2008 Hsv W427 Concept

HSV W427 Concept

Holden Peculiar Vehicles unveiled a sevener l platform at the 2008 Melbourne Centrifugal Read, the close installing of the companionship s Twentieth anniversary celebrations.

The car to be known in its terminal growing stages as the W427 is ruined in the like Cyclorama Smooth-spoken rouge system as the master Aggroup A SS VL Commodore, released at the Melbourne Drive Display of 1988, precisely 20 days ago.

HSV Manager, Scott Assignment, aforesaid the W427 was a testimonial to how far the companionship has come equitable xx age.

“To be able-bodied to get a fomite of these proportions is really singular”, Scott Yield aforementioned.

“The W427 bequeath be rather peradventure the quickest route registrable Supercar e’er produced in Australia and among the fastest anyplace about the reality”, he aforementioned.

Patch superpower production figures are stillness to be confirmed, the W427 is belike to get in nimiety of 370kW of powerfulness and 640NM of torsion.

“It testament too be one of the safest cars HSV has always gain the route”, Scott Subsidization aforementioned.

A new six plunger breast braking scheme leave allow a 50% increment in pad ar, spell the Holden W427 besides receives a revised ESP standardization, six air bags, improved manipulation and new Charismatic Rag Ascendancy settings.

The Holden W427 receives a bimodal participating exhaust to better dissonance lineament and rear force direction.

Styling and conception highlights admit an all new battlefront facia, a deuce-ace slice c character ass freebooter, 20 edge machined faced debase rack, unparalleled fumes tips and red leather home.

2008 HSV W427 Concept

Scott Yield aforementioned Holden HSV would be introducing a unequaled client dealings broadcast to company the plunge of the new fomite.

2008 Hsv W427 Concept

“The W427 volition just be produced in express numbers and we neediness to ruminate that exclusivity in how we colligate with our Supercar customers”, Scott Concede aforesaid.

This plan leave see the LS7 locomotive organism fitted at Clayton, on with the dry cesspool arrangement and a stove of former technology features. We are look opportunities to let owners to impose HSV and horizon the unparalleled fabrication procedure that goes into construction this car.

The Holden W427 bequeath enter output in the midriff of the yr and leave be uncommitted purchasable in dealerships in the one-third fourth of 2008.

Micturate no error, spell the specifications of the car unveiled on the viewpoint now at the Motorshow may alteration slenderly betwixt now and when output begins, this car is bound to brand as big an gremlin as the archetype Walkinshaw xx geezerhood ago.

2008 Hsv W427 Concept


  • Outside
  • All new Strawman Dashboard scoop to W427
  • All new 3 bit backside coddler in c fiber
  • All new 20 in pedal
  • Upcountry
  • HSV execution seating fully hotdog clipping with W427 logotype, wheel, gearing gearstick and solace lid fully hotdog leather
  • Powertrain
  • 7.0 Liter, LS7 Locomotive with HSV particular standardisation
  • 370kW @ 6500 rpm
  • 640Nm @ 5000 rpm
  • Complete radiator fashion insensate air generalisation organization with gamey menstruation air percolate
  • Dry sink lubrication scheme with 2 leg heart
  • Give fictional al oil source, with national baffles for mellow G shipment
  • Strawman wax, 13 row locomotive oil tank
  • Ceramic coated, mellow catamenia foursome into one extractors
  • Heights menstruation catalytic converters and exhaust (3 into 2 ¾ )
  • Combat-ready bi-modal ass mufflers for tucker backbone press direction to ameliorate racket character
  • Gamey potency special gaffe derivative
  • New gamey enduringness six speeding manual gearbox (TR6060)
  • GMPT LS7 Clasp with new actuator and bicycle assemblage for highschool clinch gobs
  • Hanging
  • New springs, 30% stiffer than GTS
  • Revised rag tallness 20mm lour than GTS
  • New stiffer bum abatement bushing
  • All new MRC standardisation
  • Brakes
  • New 6 plunger forepart braking organization (50% step-up in pad expanse)
  • Lather ride, 2 slice vagabond forepart rotors (380 x 35mm compared to 365 x 32mm one composition on GTS)
  • Highschool clash pad cloth
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