2008 Studiotorino Coupetorino

StudioTorino CoupeTorino

As role of the effect “Turin Humankind Designing Majuscule 2008”, StudioTorino presents a ethnical, non-profit propose. The StudioTorino CoupeTorino is a proficient and stylistic bailiwick aimed at transforming serial and off-set automobiles with dependable technological solutions patch maintaining the car’s identicalness. With this nonsubjective in psyche the iconic Mercedes SL wanderer was elect as a only specimen. Its archetype architectural construction was transformed into a truthful putsché.

2008 Studiotorino Coupetorino

Amongst the several designing studies directed by StudioTorino in cooperation with Istituto di Arte Applicata e Designing (IAAD) and conversationally presented to the Mercedes Pattern Centerfield in Como to Prof Tool Pfeiffer, a more typically Italian putsché panache was elect.

This labor includes an exact 1:4 scurf maquette personally sculptured by Alfredo Stola and a photographic demonstrate presenting all of its developmental stages, from its invention to its actualisation.

An in astuteness field presents all of the expression methodology and aeromechanics with the finish of creating a dead working image with the reliableness kindred thereto of serial automobiles.

StudioTorino CoupeTorino was presented on December 12, 2008 at the Première held at Turin Heading with an march coroneted “Tailor-made Coachwork”.

2008 Studiotorino Coupetorino


Directed by Alfredo Stola, the panache of the StudioTorino CoupeTorino was attained done cooperation with Istituto di Arte Applicata e Excogitation (IAAD) and particularly with Piotr Degler Jablonski, bookman who participated in its instauration as function of his terminal internship.

2008 Studiotorino Coupetorino

The radical is crystalise: to task an off-set start with the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class and to metamorphose it into a putsché all patch maintaining its identicalness and adding a contact of Italian style in edict to survive undivided.

Initially explore took off in various directions; abaft various designs the commencement option focussed on two fast-backs and a traditional takeoveré.

2008 Studiotorino Coupetorino

Subsequently July 9, 2008 at the Mercedes Innovation Core in Como an loose and affable confluence ‘tween Prof Prick Pfeiffer, Dr. Michele Paganetti and Alfredo Stola, StudioTorino is apt suggestions as to in which way aim its selection for the instauration of the to shell modelling of “our C interpretation” or what we comparable to outcry a traditional takeoveré ‘all’italiana’.

For the effect “Torino Mankind Designing Uppercase 2008” Mercedes liberally supplies us with a 1:4 shell modelling of the SL, essential factor for the making of the StudioTorino CoupeTorino example.

2008 Studiotorino Coupetorino

The framework was created in a traditional fashion – that is by manus. In fact, the rear is totally restyled and was personally sculptural by Alfredo Stola with the collaborationism of pupil interne Piotr Degler Jablonski for the innovation.

The Première of StudioTorino CoupeTorino was held on December 12, 2008 in the parade “Tailor-made Coachwork” at Turin Veranda with the summation of a photographic showing of all the designs and developmental stages, a 1:4 descale framework deliberately without wheels, monochromous in bronzy on a crystalline accompaniment as if a grave.

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