2008 Porsche Cayenne Diesel

Porsche Cayenne Diesel

First Porsche is expanding its example grasp with a new manakin powered by a diesel – the Porsche Jalapeno Diesel entry the mart in February 2009 with its ultra-modern V6 diesel index whole.

2008 Porsche Cayenne Diesel

This compounding of Porsche’s extremely various sports substitute with the thriftiness and high-pitched torsion of a diesel is but saint for foresighted distances of up 1,000 kilometres or 620 miles, the Porsche Caw Diesel offer paragon qualities for towing a laggard of capable 3.5 tonnes. Added to this thither are all the spectacular qualities of the Cayenne in damage of drive kinetics, rubber and offroad impulsive abilities already lauded the mankind terminated.

From international the new modeling comes with the like flavor as the Caw with its V6 gasolene locomotive, too presence the “Caw” exemplar denomination on its tailboard.

But formerly you unfold the locomotive compartment, all these similarities concern an end: The configuration of the locomotive screening and the manakin identification “3.0 V6 Turbo Diesel Shot” farewell dead no incertitude as to what this locomotive is all around. Operative swimmingly and restfully, this spectacular six-cylinder diesel develops uttermost yield of 240 bhp (176 kW) from tercet litres locomotive capacitance, sufficient for a top hurrying of 214 km/h or 133 mph.

The locomotive’s torsion curl is evening more singular, reach its telling bill of 550 Nm/405 lb-ft at equitable 2,000 rpm. And when it comes to speedup, the new Jalapeno fitted as received with Tiptronic S again has cipher to obscure, sprinting from a impasse to 100 km/h in 8.3 seconds in Porsche’s common flair.

2008 Porsche Cayenne Diesel

To use the entire ability of the locomotive for warm grip and speedup and to ascertain a unwritten, orchestrate reply at all multiplication, the locomotive direction in the Porsche Key Diesel shortly switches off the a/c compressor when background off and accelerating.

To use the entire exponent of the locomotive for truehearted speedup and a self-generated, organise answer, the locomotive direction on the Porsche Key Diesel switches off the alternator and the a/c compressor capable an locomotive swiftness of around 2,500 rpm.

An rank spotlight of the new might whole is its well-rounded thriftiness: Modal fire use of 9.3 litres diesel on 100 kilometres (capable 30.4 mpg imp) in the NEDC (New European Impulsive Wheel) comes collectively a CO2 expelling paygrade of 224 g/km. This gives the Jalapeno with its 100-litre (22-imp gal) fire cooler an owing reach of capable 1,000 kilometres or 620 miles.

Ultra-modern piezo injection technology

Displacing an plentiful 3 litres, the V6 powerfulness whole inside the locomotive bay of the Porsche Jalapeno Diesel represents the up-to-the-minute nation of the art in diesel engineering: common-rail engineer shot done piezo-valves, a turbocharger with varying geometry (VTG turbocharger) incorporating electronically controlled blades, beat gas direction by full controlled release gas recirculation, an oxidization accelerator and a particulates strain. Added to this, thither is course higher-up locomotive index and torsion also as low fire expenditure combined with sovereign blandness, dependableness and low emissions.

The Porsche Key Diesel fulfils the Euro 4 discharge touchstone and is registered consequently. Thither is likewise a Euro 3 reading for single markets.

The V6 runs so expeditiously that solitary comparatively niggling rut has to be card-playing done the locomotive’s coolant. And to warrantee pleasant midland temperatures in inhuman brave withal, an extra hummer supplements the warming and air conditioning.

Fire is supplied to the six-cylinder by a common-rail organization compression the diesel fire to a imperativeness of capable 1,800 bar and incorporating short-change lines starring to the injectant valves. This offers trey advantages: Injectant insistence may be elect with most no restrictions inside the locomotive’s command map, the gamey coerce allows optimal fire/air commixture shaping, and the shot outgrowth with approach, principal and subsequent injectant of fire may be unbroken selfsame whippy.

Fire is injected into the burning chambers by piezo-controlled valves switch in less than 1/10,000ths of a s. The paired piezo-electrical impression is so exploited to conceiver the shot valves, the piezo-actuator expanding nether an reserve potential. This consequence is so conveyed to the injector goad, scuttle up the shot canal incisively prn.

Compared with electromagnetically controlled injectant valves, this engineering reduces moving mass on the injector goad by roughly 75 per centime.

