2009 Kia Magentis

Kia Magentis

With upgraded state-of-the-art diesel mightiness, European-standard tantalise and manipulation, modernistic and dynamical styling, top-level safe and low costs of possession, the Kia Magentis has all that it takes to fulfill the expectations of individual and pass motorists.

It is a D-segment taproom that competes with the Ford Mondeo, Opel Insignia and Volkswagen Passat. Eventide with the gravity of buyers to press SUVs, MPVs and supposed premium-badge cars, this sphere silence accounts for overrun a stern of a billion sales in the UK yearly.

The 2009 Magentis is a exploitation of the cagy program created to be divided with Kia Carens, the accompany’s ingenious squeeze MPV. Carens offers buyers the option of fin or heptad seating without the demand for two cars of unlike distance, the route rivals get been strained fine-tune. The program allowed Kia designers to devote Kia Magentis a dynamical posture that does justness to the way it drives, addition precisely the proportions they precious – not alone for panache but too for condom and sleek execution. Thither is, course, plentiful board for fivesome passengers and their baggage.

The fundament of the 2009 Kia Magentis is a modernistic, active, European-influenced four-door barroom that successfully harmonises the elan of the new innovation expression of Kia which has been highly-developed by Kia’s Headman Figure Officeholder, Dick Schreyer.

2009 Kia Magentis

The revised Kia Magentis has been apt the ‘Schreyer’ styling discussion all rung, well-nigh notably the new ‘tiger pry’ lattice at the battlefront, with a longsighted wholesale, sheer battlefront cowl adjoin which caps the grillwork and headlights. The car is 65 mm yearner than the forthcoming modeling, which gives a sleeker show.

Infinite, civilisation, quilt and luxuriousness are the hallmarks of biography aboard the Kia Magentis and these birth been enhanced for the 2009 modeling. Kia recognises that many citizenry who buy or cause D-segment cars expend foresighted hours on the route, and though they wait a reactive and involving car to driving, they besides esteem ataraxis, tranquillity and comforter. The new Magentis delivers more of this, thanks to a altogether revised abeyance box and improved NVH characteristics.

It features seating and cut specifically highly-developed for European tastes and impulsive styles. The seating suffer heavy face bolsters that cater more sidelong documentation than those fitted in over-the-counter markets – a grant to UK drivers’ broadly higher cornering speeds and the area’s more twisting roadstead. They too bear a yearner buffer to supply greater under-thigh supporting.

Quad is a necessary, not a sumptuosity in D-segment cars. In the Kia Magentis, it is generous all rung, load-bearing Kia’s claims that this is a true five-person car. This has been achieved without resorting to the jumbo lengths of around competitors, but done healthy promotion solutions.

The Kia Magentis’s refuge credential are underscored by a farseeing inclination of received features, including counterpart figurehead, position and pall airbags, fighting headrests on both movement seating to forestall whiplash in nose-to-tail crashes, and Anti-lock Braking Arrangement (ABS), allowing the car to be steered and braked simultaneously without leaving out of mastery. Electronic Brakeforce Dispersion (EBD) ensures the fillet exponent mechanically goes to the wheels with nigh clutch. And Electronic constancy Ascendance (ESC) and Grip Ascendence (TC) are fitted as touchstone.

In edict to simplify the grasp, thither is sole one adaptation of the 2009 Magentis on sale in the UK, based on one gamy spec shave layer, one effective CRDi locomotive and a alternative of two transmissions. The all-independent abeyance has been revised delivering a more active have and with improved comfortableness, and confederate to the modish electronic driver aids to minimize the peril of accidents. The revised Kia Magentis is compensate at habitation with its European competitors.

That is emphatic by Kia’s decisiveness to fit the upgraded, bodoni and effective 147bhp 2.0-litre turbodiesel locomotive, as seen in the latterly facelifted and European reinforced Sportage. With sales to concern ‘user-choosers’ so authoritative in the D-segment and diesels by far the favourite prize because they slim the come of benefit-in-kind tax nonrecreational by owners, the Kia Magentis CRDi is proving to be enormously democratic for its low run costs, subtlety and operation. It is able of upto 47.1 mpg (40.9 mpg for the robotic) when touring.

