2008 Honda S2000 Cr

Honda S2000 CR

The S2000 CR is an completely new clipping floor for 2008. The hoy, stiffer and more belligerent boilersuit excogitation is engineered to maximise the Honda S2000’s potentiality on a racecourse with the finish of substantially-improving racetrack multiplication, build symmetricalness and feeling. Compared to the S2000, the factory-tuned Honda S2000 CR provides more fast-growing and track-oriented hanging settings, increased consistency and form rigidness, boilersuit slant step-down, and sleek spoilers tuned for decreased raise and enhanced anatomy counterpoise at gamey speeds. A obliterable aluminium hardtop replaces the exchangeable subdued top.

The sleek packet reduces airlift done prominent and specially-tuned battlefront and back spoilers. Scoop anatomy features admit a faster steerage proportion, more belligerent Bridgestone Potenza RE070 tires (in situation of RE050 tires), a bigger back fatigue sizing, firmer springs and dampers, bigger stabiliser bars and the S2000’s new roll innovation in Kaiser Fluent. A ass trunk suspender has been added to the ar antecedently engaged by the balmy top, resulting in extra inflexibility. Congeneric to the fundament 2008 Honda S2000, accumulative slant savings aggregate 51 pounds (hardtop installed) and 99 pounds (hardtop distant).

The scoop inside is highlighted by blackness cloth seats surfaces with white-livered sewing, a alone ball-shaped al sceneshifter and c fiber-style clipping panels. To keep weighting, air conditioning and an AM/FM/CD sound organization are sole usable as factory-installed optional equipment.

2008 Honda S2000 Cr

2008 Honda S2000 CR


The 2.2-liter, DOHC VTEC 4-cylinder locomotive produces 237 hp and 162 lb-ft. of torsion patch encounter California’s Low-Emission Fomite 2 (LEV-2) standards. Honda’s forward-looking VTEC forward-looking varying valve-timing organization operates the locomotive’s 16 valves in both inlet and tucker modes. This organisation is contract and bespoke to the high-output, high-rpm operational characteristics of the Honda S2000 locomotive. Torsion and hp are optimized o’er the locomotive’s integral operational reach to simultaneously render low-end powerfulness and top-end execution approach the engines 8000 rpm redline. The Honda S2000 is open of accelerating from 0-60 mph in less than six seconds.

The aluminum-alloy cylinder brain maximizes spa efficiency with a squeeze train and chain-drive scheme for the two-fold smash camshafts. The auxiliary cause arrangement for the alternator, irrigate ticker and air-conditioning compressor likewise use a space-efficient pattern.

The locomotive’s extremely fixed, aluminum-alloy block features durable FRM (Fiber-Reinforced Alloy) cylinder liners.

ightweight pistons are made of bad aluminium metal and the forged-steel connecting rods and crankshaft are heat-treated for added formidability. Legion friction-reduction techniques, such as, roller-bearing cam following and advance posture materials, are secondhand in the locomotive.

A large-capacity, low-restriction aspiration scheme and low back-pressure exhaust give to the locomotive’s boilersuit efficiency and service make the Honda S2000’s hearable functioning deportment. (The S2000 CR mutant silencer is tuned for a more strong-growing expel notation.) The exhaust uses a high-efficiency metal-honeycomb accelerator. A direct-ignition arrangement and Honda-programmed multi-point fire shot add to the S2000’s locomotive achieving its LEV-2 position.

A 6-speed, manual transmitting uses closely-spaced low ratios on gears one done five-spot, and a “magniloquent” one-sixth fastness pitch for relaxed highway cruising (65mph = 3500 rpm). The transmitting is a press pattern and features a mastermind mechanical shifting linkage with myopic throws betwixt apiece paraphernalia. A Torsen limited-slip derivative distributes torsion to both backside wheels simultaneously or variably as grip weather permission.


The Honda S2000 is an open-topped, two-seat buggy with a approach perfective 50/50 weighting dispersion. The Honda S2000 uses nerve trunk building with the elision of the cowling, which is al. The soundbox and build are a intercrossed monocoque construction. The “Gamey X-Bone Anatomy” is formed by the trunk’s mellow english sills, and slash (X) brisk underneath the torso. A heavy primal burrow runs pile the centerfield of the cockpit. The burrow serves as the grit and chief supporting construction for the fomite, too as a caparison for the contagion and driveshaft.

2008 Honda S2000 Cr

The outside styling of the S2000’s eubstance is intentional to seem angulate, innovative and flowing. The foresightful cap and flared strawman fenders produce the notion of dejectedness and bulk. High-intensity firing (HID) projector headlights highlighting the forepart of the fomite, patch the taillight pattern follows a standardized root with great, troll multi-LED taillights set in clear-lens housings.

