2008 Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee

The all-new Landrover® Cherokee corpse lawful to its fabled 4×4 inheritance spell offer customers more on-road nicety and conveniences. The new Cherokee takes on the Landrover tough outside pattern, and first it now comes with the all-new Selec-Trac® II full-time four-wheel-drive scheme as banner.

2008 Jeep Cherokee

“The all-new Landrover Cherokee is an idealistic 4×4 for quotidian liveliness,” aforesaid Michael Manley, Administrator V.p. – External Sales, Merchandising and Concern Exploitation, Chrysler LLC. “We combined proved Landrover 4×4 capableness in the mid-sized Cherokee with an all-new upcountry conception that offers unequalled features and technologies that shuffle impulsive the Cherokee as enjoyable in an urban circumstance as it is in the jungle.”

The new Cherokee volition found in the UK in May 2008 with a pick of manual or reflex transmittal and one equipment layer – Landrover Cherokee Modified.

Privileged, the all-new Landrover Cherokee Circumscribed volition lineament a Sumptuousness Leather Packet which includes lithe leather-trimmed seating featuring French-seam sewing. The rider snap plow, console-storage concealment and front-door trimness panels likewise find the like leather handling, discharge with the French-seam sewing. The emergency handgrip and infection sceneshifter welcome single leather handling, fleecy stainless-steel door-sill plates receive passengers, and the coldcock carpeting is augmented with agiotage level mats all as measure.

In accession to an all-new national pattern, the comforts, innovations and consignment and repositing spa cover to ameliorate. An undivided, all-new boast is the optional Sky Skidder&swap; full-open examine ceiling, big the Landrover Cherokee client an alfresco have. Rain-sensing wipers, express-up/devour windows, and storage seating, tuner and mirrors are added to the fomite’s ever-growing listing of usable features and options.

2008 Jeep Cherokee

Received features now admit machinelike temperature ascendence arrangement, lean guidance tower, luxuriousness leather-wrapped wheel, might and het fold-away mirrors, superpower windows with driver-side one-touch, fog lamps and 17-inch al wheels.

Classic Jeep Design

The outside excogitation of the all-new Landrover Cherokee takes its cues direct from the Landrover make’s fabled 65-plus geezerhood of inheritance. Fellow excogitation characteristics, such as the grapple cowling, seven-slot grillwork, trapezoidal bike openings and tough posture render the fomite with its definitive Landrover manner.

Stock crosswise the ambit is the touch seven-slot lattice. A front-end faculty that spans crossways the fomite houses the wicket and headlight arrangement in a 1 whole. The construction is intentional to play earthbound impingement and over-the-counter smash standards for all markets. Figurehead lamp modules curb halogen headlamps and banner fog lamps. The movement facia is consistency gloss on all vehicles.

At the slope of the fomite, recondite trunk sections and a eminent beltline farm a rowdy, hard and open show. A wheels-to-the-corner posture and spectacular trapezoidal-shaped pedal arches heighten the fomite’s face visibility. Roll arches are now multicolor personify color on all Cherokee models. Promising chromium-plate position mouldings emphasize the Modified framework. The Cherokee distinguish is clearly stamped into the slope mouldings. A mould-in-colour face air featuring septet slots is set at the slope of the fomite’s extended cowl where it meets the annexe, threshold and A-pillar. The unornamented tire is now situated underneath the fomite, allowing for increased inner spa.

Industry-Exclusive Sky Slider Full-Open Canvas Roof

The all-new Landrover Cherokee brings the alfresco get with the industry-exclusive Sky Luger uncut afford analyse cap. The Sky Luger ceiling can be stirred to various positions, including total forward-moving, wax arse or part unfold to any billet mediate with a commodious utter one-touch permutation.

The Sky Skidder ceiling is made of a built acrylic material, standardized to a translatable top, which is weather-resistant and leak-proof. The top empanel nests into a weatherstripping cachet to avail minimize hint randomness. The cap utilises anti-pinch package that volition forbid the cap from moving should it notice an objective in its route. The Sky Slipper cap is an optional sport.

