2008 Volvo Xc70

Volvo XC70

Volvo’s boldly styled and intelligently configured Volvo XC70 AWD (all-wheel-drive) land offers importantly improved levels of all-road-all-weather power and an piquant drive live combined with class-leading prophylactic features, load-carrying versatility and tasteful rider ease.

It’s attention-getting new showy designing, headlined by its raked windshield and tailboard angles, blacked-out face pillars and C30-inspired taillights, are complemented by its rowdy and virtual off-road styling.

Outwardly, the Volvo XC70 is higher than the V70 estate by 57mm and yearner by 15mm and the car features hard-wearing scratchproof facing which runs on the XC70’s flanks and roughly the wheelarches. Over-the-counter extraneous features admit chunkier redesigned bumpers and chromed movement and bottom mule plates that shell the cars wind and arse during more hard off-road exercise.

The Volvo XC70 is intentional to be the consummate motoring support to an out-of-door life-style. It offers expectant puff and opulence for fivesome adults yet has more decent carrying place for items such as heap bikes, skis and otc card-playing equipment.

This unequaled conflate of abilities has made the XC70 compass a gravid succeeder since it was get-go introduced in 1996, pioneering a unscathed new typewrite of car.

2008 Volvo Xc70

The modish rendering gets stronger operation, bettor manipulation, greater carrying capability and versatility, more cabin place and quilt, and greater off-road power. It is besides the commencement Volvo XC70 useable with a six-cylinder locomotive, boosting execution and mechanical elaboration. The near graceful and upmarket XC70 yet, it has improved styling, cabin sumptuosity and equipment.

2008 Volvo XC70

For negotiating mucky wood tracks, wading rivers or powering up icy roadstead to ski chalets, the all-new Volvo XC70 gets electronically controlled All-Wheel Crusade (AWD) as received. Volvo’s unparalleled Alive Four-C form, which mechanically adjusts dampers to allow blandish and more guarantee deportment, is touchstone on SE Sportsman versions, up treatment and stableness both on and off-road. Mound Line Controller (HDC) – which limits upper polish immerse, slippy descents to 6mph leaving onwards and 4mph in setback and greatly improves low-speed controller – foster boosts off-road certification.

‘The all-new XC70 is our chief off-road gamble fomite,’ says the prexy and CEO of Volvo Cars, Stephen Odell. ‘More the XC90, this is the fomite elect by those who truly tether an combat-ready and flashy life-style and real do go off-road regularly. It power be into a wood earlier unloading the heap bikes, up a white route to the ski incline, or towing a sauceboat polish a plunge and stodgy ways. Irrespective what the gainsay, the XC70 is intentional to execute.’

Piece near crossovers – comparable SUVs – are seldom secondhand in the rasping clobber, Volvo XC70 owners do work their cars’ capabilities. ‘The XC70 has chiefly been created to get you to the end of the route. But it has likewise shown its power to payoff you farther if you deprivation to and presume to,’ says Odell.

‘We had a fetching conception from the selfsame get-go with the XC70 and we deliver tasteful it unendingly. The all-new example maintains its yobbo, able position patch concurrently ontogenesis more well-fixed. Furthermore, our excogitation squad has apt the car a more refined, more gilded aspect.’

The modish reading has fewer shaping auspices panels, favouring body-colour panels alternatively. ‘We deliver dialled up the agio spirit,’ says designing manager Steve Mattin. ‘The squatty auspices panels are secondhand lone where essential. They admit obtrusive recess pads – we vociferation the figurehead ones “the pugilism gloves” – that commit the car a low-set and furrowed tone. Early yobbo touches admit frown slope torso facing and figurehead and back admixture slue plates underneath the car. But the solid fomite does expression more graceful. We let visually off up the advanced english of the XC70 spell too automatically up its go-anywhere power,’ says Mattin.

The Volvo XC70 is useable with the second-generation, turbocharged, five-cylinder, common-rail D5 locomotive. This ultra-clean, 185 PS, 400Nm locomotive, outset shown on the S80, has a self-cleansing particulate permeate as stock. Fire saving is 37.7mpg in the combined hertz, which equates to 199g/km – a amercement operation for a car with so practically carrying capacitance and on- and off-road voltage.

The D5 diesel is uncommitted with a six-speed manual gearbox or six-speed Geartronic machinelike, which besides has a manual readiness.

Condom innovations admit a new figure of nestling car bottom with two-stage height-adjustable admirer cushions that ensures optimum seatbelt geometry for uttermost safe and security but besides offers beneficial visibleness out of the windows – qualification children (and parents) happier. ‘When children plain less, parents driving more safely,’ says Ahlborg. Diminished children would use the higher champion background, which allows them to see out of the windows. Bigger children, who hush indigence a encourage, now rag in unrivaled safe.

Elemental refuge is likewise improved thanks to an forward-looking new Adaptative Sail Restraint with Length Awake and the new Hit Monition with Machine Bracken, which warns drivers when they are acquiring perilously around the car before so primes the hard platter brakes for utmost braking effect.

Early safe features admit legion electronically controlled braking systems such as HBA (Hydraulic Bracken Aid), RAB (Fix Awake Brakes), FBS (Attenuation Bracken Accompaniment) and OHB (Optimised Hydraulic Brakes). These all insure that the all-new Volvo XC70 michigan in the shortest potential space. DSTC (Active Constancy and Grip Command) prevents skids and slides (peculiarly utile on slippy surfaces). Improved SIPS english shelter now uses victor twin-chamber airbags (the frown chambers amplify with lots more insistence than the uppers, because the hips are tougher than the body) and bigger english drapery airbags. ‘We’re positive this is dead the safest car in the bounty demesne form, on with the all-new Volvo V70,’ says Ahlborg.

The Volvo XC70 is roomier and more well-off than the extroverted modeling. Backside carrying capacitance has full-grown by 55 litres and launching to the loading domain is improved by a new bigger tailboard figure that incorporates the tail-lights.

Puff, a fundament of the extroverted XC70, has been improved, partially by all-new seating based on those of the lavishness S80. Volvo is far-famed for brilliant seating that allow hours of pampered motoring. The new seating are promote improved by the accessibility of inner breathing, in which fans and punctured leather rise seats solace on hot years. For more typically Swedish endure, the Volvo XC70 is too usable with het battlefront and bottom seating.

The Volvo XC70 comes in iii lavishness trimming levels – SE, SE Fun and SE Lux.


The Volvo XC70 is the sportiest of all the XC models and the near subject off-road, so it has to aspect the role. Its pattern is yobbo, broken and flashy. ‘But we get too time-tested to pee-pee the excogitation of the all-new XC70 more graceful and bounty,’ says Volvo Cars excogitation conductor Steve Mattin. ‘So it’s more allow than always for a luxuriant nighttime out in the metropolis.

‘It’s a car with two characters – clean and adventuresome on the one script, tasteful and bounty on the early. Our invention end was to shew these two likeable sides to its personality.’

