2009 Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet Cruze

The all-new Chevrolet Cruze saloon raises the bar for pattern prayer, anatomy timber and operative civilization in Europe’s compress esteem section.

Backed by an hoped-for heights stratum EuroNCAP clangoring safe valuation and an all-new powertrain line-up, Chevrolet Cruze besides heralds the founding of a new ball-shaped conception terminology for the Chevrolet sword.

“Chevrolet has perpetually stood for rate and Cruze delivers thereon hope similar ne’er ahead,” says Wayne Brannon, GM Europe V.p., Chevrolet. “It redefines assess with its pattern, caliber, materials and large stylus inwardly and out.”

Highly-developed to fulfill European tastes in figure and build execution, Chevrolet Cruze goes on sale in Abut and leave spearpoint the found of a serial of new products that portion its excogitation and tone standards. Rather plainly, Chevrolet believes the debut of Cruze has ‘affected the goalposts’ for products quest to vie successfully in its section.

Exterior Design

The multi-national conception squad, based in Korea with remark from colleagues in Germany, the Joined States and Australia, were tasked with delivering an all-new covenant, notchback saloon that testament re-energize the Chevrolet sword.

“Our end was to be subverter, not evolutionary,” says Taewan Kim, V.p. of the GM DAT Invention Plaza in Korea. Privileged and out, the squad has highly-developed a new globular invention nomenclature for the Chevrolet mark, introducing wise optical elements piece leverage the possible to verbalize traditional, Harass touch conception cues in new shipway.

2009 Chevrolet Cruze

2009 Chevrolet Cruze

An arciform roofline, extending from the steeply raked windscreen into the svelte backside pillars, is the shaping outside characteristic of Chevrolet Cruze. Combined with a comparatively curt arse floor, it brings four-door putsché-like looks to this grocery section first.

Wider and yearner than its herald, Chevrolet Cruze has a well-planted, close-to-the-ground position with its wheels placed at the outer edges of the tautly worn bodywork. A classifiable concave berm contrast flows on the sides of the car into the ass coldcock lid and is set to go a new touch Chivvy figure lineament. The upscale ocular show is besides strengthened by pick, unlittered bodywork release from moldings or cut.

The touch dual-port grill carries Beset’s aureate bow-tie with a new air of confidence. It is flanked by classifiable headlight housings, with ‘jewel-effect’ particularisation, that drag, arrow-like, to a pointedness in the battlefront fenders. Straight bum styling includes flush-mounted stern twinkle clusters, apiece shaped with two flyer shapes, reechoing a traditional Beset similitude twinkle styling motive.

The lithe looks are backed by a militant 0.31 co-efficient of cart and a figure caliber with tending to item distinctive of products costing far more. A best-in-class fit and destination for gore gaps and shut-lines bring to the tone, ‘hand-hewn from self-colored’ appearing.

“This is a car with a potent, upscale part and a bang-up position,” adds Taewan Kim. “We cogitate it leave surpass among its competitors.”

Interior Design and Features

Conveyance a gaudy yet fond atmosphere, the five-seater cabin is typified by proportionate, sleek lines and the coating of grained, soft-touch materials. It is a superiority executing that transcends the compress rate section.

Class-leading features admit the blush fit of panels, with exceptionally crocked gap tolerances, and generous behind rider leg, brain and berm board, contempt Chevrolet Cruze’s touch slanted roofline.

The kernel internal invention root is a mod formula of a traditional Chivvy styling cue – the touch ‘duplicate cockpit’ layout of the Corvette, a motive intentional to delivery driver and rider nigher to a ‘divided’ know. On apiece english of the master dashboard, thither is a prime of dark-skinned textile or grained vinyl panels, which are complemented by co-ordinated inserts in the seating and doorway trims.

2009 Chevrolet Cruze

The gist head for the ‘two-fold cockpit’ isotropy is a neatly incorporate plaza flock, caparison the docudrama and air conditioning displays and controls. It is mounted at a shoal slant and has a flow, unblock mannikin which eliminates consecutive lines and the traditional ‘ikon frame’ of panels.

Cubic maths molding was victimised in the invention of the principal pawn clump. The analog dials are backlit by LED for elucidate, crease illuminance in ovalbumin and ice blueness.

