2008 Ford Fg Falcon Ute Xr6

Ford FG Falcon Ute XR6

Due to happen sale in June 2008, pursuit the dismissal of the all-new FG Falcon saloon, the all-new Crossing FG Falcon Ute stove introduces a new example line-up and terminology – barely wish its saloon similitude – incorporating the new Falcon R6 models.

“The all-new FG Falcon represents another footprint forrader for self-propelling fomite pattern in Australia,” Crossing Australia Prexy Visor Osborne aforesaid.

“The FG Falcon Ute grasp offers no compromise operation and functionality, with the nonsuch mix of truck-like capacity and car-like ease, driveability and guard.

“Apiece framework in the new Falcon Ute orbit represents a unequaled mix of workhorse and unpaid elements, which ensures the job gets through during the workday workweek, likewise as on weekends when its metre to pickup.

“It is an prodigious passenger-derived ute bundle that delivers salient operation, fire efficiency, nuance and guard to play the necessarily of a all-encompassing form of customers.”

The all-new Falcon Ute is an inherent contribution of the all-embracing technology and maturation platform that has produced the broader FG Falcon orbit, incorporating saloon and Crossing Execution Vehicles line-ups.

Styleside Box (SSB)

2008 Ford Fg Falcon Ute Xr6

The Falcon Ute Styleside Box has been redesigned and reshaped for FG Falcon, reduction the gap ‘tween the bum of the cab and the breast of the box, and mirroring the shape of the corners of the cab for a more unseamed show.

The top lip of the box has likewise been redesigned, with lightlessness al runway linear on its top bound. The new rail are pulverization coated for increased enduringness and supply the fixing points for the new, outpouring fit balmy tonneau blanket and truss keystone points.

2008 Ford FG Falcon Ute XR6

Flush fit soft tonneau cover

2008 Ford Fg Falcon Ute Xr6

A new blush fit flabby tonneau blanket is a key component that distinguishes the Fording FG Falcon Ute Styleside Box models from their predecessors.

Optional on Falcon Ute and banner on all early Styleside Box models, the new tonneau firmly fastens to the aluminum top rail that conjoin the bedliner and outside rag alloy.

When fitted, the easygoing tonneau blanket attaches to grooves on the outer english of the aluminum rail.

The tonneau can be bare-assed up from any slope and easy snaps backbone kill into the channel similar a snatch ringlet shaping bag, up entree to the freight bed and devising it physically easier and faster to surface and ending the tonneau.

2008 Ford Fg Falcon Ute Xr6

In gain to beingness often easier to use, the new tonneau too delivers a sleeker and more incorporate face – the seeable fasteners, or ‘cotton reels’, exploited to fasten the flaccid tonneau covering antecedently suffer been remote, producing a cleanser english visibility for the Crossing FG Falcon Ute.

The soundbox non-white plugs put-upon in conjunctive with late heavy tonneau covers are besides no thirster compulsory.

The new outpouring fit flaccid tonneau has been intentional to ameliorate its power to masking gamy heaps, spell odd laced fine-tune and fasten.

It features elasticized clips on the inwardly of the masking, which can be pulled polish and dependent onto the aluminum incline rail to reserve the tonneau to sit in a higher place than its pattern fitment pointedness, thereby creating a higher consignment blank.

The elasticized clips ascertain that the tonneau is dislodge to extend crossways the lading but quieten clutch it steadfastly in billet.

Adjustable load tie downs

On the indoors of the new aluminum track is an spread C-shaped incision into which adjustable cargo bind maulers can be fitted.

The new truss maulers can be repositioned at commodious points on the position fulminate, or remote whole, and supernumerary bind maulers can be fitted if requisite.

The maulers cater a more exploiter well-disposed access to securing odd wrought dozens, likewise as increasing the boilersuit functionality of the shipment infinite.

Cab Chassis configuration

The Fording FG Falcon Ute delivers added practicality with the power to fit a configurable tray – a sport that cannot be matched by its passenger-derived ute contender.

Falcon Ute, R6 and XR6 models are all useable with the option of either a Styleside Box or Cab Frame constellation.

Benefits of a Cab Anatomy figure admit:

  • Pick to instal your own personally configurable tray
  • All matte payload story
  • Alter or update your tray
  • A freight tray that can be configured with drop-sides
  • A ruffian, hard-wearing al tray that doesn’t intellect beingness scuffed or knocked
  • Column shift auto

    The 5R55S five-speed reflexive infection is besides usable as a tower slip reflexive on sealed FG Falcon Ute models, replacement the four-speed editorial chemise robotlike victimised antecedently on BF Falcon MkII.

    The editorial shimmy transmitting allows the Falcon Ute to be offered with a three-seater constellation, with the supernumerary arse replacement the gist soothe in the heart of the cabin.

    Fixed centre seat

    The rigid core buns is fitted to all vehicles specified with the editorial switching reflexive transmitting, providing a seats place for a tierce rider, including a new headrest.

    The gist buns has been repositioned on Crossing FG Falcon Ute, moving 100mm rearwards and 20mm higher for improved quilt and greater genu headroom about the panel.

    When not engaged, the center bum back can be folded polish to render a essence armrest for driver and rider, with two cupholders set into the ass of the back.

    Concurrently, to meliorate behind visibleness, the new inwardness buns headrest can be remote, revolved and stowed top polish when not busy.

    Jack & tool package

    The Crossing FG Falcon Ute jackass and pecker bundle is placed on the cabin coldcock, butt the rider backside, in a impost rise – it is housed in a effervesce consideration, which is steadfastly committed to the cabin via a thunderbolt and styled node placement.

