2008 Mercedes Benz Glk Townside Concept

Mercedes-Benz GLK Townside Concept

The GLK Freeside Concept and GLK Townside Conception are two breeds of the like fomite which are set to return the SUV humans by rage. By presenting these two unlike fomite profiles, Mercedes-Benz is highlight the howling potency of the squeeze SUV sketch, which is qualification its mankind launching at the 2008 Northward American Outside Machine Appearance (NAIAS) in Detroit. Whereas the GLK Freeside Construct is an all-rounder that showcases the capabilities of now’s SUV vehicles both on and off the route, the Townside variant is intentional to pee-pee its score with active execution on the macadam.

2008 Mercedes Benz Glk Townside Concept

The GLK Freeside Construct and GLK Townside Conception ply a stylistically fathom trailer of a next compress SUV exemplar bursting with lineament, whose smell of enthrallment stems from the way in which it fuses unlike figure worlds. The two studies merged elements interpreted from the pilot angulate innovation of the G-Class, whilst simultaneously impressing with conception features distinctive of nowadays’s Mercedes-Benz rider cars. Both fore from the like cistron puddle, yet apiece distinguishes itself with a personality all of its own. These two self-propelling characters are receiving their baptism of flack at the NAIAS in Detroit. In the lyric of Dr. Dieter Zetsche, President of the Plug-in of Direction of Daimler AG: “The GLK Freeside Conception and Townside unwrap new possibilities for the coherent progress of our passing successful simulation scheme in the SUV section.”

2008 Mercedes-Benz GLK Townside Concept

He has a specially stiff nexus to the press and outstanding Imaginativeness GLK models, which dates dorsum to his clock as a fomite developer in the mid-1980s when one of his remits was province for exploitation of the fabled G-Class. Look backbone now, thither is something he would wish to shuffling open: “The requirements profiles birth changed complete clip. One affair has sure remained the like, nonetheless: a framework from Mercedes with the missive “G” in its gens moldiness be able of playacting exceptionally below any weather.”

The Freeside and Townside contract earmark SUV characteristics, such as solidness and off-road capacity, and link them with processed motoring cultivation on “unconstipated” roadstead. In both cases, the Nimbleness Mastery reprieve promises exceeding impulsive kinetics and nimbleness, joined with admonitory cod ease summation pioneering standards of combat-ready guard. The GLK Freeside Construct brings the off-road abilities more to the stem with its exceptional detachable consistency parts and furrowed underride defend, patch the GLK Townside Construct with sports respite unleashes its strengths in macadam terrain. Forming the grit of both variants is a extremely full-bodied bodyshell that forms a upstanding groundwork for a bit of early key characteristics too: manipulation constancy too as shaking and acoustical consolation, which are evenly as telling below all drive weather, addition peaceful condom, which is capable the stigma’s common impeccably gamey measure.

Antiphonal operation is guaranteed in both exemplar versions careless of the weather thanks to the up-to-the-minute genesis of scotch and eco-friendly BLUETEC four-cylinder thrust units below the cowl, which engage in unison with the 7G-TRONIC seven-speed robotic transmittance and the new 4MATIC all-wheel thrust. The compact-sized construct models too sport a act of proficient highlights which are usually the keep of the more undivided fomite categories. Rather isolated from the PRE-SAFE® prevenient prophylactic construct and the ILS Reasoning Spark Organisation, these admit the COMAND APS docudrama gist with its nonrational operational conception, a rear-seat amusement arrangement including two screens, positive THERMOTRONIC 3-zone automatonlike clime mastery.

The interiors of the two studies compeer the expressive innovation of the outside, and represent an alluring mix of top-quality materials summation an ergonomically logical boilersuit construct. Both instantaneously fetch that feature Mercedes look of eudaemonia, but see it in two altogether unlike styles. The GLK Freeside Conception immerses its occupants in an atmosphere of sumptuousness and comforter, with whiten leather appointments and woods trimming elements in a matted coating. The lightness aqua leather upholstery and shave elements made from fleecy al in the upcountry of the Townside, on the early paw, set a more clean tint.

Expressive, bold, independent – the Vision GLK design

Adoption from the styling of the harbinger of all Mercedes-Benz SUV models confers a especial position on both the Freeside and Townside. As Nous of Figure Prof Dick Pfeiffer neatly sums up: “With the G-Class we created a dash ikon that has been a yardstick for almost 30 eld now. Centripetal this puristic conception with the new Mercedes-Benz innovation accent is what makes the two Imaginativeness GLK variants unfeigned characters in their own compensate.”

And so, ne’er earlier has it been potential to relish such a strikingly expressive prevue of a upcoming concordat SUV exemplar. The interplay ‘tween the master angulate pattern and the figure features distinctive of all advanced Mercedes-Benz rider cars exerts an fascinating prayer. The clear excogitation phrase, where tight lines interact with great, overextended surfaces, coincides with the bodyshell attributes of pragmatic off-road vehicles, including short-change overhangs, a erect front, lissom A-pillars, a steeply angled windshield and matte ceiling lines. Peculiarly manufactured 20-inch light-alloy wheels, altered in apiece showcase to mull the differing characters of the Freeside and Townside, interject the bodies of the two Imaginativeness GLK models with excess exponent and sonority, as do the brawny contours of the cycle arches.

