2008 Volkswagen Touareg Bluetdi

Volkswagen Touareg BlueTDI

On its new Touareg Volkswagen is introducing one of the cleanest diesel engines in the earth: The BlueTDI with SCR catalytic convertor. This convertor reduces n dioxide (NOx) emissions by capable 90 percentage. The Touareg BlueTDI, that delivers 165 kW / 225 PS, meets fifty-fifty the near thought-provoking release emissions standards. Presently, the last limits are set in the US states California, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont and Maine: In the “Tier2 Bin5” criterion. The Touareg BlueTDI beingness presented in Hollands is one of the get-go vehicles with a diesel that can open this vault too. Peculiarly in the USA, stinting turbo-diesels same the V6 BlueTDI can bring, more any early flow powertrain engineering, toward reduction oil usance and the contemporaries of climate-impacting nursery gases.

Thus, Volkswagen testament be oblation the Touareg with SCR catalytic convertor start in 2008, initially in the USA, as office of the BlueTec Alinement started jointly Audi and DaimlerChrysler at the end of finale class. Likewise slated for 2008: The troupe for littler vehicles comparable the Jetta testament precede, in America, a NOx store catalytic convertor that eliminates capable 90 pct of n oxides. The two technically intriguing systems are scheduled to launching in Europe a curt meter afterwards.

The Euro-4 criterion presently specifies a NOx bound of 0.25 g/km hither. The US measure, which the Touareg BlueTDI satisfies, specifies among early things a NOx demarcation of 0.043 g/km (0.07 g/mi).

2008 Volkswagen Touareg BlueTDI


SCR is the common outside acronym for “Selective Catalytic Simplification”. “Selective” refers to the fact that this catalytic convertor has a selfsame particular job. Its determination is to selectively commute the n oxide (NOx) release components to n and piss without generating any unsuitable slope products. It was highly-developed just for this extremely specialised project. Hence, in the futurity vehicles such as the Touareg BlueTDI, existence shown first in Hollands, bequeath too be furnished with an oxidization catalytic convertor and a diesel particulate permeate.

The n oxides are reborn utilizing a synthetically produced, water-based carbamide answer, e.g. AdBlue, which is stored in an adjuvant tankful on the Touareg BlueTDI. The center, consisting of 32.5 pct carbamide, is endlessly sprayed into the eject flow earlier the SCR catalytic convertor. It is metered based on the masses stream of the beat. Locomotive direction ensures accurate regulating, based on info from a NOx detector set afterwards the SCR catalytic convertor.

2008 Volkswagen Touareg Bluetdi

Atomized into a amercement spraying by a cover, the carbamide is transformed in the hot release gas flow upriver of the catalytic convertor. In the SCR catalytic convertor this reacts with the n oxides and splits them, as described, into n and weewee. The water-based linear AdBlue is non-toxic, odourless and biodegradable.

AdBlue is consumed at an norm order of most 0.1 litre per 100 kilometers. Usance and tankful sizing are sized so that the AdBlue supplying does not motive to be replenished until the adjacent scheduled servicing.


Likewise introducing the SCR catalytic convertor, the engineers at Volkswagen Self-propelling Grouping suffer assemble an total package of advanced modifications. Burning bedroom sensors are existence enforced first; they varan coerce weather in the cylinders. And a new usual track arrangement with 2,000 bar shot coerce atomizes the fire flush finer. The idealistic burning achieved by these measures enhances placid locomotive working and lowers boilersuit raw emissions.

2008 Volkswagen Touareg Bluetdi

In the feat to tighten emissions, particularly NOx raw emissions, efforts beingness made in intragroup locomotive modifications admit measures to depress utmost temperatures in the burning chambers and to cut o assiduity by tucker gas recirculation. N oxides generated contempt these measures are fed to the new SCR catalytic convertor and are distant, as defined supra.


2008 Volkswagen Touareg Bluetdi

As engineers began to get the BlueTDI, their commencement finish was to accomplish promote boilersuit burning optimisation in the locomotive. The humans premier of such an initiation is organism storied in the BlueTDI – the burning bedroom detector. Incorporate in the gleaming stopple, the detector unceasingly measures insistence weather in the cylinder and reports the information to locomotive direction.

This enables perfective controller of shot and burning in apiece cylinder; it is eve potential to remunerate for fluctuating qualities of fire. Idealistic burning helps to slim raw emissions. It too optimizes placid working and disturbance behaviour.

2008 Volkswagen Touareg Bluetdi

The intensively elegant park railing shot arrangement serves the like purposes. With a fresh intentional heart, the arrangement builds up 2,000 bar of insistence – besides an founding. The piezo injectors get been importantly limited too. Their littler eight-hole nozzles shoot minuscule sprayer volumes into the burning chambers. This, conjointly the higher insistency compound to farm an shot that is eve more accurate and active – elaborated oeuvre that as a solid has resulted in one of the nigh stinting and cleanest six-cylinder diesel engines in the humans.


To signalise its activities in the region of environmental shelter, Volkswagen has rig a BlueMotion Green at the 2007 Hollands Motive Establish. At legion exhibits and synergistic data terminals on technical highlights visitors can have how Volkswagen technologies are preserving the mobility of now and tomorrow. Key topics addressed hither are engines, transmissions, man-made fuels, whippersnapper expression and aeromechanics. Exhibits relating to BlueTDI systems are another direction: The SCR catalytic convertor for bigger vehicles wish the Touareg, and the NOx warehousing catalytic convertor such as the one Volkswagen introduced first in a Jetta trial car.

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