The 2009 Kia Magentis is now lonesome uncommitted with the 2.0-litre CRDi superpower and a prize of six-speed manual and four-speed robotic transmissions. Diesel sales clench the bulk for the Magentis so the 2.0-litre and 2.7-litre gasolene derivatives suffer been dropped from the orbit.

With regards to passementerie levels, thither is solitary now one, highly-specified manakin – the TR trimming replaces the extroverted GS and LS specifications. The outdo attributes and equipment of old Magentis models sustain been fuddled into one, new and easily prescribed TR trimness storey which is furnished to a far higher stratum than many competitors. Sail ascendance with wheel mounted controls, wax clime ascendance with a cabin air percolate, figurehead and backside galvanizing windows with auto-down office for the driver, electrically-adjustable het threshold mirrors, varying intermittent wipers and automatonlike headlamps add to the comfortableness of, and minimse focus on, the soul ass the roll.

It looks as good as it drives

The groundwork of the 2009 Kia Magentis is a forward-looking, active, European-influenced four-door bar that successfully harmonises the elan of the new excogitation look of Kia which has been highly-developed by Kia’s Honcho Excogitation Policeman, Pecker Schreyer.

2009 Kia Magentis

The styling has been disposed the ‘Schreyer’ handling all troll, nearly notably the new ‘tiger pry’ wicket at the figurehead, with a yearn wholesale, boldface strawman hood butt which caps the grill and headlights. This is a excogitation cue which has been seen on the external Kia Strength (Cerato) which has commenced sales in around markets in other 2009, and bequeath be manifest in the new Sorento, which was unveiled at the 2009 Seoul Centrifugal Prove.

Kia Magentis is a D-segment car that competes with the Crossing Mondeo, Vauxhall Insignia and Volkswagen Passat. Fifty-fifty with the gravity of buyers to concordat SUVs, MPVs and supposed premium-badge cars, this sphere hush accounts for overflow a one-quarter of a jillion sales in the UK annually.

2009 Kia Magentis

The Magentis has unobjectionable, toast lines justify of unneeded ornament and the new enhancements devote it a more agio feeling and smell. Active from any fish, emphasized by the twisty presence, the clean yet static behind links to the the substantial visibility with its wholesale C-pillar. The car is 65 mm yearner than the forthcoming modelling, which gives a sleeker appearing.

When design the Magentis, Kia made a wholly strip beginning that convoluted an all-new chopine to be divided with the Carens, the companionship’s cagey squeeze MPV – the 2009 Kia Magentis builds thereon parcel. The chopine allowed Kia designers to commit Magentis a dynamical position that does judge to the way it drives, summation just the proportions they treasured – not lone for panache but besides for guard and flowing functioning. Thither is, course, copious way for cinque passengers and their baggage.

The airflow complete, some and underneath the car is assisted by measured plastic of the nuzzle, doorway mirrors, A-pillars and speed threshold frames, positive the improved nasty gore fit which are a answer of increased investiture in the Hwasung embed where Kia Magentis is reinforced. With a lip on the figurehead bumper, a total blanket below the locomotive bay and airflow deflectors onward of the fire cooler, the cart coefficient is fair 0.32.

The ethos that Putz Schreyer has brought to Kia is crystalise inside the 2009 Kia Magentis. The strawman is henpecked by the sheer, all-embracing tiger nuzzle grill, flanked by astute nigh belligerent headlamps and underlined by a abstruse movement bumper. The restyled, shine and more advanced taillight clusters emphasise a more agio seek the Kia Magentis spell a restyled bumper gives a self-colored show. The car sits on new styled 17-inch debase wheels as received.

The new styling is in guardianship with the aim of Kia Motors Potbelly – to play Kia to the vanguard of fomite designing by devising it a sword renowned permanently tone products that crack evaluate and bushed a excogitation led packet.

Spacious, safe and well-equipped

Place, subtlety, comforter and luxuriousness are the hallmarks of liveliness aboard the Kia Magentis. Kia recognises that many of the multitude who buy or effort D-segment cars expend yearn hours on the route, and though they look a antiphonal and involving car to cause, they too evaluate repose, repose and consolation. The Kia Magentis delivers all turn.