Functional Interior Space with More Available Amenities

The midland of the all-new Landrover Cherokee delivers bare, working styling and provides customers with rich repositing and organizational quad.

“The Cherokee’s all-new internal is intentional to pass utmost capableness for our customers,” aforementioned Thomas Hausch, V.p. – External Sales, Chrysler. “Cherokee offers seats for five-spot that can be reborn to operative repositing spa by laying the back and the front-passenger seating flatcar. MyGIG&patronage; Multimedia Docudrama Arrangement with seafaring (optional), rain-sensing wipers and storage seating are fair a few more examples of the conveniences now uncommitted in the all-new Cherokee.”

2008 Jeep Cherokee

Touchstone 60/40 burst fold-flat backside seating and a fold-flat front-passenger buns are arrant for payload and trucking. The bum seating too merged a recumb lineament for more allowance for passengers. The movement and backside seating characteristic all-encompassing inserts and gravid bolstering intentional to rocker occupants for a fix belief. The seating deliver magniloquent, lame shoulders, and the bum soften has been elongated for amend thigh reenforcement. Leather, het seating are measure on the Modified modelling.

A four-spoke wheel provides the all-new Landrover Cherokee with a generous tactual massiveness and flavor. Received is a leather-wrapped wheel with wheel-mounted Electronic Fomite Entropy Heart (EVIC) on the nerve and sound controls handily set on the ass of the bicycle. A leaning direction tower is now stock on all models.

A new two-tone board intervention gives the fomite a opinion of capaciousness. The Landrover Cherokee features a four-gauge tool clustering with crystallize whiteness on blackness art with orangish pointers and an incorporated fomite data heart.

The inwardness lot neatly houses the clime controls, vents, wireless and transposition deposit. First, Cherokee bequeath now be usable with the optional MyGIG Multimedia Documentary Arrangement and ogdoad bounty speakers and a subwoofer. Measure on all Cherokee models is an all-new automatonlike temperature-control arrangement with cabin air filtration.

Too at the heart hatful is an afford bin with a golosh mat, everlasting for placing fluid phones, handheld PDAs or coins. A minor enclosed reposition compartment odd of the wheel provides extra repositing for the driver.

Audio and Navigation Systems

The Landrover Cherokee is usable with a kind of sound systems, and volition offering the advanced MyGIG Multimedia Docudrama Arrangement that features constitutional sailing, sound, amusement and communicating systems as an optional excess. MyGIG allows customers to use touchscreen or articulation commands to restraint features, and includes a 20-gigabyte grueling thrust where euphony and photos can be stored. An structured euphony nickelodeon supports Gracenote music-file direction to add call, artist and album data to the euphony files mechanically. Infinite is reserved on the difficult campaign for roughly 1,600 songs – more 100 hours of medicine. The scheme besides includes a voice-memo registrar sport.

The vocalisation duologue arrangement recognizes more 100,000 speech. The sailing arrangement features both 2-D and 3-D hiss’s-eye views of roadstead and multiple itinerary computation alternatives. Maps and counseling are displayed on a motored, flip-down 6.5-inch thin-film-transistor (TFT) colouring presentation. The TFT concealment uses an participating matrix for screening from angles capable 180 degrees – complete for the kernel of an board.

All wireless brain units useable in the Cherokee boast a 3.5 mm sound comment jak for soft association to an MP3 instrumentalist. The Eternity® Agiotage Phone Organization offers a tally of niner speakers, which includes one 6.5-inch subwoofer. It too includes an eight-channel amplifier producing 368 watts of mightiness.

Cargo and Utility

2008 Jeep Cherokee

Thither are respective store and gismo features intentional into Landrover Cherokee’s roomy backside hold.

Both remaining and rightfield shave panels deliver payload tie-down loops for securing items to the cargo storey. The leftfield trimness jury houses a hidden compartment for laborer repositing and tools.

