2008 Ford E Series

Ford E-Series

The new 2008 Fording E-Series commercial-grade van – America’s outflank marketing load vans, cutaways and rider wagons – gets a major makeover divine by the new F-Series Swallow Tariff’s sheer new front-end figure to pass a name of anatomy and hiatus upgrades that step-up capacity and better rag and treatment. Safe and surety is likewise improved with the increase of usable grip ascendancy and features such as the forward-looking E-Guard Loading Aegis Organization&deal;, a section sole, for added door-lock protection.

Crossing trucks are the trucks that America takes to workplace. In 2006, Fording posted a 40 percentage part of the summate commercial-grade fomite commercialise for grade 2 to category 7 trucks, up 1 unharmed point from 2005. That substance that most one-half of all of the commercial-grade and dart vehicles sold, from F-150 pickups to F-750 bod cabs, wearing the blueness Fording elliptical.

“Crossing is the unchallenged commercial-grade fomite leader and maturation,” aforementioned Joe Castelli, conductor, Crossing commercial-grade motortruck selling. “We own 40 pct of the commercial-grade fomite commercialize and most 500,000 new commercial-grade vehicles on the way this yr lonely.”

2008 Ford E Series

Fording E-Series vans are ill-used for a liberal reach of oeuvre, including transport of prominent groups in rider vans, goods and services deliveries in consignment vans (or wagons) and more specialised applications such as ambulances that are reinforced from cutaway models. The plebeian denominator is that apiece of these customers relies on their van’s enduringness to behavior byplay, shipping big groups or fifty-fifty relieve lives.

2008 Ford E-Series

Fording’s E-Series card is construction on 28 heterosexual geezerhood of leading as sales are up ogdoad pct in 2007, accountancy for more one-half of the life-sized van mart afterward winning 50 percentage of the 350,000-van commercialise in 2006. The prevalent figures admit astir 65 percentage part of the cutaway section, including more 90 percentage of the ambulance occupation therein family. Crossing too re-introduced the 6.0-liter Powerfulness Separatrix diesel – a more fuel-efficient pick for ambulances that are forever loafing on understudy – to the life-size van card.

The Fording E-Series has earned its report as the gumption of America’s hands by systematically confluence client necessarily, delivering potentiality, tractableness and reliableness in an low-cost fomite.

“The E-Series lives capable the “Reinforced Fording Yobbo” discover,” aforesaid Cristi Embrown, E-Series merchandising handler. “My customers regard their E-Series vans to be their largest “toolbox.” It’s what they calculate of. It’s an intact parting of their line and straightaway affects how they shuffle a aliveness. They button their trucks to the limitation on a day-by-day base. The improvements we’ve made for 2008 are in engineer reaction to their ever-growing necessarily.”

Purposeful, functional design improves capability

The 2008 Fording E-Series now looks scarce as roughneck as it is. The new conception, divine by the 2008 Ace Tariff, features all new sail alloy from the A-pillars advancing including bonnet, fenders, radiator supporting, grillwork and bumpers.

“We hypertrophied the forepart of the E-series with a larger, bolder grillwork to case its durability and dependability,” aforementioned Pat Schiavone, Crossing motortruck conception conductor. “We treasured to express the decided “Reinforced Fording Yobbo” looking that our motortruck and s.u.v. vehicles resemble into these open vans.”

The bigger lattice isn’t hardly a share of that bluff instruction. It besides improves capacity by increasing airflow to the powertrain. The grillwork sits on a astute, horizontal business that defines the speed dowery of the bumper and provides a groundwork for the singular curvy, dual-beam headlamps. Foot models accompany a abrupt, contrastive nigrify bumper, grill and headlight surrounds, spell the gamey serial have an all-chrome discussion.

2008 Ford E Series

“For bigger fleets the potentiality is the about crucial retainer,” aforesaid Brownness. “But for the littler guys, their trucks are alike roll billboards. They promote the patronage so it’s really crucial for them to brand a commodity feeling when they clout onto the job website or into the drive.”

Up fitters, those who convince E-Series cutaways into motive homes, box vans, and a sort of early arduous running vehicles, testament be pleased to acknowledge the alter in the 2008 E-Series posture hasn’t stirred the fomite’s vital dimensions.

“Interestingly, one crucial matter that many of our customers wish to try around is what’s not ever-changing,” aforementioned Rob Stevens, E-Series headman organise. “The up fitters invent an authoritative section of our clientele and sustain intentional their tooling to fit the dimensions of our vehicles. If we modification our threshold openings, all of their tooling becomes superannuated. Thereto detail, threshold structures and level construction measurements are carryover and backside attachments are in the precise like locating.”

Power when you need it designed to meet your needs

The Fording E-Series is the sole fomite in its section to whirl a measure V-8. The E-150 and E-250 payload vans accompany a 4.6-liter Newt V-8 locomotive and, new for the 2008 modelling yr, the E-450 now comes received with a 5.4-liter V-8.

“We’re oblation a criterion 5.4-liter V-8 to consecrate our customers more options,” aforementioned Brownish.

The E-350 can opt for the 6.8-liter Newt V-10 delivering segment-leading 305 hp and 420 ft.-lb. of torsion. A 6.0-liter Exponent Shot diesel that makes 305 h.p. and 420 ft.-lb. of torsion is useable on the E350 commercial-grade consignment vans, E350 regular-length wagons and E350 and E450 cutaways.

Contagion choices admit a 4-speed reflex with overuse paired to the 4.6-liter and 5.4-liter engines in vans and wagons. On cutaways, the 5.4L, 6.8L gasolene and 6.0-liter diesel engines are paired to the 5-speed TorqShift automatonlike transmittal with tow/haulage modality.

When decently furnished, the E-150 Van can tow capable 7,500 pounds, the E-150 Waggon capable 7,100 pounds, and the E-350 Sup Obligation and Superintendent Tariff Lengthy Waggon capable 10,000 pounds apiece. An usable Form II/III/IV Prevue Tow Packet includes an electrical bracken restrainer with tap-in capacity, a seven-pin preview wiring rule with bumper bracket, and a relay organization for relief and functional lights.

A Powerfulness Take-Off Proviso is optional on 6.8L cutaways and airstrip anatomy with 158- and 176-in. wheelbases. It provides an accession gore in the transmittance trapping to associate a PTO scheme.

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