2008 Fisker Karma Prototype

Fisker Karma Prototype

Fisker Self-propelling, Inc., a k American agiotage sports car accompany, unveiled its beginning product car, the Fisker Karma, at the 2008 Northwards American Outside Car Display (NAIAS) in Detroit. The commencement of its genial four-door add-in loan-blend bounty sports saloon volition get a start toll of $80,000. Initial deliveries of the Karma testament begin in the 4th quartern of 2009 with yearly output jutting to compass 15,000 cars. The offset 99 cars off the line volition be singly numbered and sign by Henrik Fisker and bequeath be produced in the colouration and clipping of the display car seen at NAIAS.

In Buddhism/Hinduism, Karma is outlined as the strength generated by a someone’s full or wickedness actions which determines the nature of the individual’s future world. The Fisker Karma allows consumers to praxis effective Karma – impulsive a car that is environmentally favorable – without sacrificing the extremum comfortableness and dash of the opulence car class.

“In creating Fisker Self-propelled, Inc. we sought-after to recrudesce a grasp of beautiful, environmentally favorable cars that brand environmental feel without compromise,” aforesaid Fisker Self-propelled, Inc. CEO Henrik Fisker. “Our trust is that the Fisker Karma testament be the first of a new curve in the self-propelling occupation – less yielding with more efficiency.”

The car features up-to-date card loan-blend engineering, penned as Q Thrust, highly-developed by Quantum Technologies alone for Fisker Self-propelling. The Karma’s Q Campaign form consists of a belittled gas locomotive that turns the source, which charges the li ion bombardment mob, powering the electrical motive and turn the bum wheels. This proprietorship pattern allows consumers to thrust the car expelling absolve for capable 50 miles a day provided the car is supercharged every eve. It’s imaginable that if consumers surveil this casual number, they leave just want to fire the car but erstwhile a twelvemonth. This Q Campaign engineering bequeath allow a stand for all futurity derivatives from Fisker Self-propelling.

2008 Fisker Karma Prototype

“Our destination hither is to render the advance that Quantum Technologies has made in the expanse of card cross engineering. By compounding our efforts with the far-famed pattern endowment of Henrik Fisker, we can grow cars that micturate a remainder to the surroundings – without sacrificing the sumptuousness that accompanies the finest automobiles,” declared Alan Niedzwiecki, CEO Quantum Technologies.

Fisker Karma Design

The flowing invention of the Fisker Karma, which accentuates the foresightful punk, is a organize answer of the discovery all-new from the priming up form pattern with powertrain developing. This unparalleled designing places the shelling coterie at the core of the fomite ‘tween the two axles, providing optimum fomite drive kinetics, uttermost prophylactic, and harmonious innovation. Both the inside and outside of the car testament be put to grocery as seen at the NAIAS.

Fisker Karma Interior

The Karma’s voluptuous inner boasts quadruplet soul low form seating, a modernistic and advanced inside figure and a roomy baggage capacitance that can fit two golf bags and baggage in the bole. Otc home optional features to admit:

  • Electronic Aides: Piloting scheme, DVD organization unified into ass backs and state-of-the art button controls
  • Seats Comforter: Iv single “low grade” seating
  • Impulsive Modes: The driver leave be capable to take ‘tween two modes of impulsive. The low manner is “Stealing Cause”, which is the tranquility thriftiness mood for optimum relaxed and effective impulsive. By flipping the secondment dodder ass the wheel, the car leave switching to “Mutant Campaign”, which bequeath accession the total superpower of the fomite.
  • Fisker Karma Exterior

    The all new from the earth up outside figure features a continual flowing of sculpt and spectacular ratio. Standardised in tallness to the Porsche 9-11, the distance of the Mercedes Benz CLS, and the breadth of a BMW 7-series, the Fisker Karma’s construction and consistence panels volition micturate blanket use of aluminium to support the boilersuit fomite angle as low as potential. Additionally, a new driving geartrain contour volition allow optimum slant dispersion. The fomite’s low and full position offers the driver a singular purview of the fenders from the indoors of the car.

    The Fisker Karma leave crack part self-collected clime ascendancy, as consumers leave get the choice to leverage a wide-cut distance solar ceiling that bequeath avail tutelage the car and render chilling for the home cabin piece the car is parked. Additionally, Fisker Self-propelled bequeath whirl consumers an choice to leverage a set of solar panels for their roofs or garages where they can give electricity during the day to care the car nightlong…again be and emanation unfreeze.

    2008 Fisker Karma Prototype

    Early outside details to note of admit:

  • Outside Panels: Across-the-board use of whippersnapper materials victimised for optimum weightiness and drive kinetics
  • Solar Board Cap: The Karma leave crack collected mood mastery, as consumers volition suffer the alternative to leverage a wide-cut duration solar cap that bequeath service commission the car and cater chilling for the inner cabin spell the car is parked
  • Add-in Form: Diminished cowling “doors” for light charging and locomotive fluids replenish
  • 22-inch jackanapes admixture wheels
  • LED tail-lamps
  • Driver visibleness: Strawman fenders seeable with a horizon of the foresightful goon
  • Fisker Karma Performance & Dynamics:

  • 0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds
  • Top hurrying bey 125 mph
  • Torsion: The karma testament suffer utmost torsion usable from 0 mph with a spectacular quickening to its top upper
  • Position of car: The low plaza of sobriety provides optimum fun fomite impulsive kinetics
  • Introduction: The Karma testament lineament a new highly-developed jackanapes eubstance and construction
  • Braking: The Karma bequeath characteristic regenerative brakes to retaking braking zip
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