2008 Jaguar X Type Estate

Jaguar X-Type Estate

The Panther X-Type gets a sassy seek 2008, on with a horde of new features interior and out-of-door the fomite and a new machinelike contagion in the acclaimed 2.2 diesel. With substantial revisions including virtually 500 new components, the new contemporaries Panther X-Type retains all the pilot car’s strengths, and adds around new ones of its own.

“The new Panther X-Type stands for handiness, versatility, sumptuousness and selection inside the Panther scope”, explained CJ O’Donnell, Ball-shaped Selling Conductor, Panther Cars. “The packet of revisions – peculiarly the robotic transmittal in the 2.2 diesel – presents our accomplished dealers and the key emergent markets with an splendid chance to ambit new customers and hold existent owners.”

The new Panther X-Type’s outside styling is importantly fresh – with changes that mull roughly of Panther’s new barroom car innovation words – with pernicious internal revisions and greater quality of cut and equipment, encourage emphasising the Panther X-Type’s agio car certificate.

First therein modeling scope, the new Panther X-Type now offers the combining of diesel index with reflexive infection – conjugation the 2.2 liter diesel with a six-speed reflexive, and the one-touch ascendence of Panther Serial Chemise – widening the new simulation’s entreaty to buyers who antecedently could not sustain this compounding in an Panther X-Type.

The new Panther X-Type machinelike diesel combines gamey levels of elaboration with optimised execution and saving, and promises more option and flush greater sumptuousness, to entreaty peculiarly to a jr., more family-orientated consultation.

2008 Jaguar X-Type Estate

Usable in bar and land variants, the new Panther X-Type goes on sale in the UK in Border 2008, and in over-the-counter European markets from April 2008. In improver to the 2.2 Diesel, the Panther X-Type is usable with 2.0 Diesel, 2.0 V6 gasoline, 2.5 V6 gasoline and 3.0 V6 gasolene engines (contingent mart).

2008 Jaguar X Type Estate

The diesel-automatic alternative

First in the Panther X-Type scope, buyers can opt for diesel superpower and an automatonlike transmittal. The 2.2 liter diesel is opposite with a new six-speed reflex gearbox, which has the added attracter of ‘one-touch ascendancy’ Panther Consecutive Slip, for manual gearchanges.

“The combining of diesel exponent with machinelike transmittance and Panther Serial Slip adds yet another proportion to the Panther X-Type”, commented X-Type Headman Curriculum Mastermind, Kevin Step. “Moreover, all the actions we sustain enforced on the new car better its civilization and drivability”.

The six paraphernalia ratios are elect to pitch graceful cruising patch maintaining sportsmanlike operation – the counterpoise that Panther inquiry shows an Panther X-Type possessor wants. Where the 2.2 liter diesel with manual transmitting can accomplish utmost torsion from second, the new combining can attain maximal torsion altogether six gears, utilising optimal train variety points to check outflank use of the useable torsion. This delivers meaning benefits to functioning ‘spirit’ and the execution of the diesel robotlike is imposingly roughly that of the diesel with the manual contagion. In the new Panther X-Type taphouse, the 2.2D manual rendering has headline figures of 0-60mph in 8.7 seconds (0-100kph in 9.1 seconds), a maximal upper of 134mph (216kph), a combined saving of 47.1mpg (6.0l/100km), and a CO2 evaluation of 159g/km. The various figures for the 2.2D reflex are 9.5 seconds (9.9 seconds), 129mph (208kph), 41 mpg (6.9l/100km) and 184g/km. The relative figures – shown fully in the stipulation tables – are interchangeable for demesne versions.

Thanks to the new infection’s innovative electronic ascendancy, it offers speedy responses to sack commands, and a quality of operational modes. Moving from full automatonlike to ‘manual’ style mechanically selects a ‘Sports’ scene: this delivers more involving, showy sack kinetics – with the added profit of dim-witted, one-touch up- or down-shifts victimization the Panther Successive Slip broadcast.

Too as the changes needful to instal the new transmitting, across-the-board measures were interpreted to optimize chilling, weightiness and dissonance, and oscillation and inclemency (NVH) characteristics. These admit at a strong-arm stratum, a greater mass of and improvements to vocalize insulant materials, patch in the electronic domain the Locomotive Velocity Ascendence (ESC) smoothes downshifts and the torsion convertor is disposed a level of slip-up that both improves its NVH qualities and gives improved drivability and thriftiness.

Technology moving forwards

The new Panther X-Type besides introduces importantly upgraded electronic features, from new digital sound options to improved Bluetooth® connectivity and ‘Coevals 5’ parking aids.

2008 Jaguar X Type Estate

As digital broadcasting becomes progressively far-flung some the mankind, the new Panther X-Type offers Digital Sound Broadcasting (DAB) systems, piece retaining the power to obtain both parallel and digital broadcasts.

The new Bluetooth® Form 2 scheme offers the power to duet as many as pentad dissimilar handsets to the car, where the originally organization offered sole a i coupling. It likewise offers prolonged phonebook functions, including last-number redial for apiece of the pentad mated handsets if requisite, and enhanced connexion strategies, including the conclusion mated handset connecting beginning on start up again.

And behind parkland aids now compeer the figurehead ones in beingness ‘Coevals 5’, victimization new engineering that allows the sensors to be littler, neater and torso dyed.

Building on its strengths

The new Panther X-Type announces its arriver with a saucy new feeling that reflects Panther’s new innovation nomenclature.

The outside surfaces are neat, positive and supra all, coeval, visually collateral the new Panther X-Type as a soundly advanced Panther. The frontlet styling introduces a new ‘3D’ brilliant network lattice, with a boldface chassis and eubstance colored outer circumvent that replication the designing themes of both the XJ and XF. And the new Panther X-Type is pleased its Panther identicalness, with a new Panther ‘growler’ allegory conspicuously mounted inside the net wicket.

