2009 Ferrari California

Ferrari California

The Ferrari California made its prescribed unveiling at the 2008 Paris Prove later a serial of peculiar previews on the web and during two consecrate events arranged in Maranello and Los Angeles at which it standard a enormously enthusiastic receipt.

2009 Ferrari California

The Ferrari California is an exceptionally advanced car whose doctrine takes its aspiration from the feel and emotions of one of the big Ferraris of the preceding, the 1957 250 California, a terrifically graceful surface top car intentional for the raceway, which has, complete the days, refer typify not solitary higher-ranking sportiness and execution but too exclusivity, workmanship and immaculate worldliness.

This new car joins Ferrari’s 8-cylinder grasp which is made up generally of selfsame eminent operation models. It likewise flanks the 12-cylinder flagship Ferrari 612 Scaglietti in the K Phaeton class. The Ferrari California is a car with the running in its DNA. It is staggeringly forward-looking and bequeath more fulfill the expectations of flush our about apprehensive clients, oblation breathless drive joy and fun arse the bike besides as utmost versatility of use and in-car comforter. It is usable solely as a translatable with retractable foldable grueling top in either a runabout adaptation with a traditional behind ben or in the 2+ interpretation which sees the ass ben equipt with seats for one to two passengers.

In pipeline with Ferrari custom, this example positively brims with forward-looking features. In gain to its retractable difficult top and the said master 2+ construct, the new Prancing Sawhorse car besides offers: a new calculate injectant V8 locomotive, a 7-speed gearbox with steerage wheel-mounted F1-style paddles conjugate with a new threefold grip, a new suspension (look-alike wishbones at the forepart and multilink at the behind), the new evolved F1-Trac grip mastery scheme and Brembo brakes with CCM (c ceramic stuff) discs as touchstone (this latter characteristic is divided by the former models in the stream scope).

2009 Ferrari California


The California’s slick flowing styling is, comparable the repose of the flow Ferrari models, the outcome of our longstanding coaction with Pininfarina and offers a server of touch Ferrari styling cues. Viewed from the face, the flowing broom of the cowling attractively contrasts with the contract stern book and the pulled-back cabin. The battlefront continues about of the themes hinted at on the flanks, harmoniously alternate concave and bulging volumes. Seen frontal, the car understandably takes it practically of its intake from the esteemed Prancing Knight car from which it takes its diagnose: the grillwork and lissome air ingestion at the inwardness of the hood near notably harking backbone to the 250 GT California. At the back, the sides and the mesomorphic backside division are both companion too. As at the presence, the one rung LED taillights are gusset direct on the border of boot. The California’s vertically bosomy similitude tailpipes are an master tucket as is boot which sweeps correct refine to the bumpers to ameliorate functionality. Naturally, the inside likewise reflects the like degree of designing sophism, exuding a signified of elegant sumptuosity, solace and made-to-order lineament. Set betwixt the movement seating, the new aluminium-trimmed gist cabinet is another typical touching that goes bey the just esthetic, attractively combination functionality and designing.


The Ferrari California’s aeromechanics were, naturally, highly-developed tandem with its styling. This allowed Ferrari to livelihood the Cx (cart coefficient) redress fine-tune with obedience to the downforce needed for optimum fomite kinetics. In the putsché shape, the Ferrari California has a Cx esteem of 0.32. A hope to accomplish hone symmetricalness ‘tween erect payload and pull influenced the anatomy of the arse diffusor and the freebooter integrated into the battlefront bumper. Cart has been cut to 10% glower than on the over-the-counter Ferrari models which not lonesome makes the Ferrari California a more aerodynamically effective car but likewise reduces fire use. Conclusion but not least, the air uptake on the cowling ensures extremely effective chilling of the locomotive compartment.

The new 8-cylinder engine

2009 Ferrari California

This is the offset V8 in the account of Ferrari road-cars to be mid-front mounted. Reinforced altogether from aluminum, it retains the distinctive Ferrari architecture with a 90° tip ‘tween the two cylinder banks and a 180° fish ‘tween the cranks.

The locomotive has a add supplanting of 4,300 cc and a maximal ability outturn of 460 hp/338 kW at 7,750 rpm. With a particular ability of 107 hp/l, its maximal torsion is 485 Nm (49 kgm) at 5,000 rpm, 75% of which is uncommitted at fair 2,250 rpm. The Ferrari California takes less than 4 seconds to speed from 0 to 100 km/h and delivers a red-hot 310 km/h top swiftness.

