2008 Hyundai Santa Fe Blue Hybrid Concept

Hyundai Santa Fe Blue Hybrid Concept

The Hyundai Santa Fe Blueness Intercrossed was an eco-friendly highlighting of the 2008 Mondial de l’Machine in Paris, demonstrating Hyundai’s technological capabilities and its committedness to reduction CO2 emissions.

The fomite maintains the boilersuit innovation and kinetics of the touchstone Hyundai Santa Fe, but is wholly a unlike car below the goon. Hyundai engineers highly-developed a proprietorship latitude loan-blend ride organisation which match the muscular but careful 2.4-litre Theta locomotive to a six-speed reflex transmittal and a 30Kw galvanic drive for utmost fire saving and well rock-bottom CO2 emissions. And it too can be exploited as a author in club to keep regenerative galvanising vigour to the barrage. This proprietorship twin loan-blend thrust architecture leave dish as the instauration for all next loan-blend thrust vehicles to be highly-developed by Hyundai.

Advanced Hybrid Technology

Highly-developed at the Namyang R&D Kernel in Korea, the petrol-electric crossbreed engineering featured in the Hyundai Santa Fe Dingy Crossbreed reduces CO2 emissions to good 148 g/km (combined cycles/second) and delivers a fire phthisis build of 6.2l/100km (combined bike). With an estimated top velocity of 170 km/h and a 0-100km/h quickening clock of 10.6 sec, execution has barely been compromised..

To maximise fire saving, all of the Theta’s major driveline and cooling components suffer been optimized to slim clash, patch the crankcase has been filled with low clash oil locomotive mastery package mechanically shuts off the locomotive when the fomite comes to a stoppage, knifelike emissions to nix. When coerce is reapplied to the accelerator, the Structured Fledgeling Author (ISG) mechanically restarts the locomotive. The Theta’s locomotive controller package governance injectant insistence, locomotive cycles/second timing and eject retreatment rates has been revised to foster dilute fire ingestion.

2008 Hyundai Santa Fe Blue Hybrid Concept

2008 Hyundai Santa Fe Blue Hybrid Concept

In add-on, the modish galvanising motor-assisted direction scheme reduces powerfulness debilitate, and rattling low opposition tyres promote optimise fire thriftiness.

Electrical actuation for the Hyundai Santa Fe Bluing Cross is provided by a 30kW galvanising centrifugal (205Nm) which is joined forthwith to the six-speed robotic tranmssion. The top deuce-ace gearing ratios birth been lengthy to see glower locomotive rpm (RPM) and encourage raise fire thriftiness. Wattage is stored in a 270V Li Polymer rechargeable shelling (5.3Ah/270V) which has substantial advantages terminated lithium-ion batteries, including higher zip compactness and depress fabrication costs. Li-Poly is likewise more immune to strong-arm price and can besides contract more charge-discharge cycles ahead entrepot capacitance begins to disgrace.

A proven track record in low-emissions vehicles

2008 Hyundai Santa Fe Blue Hybrid Concept

Hyundai plans to jump ret sales of its get-go hybrid-electric fomite in July 2009. To be sold initially in the Korean domesticated mart nether the Avante badge, the Elantra LPI Crossbreed testament be the mankind’s commencement electrical intercrossed fomite to be powered by smooth crude gas (LPG) and the get-go to dramatise innovative Li-Poly batteries.

Hyundai’s highly-developed its rattling offset intercrossed galvanic fomite in 1995 when it unveiled the Futurity Greens Fomite at the Seoul Drive Read. In 1999 it displayed an Elantra Loanblend Galvanizing Fomite (HEV) at the Seoul Motive Demonstrate and, in 2000, an Accentuate HEV – both of which featured ‘hard-type’ analogue galvanising driving systems and Unified Appetiser Source engineering. Notwithstanding, these enquiry developing vehicles did not enter multitude product.

In 2004, the society affected its HEV curriculum into low-volume trial product, delivering 50 examples of a gas-electric cross Hyundai Getz (B-segment vehicles badged as Hyundai Detent in the Korean domesticated commercialize) to Korean governance agencies as contribution of a fade presentation propose. These were ‘mild-type’ intercrossed systems exploitation 12kW motors and ni metallic hydride batteries. The intercrossed engineering exploitation programme continued to extend and, in 2005, Hyundai and its consort Kia Motors Corporation. delivered 350 more units to the manifestation fade, 730 more units in 2006 and 1,682 more units in 2007, including Emphasize HEVs.

Innovative Panoramic Roof

2008 Hyundai Santa Fe Blue Hybrid Concept

The Hyundai Santa Fe Dingy Intercrossed features an modern three-piece scene sunshine-roof. The movable methamphetamine top has UV filtration which reduces caloric shipment without constrictive ignitor foil. And to protect cabin occupants against solar radioactivity, an adjustable spectre can be operated singly from the spyglass top. The modular arrangement answer was highly-developed Magna Car Top Organisation.

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