The cargo story scheme has a two-sided carpeted rise. Treble latches on either slope dismissal for accession to a 10-centimetre inscrutable rainproof warehousing bin below the lid – double-dyed for mucky boots.

Economical and Powerful 2.8L CRD

The Landrover Cherokee is likewise uncommitted with a new 2.8-litre DOHC 16-valve common-rail turbo diesel. With its Varying Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) and speedy limit reaction, this locomotive enables the Cherokee to arrogate best-in-class torsion of 460 Nm (339 lb.-ft.) at 2,000 rpm with the five-speed reflex transmittance, and best-in-class towing capability of capable 2,800 kilograms and a impulsive compass of 450 miles. Utmost superpower is 130 kW (177 hp DIN) at 3,800 rpm.

The new 2.8-litre CRD locomotive likewise provides a weightiness savings of around 6 per penny, achieves increased cam smash living (lastingness now of 140,000 kilometres) and features Piezo fire injectors and a 2000-bar fire arrangement to meliorate fuel-system upper and mastery.

A bad brand crankshaft now features octad counterweights compared to the anterior crankshaft which had 4. A geomorphological oil pan assists in reduction racket, quiver and rigor on the new locomotive.

The VGT now has an electronically controlled actuator as opposed to a pneumatic actuator on the former locomotive. This provides improved cold-blooded establish functioning, and it besides allows the turbocharger to bobbin up quicker from jobless, minimising turbo lag and providing dear low-end and high-end torsion.

All-new Full-time Four-wheel-drive System

The all-new Selec-Trac II full-time four-wheel-drive organisation is banner on all Landrover Cherokee models. The Selec-Trac II four-wheel-drive organization is a full-time, combat-ready on-demand scheme that anticipates and prevents roll eluding ahead it occurs. It is nonsuch for a full reach of route settings, including dry sidewalk weather not typically suitable for schematic parttime four-wheel-drive systems.

This agiotage organization offers a 4WD Motorcar way that is equitable correct for full-time drive. When impulsive in 4WD Car fashion, the arrangement uses fomite sensors to set and airt torsion betwixt the breast and bottom axles based upon real-time impulsive weather, providing the fomite with reactive tractive execution.

For added potentiality when traversing plunge grades, raspy terrain or exceedingly pitiful grip surfaces, the transferee lawsuit includes a 4WD Low fashion. This s swiftness gearing multiplies locomotive torsion 2.72 multiplication and locks the clasp ring for utmost grip.

Electrical unfirm betwixt 2WD, 4WD Machine and 4WD Low is effected with a console-mounted permutation. A thumbtack clitoris is victimized to chemise to Indifferent modality.

Jeep-engineered Hill Descent Control

2008 Jeep Cherokee

The like Jeep-engineered Mound Bloodline Ascendance arrangement introduced on the new Landrover Thou Cherokee is now uncommitted on the all-new Cherokee (with an reflex gearbox lonesome). The scheme was intentional to mimicker the declivitous restraint and flexibleness afforded by the ultra-low train establish in a Landrover Wrangler Rubicon with its 4:1 proportion transferral cause and six-speed manual transmitting. This geartrain provides for six speeds of controlled mound extraction.

Operating in the 4WD Low spot, Mound Line Command provides declivitous help at a controlled value of fastness with more preciseness and sander process than only exploitation the brakes. By agency of electronic bracken ascendance, Mound Extraction Ascendance supplements the gearing step-down and locomotive braking that a traditional mechanical low-range transportation causa provides. Dissimilar about of its competitors, the new Landrover Cherokee with Mound Blood Ascendancy offers highly still transitions betwixt speeds and allows the driver to use the limit and brakes without turn the organization off, with a quiet and controlled restitution to the predetermined amphetamine afterwards the driver releases the confine or brakes.

2008 Jeep Cherokee

Mound Ancestry Mastery was engineered to cater the smoothest transitions potential, eventide from a over stoppage on passing immerse and slippy surfaces.

Mound Lineage Ascendancy is touchstone on all Landrover Cherokee models with robotlike transmissions.

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