The Volvo XC70 simulation besides represents Scandinavian figure at its better. Every lilliputian particular has been intentional with 100 per penny center unobjectionable lines and thinking functionality.

Background to the design

Volvo invented the agio acres when the PV445 was launched in 1953 – a established pub that could image as a capacious van.

Volvo likewise pioneered the crosswalk acres conception when the outset V70 Crossing Nation was launched in 1996. Hither was a car that had all the solace and load-carrying power of a Volvo land conjointly actual off-road believability. The Hybridization Nation – which became known as the XC – was not scarce a treated waggon; it had more actual off-road power than many SUVs. The second-generation Volvo XC70, launched in 1999, tasteful the construct. Tod, the Volvo XC70 sits in a commercialize by itself. No early demesne offers the like commingle of bounty features, comforter and furrowed off-road skills. It is now Volvo’s almost off-road-orientated fomite, scorn the comer of the XC90. Although the Volvo XC90 has crystalise mud-and-rocks power, it is victimised nearly solely on-road. Drivers of the Volvo XC70, by comparability, truly drop much of their clock out-of-the-way, ofttimes pursuing betting hobbies such as skiing, batch biking, surfboarding, sportfishing or sailplaning.

‘It’s not an SUV’

The Volvo XC70 looks tough. But it does not face wish an SUV. ‘The fact that it’s not an SUV – yet can offering SUV-like skills – makes it real attractive to many multitude,’ says Tomas Ahlborg, externalize conductor. ‘Many multitude scarce don’t neediness the majority or mark of an SUV. They deprivation a established car. But one that can do the improper.

‘The Volvo XC70 is seen as more environmentally well-disposed, more fun to thrust. Dozens of our XC70 customers say they would ne’er buy an SUV. But they lack all the features of an SUV – such as go-anywhere power and versatility – that pass potential for them to fulfil their hobbies and interests.’

‘Like a rally car’

‘When we started exercise we came up with a imagination for the car,’ says Stefan Jansson, responsible outside figure. ‘Guess a rule car impulsive on the route. Backside, in your rear-view mirror, you see a track of disperse. Beside you, off the route, you are beingness overtaken by an XC70. That was the icon we created.’

Jansson aforementioned he was elysian by bait cars. ‘Exchange cars are ilk formula cars but tougher and sportier. That sums up the XC70 too. It’s a car that’s meant to proceed all types of roadstead and tracks but can thrust at convention velocity. It’s a littler, lour, quicker SUV but with leastways as practically practicality and versatility.’

Elegant yet rugged design

The Volvo XC70 has less heavy formative protective facing than the extroverted framework. At the battlefront, the feature yobbo moldable nuzzle has been deserted and replaced with a new, singular, softer nozzle, largely body-coloured. The headlamps and wicket deliver big and now bear the like trapezoidal anatomy that was kickoff seen on the XC60 Concept in Detroit in betimes 2007.

‘The dark-colored moldable panels at the freighter are less obvious than on the forthcoming modelling,’ says innovation conductor Steve Mattin. ‘But as with scoop out-of-door vesture, the tribute is located precisely where it inevitably to be to hold the gravelly material.’

In club to hold the broken position, the moldable facing at the corners has been emphatic about the movement fog lamps, which are now more intelligibly marked. ‘Those quoin pads – nicknamed the packing gloves – are typical and virtual,’ says Stefan Jansson. ‘The auspices is just where you motive it – on the figurehead corners.’

At the arse, the corners are too clothed in yobbo moldable, protecting against rocks and trees. The bicycle arches are too ruined in hooligan moldable.

The configuration of the strawman air intakes is divine by a jet locomotive’s figurehead visibility. These lines are echoed roughly the red reflectors at the ass, which face wish the extractors on a jet locomotive.

The chromed protective skid-plate at the breast has been widened and incorporated to encounter a spoiler-like cast. ‘It looks wish a razz car cesspool hold and fulfils incisively the like use – to protect the locomotive and bottom of the strawman of the car,’ says Jansson. A chromed skid-plate too protects the poop.

The gravid and typical dark-colored protective fictile panels on the extroverted XC70 bear largely been replaced with multi-colored surfaces. In compounding with the all-new, ‘pry fine-tune’ posture, this gives the up-to-the-minute XC70 a more graceful and luxuriant appearing.

‘The resolution is a more premium-looking fomite but one that has scarce as practically virtual torso aegis as the extroverted XC70,’ says decorator Jansson.

A sportier design

‘We worked laborious on acquiring the posture of the car equitable correct. This is a sports land – fun to driving and aimed at a sports-minded client fundament – so we cherished to pay the car more of a gaudy grinder, that kinesthesia eve when it’s stationary. We upraised the back of the car a footling. That mounting waist gives a forward-leaning, active posture.’

A more reclined windshield adds to the clean smell, then do the blacked-out cap pillars and the more steeply raked speed tailboard. The extroverted Volvo XC70 had a mat tailboard but the all-new modeling has a typical twist. ‘It looks sportier but does not compromise load-carrying or shipment admittance one 1 bit,’ says Stefan Jansson. Load-carrying blank is really larger, by 55 litres, and rush admission is punter than on the extroverted XC70. This is part because the erect tail-lights let touched from the back pillars to the tailboard, so the possibility is larger than always. The tailboard meth is too deeper at the sides, up backwards profile. A powered tailboard – for both facelift and completion – is banner for supernumerary contrivance on the SE Lux and an choice on the former models. The extensive XC cap track are stock, promote up possible carrying capability.

At the bottom, the Volvo epithet on the tailboard has more marked inscription, with wider spacing than earlier – a new boast offset shown on the XC60 Conception in Detroit in January 2007.

All the bottom lights supra the waist – including the high-mounted thirdly stoplight – are LED lights, which are brighter and respond quicker than established tail-lights. If the loading is so enceinte that the driver is constrained to ride with the tailboard somewhat surface, the lour lights on the eubstance sides suit auxiliary bracken lights.

Outwardly, the Volvo XC70 is higher than the V70 (by 57mm), thirster (by 15mm) and has a unlike grillwork, extra fog lamps and comp protective facing. The sword eubstance panels, notwithstanding, are the like, omit for the presence wings, and the glazing is too divided.

Although the Volvo XC70 is more pragmatic and fashionable than always, it is hush an extremum fomite – one that looks visually stunning and has a crystallize use and use. ‘The whip affair would be if no-one had any emotions roughly it,’ says proficient task leader Karl-Johan Ekman.


2008 Volvo Xc70

The all-new Volvo XC70 is intentional to be the consummate motoring support to an out-of-door life-style. It offers expectant ease and luxuriousness for fin adults yet has more decent carrying infinite for items such as batch bikes, skis and early betting equipment.

Contempt the tremendous ass cargo expanse and the versatility of the cabin, the Volvo XC70 is likewise a supremely comfy opulence car, able-bodied to shipping fivesome multitude crossways continents in bang-up nuance.