Compared to the seating of its harbinger, the principal improvements for Chevrolet Cruze are the use of a telegraph meshing structure to circulate weightiness more equally, a firmer effervesce fill and deeper bolstering for the cushions and seat-backs, battlefront and bum.

The framework upholstery includes superiority French furrow sewing that provides first-class lastingness and eliminates the hypothesis of a ‘stretched-seam’ appearing o’er sentence. Leather upholstery, with het battlefront seating, is an alternative for the top LT spec.

The grasp of stem/aft registration for the forepart seating has been lengthened by around 50 mm, bighearted the longest traveling in the assess concordat section.

Manually-controlled air conditioning is an choice for bag and banner with LS variants, piece dual-zone robotic mood command is stock with LT spec. A particulate and odour filtration arrangement that cleans the air entrance the cabin is stock passim the orbit, as is a het bottom covert.

An AM/FM/CD sound arrangement, with RDS digital sign, an MP3 playback installation and two-color lifelike show, is measure for pedestal and LS variants. The LT organisation adds an in-dash, six-CD changer and a USB socket for an iPod in the plaza cabinet. A DVD-based Sailing organisation is offered altogether specifications and includes a 7-inch semblance map presentation, a section ‘commencement’ for Chevrolet.

Structure and Safety Systems

Chevrolet Cruze’s structure is among the stiffest in its family, with a torsional inflexibility 140% greater than that of its forerunner. This blotto, warm construction is key to suppressing stochasticity, quiver and hardness (NVH), too as securing a beneficial clank guard functioning and optimum rally and treatment properties.

The car has been co-operatively engineered at GM facilities in Germany, the Joined States, Australia and Korea. “In key areas, such the structure, hiatus, safe and electric systems, we suffer worn on GM ‘scoop practices’ round the reality,” says Prick Mertens, GM Worldwide Fomite Occupation Administrator for squeeze cars.

2009 Chevrolet Cruze

The kernel construction is a one structure fancied from sword beams, pressings and box sections, with an boilersuit torsional inflexibility of 17.66 KNm/point of diversion. Most 65% of the construction is composed of high-strength steels (HSS), some 50% more in its precursor. Most 30% more smear welds are likewise secondhand passim the construction.

Effective consignment paths supply utmost resident shelter in the effect of an shock from nigh any steering. Uncut beams and enhancements to the sills, B-pillars and A-pillars, done the use of high-strength steels and trim clean processing, all impart to the fomite’s fantabulous crashworthiness.

The muscularity gripping strawman and backside wrinkle zones are intentional to flex as expeditiously as potential in club to sustain the unity of the rider compartment, which is saved by a condom coop built with tubular-section members that underframe the threshold openings and keep the cap. The compounding of a single-piece incline construction and ultra-high forcefulness brand doorway beams likewise provides efficient position brownie security.

At low speeds capable 4 km/h, the presence and bum bumper skins are intentional to engage igniter impingement vigor, serving to minimise bodywork scathe.

2009 Chevrolet Cruze

Asunder from minimizing randomness and quivering, a besotted construction besides makes it easier to sequester balance powertrain, route and hint racket for eve quieter cabin puff. Chevrolet Cruze has achieved inside acoustical and hint randomness ratings that are both among best-in-class for concordat sedans in the appraise section.

Three-point seatbelts are fitted for all phoebe seats positions. Driver and rider movement airbags, slope pall cap track airbags, breast seat-mounted position airbags, and a collapsable bike fabrication are all fitted as touchstone. Fighting rubber measures admit the anti-lock braking (ABS), grip controller (TCS) and optional Electronic Constancy Restraint (ESC).

2009 Chevrolet Cruze


The all-new petrol and diesel line-up comprises 1.6 and 1.8-liter, all-aluminum, gas engines, and a 2.0-liter turbo diesel whole with 16 valves.

Both gas engines boast varying valve timing on both the intake and discharge sides. The 1.6-liter locomotive develops 113 hp/83 kW utmost ability at 6,400 rpm and summit torsion of 153 Nm at 4,200 rpm.

