2008 Bentley Continental Gt Speed

Bentley Continental GT Speed

The Bentley Continental GT Fastness is the nearly potent yield Bentley e’er and the beginning to top 200mph (322km/h). A stiff plus to the troupe’s extremely successful Continental serial, the GT Swiftness extends the solicitation of the Continental GT coupe to drive enthusiasts who spot a eminent esteem on straight-out operation and spry manipulation.

The outside flair of the new Bentley Continental GT and GT Velocity models is outlined by a wider, glower air inspiration and more erect grille that likewise supply increased airflow to the more muscular GT Fastness. Its 600bhp (610PS) W12 locomotive develops 15 percentage more torsion and club percentage more exponent than the criterion Continental GT, spell locomotive efficiency is optimised by the use of depress clash, lighter-weight components and a new locomotive direction organization. The consequent operation is olympian, with a top speeding of 202mph (326km/h), a naught to 60mph dash clock of barely 4.3 seconds (0-100km/h in 4.5s) and casual passing potentiality.

Complementing the Bentley Continental GT Velocity’s mellow execution is its singular figure strain that delivers tauter treatment and improved lightsomeness, with new, wider 9.5J 20-inch wheels and tailored execution tyres as banner fitment. Fade-resistant c ceramic brakes are useable as an alternative. Insidious excogitation touches, including a dark-tinted strawman lattice and bigger sports tailpipes, reward the betting quality of the Bentley Continental GT Velocity.

2008 Bentley Continental GT Speed

Intake for the Bentley Continental GT Speeding came from the fabled ‘Swiftness’ models that get-go appeared in 1923. The received Bentley 3-litre had already naturalized Bentley’s technology transcendency in damage of roadholding, treatment and braking, but W.O. Bentley, the caller’s father, recognized the grocery likely for a more stiff interpretation aimed at the fancier driver who demanded victor functioning. His reception, the 3-litre ‘Swiftness Exemplar’, dispatch with couple SU carburettors and a higher compaction proportion locomotive, became one of the nigh desired of all Bentleys.

2008 Bentley Continental Gt Speed

Both the Bentley Continental GT Fastness and the 552bhp (560PS) Continental GT gain from intragroup efficiency improvements to return rock-bottom fire intake and CO2 emissions. The Continental GT cadaver unusually warm – its top fastness is unaltered at 198mph (318km/h), with a 0-60mph dash metre of 4.6 seconds (0-100km/h in 4.8s).

The all-wheel cause Bentley Continental GT changed the boldness of the opulence coupe grocery and attracted a wider interview to the Bentley brand. It likewise delineate the opening in Bentley’s renaissance, position the fellowship at the elevation of both engineering and consumer inhalation. Since its establish, exact for a sportier adaptation of the Continental GT was met by the successful creation of the 2005 GT Mulliner Impulsive Spec and the modified variant GT Rhombus Serial in 2006, to lionise 60 age of Bentley at Crewe. Now, with the establish of the Bentley Continental GT Amphetamine, customers leave savor level greater option. Bentley Chairperson and Chieftain Administrator Dr Franz Josef-Paefgen welcomes the elaboration of the Continental GT modeling oblation: “The Continental GT is a extremely successful, contemporary Bentley image. The new Bentley Continental GT Upper, with its harder-edged lineament and sportier drive see, builds on this winner.”

Engine enhancements for all Bentley Continental GT models

At the spirit of both Bentley Continental GT models is the Bentley 6-litre, match turbocharged W12 locomotive, the about compress 12-cylinder locomotive in yield. The 48-valve psyche employs quartet camshafts and continually varying valve-timing. Index is transmissible via a ZF six-speed machinelike transmittance.

2008 Bentley Continental Gt Speed

A innkeeper of locomotive and infection enhancements sustain been introduced on the 552bhp (560PS) Bentley Continental GT to heighten both the shade and efficiency of this eminent engineering powertrain. These admit:

  • New crankcase invention to slim inner losings.
  • More effective accelerator and exhaust for improved emissions.
  • Light weightiness unity concatenation driving for camshaft.
  • New locomotive direction scheme and quicker answer cam detector.
  • For the Bentley Continental GT, the locomotive continues to get 552bhp (560PS / 412kW) at 6100 rev/min and a maximal torsion of 650Nm (479lb ft) from1600 rev/min. The duplicate, low-inertia turbochargers are a key factor producing the matte torsion kink, feature of every Bentley.

