2009 Mercedes Benz Cls 63 Amg

Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG

Mercedes-Benz is fashioning the CLS tied more resistless. This one-of-a-kind four-door takeoveré – the initiate of a unscathed new self-propelled section – has now been fine-tuned to devote it added appealingness. The new entry-level exemplar interpretation, the CLS 280 with its advanced V6 exponent whole, develops 170 kW/231 hp. Interim, the flagship exemplar in the orbit – the CLS 63 AMG with its 378 kW/514 hp AMG 6.3-litre V8 locomotive – now comes with 19-inch AMG light-alloy wheels positive a new AMG sports exhaust.

Unostentatious but virtuoso neatly sums up the resultant of the restyling program for the CLS. At the breast, it is the limited grille that stands out, with two louvres now rather of the late quartet. The diamond-shaped, 3-dimensional grilles multi-color in telamon greyish that concealment the air intakes undertaking an level greater air of sureness too as adding farther accent to the fomite’s breadth. The outside mirrors sustain likewise been precondition a new aspect. The LED position indicant lamps that are reinforced into them are ordered in the mannequin of an pointer to make a almost attention-getting core, peculiarly in the wickedness. The mirror coat has moreover been exaggerated by 32 per centime to give a clearer aspect of the dealings butt and thereby further fighting rubber.

The face sight is henpecked by new, beautifully styled light-alloy wheels, measure either 17 inches (CLS 280, CLS 320 CDI and CLS 350 CGI) or 18 inches (CLS 500) in diam. When viewed from the arse, the new-generation CLS makes its score with a new backside forestage, new stern lights, too as limited tailpipes. The essence subdivision of the back bumper now drops refine encourage, spell the extra light-catching configuration operative on it adds to the picture of largeness. This is foster emphatic by the release tailpipes, which are trapezoidal in anatomy, and not elliptic as earlier. LED engineering is now deployed for the empennage lights: the bracken lamps, poop lamps and indicant lamps all pee use of the extra-fast-reacting light-emitting diodes. Barely alike the slope indicators in the outside mirrors, the arse indicators aspect wish arrows when they light, which is especially hitting in the colored. The like is straight of the opthalmic fibres at the slope, which are ever excited whenever the low-beam headlamps are switched on. A new defusing use for the low-beam headlamps when the inflammation is switched off helps to optimize get-up-and-go direction.

2009 Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG

The new bodywork details agree dead with the multi-award-winning designing of the CLS and shuffle the four-door Putsché incessantly aspect as if it is almost to das off. Virtually iv age on from its humans premier, the thrilling, hefty lines of the trendsetter are as unparalleled and as evident as always.

New inside: three-spoke steering wheel and new telematics generation

Big attending to point was gainful piece updating the midland too: modifications admit a restyled leather wheel in a three-spoke innovation with multifunction buttons, also as a new-look instrumentate clump, whose flannel dials now demarcation clearly with the pursued open of the backplate. The former lustrelessness laurel colouration schema has been replaced with new chestnut woodwind trimming elements.

2009 Mercedes Benz Cls 63 Amg

The CLS features the new NTG 2.5 telematics genesis, whose high-performance componentry combines aboveboard procedure and lucid card pilotage with unflawed in-vehicle amusement. Features admit speed-sensitive intensity mastery, a keypad for incoming phone numbers and radiocommunication frequencies, an MP3-compatible CD and DVD participant, likewise as a Bluetooth port which can ground a radio connectedness betwixt a cell and the fomite’s hands-free organisation.

The Sound 20, Sound 20 CD with CD auto-changer, Sound 50 and Sound 50 APS with DVD auto-changer and LINGUATRONIC vocalisation command scheme sustain now been upgraded to a 5-inch coloring covert. The COMAND APS comes with a high-resolution

2009 Mercedes Benz Cls 63 Amg

6.5-inch gloss show, LINGUATRONIC for sound, seafaring and telephony calls, a euphony registry for storing sound files, addition an SD retentiveness menu slot.