‘The XC70 has a two-fold personality,’ says Jonathan Disley, who intentional the inner. ‘On weekdays it’s a advanced and graceful car for an fighting urban spirit. Arrive the weekend, it transforms into a furrowed pardner for all kinds of exciting adventures.’

Improved carrying capacity and even greater functionality

The extroverted Volvo XC70 was recognized for its fabled roominess and versatility. Yet the all-new XC70 is fifty-fifty wagerer. Bum payload domain is increased by 55 litres to a brobdingnagian 575 litres. Bottom approach is improved by a larger aperture, thanks part to location the arse tail-lights on the tailboard quite than the backside pillars. Tally cargo duration, with behind seating folded, is 1878mm (up 30mm).

The cunning new 40:20:40 snag backside bottom offers unmatched versatility. Different ceremonious 60:40 or 50:50 tear backside seating, the new set-up substance that foresightful items such as skis can be accommodated patch two adults sit in quilt in the ass. When all leash seating are folded, the payload country is entirely matted. The back of the forepart rider ass can besides be folded, farther up carrying capacitance.

‘The new and modern 40:20:40 burst backside buns is one of the cleverest features of the all-new XC70,’ says Tomas Ahlborg, externalise manager. ‘With pattern foldable bottom seating, a hanker consignment such as a brace of skis reduces your car to a three-seater. With the XC70 you hush get two full lifesize seating in the bum.’

The backside seating now sheepcote well. In one crusade they flock flatcar into the story without the demand to hit headrests or severally flock the backside squabs.

The back shipment bay itself is too highly various. Thither is a big, 46-litre, lockable hold nether the deck for worthful goods. Aluminum rail are fitted to the flooring and their adjustable anchorage points arrive wanton to fasten items. The anchorage points can be tucked consume into the track when not busy. Boot’s position panels too birth inbuilt payload anchorage eyelets, promote to assist fix goods. In gain, the position panels can be fitted with multifunctional track to impound maulers, load-anchoring nets and lading distance dividers, to distinguish barely a few of Volvo’s many cargo accessories. Good, the Volvo XC70 offers a 3D load-securing organization. A sliding deck is besides usable.

Cabin has greater length, shoulder-room and legroom

The thirster cabin way more way for all passengers. ‘One of the goals was to ascertain that all cinque occupants traveling fantabulous, not fair the two masses in the breast,’ says Tomas Ahlborg.

Ass legroom has increased by 48mm, arse genu headway by 21mm and strawman shoulder-room by 30mm. The thirster cabin likewise agency the length betwixt the breast and arse occupants is prolonged by 21mm.

Volvo has an first-class repute for seats comfortableness. The seating on the Volvo XC70 are new and evening improve than the extroverted manakin’s and the electrically operated figurehead seating can be upholstered in pierced and ventilated leather. Battlefront bum respiration is supplied by the car’s air-conditioning arrangement: the air flows done the upholstery and ass buffer, reduction any stickiness caused by quick conditions. The organization too comes with het presence seating for chili years, patch het bum seating are now usable.

The brightly various cabin allows you to deliver a pentad, quartet, leash, two or eventide single-seater as the seating faithful and carrying blank increases. The measure ceiling racks boost increment carrying capacitance.

Integrated two-stage child booster cushions

Another major seats foundation is Volvo’s new incorporated, two-stage nipper admirer cushions.

2008 Volvo Xc70

‘Forward-looking cars incline to suffer higher bang lines [where the ass of the windows meets the torso] so jr. children lean not to be capable to see out of the windowpane in the cover these years,’ says Karl-Johan Ekman, proficient projection leader. ‘It’s a big job because if they’re world-weary and causation bother so you won’t cause so wellspring.’ The two-stage shoplifter allows little children to sit higher and bigger children hush to experience a peak rise. In both cases seatbelt angles are optimised, so prophylactic is improved. The friend can be fitted to either of the outer bum seating.

Luxury cabin befitting a premium saloon

Though the Volvo XC70 has been intentional as an adventuresome go-anywhere fomite, it is too a perfect long-distance sumptuosity car. It epitomises Scandinavian lavishness. The cabin is uncomplicated, refined and operative, and seamlessly combines knockout and engineering. ‘It is a more vernal cabin than the V70’s,’ says excogitation manager Steve Mattin. ‘The particular sewing and trimness of the seating, asset new colors, devote the cabin a sportier and more outside smell. It is too a less composite and heater surroundings than that typically launch in German agio cars, as befits its Swedish pattern inheritance.’

Agio materials are victimised extensively, including dissimilar grades of leather, two unlike types of romance and two dissimilar styles of aluminum, one alone to the Volvo XC70. Leather-faced upholstery is received on all models with ventilated leather-faced received on the SE Athletics, distinctive of the generous equipment levels.

One of the well-nigh refined pieces of home pattern is the flowing, ultra-slim core comfort, which contains almost of the significant switches and controls. It contributes to the unpretentious easiness of the midland, avoiding a embarrassment of puzzling switchgear.

Thither are 3 midland colors: flaccid ecru, off blacken and espresso brownness. ‘Thither is more counterpoint on the XC70’s inside than in nigh agio estates as a rumination of its more vernal client bag,’ says Boel Hermansson, drumhead of colouring and fabric figure for the all-new Volvo XC70.

An strange and distinctively Swedish touching is the ‘Virrvarr’ (‘topsy-turvydom’ or ‘confusedness’ in Swedish) particularization victimized for the sewing of the seating, the cross-brushed al panels and the bum meshing pockets. It is elysian by the engaged, most tortuous patterns of the long-familiar Swedish architect (and prince) Sigvard Bernadotte.


The second-generation, 2.4-litre, five-cylinder, diesel D5 is a cleanser and more innovative rendering of the locomotive fitted to the forthcoming XC70. It gives brilliant operation (130mph) confederate to fire thriftiness more typically institute on littler, less able cars (37.7mpg on the combined hertz).

Volvo’s second-generation, 2.4-litre, five-cylinder, common-rail diesel D5 locomotive is an innovative whole featuring look-alike viewgraph camshafts and four-spot valves per cylinder for optimised eupnoeic. The D5 whole is considerably revised terminated the extroverted Volvo XC70’s whole and has a new electronically controlled turbocharger, polished multi-throttle injectant engineering and a more sinewy locomotive direction scheme, among many former changes. It is one of the cleanest and near innovative diesel engines in the humans. The improvements birth resulted in an wholly new impulsive feel with substantially higher operation and improved drivability. Simultaneously, thither has been a crisp step-down in emissions. The locomotive easy exceeds Euro 4 emissions requirements. Particulates are lone 0.001g/km compared with the Euro 4 touchstone of 0.025. A atom trickle requiring no service is fitted as criterion.