2008 Mercedes Benz Glk Townside Concept

The bodywork’s styling is far from beingness a way to an end in itself, yet, sooner it allows the benefits that are typically associated with off-road vehicles to be transferred first to the more on-road-orientated, squeeze SUV stratum. Gravid angles of access and expiration joined to generous earth headway pee-pee excursions out-of-the-way a gratifying receive. The fact that the driver enjoys both an splendid overview of the soundbox and a effective well-rounded panorama courtesy of the brocaded seats place boosts unremarkable practicality and guarantees relaxed motoring, eventide when drive in obtuse metropolis dealings.

Trickily mount off the persuasive innovation conception of the Imaginativeness GLK models are two special-effect key finishes. “Adamant albumen magno” a metal blusher finishing with a matte open coating, gives the Freeside an profligate dash. On top of this, detachable torso parts ruined in glow superlative eloquent give an challenging line. The Townside is glorious in “Alubeam amytal”, a exceptional high-gloss pensive pigment destination of unprecedented astuteness which emphasises the personify’s gaudy qualities.

Interior sets new trends in the compact premium segment

The midland of the SUV studies is a unlined sequel of the outside’s bluff looks, helping up a surprising interaction of stylistic contrasts that is generated by the apposition of two rather unlike pattern approaches. On the one deal, both Imagination GLK models whirl an upmarket and gilded upcountry, jactitation materials of recherche solicitation positive preciseness physique caliber consume to the finest particular. Simultaneously, nonetheless, the advanced coat finishes transferral the present-day Mercedes innovation into the midland. The orchestrating component hither, due to its predominant styling, is the splashboard, whose manakin sweeps on into the doorway trims, loaning extra breadth to the munificently proportioned internal. It is insufferable to overleap the refined striptease of clipping elements which extends crosswise the splashboard’s stallion breadth, dividing the stand construction into 3 vertically ordered levels. On the Freeside, this factor is henpecked by matt-finish anthracite-coloured cebrano romance with a whiten texture, on with a utterly positioned wrinkle of chromium-plate. In the Townside, napped al appears hither to underscore the dynamical persona.

2008 Mercedes Benz Glk Townside Concept

On both versions, the amphetamine incision of the fascia is cut in melanise leather and spans the cat’s-paw flock and the stable key presentation of the COMAND APS in a one broom. At the merchantman, likewise as on the center burrow and in the footwells, the unlike styling touches that differentiate the two Imaginativeness models seem again. The Freeside’s inside picks abreast the outside paintwork’s coloring dodge. The seating and depress doorway trims are upholstered in gabardine leather, which has been toughened with a limited finishing method to springiness it the like matted shininess as the outside’s “infield gabardine magno” rouge cultivation. Rather asunder from the arresting optic core, this intervention of the rude covers gives them a sleek subdued airfoil that is variety to the bark and pleasant to the hint. Inkiness pipage seams on the seating assistant produce the proportionate demarcation betwixt monochrome. The home appointments of the Townside accent its jazzy ambitions, with leather upholstery and clipping whose ignitor turquoise colouring complements the tones of the outside’s “Alubeam bluing” finishing. Hither, navy pipe seams acquire a visually lucid line.

The driver’s armrest and the COMAND APS control are positioned for optimal bioengineering. The tried-and-tested operational logic borrowed from the S-Class makes it potential to sail done the single menus intuitively. Extra organise accession buttons arrive easier to remember the lead master functions.

Both Imaginativeness variants protect their occupants with an broad guard construct founded on a high-strength rider outcry and endoergic cockle zones at the battlefront and arse. The heap of protective measures includes breast airbags, sidebags and windowbags, a kneebag for the driver, on with crash-responsive caput restraints.

New BLUETEC four-cylinder engines with AdBlue injection

The Imaginativeness GLK studies are powered by a mark new genesis of diesel engines. The four-cylinder 2.2-litre whole furthers the canonic active drive conception of the self-propelled siblings, and is subject of generating elating execution from its production of 125 kW/170 hp whilst simultaneously cut fire ingestion and discharge figures. Technological highlights of the exceedingly press and smooth-running CDI powerplant with reverse camshaft crusade admit the fourth-generation common-rail calculate injectant with an injectant pressing of 2000 bar, too as a two-stage turbocharger arrangement.

The modular BLUETEC discharge controller organisation has been promote enhanced by Mercedes-Benz, and is now beingness combined in its almost effective manikin for the real offset clip with a four-cylinder locomotive. “BLUETEC gives us a engineering that makes it potential for us to cartel the gamey efficiency and telling torsion of advanced diesel engines with passing low emissions – a everlasting actuation whole for a compress SUV similar the GLK,” declares Dr Thomas Wb, appendage of the Plug-in of Direction of Daimler AG and responsible corporal inquiry and the developing of Mercedes-Benz Cars. The focalise of BLUETEC engineering is on minimising emissions of n oxides. These are the exclusive factor of beat gases whose levels are higher in diesel engines than in their petrol-powered counterparts due to their operational rationale. The oxidising catalytic convertor and maintenance-free particulate permeate are supplemented by a SCR catalytic convertor. AdBlue, a harmless sedimentary root of carbamide, is injected into the beat current.