This simplification of weightiness allows really quick shift and restraint functioning, keeps the quantity of fire injected really accurate (claim dose), and hence provides the engineering for respective passing exact shot during apiece operational wheel. So contingent process weather the index whole of the Porsche Jalapeno Diesel allows capable fivesome single shot phases during apiece hertz: At low locomotive speeds two progression injections novice the operational bicycle and afterwards the chief shot of fire thither may be capable two extra, subsequent shot phases. This conception combines low emissions with a cushy and quiet burning appendage.

2008 Porsche Cayenne Diesel

VTG turbocharger for optimum adjustment of charge pressure

Burning air is supplied by a turbocharger with varying geometry and an intercooler positioned advance downriver. As on the 911 Turbo, the turbocharger features adjustable blades capable to alter the menses of tucker gas to the turbine rack. This offers the vantage of maintaining the rightfield tutelage coerce and, consequently, a full, placid and unobjectionable burning summons passim the integral scope of locomotive hurrying.

At low locomotive speeds the adjustable usher blades appropriate high-pitched torsion and check a beneficial reaction by directional the discharge menses of tucker gas at full-of-the-moon pressing to the turbine pedal. At heights locomotive speeds, on the early give, the turbine blades service to understate fire use and release emissions by hatchway capable concentrate discharge gas counterpressure.

The scout blades are familiarized by an galvanic tone motive for selfsame straightaway modification and a ad-lib, engineer reception by the locomotive.

Uttermost care force nether full-of-the-moon shipment is around 2.3 bar. To ascertain a mellow cylinder tutelage, to impromptu fortify sizeable torsion and to support the temperatures of the relevant components to a minimal, the air tight by the turbocharger and warmed up in the treat moldiness be re-cooled. This is through by two intercoolers fitted at the incline in the front of the fomite.

Engine with balance shaft, roller-type drag arms and swirl flaps

The mightiness whole of the Porsche Key Diesel is made up of the crankcase with two rows of cylinders actuate from one another in a 90° tip. A equaliser spear merged in the locomotive serves to amend functional suavity.

The six cylinders accompany a eager of 83 millimetres/3.27″ and a diagonal of 91.4 millimetres/3.60″, adding capable an boilersuit capacitance of 2967 cc. The aluminum cylinder heads apiece suit two camshafts and iv vertically positioned valves per cylinder.

The valves are operated by low-friction roller-type puff weaponry incorporating hydraulic valve gaming equalizer elements. Positioned vertically in the halfway, the shot valve is ordered forthwith on top of the plunger corner. This ensures effective fire/air mix organization as the requirement for low fire intake and eject emissions.

Infinitely-controlled convolution flap are corporate in the inspiration manifolds on both rows of cylinders. Operational as a procedure of locomotive swiftness and shipment, the purl flap, done their various place, set the convolution impression of the ingestion air.

When idleness and at low locomotive speeds the flap are unsympathetic, creating a important convolution impression for improved fire/air commixture constitution. So the flap are open in an on-going appendage as of an locomotive speeding of roughly 1250 rpm, the higher airflow generated therein way helping to decently commission and fill the burning bedchamber. As of an locomotive swiftness of roughly 2750 rpm, eventually, the convolution flap are amply open.

Sophisticated exhaust gas management reducing emissions to a minimum

A advanced, hi-tech release gas direction organization ensures wide upkeep of the up-to-the-minute EU4 emanation standards, with about of the expelling gas beingness fed rachis into the burning operation done map-controlled eject gas recirculation. The diminution of o in the fire/air assortment achieved therein way reduces the bill burning temperature and, as a solution, the expelling of azotic oxides. A tank in the fumes gas shriek so serves to concentrate burning temperatures eve foster and step-up the recirculation of discharge gas.

Abaft sleek done the turbocharger, the discharge gas flows done the oxidization accelerator, the diesel particulates filtrate (DPF) and the beat muffler one afterward the early. To brand certainly that the permeate is not choked by lampblack particles and afflicted in its procedure, it moldiness be regularly regenerated, with the smut accumulating in the particulates dribble beingness systematically burnt-out off in a procedure the driver testament not evening bill. Thanks to this DPF engineering the expelling of particulates is decreased to scarce 7.6 per centime of the uttermost demarcation allowed.

Tiptronic S with special gearshift program

The Porsche Caw Diesel comes solely with Porsche’s six-speed Tiptronic S reflex contagion re-programmed specifically for diesel engineering: Due to the narrower amphetamine ambit of the locomotive, the shifter points are altogether unlike on the diesel.