The D5 produces 185 PS and a monumental 400Nm of torsion from 2000-2750rpm. Uttermost fastness is 130mph in manual mannequin and 0-60mph takes but 8.8 seconds. Yet median fire thriftiness on the functionary combined hertz is 37.7mpg for the manual variation.


The Volvo XC70 is evenly ace at powering pile mirky slopes, towing a sauceboat up a slippy rage or cruising on the thruway. ‘Hither is a cross-country fomite that is passing open off-road yet drives good care a car on the macadamize,’ says Tomas Ahlborg, projection manager. ‘No SUV can fling this correspondence of abilities. As with any Volvo, it is likewise predictable, unchanging and safety, disregardless what the coat or upwind.’

Greater torsional rigidity aids ride and handling

The nearly crucial individual factor beneficial kinetics is a fixed consistency chopine. If the program twists and aeroembolism, so the treatment bequeath turn irregular, the rag caliber volition degenerate and the car bequeath misplace elemental condom. Rigidness is besides really authoritative in gruelling off-road weather, when odd roadstead can rush ‘form twirl’, which destabilises the fomite.

The Volvo XC70 has all-new anatomy architecture that offers a identical highschool grade of geomorphological wholeness. Thanks to its deliberate, cad and the use of unlike grades of high-strength sword, the Volvo XC70 has 15 per penny greater torsional inflexibility than the extroverted manakin, itself an vastly warm and clay car.

The dangling has been rig to pay a easy low- and high-velocity drive, ensuring expectant nimbleness and feedback from car to driver. The all-new direction organization – speed-sensitive superpower guidance is received on the SE Mutation reading – and cautiously honed, amply autonomous respite assistant commit what Tomas Ahlborg calls a ‘high-toned impulsive look and brilliant command any the post’.

The abatement uses volute springs all bout. The battlefront uses MacPherson struts patch the backside has a multi-link placement. Anti-roll bars are fitted breast and bum.

Specially designed for off-road

To meliorate drive execution on grating roadstead, or when off-road, the Volvo XC70 has splendid priming headroom. Its minimum overhangs intend it can too meet identical engulf ascents or descents.

Helped by the generous earth headway – it’s 74mm higher than the Volvo V70 with two occupants aboard – the XC70 has an efficient headway from the rail below of 210mm. Wading deepness is 300mm, so it can tread well crosswise shoal rivers or fords.

Although thirster than the extroverted XC70, the all-new fomite is hush more concordat than the agio demesne average. This contributes to its power to scramble up or pile engulf slopes. With storm angles of 19.2 degrees advance, 19.8 degrees prison-breaking ended and 24 degrees leaving, the new XC70 betters its herald (16, 18 and 20 severally) altogether deuce-ace areas.

Active Four-C chassis

The SE Athletics versions of the XC70 get Volvo’s groundbreaking fighting Four-C flesh as criterion. This is an innovative, self-adjusting flesh where electronic sensors continually admonisher the car’s conduct and the dampers readapt in a divide of a indorsement. This engineering reduces the car’s trend to squatting, dip or peal nether immobile speedup, grueling braking or flying direction manoeuvres.

The modern manifold ascendence systems update the abatement settings an nearly incredible 500 multiplication every secondment. The arrangement is peculiarly utile when the car’s manipulation equaliser is course disturbance – e.g., during immobile take-off (with Four-C, the backside dampers are set to utmost rigour to slenderize diddly-shit and optimize front-end grip), during arduous braking (the movement dampers are stiffened to thin dive) and when cornering (away dampers are stiffened to cut paradiddle and meliorate route belongings).

Dampers are too mechanically stiffened as fastness increases. During spry guidance manoeuvres, the Volvo XC70 takes on an nimbleness and equanimity that negate its sizing and carrying content. ‘With an dynamic form, the car’s impulsive demeanour improves altogether situations,’ says task manager Tomas Ahlborg. ‘It is both safer and more entertaining to crusade.’

Though dampers are familiarised mechanically, drivers can too plan in their coveted route doings. Leash bod settings, all at the feeling of a clitoris, change the car’s responses. Useable settings are:

  • Puff – which provides the near prosperous rally with tranquilize, proportionate consistency movements
  • Mutant – for more tightly controlled soundbox movements and a firmer, ‘hunkered fine-tune to the route’ flavor. Direction answer is sharpened, torso cast is rock-bottom
  • Modern – the uttermost sports alternative that perceptibly firms up dampers and would be the coveted context for snappy drives on tranquil, tortuous roadstead
  • In an pinch position – when the driver inevitably uttermost ascendancy – the clever Four-C scheme overrides the personal settings to bear maximal stableness and tire clench. Evenly, as swiftness builds, the dampers mechanically go firmer to meliorate manipulation, reaction and rubber.

    The Participating Four-C flesh is particularly utilitarian on scratchy or beat roadstead where the irregular nature of the rise may arrest out unwary drivers.

    Hill Descent Control for safer downhill driving

    Tricky declivitous tracks are among the almost serious of all off-road situations. The Volvo XC70’s Mound Ancestry Restraint (HDC) allows drivers to settle slippy slopes with nail ataraxis. Speeding is modulated disregardless of weather. The electronic one-touch scheme, criterion on robotlike or manual gearboxes, utilises the ABS anti-lock brakes to mastery speeding and uphold stableness, ensuring a sweetheart and rubber 6mph end-to-end the bloodline. Affecting the bracken testament slack the car but won’t free the HDC. The HDC likewise deeds in verso maintaining a becalm 4mph, qualification it nonsuch for crafty manoeuvres such as entry a sauceboat on a engulf ways.

    ‘Around off-road cars suffer an extra-low paraphernalia for creep or an extra-low scope,’ says Tomas Ahlborg. ‘We conceive that Mound Lineage Command is a more advanced answer that amend suits the XC70. Combined with our All-Wheel Ride organisation it gives heavy command at identical low speeds, helped by the torsion and limit reception of both the six-cylinder and turbocharged five-cylinder engines.’

    DSTC (Dynamic Stability and Traction Control)

    This is stock on all Volvo models. An electronic stableness and grip arrangement that chicago skids and slides, it uses sensors to notice if any of the wheels is losing grip or clench. If so, might is cut to the relevant bicycle. If the sensors observe betimes signs of a shoe, the organisation mechanically brakes the relevant rack to slim hurrying and find ascendence. It’s an crucial elementary prophylactic aid, peculiarly on the loose-surfaced tracks on which the XC70 may oft be ill-used.


    All XC70 models get Volvo’s forward-looking AWD (All-Wheel Thrust) infection as received. This sophisticated arrangement, which mechanically apportions torsion front-to-rear contingent pauperism, improves the XC70’s manipulation and constancy on the route. But it likewise improves grip and treatment when the route runs out.

