2008 Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion

Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion

The about economic and last emissions Golf of all multiplication is one of the highlights at Volkswagen’s IAA expo region this class in Frankfurt. The new Golf BlueMotion consumes upright 4.5 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers – compared to the already selfsame stinting precursor simulation this represents a meaning betterment of 0.6 litre. With that, this bestseller that defies stratum sorting breaks the cinque litre fire thriftiness roadblock, which has been rattling hard to accomplish in large-scale yield vehicles in its section hitherto. Concurrently, CO2 emissions are reduced from 135 g/km to 119 g/km. The convincing environmental benefits of this particularly small-scale Golf go deal in script with its unaltered nimble disposition, encourage improved haphazardness comfortableness and effective drive functioning. Its top upper rosebush from 187 km/h to 190 km/h (electronically express), patch its speedup to 100 km/h remained much unaltered at 11.3 seconds.

2008 Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion

BlueMotion in the pillowcase of the Golf agency this, outset and world-class: Ingenious item modifications to the eubstance, a fire saving optimized direct-injection turbo-diesel with diesel particulate filtrate, limited ratios of the five-speed gearbox and exceptional tires with rock-bottom roll resistor. Measures that in their sum suffer a confident burden on the car’s stove too. On good one 55 litre tankful of fire the Golf BlueMotion travels more 1,200 kilometers. At an one-year impulsive space of 12,600 kilometers that is distinctive of this stratum, this corresponds to scarce o’er one gas post stoppage per month.

2008 Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion


The Golf BlueMotion calls upon the locomotive of established Golf versions that is known to be effective, and it shares its stipulation information: 1.9 l translation, 77 kW / 105 PS and a maximal torsion of 250 Nm (from 1,900 rpm). To make these identical challenging fire saving goals, the specialists at Volkswagen advance victimised the advanced likely of TDI direct-injection engineering.

One instance: thanks to a particular package qualifying to its locomotive direction, it was potential to dilute loafing hurrying from 830 to 730 rpm. Crucial parameters such as bearing pressing, injectant head and fumes gas recirculation range were farther optimized in the by-line of the last potential fire usance.

2008 Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion

Poignant fire saving hardly as positively is the speed-reducing layout of the five-speed transmittal. Patch the pitch proportion for third was prolonged by 7.9 pct, early gears were extended eventide more: Quaternary (+ 14.6 percentage) and one-fifth (+ 19 pct). The gist: These modifications only ameliorate ordinary usance by around 0.2 liters per 100 kilometers. A pleasant extra profit: A decrease in locomotive velocity floor improves randomness comfortableness. The car’s speedup disposition, which is crucial in quotidian dealings, retains its brittleness thanks to the locomotive’s herculean torsion feature and unaltered proportion of the offset two gears.

Yet, the superlative work on a car’s fire saving is exerted by the driver. Hither too the locomotive direction organization of the Golf BlueMotion offers crucial help: The ECU outputs a paraphernalia shimmy passport via the touchstone Multifunctional Exhibit Asset (MFA Summation) contingent the drive office and indicates which of the cinque onwards gears is presently the nearly effective.

2008 Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion


Too the efficiency of locomotive and transmitting, air underground is besides rattling essential when it comes to fire thriftiness. The greater the car fastness, the greater its signification. As on the Polo BlueMotion, Passat BlueMotion and Passat Variance BlueMotion, on the Golf BlueMotion Volkswagen developers besides succeeded in optimizing the flowing advantages of the personify by particular refinements. The results: The air hale coefficient was rock-bottom by 6.3 percentage from the already effective initial appraise of cW 0.32 to 0.30 – an exceptionally beneficial resultant for the squeeze year, which besides contributes to the increment in top amphetamine from 187 to 190 km/h (electronically express).

2008 Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion

This well-nigh large optic activity: The altogether enclosed grille that offers fewer points for the drive winding to hold. To assure that the locomotive of the Golf BlueMotion does not go too hot, the 4.5 litre car mechanically gets a threefold air fan; this fan is differently sole offered in compounding with a laggard interference or speech to a alleged “hot area” – super lovesome clime zones.

All former streamlined modifications act backside the scenes. Exemplar: Underbelly. Limited covers for the bracken cable conduits and passementerie before of the behind axle serenity the air current below the Golf BlueMotion and thereby slim air immunity. Portion the like function is the touchstone sports frame that lowers the consistence of the bestseller by ten millimeters.

2008 Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion


The fire saving and emissions advantages of the Golf BlueMotion are the resolution of an intact megabucks of dissimilar point modifications that besides require the bod and tires. Too the already described product sports flesh that makes for a depress visibility by ten millimeters, this savings maestro too benefits from limited hi-tech tires with importantly rock-bottom rolled opposition. The Golf BlueMotion stands on 15 in wheels and 195 / 65 low visibility tires. They are compulsive at air pressures idealistic by 0.3 bar and are rated for a top velocity of capable 190 km/h (Speeding exponent “T”).


As a new choice, too the pick of compounding the new BlueMotion cars with the outset iii models – they may too be combined with classical equipment lines. The BlueMotion specifications add to the features of the finical equipment contrast. This often is unclutter: When adjustments are made for equipment options, a Golf BlueMotion just costs any more a like 105 PS TDI in a greco-roman job.

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