2008 Ford Focus European Version

Ford Focus [EU]

The Crossing Direction celebrates its one-tenth anniversary in 2008 with a dynamical new framework. A smart, new ‘energising figure’ outside, upgraded inside, new features and technologies, blend with prominent environmental certification and acclaimed drive kinetics to livelihood Focussing at the battlefront of the intermediate car commercialise.

Since the master Centering was launched in 1998, about 5 trillion vehicles get been produced in Europe. Its regulate on the self-propelling humans has been meaning – it was the outset and – to engagement – the but car in the earth to be acclaimed “Car of the Yr” both in Europe and in N America, and it has won terminated 80 awards in Europe unequalled. Nidus has fifty-fifty get a long-familiar Fording exemplar in Asia, where it is now produced in respective markets including Chinaware.

The new Fording Centering leave commence rolled off the product lines from the end of 2007 in three- and five-door hatchback and waggon bodystyles. The Direction portfolio bequeath so be prolonged advance in former 2008, when the new four-door barroom, the Stress Putsché-Cabriolet and the sportsmanlike flagship example Focusing ST, bequeath be added.

Ford ‘Kinetic Design’

The virtually attention-getting alter for the new Fording Stress is its impertinent new figure.

Sooner than scarce update a bumper or grillwork as many manufacturers do, Crossing of Europe’s conception squad took a “solid fomite” attack in applying ‘energizing conception’ configuration terminology to the outside, to return about an all-new torso.

“We treasured to insure that the new exemplar was hush recognisably a Focalise, but was likewise identifiable as a new genesis Fording,” aforesaid Martin Metalworker, Fording of Europe’s Executive for Excogitation. “I’m identical glad with the results, as the new car has greater mien and stronger lines which reward its drive kinetics credential. Barely as with the new Mondeo, this car reflects our ‘zip in question’ ism delineate in our ‘energising excogitation’ shape speech.”

2008 Ford Focus [EU]

A Quality Experience

Within the new Focusing, the stress was on up the tone of materials and enhancing comfortableness levels.

The tell is elucidate to see and look, thanks to a cushy spirit top to the doors, new instrumentate binnacle, revised essence heap and redesigned windowpane and mirror switches. New, superiority leather is too useable on key models, patch the range-topping Ti X simulation comes weaponed with blue-tinted crank. A new woven star is fitted as stock equipment on Ghia and Ti three- and five-door models (without sunshine-roof).

A new ‘Bounty’ gist solace has been intentional with an accent on improved innovation and functionality. This comes as measure equipment for Ghia, Ti and ST serial models, or as an choice on Tendency models and function of the uncommitted Sportsman ring.

The Agio comfort features a transferrable armrest with 80mm of locomote, a four-litre content entrepot compartment, addition two afford cup holders with gumshoe mat, a strike bearer and a add-in bearer.

The back nerve of the comfort provides extra hold for rear-seat passengers or customers can assign an optional 230 v socket which provides engineer powerfulness for laptops, printers, emptiness cleaners and otc daily appliances (rated at less than 150W.)

The comfort testament too theater the useable Crossing Might release (usable from other 2008), which has been positioned dear the paraphernalia sceneshifter, patch a new Connectivity Faculty can besides be specified, which includes a USB porthole, subsidiary jackstones and ‘iPod’ connections.

The new Focalise is useable in pentad modeling serial – the Ambiente serial is the lead exemplar, followed by the Style serial, and at the top of the grasp, the greco-roman opulence of Ghia and the “techno smell” of Ti variants sit aboard the ST execution differential. Customers can boost heighten and personalize their vehicles with optional ‘X’ packs on the Ghia and Ti models, and a change of themed pick packs targeted to particular client necessarily – Play, Consolation, Panache and Line (handiness depends on marketplace).

Compelling New Technologies

The new Crossing Nidus reach includes a boniface of new engineering features aimed at qualification the drive receive evening amend.

New Focalise clear benefits from the growing exercise realized on Fording’s new stove of enceinte and sumptuousness cars, as many of the key technologies deliver been carried done from the new Mondeo, S-MAX and Wandflower into the Focusing compass.

Examples of this admit the debut of the Fording Easyfuel capless refuelling arrangement which is fitted as banner on the new Stress and helps to forbid misfuelling – one of the about expensive problems owners of now’s vehicles can have.