    A new higher production of the W12 locomotive is specified for the Bentley Continental GT Amphetamine, communion locomotive efficiency improvements with the GT modeling. New hoy angle con rods heighten locomotive answer, piece new pistons, with anodised densification pack grooves, are intentional to hold increased cylinder pressures. Jointly a recalibrated rendering of the new locomotive direction organization, the Bentley Continental GT Hurrying develops 9 pct more might than the GT – 600bhp (610PS) at 6000 rev/min. The uttermost torsion of 750Nm (553lb ft) at 1750 rev/min represents an gain of complete 15 percentage versus the criterion locomotive. As a resultant, the Bentley Continental GT Amphetamine becomes the commencement product Bentley to top 200mph (322km/h), with a V-max of 202mph (326km/h).

    Both the Bentley Continental GT Swiftness and GT models now create frown CO2 emissions of 396g/km, kill from 410g/km, an advance of 3.5 pct. Fire uptake is improved by a like come.

    Brian Ebullition, Conductor, Flesh and Powertrain, says the two new models crack something for every Bentley partisan: “The Continental GT testament keep to be the benchmark for the lavishness coupe form, oblation an matchless coalesce of operation and elaboration. The new Bentley Continental GT Speeding is a genuine driver’s car with huge index and brilliant manipulation.”

    The forward-looking ZF 6HP26 six-speed reflexive gearbox has the power to lock its torsion convertor during convention drive weather replicating the instancy of a manual transmittal piece maintaining the fluency of an robotlike. A manual overthrow part allows clutchless manual changes via the gearlever or wheel paddles.

    Providing brobdingnagian levels of clench and stableness altogether brave weather, the all-wheel effort organisation harnesses the colossal might and torsion of both the Bentley Continental GT and GT Fastness coupes. The scheme uses a key Torsen derivative and a derivative on both the figurehead and backside axles providing a received 50:50 torsion schism. This presence to ass proportion is varying contingent the useable clutch and the arrangement can signified elusion of less than one-hundredth and respond by allocation the locomotive’s torsion to either the forepart or arse axle.

    The sophisticated electronic constancy program (ESP) has been uprated to ESP 8.1 for both models. The Bentley Continental GT has a new “Mutant Grip” manner that moderates ESP interference at low speeds, providing a greater stage of driver interaction and restraint. This is specially good from standing starts, e.g. when pull by rising on low grip surfaces.

    The Bentley Continental GT Amphetamine offers a new ‘Active Mood’ that allows increased bike gaucherie at higher speeds than the ‘Mutant Grip’ mood on the touchstone build. Torsion is reinstated more quick abaft the grip mastery organization is triggered, bountiful the gamey driver a greater signified of ascendance and the power to effort the full-of-the-moon likely of the new locomotive.

    Highly tuned suspension for outstanding handling

    Flesh, respite and steerage modifications for both the Bentley Continental GT and GT Hurrying models guarantee they sustain the treatment to couple their unnerving powertrains. Both are suspended on look-alike wishbones at the movement and a trapezoidal multi-link organisation at the bum. Lots of the reprieve is made from jackanapes al. The Bentley Continental GT Amphetamine exemplar besides benefits from a solid-mounted breast subframe, spell high-stiffness aluminum strawman uprights are plebeian to both models. Collectively stiffer backside hanging bushes these bear eventide cardsharp manipulation characteristics. The Bentley Continental GT Upper besides features limited battlefront and behind anti-roll bars to minimize understeer and optimize manipulation equaliser.

    Self-levelling air reprieve that forever monitors and adjusts the bait meridian and damping according to route weather is plebeian to both models, although the Bentley Continental GT Hurrying is engineered to sit 10mm lour at the breast and 15mm frown at the back to better manipulation kinetics. Uprated springs and dampers, jointly revised package mastery, foster better the lightsomeness and torso ascendance of the Bentley Continental GT Hurrying.

    2008 Bentley Continental Gt Speed

    All-new 9.5Jx20-inch metal wheels with tailor-made Pirelli P-Zero tyres deliver a major force on the GT Amphetamine’s direction and hold levels. The wider bicycle and decreased tire paries visibility amend the tire’s sidelong rigor gift observably cardsharp steerage reaction and tone. The new Pirelli execution tyres are highly-developed specifically for the Bentley Continental GT Speeding and gain from a unequaled expression and galosh heighten for enhanced levels of bag.

    Both the Bentley Continental GT and GT Swiftness gain from changes to the wheel and shackle direction. Revisions to the organization’s hydraulics dilute rubbing and meliorate direction look, piece a new interpretation of the speed-sensitive Servotronic arrangement likewise increases levels of feedback to the driver.

    2008 Bentley Continental Gt Speed

    Junior-grade cod levels – the reaction of the car to pitiful route surfaces, pot holes or cats’ eyes, e.g. – birth been improved on the 552bhp Bentley Continental GT example with the gain of low detrition dampers. And eve though the new Bentley Continental GT Fastness has stiffer, lowered abeyance its cod timber is on a par with the 2007 Bentley Continental GT.

