2008 Volkswagen Golf Gti Concept

Volkswagen Golf GTI Concept

In 1976 the Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk I was launched as a low loudness increase to the Golf compass. Xxx two age, fivesome generations and 1.7 jillion sales abaft that car effected the spawn, the one-sixth genesis of the Volkswagen Golf GTI has been unveiled in construct configuration beforehand of its populace entry at the 2008 Paris Centrifugal Appearance.

The kernel attributes of the pilot VW Golf GTI – abrupt kinetics, stylus and practicality – continue in the new Volkswagen Golf GTI Conception. Yet the new car uses the up-to-the-minute advances in drivetrain and build engineering intentional to heighten kinda than detract from the whiteness of the drive get.

The strut-type presence and multi-link ass hanging architecture from the ceremonious Golf are adoptive in limited configuration on the GTI. Peculiarly tuned springs, dampers and anti-roll bars are linked, first on the GTI, by the pick of Adaptative Figure Ascendence (ACC) which comprises adjustable pneumatic dampers. With ternary settings ranging from ‘solace’ to ‘formula’ and ‘variation’ the ACC arrangement besides remaps the direction and accelerator reply to devote a fomite that can smasher a counterbalance betwixt astute kinetics and consistency ascendancy and ease piece drive in urban areas or on motorways.

2008 Volkswagen Golf Gti Concept

First the new Volkswagen Golf GTI features an electronic circumscribed elusion derivative (XDS) joined to a advanced ESP (Electronic Stabilization Broadcast) arrangement in gild to maximize grip and amend responses.

2008 Volkswagen Golf GTI Concept

Powering the Volkswagen Golf GTI Conception is a 2.0-litre iv cylinder TSI locomotive underdeveloped 210 PS – a advance of 10 PS complete the Mk V GTI. Scorn this advance the new locomotive is both more effective, reverting 37.6 mpg on the combined wheel patch emitting 178 g/km of CO2 compared to 189 g/km for the extroverted car. Installed in the new Volkswagen Golf GTI Conception the 2.0-litre TSI locomotive allows the fomite to quicken from impasse to 62 mph in 7.2 seconds earlier arrival a top speeding of 148 mph qualification it the quickest touchstone output GTI yet produced.

2008 Volkswagen Golf Gti Concept

A squad of deuce-ace designers are responsible the new Volkswagen Golf GTI Conception: Walter de Sylva (Conductor, Radical Pattern), Klaus Bischoff (Manager, Stain Innovation) and Marc Lichte (Manager, Outside Pattern). The new car bears crystallize ocular links with the pilot. ‘We treasured a systematically open GTI excogitation, a car that has index, but flair too,’ commented Walter de Sylva.

This is unmistakable in the red grillwork beleaguer that echoes the archetype, on with the horizontal grillwork fins and graceful yet purposeful new headlights featuring single lamp pods bum a semitransparent screening. In visibility the position skirts of the VW Golf Mk V that prolonged the distance of the sill are replaced by elusive wraparound versions that stretch lone partly on the depress boundary of the fomite. At the ass a set of GTI smoke-cured taillight lenses are coupled by a ass diffusor channelling air from below the fomite that’s successively framed by a duad of chromium-plate tailpipes.

2008 Volkswagen Golf Gti Concept

The typical 18-inch ‘dial’ wheels from the VW Golf GTI Mk V micturate a return, albeit in subtly evolved mannikin on the Mk VI Volkswagen Golf GTI Construct. Ruined in polished fluent with burnish blacken inserts, the new wheels are evocative of those kickoff fitted to the Volkswagen Golf GTI W12 650 Concept.

Continuing the unique modifications to the GTI over the conventional Golf is a new interior. Drawing on the all-new interior of the Mk VI Golf the GTI features a flat-bottomed steering wheel finished in black leather with contrasting red stitching. A set of contoured sports seats finished in grey tartan cloth reminiscent of the Mk I and Mk V models are joined by unique instruments and gloss black dashboard and door trim inserts framed by silver highlights.

2008 Volkswagen Golf Gti Concept

As with all Golf models the new Volkswagen Golf GTI Concept is fitted with a high level of standard equipment including seven airbags, a CD stereo, climate control and ESP.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI Concept is intended as a first step towards the VW Golf GTI which will start production in spring 2009.

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