CLS 280: new entry-level engine variant with 170 kW/231 hp

The CLS 280 is equipt with a new entry-level locomotive, a advanced V6 powerplant with a deracination of 2996 cc development a crest turnout of 170 kW/231 hp and a utmost torsion of 300 N metres. This propels the CLS 280 from stand to 100 km/h in 7.7 seconds and gives it a top hurrying of 245 km/h. Combined fire use on the NEDC impulsive hertz is 9.8 – 10.0 litres per 100 kilometres. The sec V6 gasoline modelling in the grasp is the CLS 350 CGI. Its forward-looking six-cylinder locomotive featuring piezoelectric organise shot and spray-guided burning generates 215 kW/292 hp and returns imposingly low fire uptake figures of 9.1 to 9.3 litres per 100 kilometres (NEDC combined). Nether the hood of the CLS 500 is a V8 crusade whole with a shift of 5.5 litres and a utmost production of 285 kW/388 hp. What makes the CLS 320 CDI with its 165 kW/224 hp V6 diesel particularly electrifying is the redoubtable torsion of 540 N metres on the one give and, on the over-the-counter, low fire ingestion of hardly 7.6 – 8.1 litres of diesel for every 100 km (NEDC combined).

All CLS models ejaculate fitted with the 7G-TRONIC seven-speed automatonlike contagion as stock. In manual sack mood “M”, the driver is capable to switch done the gears exploitation chemise paddles on the wheel if coveted. This shortens the 0-100 km/h speedup clock by 0.2 seconds.

2009 Mercedes Benz Cls 63 Amg

CLS 63 AMG flagship model with AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G-TRONIC

The flagship exemplar in the CLS reach, the CLS 63 AMG, is powered by the AMG 6.3-litre V8 locomotive with 378 kW/514 hp and 630 N metres of torsion. The high-revving, course aspirated locomotive now makes its front known in an eve more typical way: the AMG sports exhaust’s redesigned bottom silencers present an level more fascinating soundtrack done the two sets of elliptical, chromed couple tailpipes. The AMG SPEEDSHIFT Addition 7G-TRONIC contagion now incorporates a part which blips the gas mechanically during downshifts. This does more fair compound the affectional drive live – the well-nigh load-free downshift process likewise leads to a diminution in load-alteration effects, which is of detail profit when braking leading of corners on the backwash rail. The CLS 63 AMG accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds, patch its top speeding is express electronically to 250 km/h.

Likewise new is the black-painted grille with two louvres alternatively of the former deuce-ace, which blends in dead with the AMG bodystyling. The AMG light-alloy wheels, with their new triple-spoke innovation and a ti gray, high-sheen key ending, now bill 19 inches in sizing rather of 18 as earlier, and are calced with tyres measurement 255/35 R 19 at the battlefront and 285/30 R 19 at the backside. Interior, the CLS 63 AMG boasts a new AMG sports wheel with a three-spoke invention. The clutch areas are particularly contoured and cut in punctured leather. Cogwheel choice can be performed manually by agency of two al AMG shifting paddles.

Attractive optional extras from AMG

2009 Mercedes Benz Cls 63 Amg

Thither is an undivided prime of new optional extras from the AMG Operation Studio for the CLS 63 AMG: proceeds the AMG operation wheel, e.g., with a littler diam, a rim that is planate at the bum and silver-coloured al shifting paddles. Or the titanium-grey multicolor AMG 19-inch light-alloy wheels with a twin-spoke conception and a milled goal, which are manufactured victimisation ace forging engineering.

All CLS models can be embellished by the summation of the AMG bodystyling parcel: this comprises a striking battlefront proscenium with great air intakes, a buirdly behind proscenium featuring a lightlessness cut-in, likewise as english skirts. Thither is besides the alternative of new AMG 19-inch light-alloy wheels in a high-sheen finishing with either 255/35 or 285/30 tyres.

2009 Mercedes Benz Cls 63 Amg

Concerned customers can position their orders for the new CLS now, with grocery launching commencing in Adjoin 2008. The 144 buy prices for the new CLS are as follows:

  • CLS 280: €55,692.00
  • CLS 320 CDI: €59,321.50
  • CLS 350 CGI: €61,404.00
  • CLS 500: €75,053.30
  • CLS 63 AMG: €106,624.00
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