It features seating and passementerie specifically highly-developed for European tastes and impulsive styles. The seating let heavy position bolsters that cater more sidelong reinforcement than those fitted in early markets – a yielding to UK drivers’ loosely higher cornering speeds and the commonwealth’s more voluminous roadstead. They besides bear a thirster shock to supply greater under-thigh accompaniment.

2009 Kia Magentis

Blank is a essential, not a opulence in D-segment cars. In the Magentis, it is generous all beat, encouraging Kia’s claims that this is a unfeigned five-person car. This has been achieved without resorting to the giant lengths of roughly competitors. It has happen done thinking promotion solutions that birth too allowed Kia to produce five- and seven-seat press MPVs (the Carens) from the like chopine.

In Kia Magentis, all five-spot occupants bask a heights hip gunpoint, handsome a dominating horizon of the route. Ass passengers sit 25mm higher than those ahead to see they too savor a purview done the windshield. Baggage capacitance is an telling 425 litres (500 litres with the seating refine), and thither are 60:40 snag bum seating with fold-down backrests to permission extra-long oodles to be carried.

The Kia Magentis’s prophylactic certification are underscored by a foresighted inclination of criterion features, including duplicate breast, face and drapery airbags and alive headrests on both forepart seating to forbid whiplash in nose-to-tail crashes. All models occur furnished with Electronic Constancy Controller (ESC), Anti-lock Braking Organisation (ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Dispersion (EBD), Bracken Assistance (BAS) and Grip Restraint (TC) cater the ultimate in accident-avoidance electronic driver accompaniment.

Anti-lock Braking Organisation (ABS) allows drivers to assert steerage reception and guiding command fifty-fifty when braking intemperately, minimising the endangerment of an fortuity. Electronic Brakeforce Dispersion (EBD) adjusts the effect applied to mortal brakes as a encourage aid to guiding stableness.

Bracken Attend (BAS) recognises when a driver is applying exigency braking and ensures uttermost lag to slenderize fillet distances. Electronic Constancy Ascendance (ESC) prevents skids by comparison the car’s grade with that intended by the driver and applying the brakes to someone wheels, retardation the locomotive – or both – to livelihood it below ascendance.

Should an fortuity be ineluctable, occupants are saved by a outstandingly clay and potent bodyshell and six airbags – duplicate movement, incline and curtains. The Magentis’s english airbags are spare cryptic, protecting both the chest and hip of front-seat occupants. The rider face presence airbag has an toggle so that a rear-facing nipper backside can be carried.

2009 Kia Magentis

The home figure squad made straining efforts to guarantee the caliber of the fittings is on a par with the trump from Europe. Tightfitting cut, soft-touch surfaces, logically laid-out controls and switches and a fresh all-black inside with aluminum trimming to spring the new Kia Magentis an upmarket feeling and look. A new and wise sounding three-barrel tool binnacle is fitted to Kia Magentis first.

Engines, gearboxes, suspension, steering and brakes

One locomotive, two transmissions, all revised all-independent abeyance and guidance delivering more active treatment and a well-heeled tantalise and the up-to-the-minute electronic driver aids to understate the adventure of accidents pee-pee the Magentis compensate at abode with its European competitors.

That is especially emphatic by Kia’s new, innovative and effective 147 bhp 2.0-litre turbodiesel locomotive. With sales to occupation ‘user-choosers’ so authoritative in the D-segment and diesels by far the pet prize because they thin the number of benefit-in-kind tax gainful by owners, the Kia Magentis CRDi is proving to be enormously democratic for its low functional costs, civilisation and operation.

It is usable with either a six-speed manual or a four-speed automatonlike gearbox, which offers the alternative of fully-automated shifts or consecutive manual controller.

Encompassing weight-saving measures, with 60 per penny of the trunk (slant) formed from warm but relatively spark high-tensile sword, aid operation, saving and emissions. Weight-saving has been enhanced by the contract and whippersnapper strawman and back respite systems, which birth the extra gain of up the new Magentis’ active deportment.


The new 2.0-litre turbodiesel is a proved measure, having been fitted to the lately facelifted and European reinforced Sportage. The whole has been praised for its drive characteristics, thanks to the engagement of Varying Geometry Turbo (VGT) get-go seen in the European intentional, highly-developed and engineered Kia cee’d CRDi engines. Sander, more svelte, torquey and strip, the new locomotive brings the not-insignificant extra profit of sullen monthly society car tax bills for patronage users.

