2008 Ford Five Hundred

Ford Five Hundred

he Crossing 500 saloon packs almost 30 percentage more mightiness and boasts a new feel privileged and out for the 2008 example yr.

2008 Ford Five Hundred

On sale by summertime 2007, the 500 features a new front resembling the democratic Crossing Coalition, more h.p. and torsion thanks to a new 3.5-liter V-6 locomotive, a new six-speed transmitting and all-wheel-drive arrangement and refuge upgrades that admit Fording’s usable AdvanceTrac® electronic stableness mastery scheme. Morphological upgrades to promote better wreck shelter admit reinforcements in the footwell are and new inside doorway panels.

“Customers bang the Euchre’s cod and bundle, and its rubber report is splendid,” says Cisco Codina, Crossing’s aggroup v.p. of Northward America Merchandising, Sales and Overhaul. “For this class, we’ve dialed up the entreaty with a new, more expressive looking, a more hefty locomotive and more 500 changes to shuffling this bang-up car fifty-fifty wagerer.”

2008 Ford Five Hundred

The Euchre’s 3.5-liter Duratec V-6 now delivers an estimated 260 h.p. and 245 pound-feet of torsion. It too benefits from the like smoothen shifty, six-speed automatonlike transmitting and the like useable all-wheel-drive organization as the new Fording Adjoin. Significantly, flush with the upgraded powertrain, real-world fire thriftiness for the front-wheel-drive framework is expected to be exchangeable to the flow simulation – thanks to advancements in powertrain engineering.

New look inside and out

2008 Ford Five Hundred

The Euchre’s new face aligns it with the Crossing Merger. New from the A-pillars onwards, the D now features Crossing’s touch three-bar chromium-plate wicket. A sculptured goon adds a feeling of ruckle item, and a new movement dashboard is chamfered at the outer edges, adding construction to the invention. All-new slope mirrors are littler yet cater meliorate visibleness and concentrate fart racket. Chromium-plate face vents, doorway handles and mirror caps consecrate the 500 Express models a more expensive appearing. New taillamps bear the horizontal radical to the behind, patch a new behind facia houses chrome-tipped treble exhausts.

2008 Ford Five Hundred

Ultra-quiet interior and plush ride

2008 Ford Five Hundred

For 2008, the Euchre’s vocalize box has been totally revised, serving arrive as silence as many sumptuousness cars. The new vocalise bundle includes such technologies as expandible froth pellets in the A-pillars to slenderize farting disturbance and the use of an sophisticated sound-deadening textile called Sonosorb&deal; in the doors, star and pillars. Sonosorb increases sound-deadening efficiency by 20 percentage piece retaining the like heaviness as the cloth it replaces.

Engineers likewise decreased route stochasticity by rigidifying the country where the behind parcel ledge meets the flooring pan. Eventide the mood ascendence scheme was improved by fashioning the arrangement 50 percentage quieter than ahead.

The 500’s tranquillity, convinced tantalise starts with an already solidness institution. Upgrades admit revised jolt towers that helper addition breast respite pass 10 pct, new dampers and springs in both movement and ass, and a revised, retuned bottom abeyance.

One of the nigh substantial changes is how the locomotive is mounted in the fomite. Antecedently, the locomotive was mounted to the strawman subframe. On the new framework, the locomotive and transmitting are bolted to the soundbox with hydraulic mounts to tighten oscillation. By moving the around 600-pound powerpack off the subframe, engineers were able-bodied to ameliorate strain the hiatus and, finally, make an eve bettor tantalise.

Maximum convenience and space

The D features the almost roomy home of any expectant saloon, with best-in-class legroom strawman and behind and 60/40-split fold-flat second-row seating. With the fold-flat front-passenger backside, items capable nine-feet foresighted can fit indoors.

500 likewise offers a figure of must-have technologies. In plus to a criterion accessory sound stimulant jackfruit, useable gizmo features admit a voice-activated seafaring organisation, a DVD amusement scheme and factory-installed SIRIUS® orbiter radiocommunication. Fording Synchronise&patronage; is besides uncommitted on the new Euchre. Synchronize is a voice-activated hands-free in-car communications and amusement scheme which fully-integrates wandering phones and digital media players. The Synchronize in-car communications organisation was highly-developed in collaborationism with Microsoft and leave be offered only on 12 Crossing, Lincoln and Quicksilver products in Northward America source this twelvemonth.

Building on safety leadership

The 2007 500 is already the section leader in guard, earning fivesome stars altogether quartet categories for the U.S. administration’s clank tests. D was likewise the outset Gilded Present succeeder from the Indemnity Plant for Highway Safe (IIHS) and is the year leader in behind clangoring functioning.

For 2008, 500 offers the added prophylactic and controller of Crossing’s AdvanceTrac® electronic stableness ascendence organisation. AdvanceTrac can betoken the fomite’s intentions exploitation a detector to discover and quantity oversteer and yaw by monitoring the fomite’s hurrying, choke post and wheel tip. When the arrangement senses bicycle gaucherie, locomotive torsion is rock-bottom and braking is applied where requisite to helper livelihood the car trailing safely on its intended itinerary.

2008 Ford Five Hundred

D comes banner with dual-stage driver and rider breast air bags, seat-deployed position air bags for driver and figurehead rider and Guard Canopy&patronage; position drapery rollover air bags for both rows.

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