Besides useable when the Bounty essence cabinet is specified is the ‘Fording Index’ starting release for soft, keyless fomite activating.

New Nidus likewise delivers new levels of engineering for connectivity and in-car systems. Any portable sound twist can be affiliated to the car’s sound systems either via a schematic 3.5mm jackass or now, a new USB larboard with connectivity faculty. The latter is specially meaning for users of up-to-the-minute propagation Apple iPod players, as this connexion allows wide restraint of the whole’s functions done the master sound scheme.

New Focalise is besides the beginning Fording of Europe exemplar to whirl an optional Digital Sound Broadcasting (DAB) radio with its superiority Sony sound systems. This provides enhanced point durability and CD levels of higher-ranking lucidity for tuner enthusiasts.

Bluetooth ® connectivity and Vocalisation Controller are besides usable, on with an low-priced new sailing scheme which includes a 5-inch colouring showing and, first an SD board slot allowing entree to MP3 files. Another attentive selection is the availableness of a 230 v index socket for the agio kernel soothe.

Enhanced Safety – Ford Intelligent Protection System

A key durability of the Crossing Centering has invariably been its no-compromise overture to refuge which includes the Crossing Well-informed Auspices Organisation and no fewer than six airbags.

To raise the boilersuit Direction condom parcel, the new modelling now comes with touchstone Electronic Constancy Program (ESP) with Grip Ascendancy in nigh European markets.

2008 Ford Focus European Version

Too, when Crossing’s Adaptative Presence ignition Scheme (AFS) or HID Bi-Xenon headlights are specified, new Direction volition be fitted with smart and typical LED bum lights which are fitted to all three- and five-door hatchbacks, too as the waggon. In accession, new Focussing features an useable tire insistence Deflation Detecting Organization (DDS) and all new Nidus models ejaculate fitted with an automatonlike fortune cautionary twinkle energizing organisation which warns undermentioned drivers of exigency braking manoeuvres.

The new Stress maintains the warm listing of banner dynamic and peaceful prophylactic features that has earned it a five-star EuroNCAP evaluation, including banner ABS, Emergency Serve, and its strict, built rider cadre. A blanket orbit of optional features that advance lend to the criterion condom box admit the halogen-based AFS headlight organisation, Crossing’s Quickclear het presence sieve, and Heights Loudness Sack xe headlights which have most double the candlepower of formal headlamps.

The Focus Driving Experience

The Crossing Focalise has ever been acclaimed for its impulsive calibre, specially its kinetics, and the new scope stiff unfeigned to this inheritance.

Elaborated changes let been made to piddle the Nidus quieter, peculiarly the diesel models, and manual transmissions gain from rock-bottom rubbing by victimisation a new low viscousness transmittal oil which does not but conduce to a ameliorate fire thriftiness, but besides helps to slim the forces requisite for a pitch variety by capable 14 per centime.

The new Stress is the low Fording of Europe exemplar to acquaint an all-new optional transmission that combines the efficiency and kinetics of a manual with the relaxation of a caliber reflexive.

The new Crossing PowerShift transmitting, due to be introduced in Focalise from the root of 2008 is an modern new six-speed double-clutch reflexive transmitting and leave be usable with the 136 PS (100 kW) and 110 PS (81 kW) 2.0-litre Duratorq TDCi commons railing diesel engines. The Fording PowerShift besides demonstrates that a high-pitched stage of drive solace does not deliver to solvent in highschool CO 2 expelling levels.

Low emission levels are the priority for a significant new addition to the new Focus range – the new Ford Focus ECOnetic.

Crossing of Europe’s new ECOnetic compass of vehicles show that victimization ceremonious engineering and a apt combining of fuel-saving, single details, rattling lucky fire intake levels and, therefore, dramatically decreased CO 2 emissions can be delivered. Powered by the acclaimed 109 PS (80 kW) 1.6-litre Duratorq TDCi with received Diesel Particulate Dribble (DPF), median usance for this fomite has been homologated at 4.3-litres/100km which corresponds to an medium CO 2 discharge of but 115 g/km – a class-leading solution for a formal fomite therein section. With the 90 PS (66 kW) variant of this locomotive, the CO 2 emissions bead to 114 g/km.

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