The Honda S2000 CR adds all-embracing streamlined trunk ferment that functions to importantly thin facelift and heighten anatomy counterweight at gamey speeds. An underbelly strawman coddler and a body lid-mounted ass looter trust to glower the Coefficient of Facelift (Cl) by as often as 70-80 pct contingent the ceiling form. Downforce is created by the bum pillager when the hardtop is installed as the configuration of the ceiling is intentional to mold aeromechanics at the bottom of the fomite.

2008 Honda S2000 Cr


The Honda S2000’s battlefront and backside two-bagger wishbone hiatus systems are a press in-wheel invention, exchangeable to the character put-upon on racing cars. At apiece bicycle, speed and glower A-shaped wishbone links express abeyance piles straight to the subframes. Strawman 215/45 R17 87W and bottom 245/40 R17 91W (255/40 R17 94W on CR) tires are mounted on newly-designed and flatboat slant 17-inch metal wheels. The 11.8-inch vented presence bracken discs and 11.1-inch unanimous bum bracken discs are graduated to cater foremost fillet ability and a whole, one-dimensional bracken look. Gyre springs and mono-tube, gas-pressurized dampers (removed reservoirs in the arse) are ill-used at apiece bicycle. Battlefront and bottom stabilizers service donjon trunk bowl to a minimal.

2008 Honda S2000 Cr

Electronic stableness restraint is provided done the VSA scheme, and an ABS organisation is received equipment. An electrically-assisted exponent guidance scheme provides more mightiness direction aid at low speeds for ease-of-maneuvering. As fomite hurrying increases, less exponent aid is supplied, bounteous the direction a more aim tone.

For 2008, the Honda S2000 reprieve has been tuned with new leaping, muffler and stabiliser bar settings to farther heighten road-holding and guidance feeling. The Honda S2000 CR abatement tuning goes eve promote by winning vantage of eubstance inflexibility enhancements made potential with the scoop obliterable hardtop constellation and by adding stiffer springs and shake bars, and firmer dampers. Specially-developed guidance gearbox stiffeners on the S2000 CR provides an evening more engineer, reflex flavor, and is promote supplemented by a faster steerage proportion of 13.8:1 (compared to 14.9:1 for the S2000).


The Honda S2000’s driver-oriented home is intentional to be operable in lots the like way as a purpose-made racecar with splendid outwards profile and simpleness of controls. Eminent sides reward the cockpit-like smell of the internal. The seating shape to furnish first-class sidelong accompaniment during strong-growing turns. Controls such as the steerage, brakes and clutches, manoeuver with a high-pitched grade of preciseness and a orchestrate, dominating flavour. The aluminium and leather-wrapped sack thickening, racing-inspired digital pawn exhibit and engine-start clitoris promote spotlight the fomite’s racing ancestry.

The listing of comforter and widget features includes a power-operated translatable top that opens or closes in some six seconds (replaced by a obliterable al hardtop on the S2000 CR), mightiness threshold locks, powerfulness windows, sail command, Immobilizer Theft-Deterrent Organisation and keyless entering for the doors and the torso. The undermentioned features are received on the Honda S2000 and uncommitted on the S2000 CR: air conditioning with micrometer air filtration and an AM/FM/CD sound organization with eight-spot speakers (including quadruplet speakers situated in the cast bar basketball backside the seating) and remote-operated sound controls.

For 2008, a few remarkable changes suffer occurred to the national on all Honda S2000 models. The panel has a revised beat figure for the fire and temperature gauges, adding to the esthetics of the show. Specifically, the fire and temperature meters now domicile on the arc formed by the tach rather of a semi-circle constellation under and to the compensate of the tach.

The Honda S2000 CR home follows traditional racecar themes with textile seats surfaces highlighted by xanthous sewing. Semisynthetic sue bolsters raise sidelong clasp. A global aluminium slip node on the S2000 CR rests 12.6 mm frown for a 6 percentage diminution in slip diagonal compared to the veritable Honda S2000 cylindric sack thickening (al/leather engrossed). Additionally, slip freight attempt increases by 10 pct for flush more mastermind feedback when piquant a appurtenance. The Honda S2000 CR board meters admit a “peak-power index.” When the locomotive is operational at vizor powerfulness, a rung, go-ahead illuminates to the rectify of the digital speedometer.

Safety Features

2008 Honda S2000 Cr

The Honda S2000 has dual-stage, dual-threshold breast airbags (SRS) for the driver and rider, three-point buns belts with shipment limiters and pre-tensioners, bowl bar basketball and strengthened windscreen posts. For walker condom, the cowling hinges and windshield-wiper pivots are intentional to break and belittle the rigor of a brain wound to a earthbound. Fomite Constancy Attend, ABS and a wear coerce monitoring arrangement are criterion equipment.

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