2008 Pontiac G8 Gt

Pontiac G8 GT

First in more 20 geezerhood, a rear-wheel-drive Pontiac execution saloon bequeath be seen on the streets of N America, as the all-new 2008 G8 arrives in dealerships. With sheer styling and an useable V-8 locomotive, the G8 is the virtually brawny saloon usable for less than $30,000.

“With Pontiac’s committedness to producing vehicles with both flair and functioning, the G8 is the nonesuch flagship for the stigma,” aforementioned Craig Bierley, Pontiac selling conductor. “But, more significantly, the G8 provides a grade of advanced powerfulness and manipulation ordinarily reserved for those remunerative far more.”

The V-6-equipped G8 execution saloon testament starting at $27,595, including a $695 finish and loading guardianship (DFC). The V-8-powered Pontiac G8 GT starts at $29,995.

2008 Pontiac G8 Gt

One hot design…

Disregardless of which modeling customers select, they’ll get a fomite intentional with mod operation styling cues, both interior and out, blended with a unequaled Pontiac position. A warm wheels-to-the-corners position is highlighted with boldface pedal flares and a rebellion beltline, gift the notion of scantily contained exponent.

Pontiac excogitation cues on both models admit an insert two-fold interface lattice, counterpart cowling scoops, projector brain lamps, vented breast fenders, 18-inch wheels, and chrome-tipped two-fold fumes. The Pontiac G8 GT sports crystal-clear taillight elements and chromed quadriceps eject tips.

…Two hot powertrains

2008 Pontiac G8 Gt

The G8 saloon comes weaponed with a 3.6L DOHC V-6, generating 256 h.p. (190 kW) and 248 lb.-ft. of torsion in a blanket powerfulness circle source at a identical low 2,100 rpm. Joined to a five-speed Hydra-Matic 5L40E robotic transmittance, the V-6-powered G8 is open of zero-to-60 multiplication of some vii seconds.

2008 Pontiac G8 GT

The GT simulation ups the ante with the founding of the 6.0L small-block V-8, producing 361 hp (268 kW) and 385 lb.-ft. of torsion. Zero-to-60 multiplication of 5.3 seconds are potential with the six-speed Hydra-Matic 6L80E reflex transmitting joined to a banner limited-slip derivative.

The net effort proportion on both G8 models is 2.92:1.

Driver Chemise Ascendence

Both transmissions sport a unambiguously tuned Driver Chemise Mastery, allowing the driver to choose trey discrete shifty styles. In rule automatonlike fashion, the transmittal is geared to ply an optimum flux of execution and fire thriftiness. Sliding the sceneshifter correct into the manual switch gat selects a “Mutant Modality,” neutering the machinelike shimmy points to defend higher torsion and greater locomotive command.

For impulsive enthusiasts who lack ultimate ascendance, moving the gearstick up or refine in the manual switch rod provides dispatch ascendancy concluded apiece switching pointedness. Therein fashion, the contagion leave not mechanically up-shift at any meter, although a rev clipper volition foreclose the locomotive from exceptional the red pipeline. For condom reasons, the transmittance testament down-shift if locomotive rpm drops to a gunpoint where a stalling is potential.

Intentional for rear-wheel driving

The mightiness and treatment capabilities of the G8 were highly-developed by a squad of Universal Motors engineers in Australia with stimulus from former GM technology centers round the earth.

“When we were scheming the underpinnings of the G8, we treasured to make a fomite that could vie with approximately of the outflank European operation sedans in every way,” aforementioned Doug Houlihan, fomite headman technologist. “From figure inclemency to hanging reaction to boilersuit fomite correspondence, we consider the G8 can do also as vehicles typically costing thousands of dollars more.”

The G8 can deal a wide-cut multifariousness of drive weather. It features a full-bodied, saved electric scheme, a clime mastery scheme intentional for brave extremes and disturbance/vibration-isolating hiatus systems. A approach 50/50 fomite correspondence is achieved done pattern features that admit a guidance wrack mounted onward of the battlefront axle, engines that are mounted low and rearwards in the figurehead flesh provenance and a rear-mounted barrage.

Blotto form construction

The G8 has an exceptionally stiff unitized bod/structure, including the use of advanced-strength blade in more 80 percentage of its structure. This firm creation enables respective factors that welfare the G8’s impulsive feel, including sander, more self-coloured tantalise characteristics and more exact respite tuning, as the stiffer construction allows engineers to air the hanging without having to story for build bend. Crookedness and deflection modes on the figure are 55 hz.

The cockeyed construction besides enhances refuge, as it helps occupy clangoring muscularity done a multiple cargo route scheme that includes optimized front-end and rear-end contortion zones.

Optimized operation abeyance

A singular, four-wheeled freelancer suspension uses the force of the G8’s structure to raise the impulsive receive done optimized direction, manipulation and drive restraint. Both the G8 saloon and Pontiac G8 GT use the like performance-tuned abeyance.

The G8 rides on a longsighted, 114.8-inch (2,915 mm) wheelbase, with the wheels set wide-cut on 62.7-inch (1,592 mm) forepart and 63.3-inch (1,608 mm) bum tracks. The forepart abatement features a multi-link, MacPherson strut-type excogitation that incorporates a direct-acting stabiliser bar and a hydraulicly damped bushing on the advancing end of the tenseness nexus for improved cod isolation. The sidelong connection features a arctic globular articulation that enhances sidelong harshness. Cant, castor and toe are amply adjustable.

