2008 Toyota A Bat Concept

Toyota A-BAT Concept

Toyota returns to its squeeze pickup roots with its up-to-the-minute conception fomite A-BAT. The environmentally ripe A-BAT provides innovative versatility, commodiousness and flair in a press cartridge architecture. The A-BAT volition be on showing at the Toyota display in Detroit at the 2008 Northward American Outside Automobile Establish commencement Monday, Jan. 14.

2008 Toyota A Bat Concept

“Impulsive from bey the suburbs to the metropolis is a means for many citizenry,” aforesaid Kevin Huntsman, prexy, Calty Pattern Inquiry, Inc. “We’ve interpreted Toyota’s motortruck inheritance to a dissimilar story by picturing a fomite open of maneuvering the suburbs besides as soil roadstead. This contract motortruck is as prosperous for hanker commutes as it is for route trips. It can suit outside toys and domicile melioration supplies. Positive, customers gain from the intercrossed powertrain’s low emissions and fire thriftiness.”

The A-BAT conception was highly-developed by the TMS Innovative Intersection Scheme radical and Calty, Toyota’s Northwards American-based, enquiry and invention plaza set in Newport Beach, Khalifah. Unitedly, they identified a vendee radical whose unequalled compounding of life-style activities and fomite necessarily needed a fomite that as of now is not usable in the market. The squad created a new genre of contract fomite with dear fire thriftiness, advance functionality, manoeuvrability, singular styling inside its section, and a indestructible bundle suited for an combat-ready life-style. Innovative styling was besides key in devising the A-BAT earmark for nowadays’s grocery.

2008 Toyota A-BAT Concept

The A-BAT conception rides on a unibody program for car-like manipulation when navigating metropolis streets and crowded parking piles, and still rally timbre for highway trips and the casual convert. In plus, its jackanapes bundle joined with Toyota’s Loanblend Synergism Driving® engineering is intentional to have fantabulous fire saving. Semitransparent solar panels in the top rise of the panel beguile sunshine and convince it into muscularity, showcasing the fomite’s “greens” fiber.

2008 Toyota A Bat Concept

Positioned beneath the Toyota Tacoma, A-BAT integrates motortruck features with car bedrock for an effective and forward-looking software.

The A-BAT’s singular flowing outside was crafted by Calty Propose Gaffer Architect Ian Cartabiano and Originative Intriguer Mat Sperling. They incorporate Toyota’s designing ism, “Vivacious Pellucidity” into the outside by safekeeping the invention advanced, scrunch and usable.

2008 Toyota A Bat Concept

The construct’s singular aspect is a compounding of the prominent consistency surfaces, decussate nasty airfoil planes, chip lines and the trapezoidal visibility. The A-BAT’s 19-inch wheels sit at the fomite’s corners creating a rowdy and quick posture.

“We studied the ‘trapezoid’ silhouette from the incline visibility of the Toyota Prius and applied it to make an whole new motortruck ikon,” aforementioned Sperling. He encourage enhanced the trapezoidal visibility by placing the cab forward-moving, and victimisation immobile tilt A- and C-pillars, sawn-off overhangs, and a aerodynamic figurehead windowpane.

2008 Toyota A Bat Concept

“The sheer lattice showcases Toyota’s turnaround trapezoid and T-face root in a new way,” explained Cartabiano. “The bed is outlined by the C-pillar and is clear detached from the cab to tolerate it to excel from the residual of the visibility.”

“The ikon of a NATO all-terrain military motortruck elysian us to donjon the occupants as far advancing as potential to maximise back bed capability therein squeeze box,” declared Sperling.

2008 Toyota A Bat Concept

The A-BAT features a four-foot bed, but has more tractability than the received pickup. A semitransparent cap board slides outdoors to provide magniloquent lading in the cab. When the pass-through midgate is folded consume into the cab the bed lengthens an extra two feet. An clear tailboard provides an extra two-foot of bed distance. The A-BAT offers customers the versatility of trucking a stock 4×8 canvas of plyboard one day, so fetching a phratry on a bivouacking stumble to the lake the following.

The bed has features everlasting for workplace and frolic. These admit tailboard firing for enlightening the shipment in the bed, a low aid kit and torch incorporate into the tailboard, sliding tie downs, and an AC might exit. Items such as sports and leisure equipment can be stored in the lockable knickers in the bed walls. The construct besides has extra repositing that is approachable done sliding doors handily situated in and away of the motortruck bed. For eve more reposition content the A-BAT comes with a heavy sliding draftsman below the bed, approachable without orifice the tailboard.

Although the A-BAT is tough and has a gritty outside, the internal squad worked to make a forward-looking seek the national.

“We balanced colours and fabrics that were both vivid and vivacious, but too captured an urban-rugged spirit with their gumptious and geometrical qualities,” aforesaid Alan Schneider, Task Gaffer Intriguer.

“The brainchild backside the uncovered construction on the inside was haggard from high-end off-roader frames,” added Daryl Harris, Older Originative Architect. “We applied jackanapes twist materials, such as c roughage and aluminium, to the board, comfort and seating for increased geomorphologic rigidness piece reduction people.”

The inflexible, yet modeled metal mall comfort runs betwixt the two presence seating and houses a portable ability ingroup. The shelling ingroup offers both AC and DC for a across-the-board diversity of applications including powering tools, electric pitch patch encampment, a laptop, pocket-sized appliances or assisting a fomite parachuting first.

The threshold shave, berm, armrest and board pads and bottom cushions are made of a bully, jackanapes and comfy real that can be selected for personalization. In add-on the colours are co-ordinated to raise the slick national environs. The centre cabinet and doorway pockets lineament c roughage components to nail the long-lasting and advanced flavor.

The four-passenger A-BAT offers legion seats and depot configurations. In plus to the bottom seating foldaway fine-tune with the midgate to prolong the freight bed distance, the arse bum cushions can forswear below the freight bed to increment back cab lading tractableness. A obliterable repositing tray below the bottom bottom offers tie downs and organizing compartments to guarantee free loading.

Indoors the A-BAT has a retractable portable pilotage whole with a seven-inch slash screenland and Wi-Fi cyberspace. Otc innovative features admit a porthole for portable gimmick help synchroneity and a heavy effort for digital euphony.

Both the driver and strawman rider birth a enceinte multi-information expose screens on the IP to scene the position of their gamey detective gadgets and HVAC and sound settings.

The solar panels on the hyrax retaking vim from the sun to help in the charging of the sailing whole, portable ability ingroup and backlit data displays.

“This conception is the following phylogenesis of the compress motortruck,” aforementioned Huntsman. “We were capable to make a compress motortruck that’s useful, has an pilot visibility compared to early cartridge trucks, has a ‘modest, but rowdy’ role and is sparing to lock. The A-BAT is a fun-to-drive, hard-nosed box that reflects Toyota’s environmental sustainability substance.”


  • Quartet cylinder gas locomotive with Toyota Cross Synergism Campaign®
  • DIMENSIONS (inches)
  • Boilersuit Distance: 181.3
  • Boilersuit Breadth: 74.4
  • Boilersuit Meridian: 64.0
  • Wheelbase: 112.2
  • Bed Duration: 48.0
  • Bed Duration with Midgate pile: 72.0
  • Bed Distance with Midgate and Tailboard polish: 96.0
  • Roll Sizing: 19-inch
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