2009 Fiat Fiorino Qubo

Fiat Fiorino Qubo

Edict Fiorino Qubo is the describe of the new fomite organism sold by the Rescript sales meshwork. An archetype describe that plays on the mind of “dice”, which may not constantly be gratis altogether contexts, but besides clear evokes the firm points of this modeling: dependableness and sturdiness, besides as unequaled and various functions. Not to note the originality of ever-changing the C of block to Q to differentiate us that this fomite is no average block, but instead a block with a twirl.

The Edict Fiorino Qubo is targeted at a guest who is a non-conformist orientated towards gist instead than establish, a stiff personality who is emanates sureness of his or her own intelligent choices.

Rescript Fiorino Qubo goes easily bey the construct of the MPV to guess as a innovator into the construct of a “absolve spacecraft, open of substantial a form of necessarily for mobility. In fact, it is a extremely running fomite with two sliding bum incline doors, compromising interiors able of oblation capable xvi unlike solutions. If so coveted, it is too useable with a figurehead rider bottom that can be folded into a mesa then boot with boot stratum, qualification it potential to shipment objects mensuration almost 2.5 metres (a unfeigned immortalize for a fomite that step sole 3.9 metres).

So this is the fomite that lets you do anything you wish, fair as one would wait from a multipurpose fomite, because it is as gentle to cover as a metropolis car and as broad and well-heeled as a MPV. But when compared to an MPV, the toll is meliorate for the like versatility and more concordat dimensions (3959 mm longsighted and 1684 mm full, this boasts the outflank maximal capability kick among all the vehicles in its family).

2009 Fiat Fiorino Qubo

Furthermore, Rescript Fiorino Qubo fits in anyplace (urban and suburban), ensuring luminary fire savings -thanks to the 1.3 Multijet 75 hp locomotive, besides useable with the robotized “Two-fold Logic” six-speed transmittal – which all translates into Hundred km of liberty and decreased operational costs (30,000 km for the outset overhaul bridle).

Altogether, this fomite is too astir as commons as can be, reduction CO2 emissions to 119 g/km with the 1.3 Multijet locomotive and offer an optional particulate filtrate.

But that’s not all; Rescript Fiorino Qubo manages to offering all this and at a extremely private-enterprise terms, in holding with over-the-counter section B vehicles, spell including an unified Blueing&Me communications scheme (manpower release, song and wheel commands, on-board schoolbook messaging, and a USB embrasure).

Sales began in France in June 2008 and leave keep concluded the summertime months in Austria and Hungary. Italy, Poland, Switzerland, and Spain were adjacent, patch an October reaching is slated for Germany, Holland, Ireland, and November for Belgium and Greece (For 2009, Expectant Britain and Denmark should close the bicycle).

Distinctive exterior styling and new-concept interiors

Requirement and noetic, the outside styling of the Decree Fiorino Qubo likewise sets itself aside for the particular slope and ass torso treatments that ticker up its mesomorphic personality. In the like way, not eve the boldface and tough good-looks of the forepart can compromise the boilersuit belief of a “improper yet likable” fomite, upright as its whole appearing and “iv wheels on the land” posture are counterpoised by the mobile and cleanse lines that goop pizzazz.

These artistic peculiarities are in safekeeping with the squeeze outside dimensions – 3.96 metres farseeing, 1.72 metres magniloquent, and 1.68 metres full – which when joined with a guidance diam of less than 10 metres, allows the new Edict Fiorino Qubo to negociate contract downtown streets or the metropolitan dealings slaloms, decent a new clever substitute to the metropolis car and compress MPVs likewise.

In more item, the inflexible battlefront bumper matches the consistence coloration, protectively kissing the more soft zones – headlights, hood, and radiator – particularly against low-speed elf. The like signified of surety is provided by the consistency english moulding that allows the driver to play in summate authority, eve in besotted floater, and by the duplicate annex rear-view mirrors that guaranty splendid visibleness by reduction subterfuge floater to a minimal. Plenitude of spyglass on the doors and the rich windshield (the forepart pillars suffer besides been minimized) encourage growth what is already sinful profile. Eventide the face crank creates an pilot ocular essence that, combined with the lines careworn in proportionateness to the mudguards, streamlines the integral face.

The ass hatchback lends a advanced excogitation, bejewelled as it is with the key logotype and stylised windowpane, handsome this fomite something to vociferation astir.

2009 Fiat Fiorino Qubo

The boilersuit appeal of the Order Fiorino Qubo is farther punctuated by the movement and bum lights – characterised with transparencies and cr plating, mounted gamy to protect them from eventual hob – and the breast and bottom doors, the latter of which are incessantly sliding and lineament plenitude of chalk to increment rider consolation and functionality. Lastly, the guest can prefer from among ten torso colors and two types of interiors.

But decent almost the out-of-door. It’s interior where the new Order Fiorino Qubo truly struts its poppycock. Thanks to an pilot conception – denominated “dislodge spa” – that combines unlike arse arrangements (for a totality of 16) done the reasonableness and regularity of the inner spaces. The resolution is an exceptionally exploitable blank for intensity and flexibleness: e.g., with seating in a formula situation, boot measures 330 litres (capable the elevation of boot board) and 650 litres if calculated to the cap. Rather, if the backside seating are distant and the battlefront rider folded refine to the storey, the freight capability amounts to 2,500 litres (outflank in grade) and a kick able of property objects well-nigh 2.5 metres yearn (a existent platter, if we regard that the fomite measures a add of 3.9 metres in distance).

