2009 Lexus Gs 450H

Lexus GS 450h

The 2009 Lexus GS luxuriousness mutation saloon example contrast includes the V6-powered Lexus GS 350 and the GS 350 all-wheel thrust (AWD), the V8-powered Lexus GS 460, and the alone gasolene galvanising intercrossed example in the section, the Lexus GS 450h.


Optimized for low interior rubbing, the Lexus GS 350’s 3.5-liter V6 locomotive produces 303 h.p. at 6,200 rpm and 274 lb.-ft. of eyeshade torsion at 3,600 rpm. A aim fuel-injection arrangement provides often finer fuel-mixture ascendence to meliorate both mightiness and fire efficiency. Duple Varying Valve Timing with tidings (VVT-i) acts on both uptake and expel valves to encourage heighten functioning done a full rpm scope. A smooth-shifting six-speed transmittal allows manual shifty when coveted.

The Lexus GS 460’s V8 produces 342 hp at 6,400 rpm and 339 lb.-ft. of bill torsion at 4,100 rpm. The GS 460, same the GS 350, meets the EPA’s Extremist Low Expelling Fomite (ULEV-II) certificate. Lexus has been context standards for powertrain fluency since its origin, and the GS 460’s V8 and eight-speed automatonlike transmittance preserve that custom. The transmitting, as the six-speed automatonlike in the Lexus GS 350 models, allows manual shifty for a more piquant drive live, and to maximise operation in sealed drive situations. The GS 460 can speed from nix to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds, the Lexus GS 350 in 5.7 (5.8 for AWD).

2009 Lexus GS 450h


2009 Lexus Gs 450H

The Lexus GS combines proved frame systems with innovative dynamical manipulation engineering to render both quick manipulation and the Lexus earmark smoothen razz. The double-wishbone forepart hiatus and multilink back abatement almost decimate undesirable wheel-angle changes during hiatus campaign. The termination is a raw, convinced look that’s besides game. A 34.1-ft. turn circuit (35.4 ft. for GS 350 AWD) is like thereto of littler cars and helps brand the GS extremely manoeuvrable.

Altogether GS models, Bracken Attend (BA), Electronic Brake-force Dispersion (EBD) and the Anti-lock Braking Scheme (ABS) service cast a herculean guard forepart. EBD optimizes bracken force at apiece cycle to helper denigrate torso diving or careen during difficult braking and cornering. Bracken Serve is intentional to regulate if the driver is attempting exigency braking, and, if the driver has not stepped firm decent on the bracken bike to aerate the ABS, it volition give uttermost braking strength until bicycle pressing is released.

Aluminum-alloy 18-inch wheels are criterion on the Lexus GS 460 and usable for the rear-wheel-drive Lexus GS 350, which features stock 17-inch wheels. For maximal treatment potentiality, the GS 350 comes stock with 225/50R17 W-rated summertime tires. The all-season 17-inch run-flat tires that are banner on the GS 350 AWD modelling are usable on the GS 350 RWD. The Lexus GS 460 is equipt with 245/40R18 Z-rated summertime tires or useable all-season run-flats.

The GS 350’s uncommitted all-wheel-drive organisation helps to heighten treatment in divers drive weather. A planetary-gear gist derivative and a wet-type multi-disc grasp mastery front-to-rear ability dispersion. The organisation ordinarily sends 70 percentage of useable superpower to the back wheels to furnish the traditional functioning advantages of a rear-drive car and testament diverge the torque-split proportion from 30:70 to 50:50 in reaction to drive weather and driver comment. The AWD arrangement’s electronic-control scheme takes inputs such as guidance and gun slant from driver activeness combined with fomite signals from roll upper and yaw place sensors.

