2008 Fpv F6X


Powered by the category preeminent high-performance F6 270 Turbo 4.0-litre DOHC in-line six-cylinder locomotive, the FPV F6X produces 270kW of exponent and 550Nm of torsion, figures that are one by any local or imported sumptuosity six- cylinder SUV equivalents.

“The F6X is a bounty, FPV enhanced rendering of the successful Crossing Dominion.” FPV Universal Coach Rod Barrett aforesaid.

“It builds on the scoop attributes of that fomite and adds extra execution without conciliatory on tantalise consolation and condom.

“Rather just, the F6X is the nigh potent six-cylinder SUV usable in Australia.”

The Australian intentional and engineered FPV F6X is the outset non Falcon-based fomite produced by FPV, which extends the FPV steel into new markets and offers customers a alone chance in Australian operation motoring.

2008 Fpv F6X

“The F6X was intentional for families that wish a competitively priced, mellow functioning sumptuosity SUV,” Barrett aforesaid.

“FPV has delivered a fomite that combines the sinewy functioning of a turbo supercharged I6 with sumptuosity sports excogitation cues and spectacular impulsive kinetics to make the ultimate sports lavishness SUV.

“It is priced easily beneath its imported sumptuosity equivalents, but calm delivers the gamy operation and lavishness enhancements expected from a agiotage SUV fomite.”

The FPV F6X’s 270kW powerplant is matched to the noted ZF six-speed robotic transmittal and a full-time All-Wheel-Drive scheme.

Done a unequalled bound and muffler standardization, FPV engineers get re-tuned the rag and treatment to grow a firmer sports smell, which advance enhances the basal tantalise mastery of the fomite.

2008 FPV F6X

Farther complementing the operation sports reprieve is an upgraded bracken bundle featuring bounty movement Brembo six plunger calipers and 355mm x 32mm ventilated rotors, and back 328mm x 26mm ventilated rotors with one plunger sliding calipers.

2008 Fpv F6X

The Alpine Smooth-spoken ending on the18-inch five-spoke alloys is too sole to the FPV F6X.

To lucifer the higher locomotive outputs, sportier reprieve and larger brakes, FPV engineers likewise highly-developed a singular Active Stableness Command (DSC) standardization for the FPV F6X.

“The resolution is a DSC scheme that is not too intrusive during gritty drive, but provides enceinte restraint during treatment manoeuvres,” Barrett aforementioned.

The FPV F6X is fitted with a numeral of modern alive and inactive refuge features, including four-channel Anti-lock Braking Organization (ABS) with grip restraint and Electronic Brakeforce Dispersion (EBD).

2008 Fpv F6X

Received equipment includes position mantle airbags and dual-stage driver and forepart rider airbags, a Reversal Perception Scheme and turnabout camera.

Exclusive two-toned leather interior

“The unequalled styling of the leather seating is a standout, attention-getting boast of the F6X and contributes to the sports opulence look that permeates the stallion fomite,” aforesaid Barrett.

The seating lineament a alone Trace and Pumice two-tone backside trimness, with the prominent F6X logotype embroidered on the adjustable caput rests.

The two-tone discourse is continued done to the 3rd row on the seven-seat discrepancy.

The cat’s-paw bundle features the FPV logotype, an locomotive upper red contrast and classifiable FPV dark illuminance, spell FPV drag plates and admixture pedals add to the name of inside appointments.

2008 Fpv F6X

Apiece fomite comes with its own alone chassis shell mounted on the paraphernalia picker environment.

The agio National Bidding Gist (ICC), with double zona robotlike clime ascendance and big coloring filmdom, is ruined in a unequalled Liquified Metallic emphasise gloss, piece the leather threshold passementerie inserts are ruined in Pumice.

External accents stand out from the crowd

Unparalleled FPV F6X outside styling cues admit a hi-tech strawman meshwork wicket enclose with Liquefied Metallic foreground, besides as a bum looter and metal run boards with a twinned personify semblance surroundings.

2008 Fpv F6X

The outside excogitation besides features Liquified Metallic accents on the strawman sideslip shell, cowl air scoopful, threshold mirror scalps and bum slip shell.

The fomite features classifiable F6X 270 badging, and a alone F6X 270 stripes bundle is usable as an optional supernumerary.

Outside pigment colors on the FPV F6X admit Ego, Lightning Smasher, Nitro, Score, Sentiency, Silhouette, Velvety and Wintertime Whiten.

The FPV F6X’s recommended ret cost is $75,990 and testament occur sale nationwide from February Twenty-nine, 2008.

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