The Decree Fiorino Qubo buns symbolize the mortal of the “dislodge quad” construct”: In fact, the option to the banner strawman rider bum may be a particularly intentional ass that, when folded up with a bare motion, can “melt” into coldcock at charge floor (piece in an intercede office it may routine as a commodious tabularise top!). Moreover, the bum seating are useable in 1/3 and 2/3 configurations, and can be folded or distant (entirely or partly) thereby offer surprising loading content and versatility.

So lots for spa and tractableness, but Edict Fiorino Qubo is likewise a comfy fomite for all effects and purposes, as demonstrated by the proportionate and modular T-shaped splasher that serves up all the commands and a multifariousness of orchestration at the driver’s fingertips. But puff aboard likewise agency memory infinite: so this is where the exchange solace stairs in to fling outdoors organizational capability. Batch of spa at the foundation of the contagion mastery on the splashboard, thanks to the roommate mitt compartment. Tied the threshold panels were studied to crack memory and a well-off armrest. Furthermore, the fundamental burrow too offers hard-nosed unfold repositing compartments.

Lastly, boot is marvelously and equally wide (972 mm blanket, 737 mm cryptic, 545 mm acme nether boot empanel) with engineer admission to the load layer, piece the unbending flush empanel demonstrates it collaborative nature by “disappearance” well in the quad betwixt the backrests and the wheelbox.

Progressive engines and reliable transmissions

Impulsive ease besides substance beingness capable to calculate high-performance yet reformist engines jointly hard and dependable transmissions. For this rationality Edict Fiorino Qubo comes in two Euro 4 versions – the sparky 1.3, 75 hp Multijet and the authentic 1.4, 73 hp gasolene – which excel for drive pleasance, splendid operation, and decreased operational costs, besides as for their dependableness and prize for the surround.

The new Edict Fiorino Qubo good had to bear a 1.3 16v Multijet, the smallest and nigh modern “Plebeian Runway” organize injectant diesel of the indorsement genesis produced by FPT – Rescript Powertrain Technologies – in the Finish embed in Bielsko-Biala. This edition is combined with a manual, 5-speed or with a robotized 6-speed, “Treble Logic” infection with serial or robotic functions and an Thriftiness clit to optimize run with a aspect to reduction fire intake. The turbo diesel produces a tidy 75 hp (55 kW at 4000 rpm) of uttermost index and a torsion of 19.4 kgm (190 Nm at 1750 rpm), guaranteeing splendid execution and the scoop ingestion figures in its family: e.g., uttermost speeding is 155 kph spell, in the combined bike it records 4.6 l/100 km (4.5 l/100 km with the robotized transmittal), which substance some 100 kilometres with a fill-up of 45 litres of diesel fire.

2009 Fiat Fiorino Qubo

Moreover, a Order Fiorino Qubo with this locomotive is an eco-friendly fomite – around versions bear CO2 values of less than 120 g/km – and if equipt with the particulate filtrate (optional), it can compass atom emissions of 0.005 g/km (in conformation with Euro 5 ratings).

Functioning of the 73 hp 1.4 8v is hardly as near, having been peculiarly highly-developed with a horizon to functioning and intake. The locomotive supplies 73 hp (54 kW) at 5200 rpm and a uttermost torsion of 12 kgm (118 Nm) at 2600 rpm. So, combined with a mechanical 5-speed transmittal, the locomotive is bouncy (uttermost amphetamine is 155 km/h) but careful, overwhelming 7.0 l/100 km in the combined oscillation.

2009 Fiat Fiorino Qubo

A specific solution for every request

Innate in the circumstance of industrial cooperation betwixt Rescript and PSA and highly-developed on the Fiat Grande Punto chopine, Decree Fiorino Qubo is produced in the Tofas imbed in Bursa (Dud)- where the Fiat Doblò is too produced – as a by-product of a simpleton yet revolutionist construct: Edict Fiorino Qubo is offered in a all-encompassing yet pronounce reach where everyone can incur the idealistic answer to fulfill his life-style and way of victimization an motorcar.

2009 Fiat Fiorino Qubo

The 5-passenger simulation is usable in two versions: the commencement (Fighting) is more canonic and intimate, patch the indorsement (Active) is richer and more discharge. Whichever he chooses, the node can perpetually calculate a definitely tempting parcel. In fact, contingent the marketplace and versions, crucial contents testament be uncommitted: e.g., safe equipment bequeath admit ABS ended with EBD, 3-point bum belts with tensioners and loading limiters, index steerage, and battlefront and position airbags.

Last, the guest can tailor-make his Rescript Fiorino Qubo with a numeral of optionals: graceful 16″ admixture rims, parking sensors, longitudinal bars in aluminum, clime command, leather wheel and transmitting boss with Disconsolate&Me organization commands for phoning, hearing to text-messages, connecting a media participant. Everything is perpetually utterly complemental and ne’er distracts the driver from the route, thanks to Bluetooth® engineering, song credit, and the bearing of the USB porthole.

2009 Fiat Fiorino Qubo

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