An Adaptative Varying Reprieve (AVS) organisation, banner on the Lexus GS 460 and usable on the GS 350, provides quatern settings, including “sportsman” for tighter, more accurate ascendancy. AVS can mechanically choice capture reprieve damping for impulsive weather. The Lexus GS 460 too offers the sophisticated Alive Mightiness Stabiliser arrangement that reduces consistence rock and enhances fomite command during cornering. An Electronic Controller Whole (ECU) calculates the strength required to parry overabundance torso shake, which is so applied to the stabiliser bars by the breast and bottom actuators. The GS 350 models are weaponed with Fomite Constancy Controller (VSC) with grip ascendance. The scheme can be disengaged with the “Trac Off” switching when the billet warrants doing so.

In the GS 460, the Lexus Fomite Kinetics Structured Direction (VDIM) organisation integrates and manages a server of treatment technologies, including VSC. Combination stimulant from a change of sensors, VDIM is intentional to previse the oncoming of a fomite sideslip or coast then assistance chastise the place with a combining of braking, bound, and steerage command. VDIM consolidation helps to supply exact direction for the Electronically Controlled Brakes (ECB), Varying Geartrain Proportion Steerage (VGRS), Wattage Direction (EPS), Fomite Stableness Controller (VSC), Anti-lock Braking Scheme (ABS), Bracken Help (BA), Electronic Brake-force Dispersion (EBD), and locomotive torsion via the electronically controlled choke.

Wattage Steerage (EPS) in the GS 460 provides accurate wattage help victimisation a DC motive reinforced into the guidance gearing trapping. Likewise in the GS 460, Varying Pitch Proportion Guidance (VGRS) can motley the guidance from 2.7 turns lock-to-lock for low-speed manoeuvrability to a slower 3.2 turns lock-to-lock for highway-speed stableness. VGRS too provides derivative steerage mastery, which helps castigate for a postponement in steerage reaction – something that occurs altogether vehicles – to assist raise impulsive spirit during lane changes and otc transitional maneuvers.

The GS 460’s Electronically Controlled Brakes (ECB) is a brake-by-wire organisation. ECB translates bracken bike pressing into galvanic signals that, via reckoner restraint, assist furnish accurate and optimized braking. Electronic ascendance provides agile bracken answer when requisite, serving the GS 460’s VDIM organisation to previse and assistance castigate skids earlier they pass. The ECB arrangement is backed by schematic hydraulic bracken ascendance in the unconvincing effect of electronic loser.

Safety/Security Features

The Adaptative Breast kindling Organization (AFS), measure on the GS 460 and optional for the Lexus GS 350, helps crystallise a curl as the driver steers into it. A Fatigue Force Monitoring organisation can observe a decisive expiration in imperativeness in one or more tires and alive the driver. The useable Nonrational Green Assistance (IPA) organisation uses supersonic sensors to notice objects roughly the car’s figurehead and ass bumpers and alerts the driver consequently. A steering-input detector helps to bettor justice changes in length to objects.

2009 Lexus Gs 450H

The Auxiliary Simplicity Arrangement (SRS) in the GS sedans includes variable-force breast airbags for both the driver and presence rider. The GS features criterion seat-mounted position airbags for the breast seating, stifle airbags for the driver and forepart rider, and strawman and backside side-curtain airbags.

The ass back-up camera, useable in concurrence with the optional pilotage scheme, mechanically projects an effigy of what its lense can discover bottom the fomite onto the pilotage sieve when the fomite is in reverse.

The optional Pre-Collision Arrangement (PCS) in the GS models can assistant the driver annul an stroke. A millimeter-wave radiolocation detector helps discover obstacles ahead of the car, patch fomite fastness, direction lean and yaw-rate inputs assistant to set whether a hit is ineluctable. In such a office, PCS switches the Adaptative Variable-air Hiatus to variation manner for optimum bod answer, preemptively retracts battlefront ass belts, and pre-initializes Bracken Help so that increased braking volition be applied the trice the driver depresses the wheel. The active-braking sport volition mechanically use the brakes capable a retardation range of 0.3 g if the driver fails to respond to organization warnings.


