2009 Mercedes Benz Bluezero E Cell Plus Concept

Mercedes-Benz BlueZero E-Cell Plus Concept

The near-series Mercedes-Benz BlueZero E-Cell Addition Construct electric combines environment-friendly electrical mobility in the metropolis with nonsensitive suitableness for long-distance drive. This is made potential by the compounding of the battery-electric thrust with a burning locomotive. The orbit extender gives the Mercedes-Benz BlueZero E-Cell Summation Conception a amount orbit of capable 600 kilometres, with 100 kilometres thence entirely below wattage and therefore justify of local emissions.

2009 Mercedes Benz Bluezero E Cell Plus Concept

The Mercedes-Benz BlueZero E-Cell Asset Construct is office of a sept of modularly constructed galvanizing cars, which bequeath enable Mercedes-Benz to fulfill all client requirements for sustainable mobility in the hereafter. Therein variate of the conception fomite, the galvanic centrifugal of the strictly battery-powered BlueZero E-Cell is combined with an extra three-cylinder, turbocharged gasolene locomotive. Putt out 50 kW, the squeeze burning locomotive is installed in the ar of the bottom axle and can guardianship the shelling piece the car is organism impelled. The CO2 incentive for the battery-electric impulsive way reduces the fomite’s emissions to just 32 grams of CO2 per klick. The orbit extender enables the Mercedes-Benz BlueZero E-Cell Addition Construct to ride for capable 600 km, of which capable 100 km can be compulsive in electrical mood with aught local emissions. The foresighted combined compass makes the BlueZero E-Cell Asset full suited for unremarkable use and assures that the client bequeath ambit his or her address fifty-fifty with a low barrage. Abaft all, the car can be refuelled chop-chop and easy at any convention weft place.

2009 Mercedes-Benz BlueZero E-Cell Plus Concept

Battery with superior lithium-ion technology

During speedy charging with a charging content of 20 kW, the high-performance, 18 kWh lithium-ion barrage of the Mercedes-Benz BlueZero E-Cell Summation Construct can entrepot sufficiency index inside some 30 for a 50 klick cruising scope. The concluded galvanising stove of 100 kilometres requires a charging sentence of fairly more an minute. Charging sentence with a criterion bearing wheel at a established home vent with 3,3 kW is around 6 hours. Exceptional on-board electronics reenforcement the well-informed charging stations and charge systems victimised by galvanising fuelling stations. Advantages of lithium-ion batteries compared to former bombardment technologies admit their press dimensions, highschool production and vim tightness, mellow guardianship efficiency and foresighted servicing animation.

BlueZero Concept – the triad of electric mobility

2009 Mercedes Benz Bluezero E Cell Plus Concept

Mercedes-Benz is display the way to environmentally compatible galvanic mobility with the near-series Mercedes-Benz BlueZero Conception. The fomite’s thinking modular construct enables a i fomite architecture to be victimised to produce leash models with unlike campaign organisation configurations.

The Mercedes-Benz BlueZero E-Cell Positive Conception is equipt with an galvanising driving and a auxiliary burning locomotive with an electric source (orbit extender). The car has a add grasp of capable 600 kilometres, of which capable 100 kilometres can be covered entirely on electricity.

Primitively presented in Detroit at the commencement of the class, the BlueZero E‑Cadre is propelled entirely by a battery-powered electrical crusade that allows the car to traveling capable 200 kilometres on a bingle barrage guardianship and wholly release of local emissions.

The tierce driving interpretation is the fire cubicle powered BlueZero F-Cell, with a compass of most 400 km on wattage and hence besides without any local emissions.

2009 Mercedes Benz Bluezero E Cell Plus Concept

All iii BlueZero models boast front-wheel ride, which is distinctive for this form of car. The crusade components suffer been modularly organized by the Mercedes engineers and can be combined prn. These admit state-of-the-art liquid-cooled lithium-ion batteries with capable 35 kWh capacitance, and a compress galvanizing centrifugal with a maximal turnout of 100 kW (sustained production: 70 kW). The uttermost torsion of 320 Nm is usable from the galvanising motive’s beginning gyration, and it surpasses the rate attained by now’s V6 gasoline engines at 2,500 rpm. Ilk its two babe models, the BlueZero E-Cell and the BlueZero F-Cell, the BlueZero E-Cell Asset can quicken from 0 to 100 km/h in less than xi seconds. To assure optimal reach and zip efficiency, the top hurrying is electronically modified to 150 km/h.

