2008 Ford F 250 Super Duty

Ford F-250 Super Duty

Fording F-Series First-rate Responsibility, the diligence’s leadership heavy-duty employment motortruck and a pillar of businesses passim America, has been overhauled for the 2008 simulation yr. Crossing’s First-rate Tariff pick-me-up has been the leader in the complete 8,500-pound motortruck section since establish, oblation best-in-class load, crying fomite weighting ratings (GVWR) and prevue tow ratings. The new First-rate Obligation, which bequeath occur sale in former 2007, testament assist guarantee that Crossing Drive Companionship maintains its virtually 30 geezerhood of leading in the pickup clientele.

Offered in deuce-ace cab styles – Even Cab, SuperCab and Bunch Cab – and with two bed lengths, the new Swallow Obligation bequeath boast a boldface face interior and out, an all-new, more knock-down, state-of-the-art Exponent Diagonal ® Diesel and a boniface of alone, advanced features not institute on any early motortruck. And the business of Fording Sup Obligation trucks has been expanded for 2008, with an flush more subject workhorse: the new F-450 getaway.

“The F-450 getaway doesn’t good climb the bar for expectant responsibility pickups, it tosses it out. Stake complete,” aforementioned Cross Fields, Prexy of the Americas. “Every facet of the new job of Sup Responsibility trucks, including capacity enhancements, pattern changes and boast innovations is unambiguously intentional abaft outlay much of clock talk with – and hearing to – our customers.”

2008 Ford F 250 Super Duty

Crossing’s Crack Tariff set the stock in the complete 8,500-pound motortruck section when it was launched in 1998 as a 1999 modelling. Dissimilar competitors who merely alter their existent light-duty trucks, Crack Tariff utilizes its own alone architecture, intentional and highly-developed specifically to encounter the necessarily and demands of the complete 8,500-pound motortruck client. This unequaled coming, with two consecrate architectures, is good one intellect why the Crossing F-Series has been America’s best-selling motortruck for 29 geezerhood and why Ace Tariff has henpecked its section, outperforming and outselling the competitor annually since launching.

2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty

“We’ve been capable to appeal customers and wrench big parcel numbers with Swallow Tariff because we made the determination to set Ace Obligation isolated from the residual of the section,” aforesaid Cisco Codina, aggroup v.p., N American Merchandising, Sales and Serving. “We’ve reinforced our leaders repute o’er clip. Upright organism able-bodied to say that we’ve been America’s best-selling motortruck for 29 days says that we’ve been hither, reason and systematically merging the necessarily of truth motortruck client.”

For unfeigned motortruck customers, Superintendent Obligation is their life-blood, service the many-sided aspects of their lives. Whether towing a backhoe to the building place or towing a sauceboat to the lake, they necessitate a motortruck that is subject and rock-steady. Ace Obligation systematically meets those inevitably.

“The Superintendent Responsibility client isn’t the guy who buys a getaway because it’s chill to let a pick-me-up. These guys are operative with this motortruck,” aforesaid Ben Poore, Fording Motortruck merchandising coach. “They’re trucking and towing, frequently earning their keep with their trucks, and their motortruck has to be as honest and good as they are.”

All-new F-450 pickup adds capability for customers who demand the most

Nowadays’s Crack Responsibility customers are systematically probing for more potentiality. Fording explore has shown that more 90 pct of Sup Responsibility owners tow, and their towing necessarily are growth. To encounter that motivation, Crossing is introducing the new F-450 pick-me-up example. It combines the veracious axle, rightfulness powertrain, and compensate dangling to supervise the heaps of pull a heavier dawdler patch maintaining a graceful, well-heeled razz.

2008 Ford F 250 Super Duty

E.g., the F-450 getaway rides on its own alone anatomy. It incorporates a new arse leaf-spring reprieve patch u talk the spoke arm presence hiatus from the F-450 frame cab. This set-up provides for the tightest turn r in its family, greatly up manoeuvrability when towing.

“The increased towing and loading trucking potentiality, the locomotive enhancements and all the refinements brand the F-450 perfectly the nearly able pickup we’ve always built-period. And that is precisely what our customers are request for,” aforesaid Pete Reyes, First-rate Obligation gaffer organize.