2009 Ferrari California

The new V8 features engineer fire injectant and varying timing (on both aspiration and fumes) to vouch brilliant functioning, exceeding treatment and fire uptake and emissions that well follow with the toughest Euro 5 and Lev2 standards. Thanks in contribution to these solutions, the Ferrari California consumes equitable 13.1 litres/100 km (ECE combined) and has c emissions of 305.6 g\km (ECE combined).

The California’s locomotive vocalise was besides cautiously highly-developed as this is one of the enceinte Ferrari signatures and rattling does bestow to enhancing impulsive joy. Detail attending was lavished on audio sensing in the cabin both with the top upwards to see that brandmark shiver without flexible on occupier acoustical quilt.

Gearbox and transmission

The Ferrari California sports a new two-fold grip gearbox (7-speed + blow) with the now traditional guidance wheel-mounted F1-style paddles. This is an innovational organisation that guarantees a brilliant combining of operation and bait ease. With the three-fold clench, one clench is ill-used for even-numbered gears and the former for odd-numbered ones, and allows the pre-selection of the future train needful.The gears are changed by imbrication the porta and closedown phase of both grip, resulting in gearshifting multiplication that are about cypher and with no “torsion disturb”. The answer is not lonesome enhanced operation but sincerely electrifying impulsive joy. The traditional transaxle layout (locomotive to the battlefront and gearbox to the arse) too contributes to the California’s complete burthen dispersion (47% forepart – 53% bottom) and to reduction quivering to the bodyshell. In manual way, the new gearbox guarantees enceinte gaudy impulsive pleasance patch supernumerary quilt is assured in robotlike.

Chassis and suspensions

The Ferrari California’s build and bodyshell are both made alone from aluminum. Thanks to the use of unlike al technologies (extrusions and case casts), the car’s special versatility, onboard consolation and driveability has not added to bod burthen or to the dimensions of the geomorphologic sections – something that plainly would not be the causa had traditional sword architecture and technologies been victimized. Moreover, electrostatic inflexibility (torsional and flexional) has been improved with regard to median figures for a Wanderer to assure exceeding manipulation in any rather route weather and to warranty GT-standard comforter both with the top upwardly.

The Ferrari California retains the traditional duplicate wishbone abeyance to the breast spell a new multilink arrangement has been peculiarly highly-developed for the behind. The multilink arrangement improves longitudinal flexibleness of the dangling, safekeeping transversal inflexibility values high-pitched. What this agency in practise is that the car attractively absorbs any variability, and randomness and oscillation are expeditiously damped for exceeding cod comfortableness swell on a par with the car’s quick treatment. The SCM Magnetorheological Abatement Ascendancy Organisation, debuted on the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, is likewise usable on postulation.

Retractable Hard Top

Course the Ferrari California’s touch have has to be its retractable heavy top (RHT). It is made from al panels and has a mould al weight-bearing construction which has decreased its boilersuit weighting and the moving multitude byzantine. The stallion scuttle/closure wheel is realised in barely 14 seconds and thanks to the master stowing organization, the California’s bang distance clay passing generous irrespective of whether it is up or fine-tune.

The GT Manettino and F1-Trac

The manettino has now get one of the definitive features of our intact orbit as has its situation on the wheel which is distinctly derived from our Recipe 1 live. The manettino integrates the gearbox, stableness and grip command systems (CST and F1-Trac) and the SCM suspension.

The settings are as follows:

  • Puff: maximal condom altogether weather, specially saint for low clutches situations (wet or tricky route airfoil). Outflank mundane drive scene.
  • Athletics: maximal functioning and stableness in double-dyed clench situations. Recommended for jazzy, gamey functioning drive.
  • CST-OFF: this mount gives the driver nail exemption and controller of the car. Thither is no electronic interference any obscure from ABS.
  • The Ferrari California likewise sports the F1-Trac grip ascendance organisation which can real accurately translate clutch, assuring the rattling trump can be made of the car’s likely at any sentence.

    2009 Ferrari California

    The F1-Trac scheme guarantees:

  • Uttermost grasp climax out of corners
  • Stableness altogether drive weather
  • Brilliant driveability and treatment in uttermost situations
  • Coherent operation
  • Olympian tantalise puff.
  • In fact, the F1-Trac offers a 20% melioration in quickening approaching out of corners with prize to a traditional grip and ascendancy systems.

    Safety equipment

    The Ferrari California boasts an ejectable roll-bar to insure that its occupants are saved should the car turnover. The arrangement is installed ass the backrests of the bum seating and is secret by the trimming of the like. Expulsion clock is below 190ms. The onboard guard equipment is accomplished by forepart retractable airbags (driver and rider sides), position retractable air bags in doorway panels, bi-xenon headlights and LED arse lights. New contemporaries adaptative headlights, known as AFS (Modern Frontlighting Arrangement), are besides usable on bespeak, and crack improved profile on the route. The headlight irradiation angles are mechanically familiarised in demarcation with direction, slant, swiftness and sidelong speedup, offer a wider expanse of illuminance when cornering.

