2008 Ford Fg Falcon Xr8

Ford FG Falcon XR8

The new ‘FG’ serial prefix for the one-eighth multiplication Falcon compass heralds the comer of the all-new Falcon line-up, too as helping as an acknowledgment of the substantial inheritance of the long-running Fairmont and Ghia nameplates.

2008 Ford Fg Falcon Xr8

That acknowledgment too translates to the unveiling of the new sports luxuriousness G Serial saloon ambit, incorporating the G6, G6E and G6E Turbo models.

The G6 is a nod to the “Ghia” nameplate and an annexe of the G8 language exploited on the extroverted Fairlane orbit in late age, patch the “6” represents Falcon’s hi-tech six-cylinder locomotive.

G6E builds on the nod to “Ghia” and is a small recognition of the European-inspired styling and discrete designing cues manifest in the new fomite, piece G6E Turbo announces the unveiling of the acclaimed I6 Turbo locomotive as the new torpedo of the sports lavishness line-up.

Ford FG Falcon XT

With a center midland appointments and rubber features, the Falcon XT raises the bar for entry-level fomite individual customers and evanesce buyers. First on Falcon, it volition let its own show and be clearly dissimilar from the residue of the scope.

The XT comes with the prime of either an I6 gasolene locomotive producing 195kW of powerfulness and 391Nm of torsion matched to a new five-speed reflex infection with Serial Sports Shimmy (SSS), or an optional 156kW E-Gas consecrated LPG locomotive with a four-speed SSS car. The ZF six-speed machinelike transmittance is uncommitted as an alternative on the I6 gasolene locomotive.

2008 Ford FG Falcon XR8

Received inner appointments admit machinelike mood ascendance, four-way index driver’s backside, four-speaker individual CD sound organisation, a new, bigger Inner Statement Essence (ICC) LCD covert, sail ascendence and 60/40 burst congregation bum seating.

2008 Ford Fg Falcon Xr8

Dynamical Constancy Ascendancy (DSC) is received on all gasoline models, piece the XT likewise features driver and figurehead rider airbags, presence slope nous/chest airbags, and a driver and breast rider Beltminder organisation.

Ford FG Falcon G6

The entrance G Serial exemplar, the G6 raises the bar for the discreet sumptuousness emptor with a stove of touchstone features in improver to those on the Falcon XT. These admit a unequaled G Serial battlefront bumper and grillwork, strawman fog lamps and 17-inch metal wheels, on with sumptuosity upcountry appointments, including process backside bolsters and a backside heart armrest with cup holders. The G6 besides incorporates sumptuosity sports abeyance and, on the safe forepart, a reversion detection organisation as received equipment.

Ford FG Falcon G6E

The G6E builds upon the luxuriousness G Serial chronicle eve advance, adding to the received G6 spec with a scope of features to return a highly-specified luxuriousness G Serial edition. Measure G6E features admit the acclaimed ZF six-speed automatonlike infection, on with a slope indicant unified into the outside mirror lodging, a forepart buffer badge, unequaled 17-inch metal wheels and a unequalled G6E battlefront grill.

The midland adds a Bluetooth cell consolidation faculty, a agiotage sound scheme with seven-inch TFT semblance ICC blind, six-disc in-dash CD actor and subwoofer, an electrochromatic bum imagination mirror, dual-zone robotlike clime controller, leather seating and an eight-way might driver’s buns with three-position retentivity. On the condom movement, the G6E adds a turnabout camera and incline drapery airbags as banner equipment.

2008 Ford Fg Falcon Xr8

Ford FG Falcon G6E Turbo

The new hoagie of the sports sumptuousness Falcon line-up, the G6E Turbo is differentiated from the G6E by a orbit of performance-oriented features, including the I6 Turbo locomotive that produces 270kW of index and 533Nm of torsion, matched to the ZF six-speed automatonlike infection. New 18-inch debase wheels, a ass lip mollycoddler and hopeful headlight bezels over the singular outside elements, piece 19-inch debase wheels are uncommitted as an alternative.

Inside specialisation includes fabric-wrapped glower threshold trims and an iPod Integrating characteristic, which provides a full incorporate port betwixt a client’s iPod whole and the fomite’s sound organisation.

Ford FG Falcon XR6

2008 Ford Fg Falcon Xr8

The Crossing FG Falcon XR reach continues to physique on the muscular and classifiable invention cues that deliver contributed to the craze position enjoyed by XR vehicles. The XR6 incorporates a legion of features ended and supra the Falcon XT, including a new Tremec six-speed manual transmitting as banner – with the alternative of either the five-speed machinelike or the ZF six-speed automatonlike transmissions – and sports reprieve.

The outside is differentiated by the touch XR double-drop lense headlamp handling, XR battlefront bumper, grill and bikers, battlefront fog lamps and unparalleled 17-inch debase wheels. Interior, the XR6 features a sports cat’s-paw bunch, sports seating, metal bicycle covers and an aluminum gearing gearstick on manual infection models, with setback camera and verso detection systems usable as options.

2008 Ford Fg Falcon Xr8

Ford FG Falcon XR6 Turbo

In credit of its open sports position, the XR6 Turbo leave – first – be specified to the like grade as the XR8, with the master dispute betwixt the two models beingness the engines.

The Fording FG Falcon XR6 Turbo builds on the equipment levels of the XR6 with a compass of execution and comfort-oriented features, including a 270 kW / 533 Nm I6 Turbo locomotive, special eluding derivative, upgraded forepart brakes and 18-inch admixture wheels. The foremost ZF six-speed reflex transmittance is useable as an pick.

Ford FG Falcon XR8

The XR8 shares its major equipment specifications with the XR6 Turbo and is differentiated by its locomotive and touch cowling mightiness extrusion. The exciting Honcho 290 5.4-litre four-valve V8 locomotive moves to the XR8 with the launching of the FG Falcon and is complemented by a new exhaust with a Semifinal Fighting Damper (SAM). The new exhaust produces an unexcelled, flashy V8 release tone, patch too delivering a more neat inside surroundings.

A boldface 19-inch five-spoke metal bicycle conception is usable as an choice on all XR models.

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