The 1.8-liter variation offers flush more antiphonal execution, with 141 hp/104 kW at 6,200 rpm and crown torsion of 176 Nm at 3,800 rpm, including 85% from upright 2,000 rpm correct capable 6,300 rpm. In footing of ability output-per-liter, this locomotive is among the well-nigh effective on the grocery.

With manual transmissions, these engines birth naught to 100 km/h quickening in 12.5 and 10.0 seconds, severally, and fire intake complete the combined oscillation of 6.7 and 6.8 L/100 km.

The new, 16-valve, 2.0-liter turbo diesel, development 150 hp/110 kW, adds exponent with flush greater frugalness. Telling fire thriftiness – 5.6 L/100 km complete the combined cycles/second – offers a possible drive compass of ended 1,000 km. It is fitted as criterion with a maintenance-free tucker particulate strain.

The commons revile, multiple shot pattern includes varying geometry turbocharging (VGT). With stiff torsion of 320 Nm from equitable 2,000 rpm, this locomotive enables nada to 100 km/h speedup in 10.0 seconds, and tied more telling in-gear functioning, with 80-120 km/h in 5th gearing in 12.5 seconds. It bequeath be united subsequently in the twelvemonth by a 125 hp/92 kW variation.

The 1.6-liter locomotive is fitted as banner for stand and LS variants, patch the 1.8-liter is stock for LT and optional for LS. Both are uncommitted with a five-speed manual gearbox or a new six-speed reflexive infection, a section ‘offset’ for Chevrolet.

The 2.0-liter turbo diesel is fitted to LT variants just and the 125 hp/92 kW adaptation testament be offered for fundament and LS. Both these engines are useable sole with manual transmittal.

For all locomotive applications, a cosmopolitan figurehead sub-frame, carrying the locomotive and transmittal, is bolted in post via 4 condom bushings. This ‘obscure’ climb helps concentrate the infection of locomotive shaking and route racket into the cabin.

Suspension, Brakes, Steering

Chevrolet Cruze’s abatement, braking and direction systems suffer been highly-developed on European roadstead to play European drive tastes. Hitting a symmetricalness betwixt legerity and rag consolation, Chevrolet Cruze offers the driver a high-pitched level of ‘connexion’ patch likewise delivering a relaxed and elegant razz fiber.

Compared to its herald, Chevrolet Cruze benefits from a wider ‘footmark’ that contributes to more unchanging treatment. The battlefront running is increased to 1,544 mm (up by 64 mm) and the bum racetrack to 1,558 mm (up 78 mm), spell the 2,685 mm wheelbase is 85 mm yearner. The proportionally greater increases in rail enable an inherently ameliorate road-holding capableness.

Presence abatement is by McPherson prance, with side-load recompense to dilute sliding detrition. The battlefront sub-frame provides a loyal placement for the inboard climb of the frown A-arms. Hydraulic bushings – a boast normally launch on more expensive vehicles – are ill-used to spring a higher arcdegree of drive isolation and a more controlled preoccupancy of route comment piles.

At the back, an advance, combine chalk (crookedness air) layout is victimized. Isolated from enabling logical roll bank ascendance, this suspension offers savings in place and burthen that are worthful for a constrict section fomite.

The transmit, double-walled and U-shaped in visibility, is connected to tracking links done a patented, ‘magnetic-arc’ welding outgrowth. This output engineering allows the irradiation’s heaviness and adhesion angles to be wide-ranging according to unlike locomotive and fomite weights, facilitating the hunky-dory tuning of roll-rate and roll-steer characteristics.

Saucer brakes, ventilated at the figurehead and firm at the ass, are fitted all turn.

An all-wheel, anti-lock braking scheme (ABS), grip ascendence (TCS) and Electronic Bracken forcefulness Dispersion (EBD), which controls front-to-rear braking endeavor, are fitted as stock (EU + 2 countries).

Electronic Stableness Controller (ESC), besides touchstone (EU + 2 countries), uses both the ABS and TCS functions to softly counterbalance over-exuberance or misjudgments by the driver. It is likewise utilitarian in serving the driver hold command during an exigency shunning tactics.

The rack-and-pinion steerage is hydraulicly power-assisted and fast-acting, with less than leash turns of the rack requisite lock-to-lock.

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