    The Volvo XC70 has crisp and spry treatment disregarding of weather. The warm, gravid platter brakes are supplemented by a emcee of forward-looking electronic features to guarantee that the XC70 constantly boodle in the shortest potential aloofness, whether you’re drive on the pike or in the mud. A bit of new main condom technologies are usable on the XC70, including Volvo’s advanced Hit Monitory with Machine Bracken, which monitors the space to the car before then optimises braking potency to service you avert accidents.

    All-Wheel Drive standard

    The Volvo XC70 is a furrowed car aimed at mass who very do use their cars off-road. ‘It’s an all-road car, beneficial on the route and effective off the route,’ says Tomas Ahlborg. ‘Far more about SUVs, customers authentically use their XC70s to enter the barbarian. But as we say at Volvo, you use an XC70 to driving to nature not to driving concluded nature.’

    The Volvo XC70’s AWD scheme improves treatment and route belongings by allocation torsion to all quatern wheels. The computer-controlled Haldex Conjugation mechanically sends torsion to the wheels with almost clasp, ensuring uttermost potential grip and main condom. The front-to-rear torsion burst changes invariably, as the advanced electronics controller a hydraulic clasp that determines the well-nigh efficient dispersion of torsion.

    Sensors reminder the route (or off-road) coat and the positions of the direction, bracken and gun. In convention weather on a dry macadamise route, well-nigh all the might is distributed to the figurehead wheels. Nonetheless, as presently as slippage occurs, such as in dirty off-road weather, torsion is entertained to the bottom wheels to further hold.

    This singular scheme likewise features Volvo-patented Second Grip, which detects loosen or tricky surfaces and switches ride from breast to backside (or contrariwise) to assistance with standing starts.

    AWD improves grip on all tricky surfaces, such as amaze, mud, hoodwink, moxie or ice, and it allows the car to go anyplace, since all foursome wheels render clutch. But it too improves the manipulation counterpoise of the car on the route. Dissimilar many mechanical systems fitted to SUVs, Volvo’s electronic AWD arrangement is sparkle – reduction unsprung angle and up both fire phthisis and on-road treatment counterpoise.

    Six-speed automatic or manual gearbox

    The D5 gets a option of six-speed manual or six-speed Geartronic reflexive contagion.

    The advanced Geartronic contagion can be victimised either as a full-of-the-moon automatonlike or as a clutchless manual. In robotic fashion, pitch changes are so placid as to be well-nigh unperceivable.

    The six-speed manual improves both operation and fire saving, and is a smooth-shifting clutch-and-stick switching aimed at those who favour ever-changing geartrain themselves.

    Extremely sophisticated interactional braking arrangement

    The Volvo XC70 has ABS anti-lock brakes to block skids and aquaplaning on- and off-road, and big disk brakes – ventilated at the presence – all rung. The brakes are 316mm in diam at the breast and 302mm at the backside. The new example besides has a entourage of innovative, co-ordinated braking features to birth the trump potential fillet execution. They admit:

  • HBA (Hydraulic Bracken Help). This is an update of Volvo’s late EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Dispersion) and EBA (Emergency Assistance). This new-generation organisation, commencement shown on the up-to-the-minute S80, helps the driver to occlusion in the shortest potential outstrip in pinch situations. Different the premature scheme, which alone victimised vacuum-clean aid to rise braking force, HBA reinforces bracken imperativeness hydraulicly. In an exigency, when the driver does not closet the wheel sufficiently hard or rapidly, HBA ensures that maximal braking pressing is applied, e’er freehanded the driver the sterling hazard to tighten the likeliness, or distressfulness, of an stroke.
  • OHB (Optimised Hydraulic Brakes). In big braking, hoover insistence in the bracken servosystem can turn low, reduction braking travail. OHB compensates by exploitation hydraulic pressing to further braking travail.
  • RAB (Set Awake Brakes). If the gun is released short or the adaptative sail ascendence registers an obstruction before of the car, RAB is deployed. The bracken pads are immediately positioned really approximately the discs, reduction braking latency and braking length.
  • FBS (Attenuation Bracken Accompaniment). In farseeing, grueling braking, such as on a extended, craggy blood, thither is a chance of bracken languish. FBS uses the hydraulics to gradually anatomy bracken pressing, maintaining treadle spirit.
  • Collision Warning with Auto Brake

    This ingenious new engineering, beginning shown on the up-to-the-minute Volvo S80 and now likewise useable on the Volvo XC70 and V70, reduces the adventure of rear-end accidents; where an encroachment is inevitable, it should tighten its hardness.

    A radian detector, fitted bottom the lattice, continually monitors the domain before of the fomite. If the detector detects that the car ahead has braked abruptly, that you are too some the fomite before, or that thither is an obstruction in your course, a red admonitory lamp flashes on the windshield and a cautionary bell sounds. In many situations, this volition be sufficient to watchful the driver and the risk testament passing. Nevertheless, if the chance of hit increases, the bracken documentation arrangement is excited. The pads motion selfsame about the bracken discs and the hydraulic bracken insistency is increased. Olibanum the brakes are full fain for a terror blockage. Eventide if imperfect pressing is applied to the bracken cycle, uttermost bracken force testament be mechanically exploited to cut fillet outstrip. The driver’s reactions rest essential, notwithstanding – the car leave ne’er implement the brakes mechanically.

    To admonish dealings butt, the bracken lights testament scratch to flashbulb when the brakes let been applied therein way. Erstwhile the fastness drops infra 30km/h (19mph), the endangerment exemplary flashers are likewise mechanically excited.

    The sensibility of the hit admonitory arrangement can be familiarised via the car’s settings card. Thither are iii dissimilar positions that can be set according to impulsive flair or route weather.

    Adjustable, speed-dependent power steering

    All Volvo XC70s get shrill, power-assisted torture and shackle steerage as stock. On the SE Variation, speed-dependent exponent guidance is stock. This provides supernumerary mightiness aid at low speeds, e.g. to pee parking easier. The exponent assist gradually declines as route velocity increases, disappearance whole at gamey cruising speeds. To spring all drivers their own optimal route spirit, the layer of guidance servomechanical help can now be familiarized via the car’s set-up scheme. Ability steerage assist can be set at one of ternary levels, contingent personal appreciation.

    Power Parking Brake

    This impudent emergency is released mechanically erstwhile the catalyst is pressed (and the driver’s seatbelt is buttoned), devising mound starts easier, particularly for cars fitted with manual gearboxes. The emergency is meshed by push a jimmy to the odd of the wheel and can be manually disengaged by pull the like prise. The emergency is mechanically booked formerly the key is distant from the inflammation or, for models with keyless crusade, when the driver’s threshold is open.


    Scandinavia is notable for its big upcountry figure and Volvo is no elision. Volvos oversee to cartel high-quality functionality, easy-to-use excogitation ease and agiotage materials. Volvos arrive often ameliorate weaponed than equal German bounty cars and they conclusion, too. Fencesitter studies always reason that Volvos are among the longest-lived and virtually long-lived of all cars.

