2008 Fiat Fiorino

Fiat Fiorino

To fulfill the modish demands in urban goods transfer, Decree Pro presents the new Fiorino, the newest summation to its new-look stove that is expected to reach bang-up things complete the succeeding few geezerhood.

2008 Fiat Fiorino

Highly-developed from a articulation adventure betwixt Order and PSA, this master commercial-grade fomite is produced at the Tofas imbed in Bursa, Joker, and leave be sold in 80 countries oecumenical from the end of this twelvemonth. It has now been presented in the freight variant, patch the rider versions testament too be launched future yr.

The new Fiorino combines functioning, beneficial treatment and the character of ease you would await from a car with the content, simpleness of cargo, dependableness and rate for money you would gestate from a commercial-grade fomite. It is the complete root for masses who get to pass foresighted hours drive or motive to piddle deliveries, such as craftsmen, care workers, avail companies and couriers.

The figure is based on an forward-looking mind: to produce a fomite whose international dimensions are more press than those of commercial-grade vehicles in the 1B “belittled van” section, but that is evenly wide and operable, cheap to run and beautifully priced. With an pilot, active elan, the Decree Fiorino is 3.86 metres longsighted, 1.72 m gamey and 1.71 m across-the-board. Thanks to these compress extraneous dimensions it can handgrip any metropolis gist with simpleness, part because of its turn rope of hardly 9.95 metres.

It has a inflexible front with a typical personality, blend harmoniously into the arse segment with feather lines that emphasize the estimation of a upstanding, racy fomite. The van besides has a gravid load bed and is sluttish to shipment. The naughty sidelong lines bring selfsame active styling (the jury versions birth wholly smoothen sides, nonsuch for customising with ad stickers). The gravid, rounded bumpers and english strips assure maximal shelter for the fomite, peculiarly against impacts at low amphetamine.

2008 Fiat Fiorino

Finical attending has been devoted to the cargo country, with a intensity of 2.5 three-dimensional metres (2.8 if the rider arse is folded refine). The intragroup distance is o’er 1.5 metres (well-nigh 2.5 m with the rider bum folded pile): awesome, if we see that the fomite’s extraneous distance is less than 3.9 metres. With a lading capacitance of capable 610 kg (including the driver), the new Fiorino is a rotation in the diminished van section. Load and unloading is made easier with a really low payload sill (527 mm), sliding position doors and really heavy reduplicate doors at the behind. The Fiorino too features six pragmatic rings to fasten goods during shipping, besides as partitions to protect the driver from dozens spilling terminated into the cab.

2008 Fiat Fiorino

The like attending to item has been devoted to the cab, which is ignitor, prosperous and has a impulsive office standardised to a car, to living the driver in top manakin arse the pedal. Thither is likewise gobs of blank to memory effects, in pants, compartments and shelves. Everything has been intentional with a big stress on biotechnology, acoustical comforter, temperature and shaking mastery. It is long-familiar that onboard consolation is a anteriority for drivers of commercial-grade vehicles, who drop farsighted hours at the bicycle, oft in demanding weather. E.g., the impulsive buns is both well-fixed and pragmatic thanks to the harmonious, modular “T” molded splashboard – so that the controls and elevated board are e’er inside loose compass. Drive puff too substance having a clime mastery scheme that maintains the rightfulness temperature and humidness within the fomite, subject of speedy de-misting (thanks to no fewer than octonary vents with an airflow capability of 400 m3 per hr). Quieten on the motif of onboard consolation, the new Fiorino likewise has a modernistic audio-telematic arrangement consisting of a car radiocommunication with CD or Mp3 musician, a stereophony with quartet loudspeakers, and Bluetooth hands-free kit.

The new Fiorino is likewise synonymous with efficiency and productiveness. For the client, this translates into identical low linear costs (fire intake, service intervals and hangout costs), and splendid getaway and snap at low speeds eventide with a wide-cut cargo – thanks to the two Euro 4-compliant engines: the 1.4 gasolene locomotive (73 bhp) and the turbodiesel 1.3 Multijet (75 bhp). Combined with a manual 5-speed or an robotic 6-speed gearbox, the 1.3 Multijet represents a material technical rise. In pragmatic price, this agency rock-bottom use (4.5 l per 100 km in the combined cycles/second, which translates into C km traveled on a wax tankful); emissions (the CO2 measure is scarce 119 g per km, and a particulate dribble testament too be uncommitted other in 2008); improved interference grade (thanks to multi-injection); rock-bottom oscillation and fantabulous operation (top upper 157 km/h).

When it comes to safe, the new Fiorino is at the top of its course. This can be seen, e.g., in the bodyshell with derivative hardness, the herculean, efficient braking scheme, the ABS finish with EBD, the 3-point seatbelts with pre-tensioner and cargo clipper, the hydraulic superpower direction and driver’s airbag (rider airbags, face airbags and behind parking sensors are useable on asking). The new Fiorino is dynamical to effort and has splendid roadhold: largely thanks to the authentic, extensively-tested suspension (Mc Pherson freelancer pedal abatement at the movement and tortuousness bar respite at the ass) and the heights torsional hardness of the consistence: 133,000 Nm/rad on the terminal fomite (eubstance, windshield, presence doors, and hinged doors with no sliding position doors). Close but not least, to protect the lading against the theory of stealing, the new van has furcate lockup of forepart and ass doors (so the consignment compartment can be put-upon tied when the cab is unsympathetic) and a stalemate, the exchange lockup organization that protects against attempted break-ins by incapacitating the threshold address and operate mechanisms.

The all-encompassing and wide-ranging grasp of new Fiorino Lading vans is uncommitted in two reduce levels (staple and SX), ten colors – not to quotation a farseeing inclination of non-standard colors principally bound for particular clients – two types of upholstery and no fewer than ix consistency configurations with bingle, two-baser or no sliding doors, board or glassy sides and asymmetric reduplicate back doors (60/40) likewise usable in gore or glassed versions. Not forgetting that specialized converters can translate the new Fiorino in versatile shipway, by adding infrigidation units, roving workshops etcetera.

2008 Fiat Fiorino

Last, former in 2008 a exceptional new variant bequeath be launched – the Gamble – expanding the versatility of the Fiorino Consignment. Not sole is the Fiorino eminently suitable to urban environments, but now thither volition besides be a serial intentional specifically for use in rural areas or drive on pugnacious or unsurfaced roadstead (edifice sides, twist of roadstead and railways etcetera.). The Fiorino Shipment Chance has elevated respite, 15″ tyres, an locomotive precaution reinforced into the battlefront bumpers and more all-encompassing bodywork security.

Tandem with this, the Combi grasp volition be launched, intentional for rider or freight exaltation (capable 5 passengers positive 270 kg). Two models testament be uncommitted (Combi and Combi Risk). A mastermind descendent of the Loading class, the Combi whirl is intentional for particular applications and customers, combine comfortableness and elan with widget and rationalness. The strengths of this modeling are its one-dimensional goal and passing various bottom compartment, everlasting for assorted use (transporting teams of workers, tools and materials, or materials alone). The 3-seater bum ben can besides be folded fine-tune, packaged up and flush remote, freehanded the Combi virtually the like content as the Lading. The “Jeopardize” box is besides useable for the Combi stove, with the like esthetic and mechanical features as the Payload Stake. All this makes the Combi Jeopardize arrant for the nearly heavy, hard jobs such as impulsive on construction sites, in rural areas or in areas with raspy or unsurfaced roadstead.

2008 Fiat Fiorino

Both versions of the Combi can besides be supplied with class N1 credentials (4 multitude + 338 kg), which can be utilitarian for tax concessions, contingent the area.

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