“The BlueZero Conception offers a three-bagger presentment of the proficient matureness of alternate crusade systems from Mercedes-Benz. Galvanic vehicles with bombardment galvanic or fire cubicle thrust systems leave not sincerely be on an be ground with nowadays’s burning locomotive driving systems until the customers are sure-footed that thither is a sufficient base of electricity and h refuelling stations,” says Professor. Herbert Kohler, Drumhead of E-Drive and Hereafter Mobility and likewise Head Environmental Policeman at Daimler.

BlueZero Concept: Modular architecture for flexibility and efficiency

The iii BlueZero variants were highly-developed on the cornerstone of the alone sandwich-floor architecture known from the A-Class and B-Class. The reward of the enhanced innovation is that the key campaign components are installed in the fomite’s underbelly in such a way that they suck fiddling spa, control a effective heart of graveness, and are maximally saved. The BlueZero models consequently dissent well from conventionally intentional galvanic cars, which suffer expectant and tortuous store batteries installed in boot, e.g., or in the expanse of the backseat. All leash BlueZero variants plowshare key technical components and deliver indistinguishable designs and fomite dimensions. Eventide though they get compress outside dimensions, the 4.22-meter-long BlueZero models deliver a broad and various upcountry and load spa. The vehicles’ pentad life-sized seating, about 450 kilograms of cargo, and more 500 litres of consignment content piddle them desirable class cars.

2009 Mercedes Benz Bluezero E Cell Plus Concept

“Our modular scheme permits dissimilar driving configurations for apiece client requisite,” says Dr. Thomas Wb, the Daimler Card of Direction Penis responsible Grouping Search and Mercedes-Benz Cars Growth. “The improved sandwich level chopine serves as the arrant groundwork for a various reach of vehicles with galvanizing drives. We are presently underdeveloped an extra program for succeeding covenant models that let thrust systems victimisation optimized interior burning engines. The impertinent linking of both architectures bequeath tolerate us to dilate our merchandise grasp in an exceedingly pliant and effective way. Source in 2009, we leave fabricate the offset minor mass of Mercedes fire cadre cars. In 2010, they testament be followed by a little clutch of Mercedes-Benz vehicles that run alone on wattage supplied by a barrage. Thanks to these measures, we are famously positioned for the futurity.”

Electric powered vehicles are fun to drive

Mercedes-Benz vehicles bequeath cover to blend environmental knowingness and impulsive fun in hereafter. One way in which the Mercedes-Benz designers suffer emphasized this inhalation is by introducing rouge finishes in ternary new ALU-BEAM colors. Apiece of the tercet variants makes its case-by-case cross: Convinced ALU-BEAM Pig was elect for the Mercedes-Benz BlueZero E-Cell Addition Conception. The BlueZero E-Cell is multi-color a impudent ALU-BEAM xanthous; the BlueZero F-Cell appears in ALU-BEAM jet.

Mercedes-Benz feels it won’t be fair one engineering that paves the way to sustainable mobility in the futurity, notwithstanding. Rather the party is responding with solutions that are as as wide-ranging as the demands. The single technologies are beingness secondhand in particular applications where they can cater the superlative vantage with obedience to optimum uptake and expelling values. Mercedes-Benz views the maturation of galvanic cars with barrage and fire cadre drives for local zero-emission impulsive as a agency of supplementing the exceedingly strip and frugal BlueEFFICIENCY and intercrossed vehicles already usable tod. Still, the unexclusive and commodious process of galvanizing cars quieten faces a serial of challenges, including heights arrangement costs, deficient base and shortstop cruising ranges. Ripe diesel and gasoline engines bequeath continue the drive for automobiles for a longsighted future – not alone for somebody mobility in rider cars (peculiarly concluded farsighted distances), but, more significantly, for lading exaltation in trucks. Scorn all the progression that Mercedes-Benz has again so definitely authenticated with the BlueZero Construct, galvanizing cars leave not be replacement vehicles with burning engines any metre presently. The electrification of modernistic, hi-tech engines volition, yet, turn an progressively authoritative part in the campaign organization mix of the next.

2009 Mercedes Benz Bluezero E Cell Plus Concept

Technical specifications

  • Electrical crusade
  • CO2 emissions: 0 g/km
  • Grasp: capable 100/600 km
  • Shelling: Lithium-ion
  • Rated production: 100 kW/136 hp
  • Max. torsion: 320 Nm
  • Top fastness: 150 km/h
  • Quickening 0-100 km/h: < 11.0 seconds
  • Stove extender
  • Cylinders: 3
  • Shift: 1.0l turbo
  • Turnout: 50 kW at 3500 rpm
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