2009 Ford F 150 Platinum

Ford F-150 Platinum

The imagination for Crossing’s motortruck squad was open: Redesign America’s favourite motortruck indoors and bent commit customers nonpareil potentiality, unprecedented quality and a server of impertinent, game-changing features.

2009 Ford F 150 Platinum

The solvent is the new 2009 Crossing F-150, the new benchmark in the life-sized getaway section from the industriousness’s motortruck leader – which has reinforced more 33 jillion F-Series pickups since 1948.

The Crossing motortruck squad adoptive a holistic, 360-degree coming to revamping the new 2009 F-150 – from its segment-first features to the ruffian new outside highlighted by a spectacular three-bar lattice and more roomy, pliant and svelte upcountry, to the unique alternative of cab styles and trimming levels – including a new Pt serial that redefines motortruck sumptuousness.

The improvements are equitable as striking below the canvass metallic. A new high-strength, lighter-weight form is the moxie that allows this yob motortruck to return more hp, meliorate fire saving and refuge, and extra towing and consignment capability.

“The Crossing F-150 is an American picture,” aforesaid Cross Fields, Fording’s chairwoman of The Americas. “Crossing is the motortruck leader, and F-150 customers carry and involve the outdo motortruck on the mart.

2009 Ford F 150 Platinum

“Our squad not alone met those expectations, they exceeded them with the new 2009 F-150,” Fields added. “With Crossing’s product-led transmutation fully jive, the new F-150 could not birth occur at a ameliorate metre – for Fording and for our customers.”

Altogether, more 1,000 Crossing engineers, designers, researchers and others worked unitedly to recrudesce the new 2009 F-150. The squad drew brainchild by hearing to Fording’s great client fundament.

2009 Ford F-150 Platinum

“Earlier we started running on the new motortruck, we continued the conversation with masses who use these trucks every day for study and gambol,” aforementioned Mat O’Leary, chieftain mastermind of the 2009 F-150. “We went to their ranches, their job sites and their homes, qualification certainly we crafted features that would ameliorate their possession experiences and, genuinely, their lives.”

The results bequeath be open to customers when the new 2009 F-150 rolls off gathering lines at Fording’s Dearborn (Mich.) Motortruck Set and Kansas Metropolis Fabrication Flora in Claycomo, Mo. – and as the new F-150 goes on sale in trader showrooms this spill.

Most Capable

Crossing F-150 customers rigging bully jobs when they exercise and caper, and they demand a lifesize motortruck that rises to the gainsay. The flow F-150 is already the about able motortruck on the commercialize, but Crossing’s motortruck squad swarm capacity to new levels with the 2009 exemplar.

The advance starts with the 2009 F-150’s amply boxed-in skeleton constructed with hydro-formed and gamy effectiveness sword incline track. The whippersnapper chassis delivers 10 percentage more torsional rigidness, which delivers increased strength and condom. The hardy frame too paved the way for the new 2009 F-150 to amend upon the flow modelling’s class-leading towing and truckage potentiality crosswise all cab configurations.

“The new, improved frame helps pitch extra shipment and towing content likewise as improved fire thriftiness, which we experience is top of brain for customers,” O’Leary aforesaid.

Thanks to the potency of the chassis and comp bundle of banner guard equipment, including side-curtain air bags, the new F-150 is engineered to make top guard ratings from the Subject Highway Transport Condom Judicature and the Policy Bring for Highway Refuge.

2009 Ford F 150 Platinum

Complementing the mod skeleton is a hi-tech cortege of features that ensures the F-150 is footsure and prophylactic altogether impulsive and freight weather. The new F-150 offers segment-first received AdvanceTrac® with RSC® (Peal Stableness Controller) and Poke Persuade Ascendance summation usable Rearview Camera Serve besides as Unified Dawdler Bracken Restrainer a segment-first on light-duty pickups.

The midland of the new 2009 F-150 SuperCrew offers more available quad for moving more mass and geartrain thanks to a 6-inch stint that improves bum buns legroom and loading capability. A automatically articulate second-row backside flips up and out of the way. Combined with a genuinely matt payload flooring, the lineament gives the new SuperCrew family prima 57.6 three-dimensional feet of blank bum the presence seating and can conciliate items capable 47.9 inches improbable, such as flat-screen TV that inevitably to be hauled from the electronics storehouse to plate.

Most Choice

Crossing’s F-Series may be America’s best-selling fomite, but one-size-fits-all does not enforce to nowadays’s motortruck purchaser. From the Texas rancher to the universal declarer in Florida, F-150 customers deliver unlike necessarily and tastes.

In reaction, Crossing’s motortruck squad intentional a motortruck that offers more quality than any lifesize motortruck on the commercialize. With iii cab styles, four-spot box options and septenary singular cut levels, the F-150 comes in 35 dissimilar configurations to encounter the widest grasp of client necessarily and wants – all delivered with caliber.

Customers can prefer from the no-fuss XL workhorse, to the sporting STX and off-road open FX4, to the mid-range XLT. For those looking yobbo lavishness, Crossing offers the high-end Lasso and Magnate Spread F-150 models.