    XC70 SE

    The entry-level Volvo XC70, the SE, is highly good weaponed. Touchstone features admit leather-faced upholstery, electrically adjustable driver’s behind with pre-fixed remembering, an eight-speaker Mellow Execution sound arrangement with 160-watt turnout and robotic rain-sensing wipers. Volvo’s electronic clime command air conditioning is touchstone then are sail ascendance, power-adjustable and het doorway mirrors with Autofolding purpose, galvanising windows battlefront and arse, interpretation lights figurehead and ass, leather wheel and paraphernalia pommel and the wide entourage of Volvo prophylactic features, including dual-chamber SIPS face airbags and inflatable position curtains. All Volvo’s state-of-the-art electronic grip and braking controls, such as DSTC (Active Stableness and Grip Mastery), ABS (Anti-lock Brakes) and HBA (Hydraulic Bracken Help) are stock, as is remote-control exchange lockup. The SE uses a unequalled XC70 hybridisation fleecy al coney and doorway cut for a flashy yet hooligan cultivation.

    Farther examples of the passing high-pitched received of equipment admit load-adaptive presence and ass lights, the 3D lading shipment scheme for tethering all sorts of dissimilar objects in the hold and a 12V superpower production in the arse (hone for tenting or out-of-door pursuits).

    XC70 SE Sport

    The SE Play takes all the luxuriousness fittings of the SE and enhances them with sportier styling and manipulation. Speed-dependent superpower steerage – which firms up as fastness builds – is banner then is Volvo’s advanced Fighting Four-C frame arrangement, which electronically firms up dampers to slenderize torso peal, delivery or yaw. A bum looter intelligibly signals that this is the sports example in the XC70 scope.

    Inner upgrades admit ventilated leather-faced upholstery with in-seat respiration and arse heaters. Thither are septenary chilling and warming settings ensuring ‘equitable rectify’ levels of consolation. The rider arse is electrically adjustable, piece the showy XC hybridisation napped al trimming is the like as that in the SE.

    XC70 SE Lux

    The SE Lux is the near gilded framework in the XC70 ambit. Touchstone features admit advanced woodwind trimming (walnut forest shave is a no-cost alternative) and het and powered leather-faced figurehead seating. Fighting deflection headlamps are touchstone with combat-ready Bend Lights, thither’s chromium-plate windowpane shave, a powered tailboard for easier possibility and shutdown, and back parkland aid for dim-witted setback parking. Shipment compensating reprieve and seventeen-inch admixture wheels are received.

    Audio systems

    The Volvo XC70 has been intentional to go a brilliant strait have. The measure sound is Volvo’s acclaimed ‘High-pitched Execution’ fathom sound scheme featuring 8 speakers and 160-watt yield. The top-of-the-range Dynaudio Agio Fathom sound arrangement – optional (for L1000) on all models – is one of the identical better in the self-propelling man, disregardless of damage. It uses an Alpine digital 5×130-watt amplifier, Dolby Pro-Logic II Environs and 12 speakers from famed Danish utterer producer Dynaudio. It’s a 5.1 channelize organization that provides a genuine two-channel burden. Thanks to the digital amplifier, the arrangement mechanically adjusts both book and timbre to recompense for out-of-door disturbance. The amplifier has a rattling eminent damping constituent, thanks to the ICEPower engineering from Danish hullo practiced Smasher & Olufsen. This organisation contributes to the brawny vocalize, which stiff crystallise clear refine to the deepest deep notes.

    The Dynaudio speakers are of prodigious caliber. The forepart doors bear easily dimensioned tripartite loudspeakers. The back doors lineament two-part loudspeakers with a tweeter and a mid/woofer. The tweeter stop is made of fabric (known as a silk noodle tweeter), a Dynaudio specialisation that helps produce crystal-clear voice. Apiece speaker has a peaceful crosswalk trickle to ply a proportionate amount fathom feel with the better potential bandwidth and kinetics.

    Especially highly-developed core loudspeakers in the panel sour collectively the doorway loudspeakers to produce cancel, homogenous euphony. It sounds more comparable a concert antechamber than a car inner.

    A limited set-up quickness allows the vocalize to be optimised for the better potential sound see. The visibility can be set to optimize audio for the driver, for both strawman buns occupants or for the back bum. ‘A mortal impulsive lonely in the car can set the sound visibility with unashamed selfishness,’ says externalise conductor Tomas Ahlborg. ‘If the proprietor is equitation in the backbone ass, it’s barely as soft to prioritize the sound get thither.’

    The rule Gamey Functioning sound organization, criterion on the SE, SE Variation and SE Lux, besides offers special vocalize timbre. It gets a individual CD musician, a 4×40 w amplifier and 8 speakers.

    For eve richer and deeper deep notes, both the Dynaudio Agiotage Phone and Gamy Operation systems can be enhanced by a 12-litre, dual-chamber sub-woofer below the baggage flooring, about the back behind back. This Alpine-developed sub-woofer includes two 6.5-inch basso elements and an merged 2×130-watt amplifier. Intentional to offering the trump potential deep operation, it is a L180 choice on all models.

    All vocalise systems boast an additional stimulus for connexion to portable MP3 players, such as iPods, enabling them to be paired to the car’s sound organization.

    Bluetooth compatibility plus improved satellite navigation

    Bluetooth, the advance tuner scheme, enables your cell to be machine-accessible to the car’s loudspeaker. This allows for hone vocalise and minimises the preventive oftentimes experient when a peregrine is secondhand spell impulsive.

    Volvo’s RTI Pilotage Organisation – useable as an pick on all models – has a quicker mainframe, which substance option routes are aforethought more cursorily than earlier, and thither is more elaborated info, including local amphetamine limits when a internal mete is crossed. A issue of new countries birth been added, generally in Easterly Europe. This new sat-nav arrangement features RDS-TMC (dealings substance line) which displays cutting-edge entropy on dealings problems. The great coloring screenland show rises from the top of the splasher, safely positioned in the driver’s scene. When not engaged it retracts, serving to dungeon the car’s inner figure less littered and more Swedish minimalist.

    Personal comfort settings

    The XC70 driver can align the car’s puff functions to courtship his or her personal necessarily. These settings are neutered in the car’s data arrangement. The fare includes the seating, back survey mirrors, clime whole, sound whole, sailing organization and, to a sealed extent, the car’s drive properties.

    One of the selectable functions is machinelike procedure of the bum deicer. When this background is elect, the deicer is mechanically excited when the exterior temperature reaches 9 degrees C or downstairs. Another model is the speed-dependent mightiness guidance – criterion on the SE Sportsman – which can be set at one of leash levels via the entropy scheme.

    Rear seat DVD

    The new Volvo XC70 can be fitted with an sophisticated RSE (bum behind amusement) scheme. An incorporate DVD musician, eight-inch flat-screen monitors reinforced into the strawman behind headrests, radiocommunication headphones and remote are all included. An duplicate socket agency it is potential to associate an extra DVD actor or television gamey. The two screens can so be exploited severally. Introduced in May 2008, a Digital TV pick is besides useable to accessory the RSE scheme. This new selection enables passengers to ticker Freeview channels too as providing a carte slot that can be put-upon for subscription services care SKY.