2008 Ford F 250 Super Duty

According to a work by the R.v. Industriousness Connection (RVIA), towable RV shipments deliver adult steady complete the by pentad age, top-hole out at 323,000 units shipped in 2005, a 15.4 pct growth complete 2004. In the like meter bod, ceremonious centrifugal coaches experient a descent in sales, with shipments of the Typewrite A form kill 18.1 percentage in 2005.

The RVIA says that higher fire prices and a want for more tractableness are drive customers out of established centrifugal coaches and into towable traveling trailers and 5th wheels. And as these customers movement to towable trailers, they bequeath quieten bear to get the like degree of opulence features – such as tile floors, granite countertops and big-screen TVs – as they had in their centrifugal coaches. E.g., near 90 pct of fifth-wheel RVs shipped in 2005 had leastways one fold-out board, according to RVIA information.

The 2007 F-350 Crack Responsibility already offered best-in-class uttermost lading of 5,800 pounds and uttermost towing capacitance of 19,200 pounds. The new 2008 F-450 pick-me-up widens the capacity gap, offer a maximal loading of more 6,000 pounds and towing capability of more 24,000 pounds – a 5,000-pound gain ended the class-leading F-350. All of this added capacity comes with the like increased storey of shade base in the new F-250 and F-350.

“Customers separate us they neediness to tow and the F-450 delivers,” aforementioned Reyes. “The drone builders testament be authorship us thank-you letters because they can trade trailers with granite parry ace and fireplaces. And adding another sawhorse to the lagger is no trouble for the F-450 cartridge.”

2008 Ford F 250 Super Duty

All-new 6.4-liter Power Stroke ® Diesel is cleaner, quieter and more powerful

A more knock-down 6.4-liter Superpower Separatrix ® Diesel joins a powertrain card that already includes the section’s near herculean gasolene locomotive, the 362-horsepower 6.8-liter V-10 Newt.

Yearly U.S. diesel motortruck registrations suffer increased to more 500,000 a class from around 400,000 in 2001. Fording has foresightful been the manufacture leader, marketing 1.3 gazillion diesel-powered F-Series pickups in the Joined States since 2001 lonely. Crossing sells more diesel-powered pick-me-up trucks yearly than Chevrolet and Scheme combined. Nigh three-fourths of all Fording Crack Responsibility trucks sold are diesel-powered.

The new locomotive benefits from an innovational maturation serve intentional to more accurately mull how A-one Tariff customers use their vehicles every day. The squad began by collection real-world information from workings A-one Responsibility commercial-grade customers, trailing their everyday obligation cycles. That information was exploited to produce strength tests that more intimately delineate real-world use. To improve promise strength, the tests were conducted victimisation the nigh extremum and opprobrious weather and run to five-times the liveliness cycles/second that the hardest-working motortruck would always get.

“By the sentence we launching this fomite,” aforementioned Dan Davidson, Powertrain supervisor, “the locomotive volition suffer seen more 10 meg tantamount miles of examination both on the dyno and in run vehicles.”

The 6.4-liter Superpower Shot ® Diesel delivers 350 h.p. at 3,000 rpm and 650 lb.-ft. of torsion start at 2,000 rpm and utilizes Fording Scavenge Diesel Engineering, which includes, among otc features, a hard-hitting, park rails fire arrangement, Piezo-electric fire injectors and an forward-looking diesel particulate percolate scheme to present substantial functioning spell reduction particulate turnout by more 90 percentage and placard emissions numbers on par with petrol engines.

Hi-tech, serial successive turbochargers ply improved reception and amend low-end functioning. The unequalled organization uses a pocket-size, electronically controlled, impudent removed varying geometry turbocharger that comes on at low rpm to offer supernumerary encouragement at take-off. As rpms gain, the bigger rigid turbo joins the littler turbo to encouragement mightiness done the center of the torsion sheer. As optimal fastness is reached, the bigger turbo takes concluded. Tests deliver shown zero-to-60 multiplication of more a endorsement quicker than the extroverted 6.0-liter.

Infection choices admit a six-speed manual with overuse or a TorqShift&barter; five-speed robotic. The powertrains use a new unequaled climbing organization that wagerer isolates the powertrain and reduces shaking. Both two- and four-wheel-drive models bequeath be usable on the 2008 Ace Responsibility.

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