility of an robotlike than a miss of requirement. With the alternative of a ‘substantial’ torsion convertor robotic, Nissan Pixo is utterly located to predominate a potentially moneymaking recession inside the sphere. At launching, Pixo is expected to be Europe’s well-nigh low-priced robotic.

2009 Nissan Pixo

More significantly, withal, are Nissan Pixo’s low CO2 emissions. At barely 103 g/km, Pixo is presently among the near effective petrol-powered cars in the section.

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