2009 Hyundai I20 Blue

Hyundai i20 Blue

Next the debut earliest this yr of the kickoff of its i-blue orbit of sophisticated eco-dynamic vehicles, Hyundai Drive Europe has revealed the modish summation to the phratry: the Hyundai i20 blueing.

Based on the all-new Hyundai i20 B-segment car, premiered at the 2008 Mondial de l’Auto in Paris, this ‘blueing’ version incorporates a turn of real-world modifications to encourage heighten the touchstone car’s already-impressive environmental credential. These improvements are achieved without flexible execution, dependability or driver gratification, qualification the Hyundai i20 bluing a naturalistic solvent for motorists.

The ‘dark’ parcel involves revisions to the Hyundai i20’s train efficiency, aeromechanics and flesh, to return a meaning simplification in CO2 emissions and fire expenditure, emplacement the Hyundai i20 dingy aboard the stellar performers in the section.

2009 Hyundai I20 Blue

Spell the veritable Hyundai i20 achieves notably low figures for CO2 emissions and fire uptake – 115g/km and 4,3 liter/100km severally – the Hyundai i20 blueness delivers fifty-fifty more telling results: hardly 99 g/km and 3,75 litres/100km. In early dustup, the Hyundai i20 bluing offers a step-down of 15 per centime in CO2 emissions and an betterment of 15 per penny in fire efficiency, compared to the already-competitive i20.

Power train and performance

The Hyundai i20 bluing runs the passing effective 1.4 CRDi diesel, which produces 90PS and generates 220 Nm of torsion. The train is paired to a six-speed manual gearbox – rather of the car’s common five-speed whole – in which the ratios suffer been limited in 3rd, 4th and 5th appurtenance. Operation is real tidy in the Hyundai i20 dingy, with a top fastness of 176 km/h and a 0-100km/h clip of round 13 seconds.

2009 Hyundai i20 Blue

Locomotive efficiency has been improved by minimizing driveline rubbing and by utilizing high-performance, low-friction locomotive oil. Too optimized for low emissions and high-pitched efficiency is the locomotive’s electronic package, which manages timing, shot press and dead velocity.

Possibly the almost detectable modify from the driver’s position is the diligence of a Hyundai-specific ISG Start-Stop scheme. A Bosch ware, customized for the Hyundai i20 amytal, this initiation cuts the locomotive when the car is stationary and the gearbox is disengaged, and restarts the locomotive when the clutch is blue. This action is peculiarly good at minimizing emissions in slow-moving, urban dealings.


2009 Hyundai I20 Blue

Advances in sleek puff simplification conduce to the fomite’s outstandingly low emissions and fire use statistics. Undercoat headroom has been rock-bottom by 15 millimeters compared to the habitue i20, patch uncut nether flooring covers heighten the car’s flowing efficiency.


Outwardly, the Hyundai i20 blueing nearly resembles the ‘touchstone’ i20. Bespoken badging on the back indicates that the car belongs to the ‘i-blue’ plica, and those with a lancinate eye testament card the lotion of the Michelin Get-up-and-go low pealing underground tires and the insidious changes made to the invention of the grill and bodywork.

Hans Ullrich Göbel, Handler Ware Provision at Hyundai Centrifugal Europe Proficient Heart, aforementioned:

“By draught on presently uncommitted Hyundai technologies and invention techniques, we are capable to return to the commercialize an uncompromised line-up of optimized, low-emissions vehicles, of which the Hyundai i20 blueing is the modish representative. Its ultra-competitive environmental certificate show our dedication to conceiving eco-friendly models which can be mass-produced tod, piece we too center underdeveloped solutions for the sensitive and longsighted condition.

“Hyundai takes selfsame badly its environmental and mixer responsibilities, and is qualification efforts on many fronts to slenderize emissions of glasshouse gases, cut usance and wasteland, and save resources. We agnize the grandness of anticipating and responding to ever-increasing client and legislative postulate, and we contrive for modify in our world-wide operations likewise as in our fomite line-up.”

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