2009 Bmw M3 Race Version

BMW M3 Race Version

BMW presented the racing adaptation of the new BMW M3 at the 2008 Chicago Car Appearance. Powered by a 485 bhp octad cylinder locomotive, this telling racer has been intentional to contend in the American Le Mans Serial (ALMS) source in 2009. The car is based on the one-quarter multiplication of the BMW M3, the high-performance sports car produced by BMW M GmbH.

BMW Motorsport Conductor Mario Theissen says: “With the sportsmanlike genes of the product BMW M3 existence intelligibly apparent, underdeveloped a racing reading of the car was the future legitimate footstep. The fact that the road-going fomite is fitted with a V8 locomotive as touchstone provided us with an paragon foot. Withal, the BMW M3 is more a racer, it has achieved fabled condition amongst run fans crosswise the ball. I am positive that this unequaled chronicle of the BMW M3 racing cars volition now be expanded upon by the gain of advance chapters.”

BMW’s 2009 debut into the American Le Mans Serial testament be determined by a partnership ‘tween BMW of Northerly America, LLC and Rahal Letterman Racing, co-owned by US motorsport fable Bobby Rahal.

“We are rattling pleased to be reversive to the American Le Mans Serial with our modish coevals BMW M3,” states Tom Purves, Chairperson and CEO, BMW of Northerly America. “Sports car racing has been role of BMW of N America’s chronicle much from day one. Fair fortnight abaft the party was unified in Butt 1975, a BMW CSL won the Dozen Hours of Sebring. We are sure-footed that the quartern coevals M3 bequeath cover the bequest of its two predecessors which combined to win six maker’s championships ended ennead seasons in US sports car racing. As it has been in the by we think the ALMS is the nonpareil locale to vitrine the possible of the newest BMW M3.”

2009 BMW M3 Race Version

Reechoing that opinion Bobby Rahal adds, “BMW has an famous racing inheritance. Rahal Letterman Racing is thirstily anticipating, not alone decent role of that inheritance, but serving to heighten it. Our inscription to this undertaking testament be without match and we aspect onward to racing at the presence of the gridiron with BMW in the geezerhood to seed.”

2009 Bmw M3 Race Version

Martin Birkmann, Motorsports Director, BMW of Northwards America, adds: “We are selfsame aroused to declare our comeback to the American Le Mans Serial with the 4th contemporaries M3 simultaneously as the route car hits the BMW showrooms. We are besides unrestrained most our partnership with Rahal Letterman Racing. The ALMS offers racing where we can contend against the finest and about far-famed self-propelled brands from Europe and the US. Motorsport is profoundly deep-seated in the BMW DNA and we are pleased to cooperator with an constitution which shares that like inheritance. Rahal Letterman Racing is the double-dyed pardner to be backside the bike of our new BMW M3 racing sweat.”

The BMW M3 Race Version: Sportiness personified.

2009 Bmw M3 Race Version

In the class of underdeveloped the airstream rendering of the BMW M3, BMW’s engineers were faced with an challenging job: to ameliorate upon the sportiness of an already clean car. A improve foundation would, though, be hard to get. In stock manakin the fomite delivers herculean kinetics and card-playing esthetics. Thanks to an eighter cylinder locomotive producing 414 bhp, BMW’s customers are provided with a alone impulsive feel.

Those locomotive blocks, mould in BMW’s spark metal metalworks in Landshut – the real seed of BMW’s Rule One castings – selected for backwash responsibility demand to resist flush more superpower: the BMW P65 run locomotive delivers 485 bhp.

In fiat to enable the BMW M3 to fill use of this functioning on the airstream tour, the experts in Munich sustain not hard entirely on the locomotive, but deliver race-tuned the figure besides. The raceway interpretation of the BMW M3 is wider and importantly light than its yield eq, enabling it to absolutely beam the powerfulness of its V8 to the raceway. Far-flung use of carbon-reinforced shaping (CRP) provides proofread of substantive burden decrease. As with the product variation, the racer’s ceiling is manufactured from this hi-tech corporeal.