    The new software supersedes the ‘knave in a bag’ antecedently fitted to Falcon Ute models, thereby removing the jackass from world-wide memory infinite for a neater boilersuit innovation, with the software now designated to a rigid billet.

    Hotchkiss rear suspension

    All FG Falcon Utes are fitted with a revised Hotchkiss bum abeyance, which is a foliage spring-type respite ideally suitable to carrying expectant heaps.

    Its elementary, tough structure enables the fomite’s payload to be cover more of the flesh than is potential with a helix spring-type bottom reprieve, which transfers the payload to a ace detail on either incline of the fomite.

    The riff give excogitation enables load-induced emphasis on the abatement and bod to be more equally distributed, likewise as meliorate managed and controlled.

    Stiffened three-pin, foliage saltation shackles, which mastery the office of the bound, are a key have of the revised bum dangling, to have improved direction preciseness and manipulation symmetricalness.

    Monotube shock absorbers

    All Falcon Utes are besides fitted with monotube jolt absorbers on the battlefront abeyance, foster enhancing the kinetics capableness of the Crossing FG Falcon Ute done bettor eubstance ascendance and treatment.

    Falcon R6 and Falcon XR Ute models with sports respite are besides fitted with monotube jounce absorbers on the arse hiatus, which amend the kinetics visibility of apiece modelling crossways the areas of razz, steerage and treatment.

    The measure Falcon Ute 2-tonne Styleside Box exemplar and Falcon Ute, Falcon R6 Cab Form and R6 Styleside Box models with optional one-tonne abatement, all utilise twin-tube jounce absorbers on the bum reprieve.

    One-tonne suspension

    Sure Falcon Ute models – Falcon Ute and R6 Cab Build – are fitted with one-tonne dangling as banner equipment, piece it is uncommitted as an choice on otc models in the Fording FG Falcon Ute orbit – Falcon Ute and R6 Styleside Box, also as XR6 Cab Anatomy.

    This roughneck dangling set-up provides a fomite freight of more G kg, with around of the Cab Figure models providing a maximal lading of 1240 kg.

    Big payloads

    The new Fording FG Falcon Ute scope maintains its competitory vantage by oblation heavy maximal freight capacities on a figure of key models, piece hush delivering car-like solace, functioning and treatment, inwardly and out.

    The Falcon Ute Cab Build framework, on with the XR6 Cab Flesh when fitted with the optional one-tonne abatement, can both proceeds a 1240 kg freight and birth a utmost Receipts Combined Volume (GCM) paygrade of 4890 kg

    Towing capacity

    When an robotic infection is optioned, all vehicles in the new Crossing FG Falcon Ute grasp, including the XR6 Turbo exemplar, sustain a class-leading, uttermost braked towing content of capable 2300 kg, when fitted with a echt Fording lowering responsibility towpack and payload levelling kit.

    Combined with an matchless reach of high-torque engines – a 4.0-litre I6 in course aspirated, consecrated LPG or turbocharged form, on with the Hirer 290 V8 – the new Crossing FG Falcon Ute reach is the saint tow fomite, whether it is for exercise or a weekend by.

    The received towpack is rated for a carrying capability of capable 1600 kg, patch manual contagion models birth a maximal towing capacitance of capable 1200 kg.


    A stove of new tyres was highly-developed specially for the FG Falcon grasp, delivery improvements in route dissonance, wet bag, dry clasp and treatment, direction complaisance, rag, pealing impedance and guidance one-dimensionality.

    New tyres for the Fording FG Falcon Ute admit:

  • Dunlop SP Sportsman 01A (225/55 R16) for use on Falcon R6 Ute – with the like pace practice as the XR6 tyres, this tire offers improvements in tantalise, direction and manipulation to companion the showy nature of the all-new R6 exemplar.
  • Dunlop SP Mutant 01A (245/45 R17) for XR Utes – this tire has been specifically highly-developed for the XR Ute stove, on with the XR6 saloon, and offers splendid clutch and manipulation characteristics spell maintaining a gamey storey of quilt and NVH.
  • Dunlop SP Play Maxx (245/45 R17) on XR6 Turbo and XR8 Utes – this tire has been especially highly-developed with XR customers in judgement utilising Dunlop’s ultimate ultra-high execution Variation Maxx tire, which offers a highschool floor of rally, direction and treatment on with incidental improvements in NVH.
  • Dunlop SP Mutant Maxx (245/35 R19) for the optional XR Sumptuousness Clique – this tire is uncommitted in co-occurrence with the optional 19-inch metal bicycle on all XR Ute models in the FG Falcon Ute orbit.
  • Ford FG Falcon XR6 Ute

    The FG Falcon XR Ute grasp continues to bod on the brawny and typical designing cues that bear contributed to the fad position enjoyed by XR vehicles.

    The XR6 Ute builds on the stipulation and equipment of the new R6 modeling patch quieten offer a all-embracing alternative of bodystyles – Cab Form and Styleside Box – and powertrains – I6 gasolene with six-speed manual or five-speed reflexive transmissions, or I6 E-Gas with four-speed reflexive infection.

    The outside is differentiated by the touch XR double-drop lense headlamp intervention, XR strawman bumper and wicket, forepart fog lamps and unequalled 17-inch debase wheels, piece Grip Command (TCS) adds to the listing of criterion equipment.

    Within, the XR6 features a sports instrumentate clustering, sports seating, admixture bike covers and an aluminum appurtenance sceneshifter on manual infection models, on with reflex mood ascendancy and a sports leather wheel.

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