2008 Mercedes Benz Clk63 Amg Black Series

Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series

The Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG Inkiness Serial is fashioning its world unveiling at the New York External Car Establish, clear to the world April 6-15, 2007 at the Jacob Javits Formula Centerfield in Manhattan. Teamed with the CL65 AMG Fortieth Anniversary variation (a bigger coupe besides existence unveiled in New York), the CLK63 AMG Nigrify Serial coupe celebrates 40 eld of AMG high-performance cars.

2008 Mercedes Benz Clk63 Amg Black Series

The CLK63 Lightlessness Serial is a street effectual rendering of the Prescribed F1&deal; Guard Car, which borrows excogitation and engineering from the Rule One racing humans. For starters, the Melanise Serial is a 500 h.p. reading of the AMG 6.3-liter V8 locomotive, with 0-60 mph speedup of 4.1 seconds and an electronically express top fastness of 186 mph.

The new Blacken Serial modeling can be easy identified by its carbon-fiber flared fenders that are filled with bigger, staggered-width wheels and tires. New AMG bad aluminium wheels (9 x 19 presence, 9.5 x 19 bottom) are calced with Pirelli P Cypher Corsa sports tires (265 / 30 R 19 strawman, 285 / 30 R 19 ass). Bigger vented and punctured complex disk brakes can be seen done the AMG wheels; presence discs are 14.2 inches in diam, with 13.0-inch discs at the backside.

Too obvious from the international is a new battlefront forestage with c chilling air intakes below the forepart bumper and sidelong air outlets in the forepart fenders, which feeds supererogatory air to a bigger radiator and a secondment contagion oil tank. Redesigned english skirts nether the doors trail to its flared back fenders and a new back forestage with carbon-fiber air diffusor fins.

2008 Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series

High-performance parts from the F1 Condom Car admit an AMG sports beat, a limited-slip bum derivative and a reprint oil tank for the back net thrust, which uses a thermostatically controlled chilling fan to limitation temperature peaks. On the proboscis lid, a carbon-fiber mollycoddler airflow helps tighten lift forces at gamy fastness.

2008 Mercedes Benz Clk63 Amg Black Series

Black Series Features Adjustable Suspension

The bod of the CLK63 AMG Melanise Serial features adjustable reprieve with new give links, bicycle carriers, stab munition and cant and torsion struts. For impulsive on the cartroad, technicians can conform the car’s tantalise peak and likewise the compaction and rally characteristics of the daze dampers, besides as cant and toe-in. An spare amount of build rigourousness during grueling cornering is provided by tittup brace in the locomotive compartment and bole. Additionally, its ASR grip mastery and ESP stableness mastery systems are peculiarly graduated for the demands of more acute rail drive.

More Power from the AMG V8

The Melanise Serial locomotive comes with all redesigned consumption and beat systems. Bigger inspiration ducts, a new AMG mutant fumes with uncut duplicate pipes and a recalibrated locomotive controller whole provides level swifter accelerator reaction, not to note its 500-horsepower.

2008 Mercedes Benz Clk63 Amg Black Series

The Blacken Serial exemplar is powered by the outset locomotive intentional wholly by AMG. One of the about knock-down course aspirated output V8s always, the new locomotive boasts a wealthiness of features derived from AMG’s extremely successful racing inheritance. Reinforced most all from a high-strength silicon-aluminum debase, the 6.3-liter V8 features quadruplet valves per cylinder, varying valve timing, pail following (sooner than cradle blazon) and a varying aspiration multiplex. The locomotive shares no parts with Mercedes-Benz V8 engines. A get-go for a product locomotive, the cylinder bores boast a twin-wire-arc-sprayed (TWAS) finishing, a new procedure that results in imposingly low rubbing and run surfaces that are double as arduous as formal iron cylinders.

Its seven-speed AMG SPEEDSHIFT transmittance is joined to a arse terminal campaign that’s approximately six percentage “shorter” for more antiphonal quickening. The automatonlike infection has Manual and Mutant drive programs (the comfort-oriented Quilt manner isn’t included), and drivers can switching ‘tween the seven-spot gears exploitation aluminium sack paddles on the 14.1 in DTM-style leather wheel. In the Manual way, switch multiplication are roughly 20 percentage quicker than in Mutant, with no reflexive downshifting or upshifting below entire freight and kickdown. But an upshift image on the AMG independent carte in the sprint signals recommended train changes.

2008 Mercedes Benz Clk63 Amg Black Series

A High-Performance Interior

The F1-inspired invention and engineering of the CLK63 AMG Lightlessness Serial is carried done to its hi-tech home. This consecrate roadster sports tourer not but dispenses with bum seating, but its bucket-type seating, copious c roughage upcountry passementerie and nigrify star too emphasise the purposeful flavor of a truthful racer. The new AMG figurehead seating are covered in nappa leather with embroidered fluent AMG logos.

2008 Mercedes Benz Clk63 Amg Black Series

Its new AMG athletics wheel is more a one-half in (15 mm) littler and comes with aluminium shimmy paddles. C character reduce on the gist soothe and pawn flock (besides stamped with AMG logos), underline the car’s contender roots. A especially contoured Aluminium slip prise and a new locomotive “start-stop” clit add promote touches.

About AMG

The abbreviation AMG stands for Hans-Werner Aufrecht (A) and his pardner Erhard Melcher (M), who founded AMG in 1967, and Aufrecht’s provenance of Grossaspach (G). Both had been employees of Mercedes-Benz and formally described themselves as “technology, innovation and examination specialists in the maturation of racing engines.” The fledgeling truehearted initially based itself in an old grinder in Burgstall (approach Affalterbach).

From its beginnings as an free-lance racing and tuning house of Mercedes cars, Mercedes-AMG has big into a provider of sole high-performance cars, an all-embracing modeling compass and customers roughly the man. In 1999, Aufrecht sold a bulk shareholding in AMG, and the accompany was incorporate into DaimlerChrysler AG, allowing the fresh founded Mercedes-AMG to welfare eventide more from DCAG’s globular resources.

An built-in contribution of the Mercedes-Benz formation, Mercedes-AMG has turn synonymous with factory-developed high-performance vehicles. Far more a radio or selling segmentation, Mercedes-AMG is a self-possessed entity responsible all aspects of its vehicles, from growth and examination to selling, with approximately aspects of product divided with Mercedes-Benz facilities. The extremely specialised supplementary has boilersuit duty for the locomotive, transmittal, anatomy, brakes, aeromechanics, national, excogitation and sales and selling of AMG cars. Emergence of the Mercedes-AMG line has included new yield, developing and saleroom buildings in Affalterbach.

One Man, One Engine

Mercedes-AMG follows a doctrine of “one man, one locomotive.” A 1 technician – identified by the touch denture affixed to apiece locomotive – is responsible the nail forum of an AMG high-performance locomotive from first to destination. Apiece locomotive is produced and well-tried at AMG’s hq in Affalterbach, which produces 100 engines a day for the stallion stove of Mercedes-AMG vehicles. AMG models are so assembled at the independent Mercedes-Benz fomite gathering plants.

In summation to locomotive fabrication, the new output readiness is dwelling to engraft direction, tone mastery, product provision, and order and parts logistics departments. AMG presently employs roughly 750 specialists in maturation, product and administrative areas.

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