2008 Porsche Cayenne Diesel

Tiptronic S in the Porsche Jalapeno diesel thus comes with customised gearstick points trim to the driver’s dash of motoring and the visibility of the itinerary he is pickings. The driver is moreover capable, in Porsche’s common panache, to shimmy gears manually by substance of a toggle prize on the wheel. A farther choice is to shifting gears by concisely tipping the chooser pry in the manual shifter post, which serves supra all to insure a good, tranquil and dependable shifter in offroad terrain.

To swimmingly take the gamy torsion of the V6 superpower whole, the convertor lock-up batch comes with two rubbing discs as on the V8 versions of the Key, allowing still and true transmittal of higher forces wheresoever necessity. And to economise fire, lastly, the Tiptronic S transmittal mechanically shifts to indifferent as presently as the driver presses kill the bracken bike with the fomite at a stand on a apartment aerofoil with no slope.

The reflex transmitting besides comes with a Hill-Holder routine enabling the driver to explode swimmingly and easy on an rising slope.

Sports Button for even more dynamic performance

Wish all over-the-counter models in the Caw scope, the new diesel gives the driver the chance to opt either a criterion or a sports set-up by way of the Sports Clitoris. In the sports fashion the locomotive responds eve more now and impromptu, pursual a steeper throttle ascendancy map. As a foster limiting, the reflex contagion and, on vehicles equipt with air abeyance, the varying dampers of Porsche Alive Respite Direction (PASM) too accompany a more clean and dynamical set-up.

PSM with exclusive Cayenne functions

Featured as touchstone in the Cay, PSM Porsche Stableness Direction is made-to-order specifically to the characteristics and features of the diesel. Concurrently PSM offers a act of extra functions, one sub-function of the anti-lock braking organisation recognising whether the brakes are beingness applied on a unloose airfoil, in which cause offroad-ABS sporadically increases pedal miscue ‘tween bracken cycles.

The bracken purpose is importantly enhanced by the Bracken Supporter and Bracken Pre-Filling. As presently as it recognises that the driver is applying the brakes in an exigency, the Bracken Supporter builds up the bracken press requisite for maximal fillet exponent by way of the hydraulic PSM mastery whole. The Bracken Pre-Filling use, successively, builds up force inside the organization as shortly as the driver suddenly takes rear the gun, speed up bracken reaction and shortening the fillet outdistance when the driver after applies the brakes.

Preview Constancy Ascendence, lastly, recognises any swaying or pendulum move of a poke and stabilises the fomite by intervening in the brakes prn.

Supreme traction

Level-headed PTM Porsche Grip Direction ensures an nonsuch deduction of onroad and offroad impulsive qualities on every Cay, airing out locomotive ability in its staple way in a 62:38 rear-to-front proportion. This ability rip may so be wide-ranging according to impulsive weather by an electronically controlled longitudinal operate, with PTM responding not but to a want of grip.

Alternatively, to allow tied greater transcendency, sensors too quantity the upper of the fomite, its sidelong speedup, the direction tilt and performance of the gun to guarantee optimal ascendance eve when drive to the right-down restrain. In unmanageable terrain, heretofore another characteristic, the longitudinal interlock may be excited 100 per penny by agency of a toggle in the heart soothe. And close but not least the allocator transmitting comes with an offroad decrease geartrain with a 2.7:1 step-down proportion.

Suspension available as an option with air springs and active dampers

The Porsche Caw Diesel comes as stock with nerve bound reprieve based on the figure carried o’er from its baby manakin with a V6 gasolene locomotive. The bounce rates and anti-roll bars are still arrange rather otherwise due to the unlike hanging requirements, upright as the dampers accompany dissimilar map restraint lines.

As an alternative the Porsche Key Diesel is too uncommitted with air springs and Porsche Fighting Respite Direction (PASM), this exceptional variate of the abatement offer dampers adjustable to ternary stages and the selection to heave or depress the full trunk of the fomite to six dissimilar levels concluded a orbit of 110 millimetres or 4.3″.

With its incorporate self-levelling, the air dangling likewise provides a uniform soundbox floor at all multiplication careless of the cargo the fomite is carrying.

Yet a boost procedure is the reflex step-down of drive peak at increasing velocity, portion to promote heighten alive safe and slenderize fire ingestion. And when impulsive on offroad terrain, ultimately, the Porsche Jalapeno Diesel offers priming headroom of 271 millimetres or 10.7″ really dear so for a fomite therein stratum.