This method converts as lots as 80 per penny of the n oxides into non-toxic n and h2o. The cogitation thereby provides a complete monstrance of equitable how the more covenant diesel models are besides capable to follow with the toughest emissions regulations, including level the EU6 limits that are solitary due to arrive into strength for all new vehicles as of 2015. By that metre, the stream EU4 doorstep for n oxides leave suffer been brought fine-tune by a foster 70 per centime around to 0.08 g/km. Not tied the rigorous US limits enshrined in BIN 5 or California’s LEV2 legislating would baffle an obstruction for either the Freeside or the Townside.

4MATIC drive system: maximum performance under any conditions

The new 4MATIC all-wheel-drive scheme featured in the GLK Freeside Conception and GLK Townside Construct is one of the about good of its variety. The introductory conception, with the locomotive installed lengthways and the transmittance and transferral showcase intentional as a one stoppage, produces a squeeze and whippersnapper organisation that minimises frictional losings, too as heralding a act of boost benefits compared to former systems where the ride whole is installed across. The consequence of this is that fire phthisis is on a par with that of a like exemplar with ceremonious two-wheeled crusade. Quiver and acoustical consolation are of a measure unremarkably launch in tod’s sumptuosity models.

The staple 45:55 cleave of thrust torsion ‘tween the breast and bum wheels combines with the ESP®, ASR and 4ETS dynamical treatment mastery systems to grow supremely assured and dead predictable drive characteristics nether all weather. Optimal grip is assured at all multiplication, on with utmost directing constancy and unflawed treatment. The new highly-developed multiple-disc clutches in the heart derivative comes to the arrangement’s aid when rubbing ‘tween the tyres and primer is especially low, e.g. when impulsive complete snowfall or ice. A introductory interaxle curl of 50 N metres gives a further to grip, without any deprivation of manipulation constancy.

Agile driving dynamics, peerless comfort, reassuring active safety

The Nimbleness Ascendence reprieve fitted in the Imaginativeness GLK studies succeeds in resolution a difference of aims that afflicts the SUV section particularly: this is because the flesh engineers essay to make a fomite that is as sportsmanlike and spry as it is well-situated and polish, positive, concurrently, subject of travel off-road. If the nidus is situated on showy, dynamical treatment, thither moldiness be a sealed steadiness most the tuning of the abeyance and especially the impact absorbers, which both precludes the coveted razz comfortableness distinctive of the Mercedes-Benz stigma and imposes restrictions on the fomite’s abilities in off-road terrain. If, on the otc paw, the fomite is purpose-made for tantalise consolation and off-road expertness by meet softer dampers, its impulsive kinetics bequeath naturally hurt. “Amplitude-responsive damping” provides the result: hither, the shock’s smoothing forces are of a conciliatory nature, quite than having a inflexible scope. During formula drive on pretty contoured roadstead or off-road excursions at low speeds, the arrangement is tuned for cushy answer to the gain of the occupants’ signified of well-being and the fomite’s off-road abilities. In decree to hold the occupants flavor at their easiness when impulsive at a brisker footstep or acting precipitous evasive manoeuvres, the dampers permutation to a firmer mount in such situations to ascertain maximal manipulation stableness. Concurrently, the driver of the Imagination GLK can forecast the supporting of the speed-sensitive steerage, which provides the optimal stratum of might aid as the berth changes. The arrangement hence makes lighter sour of parking or off-road manoeuvres by maximizing superpower aid. As the velocity increases, yet, assist is decreased in favor of greater directive constancy.

Apiece of the two studies capitalises on the built-in benefits of the amplitude-responsive damping in their own way. With its quite sportsmanlike reprieve tuning and a rally stature that has been lowered by 30 millimetres, the on-road-orientated Townside reading maximises fun at the bike when drive on macadam. The Freeside, on the early handwriting, has been optimised for off-road terrain with yearner saltation locomote and a softer introductory set-up, bright the superlative potential impulsive joy careless of the stipulation of the route beforehand – level when thither is no route intrinsically to be seen.

Vision GLK: the latest member to join the premium SUV segment

E’er since the fabled G-Class was launched in 1979, Mercedes-Benz has set title to the use of leader in the off-roader section. Now’s Sports Usefulness Fomite section offset started to form when Mercedes-Benz brought out the kickoff coevals of the ML-Class in 1997. Including the second generation, which made its unveiling in 2005, this exemplar serial has racked up round 900,000 sales to appointment, devising it one of the nigh successful bounty SUVs in the humanity. Since 2006, the GL-Class has in its act reigned sovereign in the SUV humans, oblation excellent go altogether weather, both on the route and off it. The GLK Freeside Conception and Townside now exemplify barely how the enormous expertness gleaned from this progress of models can be transferred to a more constrict initialize. These two SUV breeds are consequently in the selfsame topper fellowship – hardly ilk the series-production versions which leave be fashioning their mart unveiling in fall 2008.

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