The arse respite uses a four-link freelance designing, with whorl springs complete shocks and a decoupled stabiliser bar. With the bum dangling, a gamey arcdegree of sidelong rigourousness is achieved with the use of two sidelong ballock joints per face. A rubber-damped reprieve anatomy advance isolates the structure from interference, palpitation and route rigour.

Turn and fillet

The G8’s steerage single-foot is mounted onward of the forepart axle centerline – with treble frown links and case-by-case ballock joints at the outer ends – which enhances the balanced smell of the car spell likewise conducive to a more mastermind steerage feeling. Guidance rates for the variable-ratio rack-and-pinion scheme are tuned specifically for the V-6-powered foundation and V-8-powered GT models. The G8’s turn roach diam is 37.4 feet (11.4 meters).

Duplicate the fomite’s manipulation and guidance nimbleness is a cautiously trim brakes that uses four-wheeled discs sized to peer apiece manakin’s execution. The G8 saloon features 11.73-inch figurehead rotors and 11.89-inch back rotors. The higher-powered GT upgrades to 12.64-inch battlefront rotors and 12.76-inch ass rotors. Figurehead rotor heaviness on both models is 1-inch patch the bottom rotors are 0.87-inch-thick.

2008 Pontiac G8 Gt

Both models characteristic twin-piston forepart metal calipers and vented rotors, and single-piston, metal backside calipers with vented rotors. ABS is measure and the brakes is full structured into the fomite’s electronic constancy ascendancy arrangement.

Safe meets the route

The G8 saloon comes measure with 18-inch silver-painted aluminium wheels betting P245/45R18 all-season tires. High-performance summer-only tires are optional.

The Pontiac G8 GT is equipt with 18-inch machine-faced al wheels with a P245/45R18 summertime operation fatigue stock. All-season tires are usable.

GT owners can likewise selection capable the Sports Software, which includes 19-inch machine-faced al wheels with P245/40R19 summertime functioning tires, besides as sportsman metal pedals and a alone leather-wrapped mutation wheel.

An electronic jade imperativeness monitoring arrangement is criterion and displays the claim fag insistency for apiece tyre in the driver entropy gist.

Puff and contraption

Flush though intentional for operation, the G8 doesn’t block it’s a five-passenger saloon and features a hanker tilt of touchstone equipment, including:

  • Air conditioning, with optional electronic double zona mood ascendance organisation (touchstone on GT framework)
  • Sail ascendance
  • Driver Data Centre
  • Lean/telescoping wheel with DIC and wireless controls
  • Index windows/locks/mirrors with removed keyless introduction and outback scratch
  • Theft-deterrent alarm
  • Fully-bolstered four-way adjustable fabric seating are measure. Het, six-way leather seating are useable on both models. GT owners too get the chance to individualize their fomite with two-tone (nigrify and red) leather seating and a coordinative estimate bunch.

    Devising wax use of the G8’s 114.8-inch (2,915 mm) wheelbase and outside excogitation, inside way has been maximized. Particularly, rider way in the ass ass attains approximate best-in-class condition with well-nigh 40 inches of legroom.

    A two-tier mitt compartment and plaza depot bin spotlight about of the fomite’s functionality. The G8 besides boasts 17.5 three-dimensional feet of body quad and one of the largest proboscis pass-throughs in the manufacture.

    Produce the sun and sounds

    No lawful functioning car is ended without a phone organization and the G8 offers a seven-speaker Blaupunkt AM/FM/CD wireless with iPod/MP3 remark jak. Owners can escalate to a 230-watt Blaupunkt AM/FM/6-disc CD Auto-changer with 11-speakers, criterion on the G8 GT and optional on V6-powered saloon.

    2008 Pontiac G8 Gt

    The up-level wireless likewise includes a 6.5-inch exhibit that integrates vocalise organization features with an electronic dual-zone clime ascendence organisation.

    A ability sunshine-roof is usable on both G8 models.

    Guard and protection

    Backed by a hardy, crash-absorbing structure and state-of-the-art rider auspices engineering, the G8 is intentional to whirl superordinate rider condom ahead, during and astern an incidental with an blanket name of condom features:

  • StabiliTrak electronic fomite stableness organization
  • Fag coerce monitoring scheme
  • Dual-stage frontage air bags with a rider detection scheme
  • Nous pall incline air bags for strawman and bottom occupants
  • Face chest air bags for the strawman passengers
  • Three-point refuge belts altogether seats positions
  • Breast refuge bang pre-tensioners
  • Rear-seat LATCH nipper rubber arse provender altogether tercet seats positions
  • OnStar piloting and vocation gizmo

    2008 Pontiac G8 Gt

    The G8’s too benefits from OnStar’s Turn-by-Turn Sailing role. With the feeling of a release, an OnStar adviser leave itinerary the driver to a address and download the directions straight to the fomite, where a combining of voice-guided and DIC-displayed instructions supply counselling. If the driver misses a turning, the organisation mechanically updates itself to rescript the directions.

    OnStar’s digital equipment includes enhanced hands-free articulation realization capabilities, including more visceral uninterrupted dactyl dialing and improved vox acknowledgment truth, fashioning hand-free, voice-activated career safer and more commodious.

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