Acoustics package: light and quiet

Porsche’s growing specialists get tending bang-up attending to the acoustical qualities of the Porsche Key Diesel, qualification indisputable it fulfils Porsche’s mellow standards. This agency capture feedback from the drivetrain besides in price of strait, but no inordinate infliction.

Isolated from tuning the phone of the aspiration organization and the release, two substantial modifications on the soundbox of the Key Diesel too assist to render the craved vocalize consequence: a level of extra laminated sound-deadening glass the windshield reduces undesirable hum frequencies hereditary from the locomotive compartment and a peculiar sheepskin substantial serves to heighten vocalize mastery ended and supra the Key’s established moistening, this especial fabric providing the like sound-absorbing burden on lots glower angle. Compared with the ceremonious sound-deadening packages on diesel vehicles, the construct elect by Porsche saves most 20 kg or 44 lb of the additional weighting differently byzantine.

2008 Porsche Cayenne Diesel

Wide range of standard features

The upcountry of the Cay Diesel welcomes the driver and passengers with the inviting atmosphere of a actual Porsche. The quilt seating featured as criterion at the figurehead with electric 12-way readjustment whirl master motoring quilt and foreground the possible of the new Cay as a unfeigned marathoner. Otc features offered as stock admit an alarm, key lockup with remote, an on-board calculator, tinted heat-insulating chalk, air conditioning, and galvanizing windowpane lifts.

2008 Porsche Cayenne Diesel

Able-bodied to gaming MP3 recordings, the CDR-30 CD radiocommunication with its reduplicate wireless, a homochromatic five-inch varan and 12 loudspeakers too comes as criterion.

Wide range of options both inside and outside

The apprehensive client opting for Porsche’s sports usefulness has a full ambit of optional extras and limited equipment to take from. One alternative useable on the Porsche Key Diesel is the modish coevals of Porsche Communicating Direction (PCM) with ascendence functions encourage simplified for gentle process, many functions existence controlled direct on the gravid touch-sensitive sieve. This only made it potential to fall one-half of the mastery keys erst requisite.

The tuner incorporate inside PCM offers capable 48 store slots, an FM treble wireless with RDS also as the up-to-the-minute contemporaries of diverseness functions. The structured ride whole is able-bodied to gaming medicine either from CDs or from sound and tv DVDs – in continuative with the BOSE® Surroundings Phone Arrangement featured as an pick too in the 5.1 Distinct Circumvent Formatting, differently in stereophonic.

Rather of the single-CD/DVD participant featured as banner, the client may likewise prefer a six CD/DVD-changer merged in the PCM organization and thence inside promiscuous range for the driver.

Uncommitted as an alternative, the worldwide sound port first offers the chance to unite an international sound beginning such as an iPod® or a USB follow loose and commodious ascendence via PCM. Advance features besides usable in connector with PCM are a TV radio, a sailing faculty concluded with a 40 GB difficult record, part controller, and a telephony faculty with a Bluetooth® port.

Gap and completion mechanically as an pick, the tailboard allows commodious performance at the touching of a clitoris. And thanks to lading quad direction comprising, among otc features, a fulminate organization incorporate in the flooring of the trunk too as a trunk sectionalization net, the driver and his passengers are able-bodied to stow off their baggage eventide more safely and firmly inside the Jalapeno’s trunk.

A really exceptional choice is the electric scene cap scheme made grey-tinted protection deoxyephedrine with deuce-ace variably adjustable ice modules and a section fitted securely to the consistence. Virtually fourfold as big as the habitue sliding/release ceiling, the view ceiling covers an are of astir 1.4 hearty metres (15.1 hearty feet), nearly the dispatch cap of the car.

Alive rubber is brocaded to an eve higher storey by optional bi-xenon headlights supplemented by electrostatic and dynamical sheer lights. This active curl sparkle role is excited as of a swiftness of good 3 km/h, ensuring wagerer miniature on twisting roadstead and in aeroembolism. And the unchanging deflection lights assist additionally to illume the domain straight before of the car when turn to the compensate or leftfield.

An electrically operated laggard towing fabrication or a towbar with a obliterable testicle nous is uncommitted as an choice. Furnished with this towing scheme, the Porsche Cay Diesel is capable to tow a braked prevue shipment – such as a sawhorse or sauceboat dawdler – of capable 3.5 tonnes without the slightest job.

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