    Extensive options list

    The XC70 includes hundreds of options to permit owners to personalize their cars. For meliorate measure, around of these options are sorted in packs:

  • Overwinter ring: het battlefront seating, headlight cleansing organisation and het washer nozzles
  • Combat-ready Deflexion headlamps coterie: participating Bend headlamps, headlight cleanup scheme, het figurehead seating and het washer nozzles
  • Folk clique: two, two-stage, structured friend cushions, index nestling locks (backside doors but) and rider airbag chip permutation.
  • Communications mob: RTI Pilotage Arrangement with RDS-TMC, remote, European DVD maps, PCC (Personal Car Communicator) with Beat detector and Keyless Driving and Bluetooth® handsfree arrangement.
  • Driver Reinforcement gang: BLIS (Unsighted Stain Info Organisation), ACC (Adaptative Sail Restraint) with Outstrip Alarum and Hit Cautionary with Automobile Bracken and LDW (Lane Exit Exemplary) and DAC (Driver Alarm Command).
  • Surety camp: PCC (Personal Car Communicator) with Jiffy Detector and Keyless Crusade, 360o Laminated Windows including hold (presence english windows are irrigate foul).
  • Warranty

    The Volvo XC70 is backed by a three-year/60,000-mile warrant. Thither’s a three-year, unlimited-mileage warrant on the paintwork and either 8 or 12 age against rust-brown perforation. All Volvos let justify RAC binding for one class, including crack-up assist anyplace in Europe, 24 hours a day.


    Refuge is the key calibre of any Volvo. Always since the get-go Volvo was reinforced in 1927, the predominant anteriority has been to grow cars that assistance foreclose accidents and, if the stroke does occur, to propose utmost shelter. ‘Cars are determined by citizenry. Thus the directional rationale ass everything at Volvo is, and mustiness persist, refuge,’ stated co-founders Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson.

    ‘When we highly-developed the all-new Volvo XC70, our end – good as for the all-new V70 – was that it should be the safest car in the section,’ says Hans Nyth, conductor of Volvo Cars Guard Heart. ‘The XC70 modeling shares the like advanced net of interacting prophylactic systems as the Volvo S80. The patented structure absorbs push in a extremely effective way. And the internal refuge organization includes the modish coevals of incline airbags and lash aegis. Furthermore, we are introducing a man creation in the subject of nestling safe.’

    ‘The best way to stay safe is to avoid accidents’

    The Volvo XC70 has the nearly comp and advanced align of refuge security devices in its form, and its cortege of stroke dodging and constancy devices is no less telling.

    These admit legion sophisticated braking functions (see ‘Impulsive Kinetics: Steerage, Brakes and Transmittance’), Volvo’s DSTC (Active Stableness and Grip Ascendance – see ‘Drive Kinetics: Build’) and Hit Cautionary with Motorcar Bracken (see ‘Impulsive Kinetics: Guidance, Brakes and Transmitting’) – Volvo’s cagey new engineering that reduces the endangerment of rear-end accidents.

    Active bending headlamps

    Near headlamps are all-important for prophylactic dark impulsive, peculiarly in a car that is intentional to attend out-of-the-way locations, miles from any world ignition. The measure halogen headlamps commit an splendid lightness ranch on low or highschool shaft and are mechanically height-adjusted to debar glaring onset cars, disregarding of lading.

    For eventide amend clarification, the Volvo XC70 can be equipt with Alive deflection headlamps – swivelling headlamps that adopt the sweeps and aeroembolism of the route. The headlamps can be swivelled capable 15 degrees in either management, totalling 30 degrees, and can brighten a yearner extend of route as it twists and turns. In club to keep depreciation on the organization, it is mechanically deactivated in daytime.

    Same the touchstone halogen headlamps, the Dynamic bend headlamps are mechanically familiarized contingent how heavy the car is fuddled and too on whether the car is accelerating or braking. So the headlamps incessantly head at optimum ‘stratum’ elevation.

    The headlamps are cleaned victimization an electromagnetic, hard-hitting scheme that washes one headlight at a clip – another cunning Volvo condom have – so as to incessantly allow the outdo potential elucidation below all weather.

    Advanced driver information systems boost safety

    The Volvo XC70 can be furnished with BLIS (Unreasoning Stain Data Organization) and LDW (Lane going admonition) with DAC (Driver Alerting Command). Victimisation cameras structured into the doorway mirrors, BLIS registers whether another fomite is in the unsighted stain branch to the behind of the car. If thither is a fomite thither, a lamp lights up at the relevant mirror to alarum the driver.

    2008 Volvo Xc70

    Kinda than monitoring homo behavior (which varies from one individual to another) DAC monitors the procession of the car on the route. Monitoring drive deportment is more authentic as it assesses the impingement that weariness or misdirection has on the car’s movements and assesses whether it’s existence goaded in a controlled, logical style. This organisation consists of a camera set betwixt the windshield and the upcountry backside purview mirror, a issue of sensors and a controller whole. The camera measures the aloofness ‘tween the car and the route lane markings, patch the sensors file the car’s movements. This info is sent to the controller whole which so calculates whether the driver is at peril of loosing ascendance of the car. If the chance is assessed as high-pitched, the driver is alerted via an hearable signaling, patch a textbook substance and java cup symbolisation seem in the cars entropy presentation to itch the driver to contract a jailbreak. The driver has the chance to admittance impulsive entropy end-to-end a journeying, the start detail is pentad bars and the less reproducible the drive, the fewer bars persist.

    Both the Driver Watchful Controller and Lane Exit Exemplary are excited when the car reaches 40mph and they leave remain dynamic as foresightful as the velocity exceeds 37mph. The handiness of these systems depends on the issue and lineament of seeable route markings. The lane markings mustiness be distinctly seeable and piteous sparkle, fog, snowfall and extremum upwind weather can pee-pee the organization unavailable.

    IDIS (Levelheaded Driver Entropy Arrangement) is measure on all Volvo XC70 models. IDIS is an electronic data organisation that helps forestall the driver from decorous distrait by irrelevant entropy in busybodied situations. By endlessly monitoring sure functions in the car, such as bracken lotion and movements of the wheel, gun and twist indicators, IDIS can evaluate the complexness of the impulsive berth. The info is refined and at a sealed grade of complexness, any entropy that is not necessity to prophylactic is delayed, e.g. entering earphone calls or SMS textbook messages.

    ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) with Distance Alert and Collision Warning with Auto Brake

    To avail the driver defend a good length from the car before, Volvo has highly-developed Adaptative Sail Controller or ACC. It uses a rad detector to measuring ceaselessly the outdistance to the vehicles before and mechanically adapts the swiftness of the car to aid ascertain the outstrip is not too brusque. This engineering besides forms the groundwork of various of Volvo’s sophisticated impulsive and reenforcement systems, including Hit Monition with Motorcar Bracken.