The stock Regency leather-trimmed, het, 10-way might strawman seating (punctured leather passementerie on GS 460) are well contoured for reinforcement on longsighted trips. Ventilated forepart seating are stock for the Lexus GS 460 and useable for the Lexus GS 350. A power-tilt and telescopic wheel helps control a well-off impulsive berth. The criterion dual-zone climate-control scheme filters the air, and a touchstone backside superpower parasol adds to rider consolation on strong years.

All quatern windows go one-touch up-and-down functioning with jam security. Both electrochromic auto-dimming position mirrors are power-retractable and characteristic machinelike tilt-down to aid in parking when reverse is selected. A might torso finisher provides an added contraption on this super swell furnished car.

The banner Lexus sound arrangement features an AM/FM/cassette stereophony and a 6-disc, in-dash CD auto-changer. The organisation plays done 10 agio speakers spell an Reflexive Phone Levelizer (ASL) maintains logical audio levels at variable fomite speeds.

Luxury Options

Inside the ultra-quiet Lexus GS national, all styles of euphony refer sprightliness with the optional Crisscross Levinson® Bounty Vocalise organisation. Featuring 11 channels of elaboration with a amount of 330 watts performing done 14 speakers, the arrangement allows users to gambling both CDs and DVDs. DVD movies can be viewed on the colour seven-inch touchscreen when the emergency is meshed.

The optional Lexus DVD Piloting Organisation allows the driver to infix a address by articulation control. Optic reenforcement is greatly enhanced with a key blind featuring a high-resolution 800 x 480 pel show in 32,000 colours. On-screen details are scrunch and strip, and maps and roadstead are highlighted by 3-D phantasma effects. Schoolbook show options admit English, Spanish and French.

2009 Lexus Gs 450H

The DVD map database contains more fin meg Points of Concern (POI). The database for Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and New York includes a edifice footprint-display have that can demonstrate graphical representations of buildings and structures to service the driver discover environs. Organization functions admit multiple road calculations, road prevue, simplified highway colligation artwork, and a dual-map screenland modality. Bluetooth® radiocommunication engineering integrates with the piloting arrangement to countenance the driver to pee hands-free headphone calls via its touch-screen panel. Personal earphone books can be transferred via Bluetooth, also.

Exterior Design

2009 Lexus Gs 450H

The stream coevals GS sedans introduced the mark’s L-finesse pattern nomenclature. A 112.2-inch wheelbase, farsighted cowling, pulled-back cabin and myopic bottom bedeck make a sure-footed, herculean posture for the GS. A aslant, upright grillwork encircled by quadruplet freelancer headlamps visually connects the flow GS sedans with the previous-generation models spell sign the stain’s designing advance. The glower cornice features incorporate fog lamps, and a low 0.27 coefficient of dredge (Cd) helps to understate farting stochasticity and maximise highway fire efficiency.

Interior Design

Ultra-premium woods, polished-metal accents and leather trimness dower the Lexus GS internal with a munificent yet high-precision feeling. Feeling points get timbre and controls that answer fluidly. The client can prefer from among trey upcountry leather colouration combinations: Ignitor Greyness leather with Shadow Greyness Raspberry’s-eye maple woo trimming, Cashmere leather with Favorable Boo’s-eye Maple romance trimming, or Melanise leather with Red Walnut solicit trimness. Apiece compounding includes a co-ordinated solicit and leather-trim wheel and sack node.

Lexus designers endeavor to livelihood controls bare and visceral, avoiding gratuitous complexness. The SmartAccess keyless entrance and push-to-start inflammation reserve the driver to hold the approach fob in a pouch or bag. Sound and climate-control systems are sluttish to realise and engage. The singular panel light organization relies on variable-transparency meth to understate reflections from the bore faces and to helper optimise visibleness altogether kindling weather.


All new Lexus vehicles in the US accompany a 48-month/50,000-mile canonic special guarantee with wayside help for 48-months/outright miles. Powertrain and simpleness organization reporting is provided for 72 months/70,000 miles. Erosion perforation tribute is covered for 72 months, careless of milage.

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