    Interior and standard equipment

    Finical tending has been lavished on the designing and in-car comfortableness banner of the California’s cabin. The new Ferrari is useable in a selection of two configurations:

    2009 Ferrari California
  • Runabout summation back ben weaponed to takings two tumbler suitcases or two golf bags.
  • 2+ contour that sees the bum workbench sporty two seating, Isofix adherence points, and two backside belts.
  • In both variation, the bottom back folds devour to permit the stowing of thirster items such as golf bags or skis. Boot capability is besides imposingly generous: 340 litres with the top up and 240 with the top refine.

    A new electrically adjustable, magnesium-framed backside was besides intentional for the Ferrari California. Another new boast is the board with linear instruments (tach and rev comeback) and four-screen TFT Multidisplay. The Ferrari California besides boasts a new docudrama arrangement with 6.5″ touchscreen, Sat Nav, USB connectedness, Bluetooth, arduous disk, part commands and IPOD connecter.

    Carrozzeria Scaglietti Personalisation Programme

    The Carrozzeria Scaglietti Broadcast allows all Ferrari clients to individualize their car to courtship their own tastes and requirements. Thither are four-spot independent areas covered by the Syllabus: Racing and Rails, Exteriors and Colors, Upcountry and Materials, Equipment and Move. The Ferrari California comes with diamond-finish 19″ 5-spoke al debase wheels as touchstone. Yet, a encourage set of diamond-finish 20″ bad 5-spoke metal roll that are 11 kg flatboat than those offered as banner can likewise be coherent. The aforesaid diamond-finish gives the wheels an extra-high burnish aspect.

    The Ferrari California is useable in a pick of 16 dissimilar pastel and metal colors. Nonetheless clients likewise bear the alternative of order the new Azzurro California ghost created particularly for the car’s establish.

    In increase to the common stove of 12 leather colors useable to select from for the midland trimness too, we’ve good added two new colors: Cioccolato and Iroko. A new racing buns with all-carbon-fibre underframe and electrically adjustable back is too now uncommitted.

    In improver to the already telling number of features offered as criterion with the new Ferrari California, owners can likewise prefer to birth a bottom parking camera fitted or club the baggage set intentional specifically to pee-pee the really almost of the bottom ben blank, an alternative uncommitted in gain to the traditional three-piece leather set dark to mates the internal trimness, naturally.

    Samples of the versatile materials and practical form tools leave besides be useable to clients at every Ferrari saleroom to assistance them shuffle their choices too. They may besides petition outof- scope colors and contentedness to truly ascertain their Ferrari California is dead unequaled.


  • Duration: 4563 mm
  • Breadth: 1902 mm
  • Altitude: 1308 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2670 mm
  • Forepart racetrack: 1630 mm
  • Backside racetrack: 1605 mm
  • Dry angle: 1630 kg
  • Curb slant: 1735 kg
  • Weightiness dispersion: 47% Figurehead – 53% Back
  • Fire tankful capacitance: 78 l
  • Charge content: 340 l, 240 l (with cap retracted)
  • Presence: 245/40 ZR19″
  • Backside: 285/40 ZR19″
  • Battlefront (optional): 245/35 ZR20″
  • Behind (optional): 285/35 ZR20″”
  • Figurehead: 390 x 34 mm
  • Ass: 360 x 32 mm
  • CST with F1-TRAC Stableness and Grip Ascendancy Organization
  • TPTMS Tire Coerce and Temperature Monitoring Organization
  • Locomotive
  • 90° V8 Mastermind Injectant
  • Eagre and diagonal: 94 x 77.37 cc
  • Boilersuit deracination: 4297 cc
  • Compressing proportion: 12.2:1
  • Maximal ability outturn: 338 kW (460 CV) @ 7750 rpm
  • Uttermost torsion: 485 Nm (49 kgm) @ 5000 rpm
  • Functioning
  • Utmost speeding: 310 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h: nether 4.0 sec
  • 0-400 m: 12.2 sec
  • 0-1.000 m: 22.1 sec
  • F1, dual-clutch, 7-speed asset reversal
  • Manual 6-speed + REV
  • Reprieve
  • Presence: Duplicate wishbone
  • Backside: Multilink
  • Fire Expenditure
  • ECE Combined: 13.1 l/100 km
  • ECE Combined: 305.6 g/km
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