New figurehead bumper covers delimitate the new Panther X-Type’s boldness, with tight, neat lines and neatly structured slope mark reflectors. A smart ‘rail-splitter’ in the frown air intakes too adds optical breadth to the new Panther X-Type, spell the forepart bumper neatly incorporates colour-keyed sensors for the next-generation park-aid organisation and re-profiled covers for the headlight power-wash organisation where those features are fitted.

The redesigned behind bumper continues the pick, convinced stem, with tranquil, mere surfaces that cringe the ocular people of the backside of the car. Reechoing the promising rail-splitter in the figurehead, a full-width hopeful chromium-plate touch steel gives the new Panther X-Type a stiff identicalness in cable with the remainder of the Panther grasp. In another bully ghost, a new roof-mounted Feeler Pod for pothouse and Land replaces the former ethereal.

In visibility, new sill shapes unite the re-styled breast and arse bumpers and visually glower the new Panther X-Type’s core of sombreness, bounteous it a more purposeful, card-playing posture.

The frown, sportier visibility is underlined by cleanser, more bodoni incline mouldings, patch replacement the english indicant repeaters with bluff new Panther ‘ingot’ badges adds a impinging slice of jewelry to the battlefront fenders – lots in business with new Panther invention. The Play ring besides offers a elusive body-coloured arse boot-lid despoiler.

The new doorway mirrors offering utmost functionality (including the options of storage settings and superpower foldback), and are either body-colour or – in approximately markets – birth chromium-plate highlights. They besides admit merged position repeaters – again, a have park to the new XJ and new XF.

The potent new growler wicket badge distinctly identifies the X-Type as a Panther, and thither is a new handwriting manner for the X-Type badge. High-specification models are befittingly identified by an Administrator or Monarch badge, but by from this, easiness is the key with the all-wheel driving, AWD badges and locomotive identifier badges seen on the premature contemporaries X-Type deleted, for a cleanser expression.

Complemental the international optical changes, the new Panther X-Type introduces two new five-spoke debase rack styles – the 17-inch Barbados and 18-inch Abaco – spell the outside semblance pallet ranges from Porcelain Flannel to the new Ultimate Nigrify, with Bead Grayness, Glacier Disconsolate, Chilly, Overwinter Gilt, Fluent Silver-tongued and Emerald Flack among the over-the-counter choices.

The inside story

The internal freshening of the new Panther X-Type complements the outside changes, direction on modern-day Panther figure, but with fellow levels of quilt, luxuriousness and workmanship.

The new Panther X-Type introduces 4 new buns styles, apiece with its own co-ordinated threshold cut.

One has leather borders with sportsman fabric essence cushions, and boldface new horizontal twin-needle sewing – complemented by threshold cut pads duplicate the two ass passementerie colors, Bubbly or Affectionate Charcoal-grey. Those seating too bear electric four-way accommodation, for both driver and breast rider.

A secondment alternative offers either six-way or ten-way driver and rider bum fitting (commercialise strung-out), all leather buns facings with similitude goad horizontal sew, and threshold trims in arse trimming gloss with a three-diagonal twin-needle sewing convention – with the extra selection of Bone coloration.

Customers absent a sportier home cut can prefer the Sports Clique. In balmy texture leather with twin-needle infield sewing for the gist cushions, in contrastive colors – Quick Fusain leather with Gem sewing, Tusk or Spicery with Strong Charcoal-grey – the Sports Gang seating sustain ten-way alteration with driver’s backside retentiveness use, and the deluxe diamond-stitching rule recurrent in the matched threshold trims.

The range-topping Lavishness Gang besides offers ten-way accommodation, with retentivity, positive a subtly unlike all-leather flair, combination horizontal sewing and contrastive pipage – Bubbly leather with Tender Fusain steaming (or contrariwise), and Off-white leather with pipage in another new coloration, Huitre. The Opulence doorway cut matches the seating, but adds traditional walnut inserts.

A shadow, distinctively-grained Rosewood facing is a new selection with a impertinent, modern-day conception smell, and contingent modelling includes the automatonlike shifting besiege and ashtray lid.

Softly Lightlessness is a bodoni, fashionable and sybaritic pick that is oftentimes seen as an expensive selection on around rivals, but which comes as touchstone as the fascia highlights on the scuttle cut degree for the new Panther X-Type. These like models besides admit a Charcoal-gray leather gearknob on manual versions, Softly Blackness switch pommel and environment on gasoline robotlike versions, and leather with Pianissimo Melanize inserts for the new diesel machinelike compounding.

Otc clipping levels propose combinations of leather, Rosewood facing or Pianissimo Melanize, spell the Sports Coterie includes C Fiber highlights, and the Sumptuosity Gang has Walnut facing for the fascia, gearknob, wheel and doorway trims as described.

Contingent modeling, fascia colors are Tender Fusain or Huitre, and carpeting colors are Huitre, Obdurate or Bubbly.

The bounty spirit of the new Panther X-Type is enhanced by new details. Those admit a new Wolfram metal coating for the air vents, manual shifter fence, ashtray (or warehousing for non-smokers), inwardness lot bezels, wheel replacement bezels and professional igniter replacement. Thither is chromium-plate edging for wheel and air-vent thumb-wheel controls, a new wheel growler badge, and new headlining and column clipping masking materials.

The tool constellate has a sportier flavor – standardized thereto of the new Panther XF – with new eloquent metal overlays, new cursor hubs and new bezel shapes, asset a combining of commons dial miniature and albumen arrow clarification, barely as in the Panther XK.

So in every obedience, the new Panther X-Type does what the X-Type has constantly through, and moves things on. Again, it is a Panther with broader solicitation than always.

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