New for the 2009 F-150 is the Pt serial, the nearly deluxe F-150 always and the result to a recurrent inquiry: Good how high-end do motortruck customers deficiency to go?

The contact F-150 Pt features a satin chromium-plate grillwork with amercement network inserts, 10-way skipper’s chairs upholstered with top-grade leather, tux sewing and embroidered logos on the seatbacks. Satin semblance Lacrosse Ash woodgrain accents and actual napped al panels devote the bolt, mall solace and doors an upscale looking and tone. Measure 20-inch, 16-spoke urbane al wheels devote the motortruck a dominating bearing on the route.

With more customers concerned in personalizing their trucks, Crossing is oblation the largest option of wheels in the section with 13 offerings crosswise the F-150 card.

Below the cowling, the new F-150 bequeath be powered by deuce-ace modernistic V-8 engines, paired to either a 4-speed or a new fuel-efficient 6-speed reflexive infection. The engines admit:

  • 5.4-liter, 3-valve Newt V-8, which has been optimized for wagerer operation with improved h.p. and torsion, and is subject of functional on E85 (85 percentage ethanol and 15 percentage gasolene), veritable leadless gas or any go ‘tween.
  • 4.6-liter, 3-valve V-8, which is new for F-150. Both the 5.4-liter and 4.6-liter 3-valve V-8’s use spread valve shot. This unequalled lineament improves the stream of fire into the burning bedroom, which results in an gain in h.p. during towing and rock-bottom emissions.
  • 4.6-liter, 2-valve V-8, a 3rd V-8 quality in the line-up that delivers more hp with the like fire saving execution as the extroverted motortruck’s V-6.
  • This all-V-8 locomotive card delivers a fleet-average 1 mpg melioration in fire saving versus the forthcoming F-150.

    Diesel and EcoBoost gas turbo engineer shot engines are plotted for F-150 in 2010 likewise.

    Most ‘Smart’ Features

    Fording’s researchers fatigued thousands of hours hearing to motortruck buyers to addition intake for a innkeeper of fresh new features for the new 2009 Fording F-150.

    It starts with the canny inner, which features a flow-through solace that has been prolonged by around 2 inches and is expectant decent to stow two or more laptop computers. Particular ridges are shaped into the edges of the bin to lodge charge folders. The cabinet too has a multi-tiered, obliterable tray and locks to protect valuables.

    2009 Ford F 150 Platinum

    More 30 reposition areas are reinforced into the internal, ranging from a bin on the top of the panel to a figure of minor spaces intentional to suit tools similar cubicle phones, MP3 players, PDAs and gat admittance cards.

    A redesigned, more ergonomic sceneshifter clay on the comfort. New, bigger buttons and switches are ergonomically intentional and inside soft compass and horizon of the driver. A USB larboard and adjunct MP3 instrumentalist stimulation are handily mounted on the sprint. Two 12-volt outlets are set on the hyrax and gist soothe.

    Fifty-fifty the cartridge box on the new F-150 breaks the molding with ingenious and open features the contention cannot couple. The class-leading shipment capacitance of 65.5 three-dimensional feet is sole the first of the report.

    The F-150’s cartridge box is made easier to use, more flexile and approachable with such new features as Crossing’s industry-exclusive Tailboard and Box Position Stairs, Stowable Bed Extender and Load Direction Organisation.

    2009 Ford F 150 Platinum

    “These features are telling on their own. For the client who uses their cartridge box phoebe, six or seven-spot multiplication a day, these innovations unitedly pee-pee a vast divergence,” O’Leary aforesaid.

    That like kinda logic swarm the squad to admit otc apt features on the motortruck, including Fording’s Gentle Fire&swop; Capless Fuel-Filler Organisation. When refueling is realized and the schnoz is remote, the organization mechanically seals close, reduction emissions.

    The new 2009 Ford-150 too volition earmark motortruck customers to be attached to the man ilk ne’er earlier. Crossing has been running with Microsoft, Sony and SIRIUS to crack customers stellar technologies to assistant them remain machine-accessible with their lives piece on the route including:

  • Industry-exclusive Fording Synchronize&swap;, a voice-activated, hands-free, in-vehicle communications and amusement arrangement offers eventide more functionality for the 2009 modelling yr, with 9-11 Attend and Fomite Wellness Story.
  • SIRIUS Jaunt Connection&patronage; that when combined with part excited seafaring leave offer users with a retinue of information services including real-time dealings, coast-to-coast endure weather and fire toll info for terminated 120,000 gas stations.
  • Voice-activated piloting that integrates various functions, including part acknowledgment address introduction, clime mastery and SIRIUS planet radiocommunication into one easy-to-use arrangement, displaying them on an 8-inch touchscreen presentation.
  • Sony sound organisation that features 700 watts of ability, 5.1 environs vocalize and 10 Sony speakers and amps and is certifiable by Sony to pitch a unequaled, fertile hearing receive.
  • “We experience how crucial the F-150 is to our customers,” aforesaid O’Leary. “With the new 2009 F-150, we are delivering a high-grade motortruck card that is second-to-none in capacity, features and a orbit of choices that volition uphold to pee Fording America’s deary motortruck.”

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