    The Bentley Continental GT and GT Speeding are both equipt with the largest brakes of any product carriage on sale tod. The ventilated breast discs deliver a 405mm diam and are 36mm midst. Ventilated discs are too victimized at the backbone, with a diam of 335mm and a heaviness of 22mm.

    For both models, the functioning boundaries are boost lengthy by Bentley’s optional c/si carbide brakes. Boast 420 x 40mm carbon-silicon carbide, cross-drilled forepart discs and 356 x 28mm rears, with eight-piston callipers, the new brakes are level bigger than the banner arrangement. The organization provides a 20kg reducing in rotating and unsprung volume, benefiting guidance reply and manipulation.

    The jackanapes, fade-resistant braking scheme minimises disk straining nether heights thermic weather. Nether rule impulsive weather the bracken discs testament death the lifespan of the car. Moreover, bracken pad spirit is two-fold compared with the touchstone braking scheme.

    Complementing the braking systems of both Bentley Continental GT models are advanced rubber systems, including Hydraulic Braking Assist (HBA), anti-lock braking (ABS), hale torsion ascendance (MSR) and Electronic Brakeforce Dispersion (EBD). The latter monitors the layer of hold useable to apiece tire and apportions braking strength consequently. This not lone helps thin fillet distances but too greatly enhances the restraint enjoyed by the driver nether lowering braking.

    Subtle changes to acclaimed coupe design

    The Bentley Continental GT has standard many accolades for its classifiable, sinewy and graceful panache. It has redefined the conception of the contemporaneous G Touring coupe: ahead look yet congregation to Bentley’s innovation inheritance. Graeco-roman sculptured coupe excogitation cues such as buxom back haunches, curt figurehead beetle, striking strawman grill and yearner ass beetle ring the looking and tone of around of the heavy Bentleys of past. The fashion of the GT has stirred client interestingness comparable no over-the-counter Bentley to produce a contemporary excogitation image. For the up-to-the-minute looping of the Bentley Continental GT achiever floor, the enhancements of the car’s outside are so purposely elusive, as Conductor of Figure, Dirk van Braeckel explains: “Our object was to take the operation potency of the new Bentley Continental GT Amphetamine, spell retaining all the figure cues so precious by our customers.”

    The chief changes to the facade show are vulgar to both the GT and the new GT Velocity. The subtly revised figurehead grillwork, now more upright, has a more marked lame bound accentuating the GT’s classifiable Bentley visibility. Below the grill, the all-new frown bumper pattern features a wider fundamental air consumption that emphasises the sportsmanlike posture of the new models. Chromed bezels approximately the headlamps accompaniment the new frontlet excogitation.

    The Bentley Continental GT Fastness is imposing from the Continental GT by its dark-tinted chromium-plate matrix grillwork to the principal and lour air intakes. Brilliant chromed grilles may be specified at no supererogatory toll. At the bottom, a inkiness lour bumper pelmet and wider, rifled expel tailpipes accent the Bentley Continental GT Velocity’s dissipated fibre, strengthened by new multi-spoke 20-inch sports metal wheels. As an pick, these may be specified with a colored chromed coating.

    The Bentley Continental GT Fastness’s cabin is based thereon of the Mulliner Drive Stipulation (a price selection on the measure GT). It includes a pick of veneers (Bur Walnut, Darkness Varnished Bur Walnut and Forte-piano Melanize), Diamond-quilted obscure seating with embroidered Bentley allegory, indented obliterate headlining, a sports metal gearlever, three-spoke multi-function sports wheel, drilled admixture foot-pedals likewise as ‘Amphetamine’ logos to the treadplates.

    A compass of Mulliner options furnish encourage opportunities for personalisation including facia panels, cope and gist cabinet in smart al or, unparalleled to the Bentley Continental GT Hurrying, night tinge aluminum (compatible alone with Night Varnished Bur Walnut veneering or Pianissimo Blackness veneering and unity tincture internal coloring connive). The Bentley Continental GT likewise benefits from a new Bentley ‘B’ bracken bicycle.

    Bentley Continental GT and GT Amphetamine customers suffer a quality of 16 ‘criterion’ pigment colors and 17 agio course leather veil colors, including two new outside rouge colors (Cumbrian Common and Granite) and two new upcountry leather obliterate colors (Newmarket Tan and Cumbrian Commons). Customers likewise bear the alternative to choice from the Arnage semblance pallet or select Bentley’s colour-matching plan to create a bespoken coloration of their pick.

    2008 Bentley Continental Gt Speed

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