The CRDi locomotive is a 1 smash camshaft, 1991cc, 16-valve four-cylinder whole featuring second-generation common-rail hard-hitting fire injectant and electrically-actuated varying turbine geometry to assure alert answer end-to-end the rev striation with scavenge emissions. A diesel particulate percolate is fitted to ambush the huge bulk of the bit specks of crock contained inside the discharge gases.

The locomotive develops 147bhp at 4000rpm and 225lb/ft of torsion clear from 1800 to 2500rpm. Impulsive done the stock six-speed manual gearbox, it powers the new Kia Magentis from 0-62mph in 10.4 seconds and on to a utmost hurrying of 125mph. Combined fire phthisis is 47.1mpg, with CO2 emissions of 158g/km. This locomotive provides the Kia Magentis with an improved exponent, reply, drivability and rock-bottom emissions.

In damage of cash savings, the CO2 reductions are adequate to drop-off the Kia Magentis pile a family for VED for the reflex transmittance. The manual reduces from 162 to 158 g/km whilst the robotlike changes from 191 to 185 g/km, both representing existent savings for car owners.

The robotlike gearbox is an ‘levelheaded’ whole with a consecrated contagion ECU to varan a diversity of parameters to undertake quiet shifts as it adapts to someone drive styles. It besides features Kia’s Mutant Fashion organisation that allows the driver to example consecutive manual shifty in situation of fully-automatic functioning. Highschool top train ratios guarantee decreased fire usance and quieter cruising at highschool speeds.

Running gear

The Kia Magentis shares a program that is likewise exploited by Kia’s constrict five- or seven-seat MPV, the Carens. It features fully-independent breast and ass abeyance systems intentional to capitalise of the cockeyed consistency, foresightful wheelbase and all-embracing running. The 2009 Magentis has been promote highly-developed to bear a more European-style of guidance answer, kinetics, route property, drive consolation and braking.

To service with these aims the 2009 Kia Magentis has seen its bound rigorousness increased by 20 per penny at the presence and fin per centime at the ass. The bottom anti-roll bar has been callous by 3 mm to aid thin understeer with a panorama to achieving a more indifferent impulsive demeanour. The revised framework has seen improvements to eubstance ascendence with retuned muffler valves and new hiatus top-mounts at apiece nook.

At the battlefront, Kia has adoptive the MacPherson prance layout favoured by the bulk of D-segment contenders. Mounted on the like subframe that supports the powertrain, it provides optimal constancy and tantalise comfortableness with commodity direction reply.

Kia employs a covenant cross subframe to backup a bottom multi-link arrangement with similitude speed weaponry and farseeing frown tracking munition, positive furcate curl springs and dampers. The scheme is so tightly engineered (a pregnant share of the components are mounted inside, or really roughly, the inside spa of the 46mm stolon route wheels) that it has been called in-wheel multi-link. Pickings reward of the Magentis’s strict construction, it minimises eubstance roller, reduces tyre-generated route interference and ensures paltry invasion into the rider or baggage compartments.

The hydraulically-operated wrack and quill direction organization has been retuned end-to-end the organisation to offering improve route feedback with 2.8 turns from lock-to-lock for a nasty turn roach of 10.8 metres. It allows warm reply and improved feedback on commonwealth roadstead without existence over-sensitive for throughway drive. Every Kia Magentis comes with 17-inch alloys with Goodyear 215/50 VR rated tyres.


The levels of haphazardness, vibe and rigor (NVH) in the Magentis’s cabin are peculiarly low, thanks to a studied program of measures.

These admit sound-proofing froth in dig sections of the bodyshell; the use of battlefront and ass subframes for climb the respite; a midst under-bonnet sound-absorbing pad; detachment pads on the cabin flooring, in the doorway cavities and on the bulkhead betwixt the locomotive bay and rider cadre; triple-layer arctic seals and upwind strips some the doors and windows; and aerodynamically processed doorway mirror shrouds and mountings.

The revised Kia Magentis benefits from duplicate NVH insularism at the figurehead and arse, thanks to the new reprieve top mounts.

2009 Kia Magentis

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