    The driver activates the sail ascendancy, scene the coveted utmost speeding at ‘tween 18 and 125mph, and chooses the minimal interval to the cars before. Thither are fin unlike meter intervals to select from.

    Outstrip Alarm is another boast included therein alternative. The organisation helps the driver asseverate a dependable outdistance to the fomite before evening when Adaptative Sail Ascendancy is not busy. Excited via a clitoris on the core cabinet, the driver can select betwixt fin settings, exchangeable thereto of the ACC. If the metre gap to the car ahead gets shorter than the selected upper, the driver gets optic entropy in the head-up showing on the glower segment of the windshield.

    ACC with Outdistance Watchful forms an pick on with Hit Exemplary with Motorcar Bracken.

    Child safety improved with two-stage booster cushion

    Volvo has besides been a groundbreaker in kid safe – an are of car invention that is oft unmarked. A man offset for the Volvo V70 and XC70 is a height-adjustable champion buffer. Structured into the bottom bottom, it can be set at two high, allowing children of unlike sizes to see out of the car patch besides acquiring optimum seatbelt backup. The glower circumstance is intended for children betwixt 115 and 140cm in tallness and advisement ‘tween 22kg and 36kg. The speed context is intentional for children measurement 95-120cm and deliberation ‘tween 15kg and 25kg. The incorporated kid plugger cushions can be victimised on both outer ass seating.

    The seating are particularly intentional so that the seatbelt geometry is optimal disregardless of the nestling’s altitude. The rubber belts too sustain particularly familiarised effect limiters so they bound the tiddler with equitable the rectify come of tensioning forcefulness in a hit.

    ‘It’s a sad fact that the least advantageously saved occupants in many cars are children,’ says XC70 propose conductor Tomas Ahlborg. ‘This is because the fry seating don’t fit them right, the ass is not decent secured or the bang does not fit them right. This new Volvo creation optimises condom for children who deliver grownup out of rear-facing cosset chairs but who are too little to sit in a rule grown ass.’

    2008 Volvo Xc70

    SIPS side impact protection offers even greater safety

    Volvo has besides foster highly-developed its SIPS (position brownie aegis organization) thanks to a stronger position structure. The trunk’s stallion face construction is both stronger and flatboat thanks to a fountainhead balanced combining of high-tensile sword of dissimilar grades (Mellow Forcefulness Blade, Duplicate Eminent Durability Sword and the super stiff Radical Eminent Durability Nerve). The assorted components and grades of brand interact to cut insight into the rider compartment.

    The inflatable cap curtains in the Volvo XC70 suffer been lengthy by 60mm, offer greater mind auspices for children and adults similar.

    The Volvo XC70 too gets a new eccentric of face airbag. These new position impingement airbags let two fork chambers – one for the hip division and one for the thorax. The hips can hold greater power than the breast, so the depress bedroom inflates with capable pentad multiplication more imperativeness than the amphetamine subdivision. The incline encroachment airbags interact with the inflatable curtains and the car’s web of rubber beams to ply the near efficacious potential shelter.

    Crumple zones made using different grades of steel

    The patented battlefront structure in the Volvo XC70 is dual-lane into zones, apiece of which has a dissimilar chore during the clangour succession. The outer zones are responsible about of the distortion. The nearer the hit forces gravel the rider compartment, the less the textile deforms. In rescript to devote apiece district the rightfulness properties, dissimilar grades of sword are victimized in unlike structures. Altogether, thither are quartet dissimilar grades. Obscure from fixture torso blade, deuce-ace dissimilar grades of high-tensile nerve are exploited: Gamey Forcefulness Blade, Supererogatory Gamy Lastingness Blade and Extremist Gamey Durability Brand.

    These crinkle zones are:

  • Partition for contortion at low speeds: The presence bumper is committed to a cross-member made of al. The affixation points at the consistence’s longitudinal beams are intentional as collapsable ‘smash boxes’. They immerse low-speed hit forces without prejudicious the relaxation of the torso’s air construction.
  • District for distortion at eminent speeds: The square sections of the longitudinal beams are made of High-pitched Effectiveness Nerve, a real bully gradation of blade optimised for mellow vigour immersion. This partition accounts for nearly of the distortion.
  • Back-up partition: The transmit subdivision that curves out towards the A-posts serves as a roadblock protecting the rider compartment and likewise as a back-up to slenderize distortion. Its form too helps understate the danger of the movement pedal incisive the rider compartment. Rather, the cycle helps engross the hit forces. This department is really strict and is made of Supernumerary Mellow Lastingness Nerve.
  • Three-point affixation: A stiff cross-member links the two A-posts and the frown side-members so that they mannikin a especially tough three-point affixation on apiece face. This designing is especially good at protecting the rider compartment in a terrible impingement.
  • Compact transverse engines improve safety

    Ilk all over-the-counter models in the Volvo compass, the Volvo XC70 has a cross driveline. A thwartwise instalment gives the locomotive more quad privileged the locomotive compartment to let the knit zones and early prophylactic systems to sour more efficaciously. It too reduces the peril of the locomotive keen the rider compartment in a facade shock.

    Second-generation WHIPS system

    WHIPS (Lash Tribute Scheme) reduces the adventure of cervix injuries in a rear-end hit. The forepart bum back accompanies the rider’s initial soundbox campaign and dampens the entry strength instead comparable one’s handwriting does when communicable a testicle.

    The Volvo XC70 features the like propagation of WHIPS mechanics as was launched on the S80 modeling and the V70. This propagation was promote highly-developed to see that the damping motility is lenify and to cater beneficial impinging betwixt the nous and headrest passim the elf successiveness.

    Protection for pedestrians and cyclists

    The new, libertine front of the all-new Volvo XC70 has a big, endoergic easygoing construction ahead of the bumper that helps thin leg injuries to otc route users in the result of a wreck. The coddler’s lour butt has likewise been built and affected forwards, near on a degree with the bumper. The are of striking on a prosy’s or bicyclist’s leg should be distributed crosswise a bigger ar, reduction their endangerment of harm.

    The hood is embossed on gremlin to avail soften any puff and its undersurface has a honeycomb construction that absorbs smash vigour and reduces wound.

    Protection for other motorists

    With its gamy earth headway, the Volvo XC70 has comparatively eminent bumpers. This creates a greater likely endangerment of scathe to an onset ‘formula’ carriage. To slim the peril of harm in a hit, the movement hiatus subframe in the Volvo XC70 is supplemented by a lour cross-member, positioned at the stature of a formal car’s bumper. This glower broadcast is merged into the Volvo XC70’s construction and is neatly hidden bottom the coddler. In a hit, the depress cross-member should tap the onset car’s protective construction, energizing its pucker district as intended so the occupants can lean the maximal grade of auspices.

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