The wash adaptation of the BMW M3 is intelligibly aimed at the top echelon of motorsport. Intrinsically, it is no surprisal to identify that in the grade of its ontogenesis, begun in mid-2007, legion Normal One techniques were applied. These admit computational liquid kinetics (CFD) and farting burrow analyses, both of which sustain ensured the better potential flowing parcel for the BMW M3.

2009 Bmw M3 Race Version

Level-headed controller systems birth been unified end-to-end the BMW M3. The POWER400 mastery whole actuates all the accessories fitted to the car, such as lights, wipers, etcetera., via two bus systems. Traditional relays and fuses are so eliminated, ensuring considerable slant deliverance, improved reliableness and easiness of covering. The functions of the BMW P65 locomotive are managed by an ECU 408 electronic ascendance whole, highly-developed in-house by BMW Motorsport. The package and applications, too, deliver been highly-developed by the experts in Munich.

An intensifier trial broadcast, during which the operation of the racer testament be honed by BMW Motorsport, looms for the BMW M3 concluded the forthcoming months. Developing drivers bequeath be BMW plant drivers Andy Priaulx (GBR), Jörg Müller (GER) and Augusto Farfus (BRA), presently racing in the FIA Mankind Phaeton Patronage (WTCC). The aim is, afterwards all, for the BMW M3 to be an contiguous favourite upon its retort to the American Le Mans Serial.

2009 Bmw M3 Race Version

Technical Specifications

  • Burthen: 2,535 lbs./1150 kg
  • Cooler capacitance: 29 gallons/110 Liters
  • Anatomy/soundbox: One expression brand personify with welded guard cadre made of highly stiff preciseness blade tube; prophylactic fire tankful in CRP sandwich tray; pneumatic four-stamp jackass scheme
  • Aeromechanics: Figurehead fenders, ass proscenium, punk, cap, bole lid, back offstage, presence wings, and flared ass bicycle arches in CRP
  • Contagion: C roughage clasp with hydraulic exchange striver cylinder; 6-speed consecutive racing contagion with straight-cut, nonsynchronous gears; extra oil/air tank; prompt switch scheme with kindling cut-out controlled by shift violence; mechanical circumscribed eluding derivative with extra oil/air tank
  • Movement axle: Based on yield edition, with increased cycle castor slant, magnified raceway breadth and enhanced rack bank; five-way adjustable cushion absorbers; cannular stabiliser bar
  • Ass axle: Based on yield adaptation, with hypertrophied rail breadth and enhanced pedal bank; five-way adjustable blow absorbers, cannular stabiliser bar
  • Breast brakes: Six-piston al bracken calipers, inner-vented grey-cast fe bracken disks 15.0 in./380mm in diam
  • Behind brakes: Four-piston aluminium bracken calipers, grey-cast press bracken record, 13.1 in./332mm in diam
  • Direction: Wrack and shackle guidance with electro-hydraulic index
  • Wheels: Aluminium wheels, 18 inches
  • BMW P65 Engine

  • Eccentric: Ogdoad cylinder, V-configuration
  • Content: 3999 cc
  • Caliber x slash: 92 x 75.2 mm/3.62 x 2.96 in.
  • Max. yield: approx. 485 bhp
  • Max. torsion: approx. 368 lb-ft/500 Nm
  • Block: Al block expression with bed plateful depress department
  • Crankshaft: Brand crankshaft
  • Pistons: Bad dame pistons
  • Conrods: High-performance nerve
  • Cylinder header: Al DOHC (Double Brain Camshaft); 4 valves per cylinder
  • Valve gear: Quadruplet smash chain-driven camshafts, valve propulsion via cradle blazon
  • Uptake organisation: Octet gas valves, made of CRP with load-charge optimized ram tubes
  • Exhaust: Headers, mufflers
  • Fire organization: I cylinder multi-point injectant
  • Lubrication: Dry cesspool lubrication
  • Chilling: Pee/air tank and oil/urine warmth exchanger
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