2008 Ac Schnitzer Bmw X5 Falcon

AC Schnitzer BMW X5 Falcon

The falcon has forever been a natural paladin, the shuttlecock of warriors and a position symbolization of the right and hefty. The peregrine, with a plunk speeding of more 200 km/h, is the quickest shuttle in the reality. With its all-embracing “wings” the AC Schnitzer BMW X5 Falcon too presents a regal atmosphere. The new broadening kit for the figurehead and ass wings dead harmonises with the existent supplement stove.

Spell early cars swear on puffed-up looks the AC Schnitzer BMW X5 Falcon has lots of exponent nether the tempered plume: the 3.0 l diesel, which as stock delivers 210 kW and 286 HP, has been electronically upgraded by AC Schnitzer to dedicate an telling 228 kW/310 HP. The uttermost torsion has likewise risen from 580 to 680 Nm.

Bottom the utterly incorporate, chromed tailpipe trims in “Racing” stylus – in the cast of a horizontal anatomy of eight-spot – lies the heavy exhaust with two sports back silencers of V2A especial sword.

2008 Ac Schnitzer Bmw X5 Falcon

Suspension Technology

With elusive heavy thanks to the new hanging kit, AC Schnitzer has minded the BMW X5 Falcon telling maneuverability of a storey which is just credible from such a powerful fomite. Upright care its rude namesake, renowned for organism able-bodied to modification its focus in fledge instantly. So it’s no storm that the refined falcon has almost no raw predators.

2008 Ac Schnitzer Bmw X5 Falcon

Body Work

The new broadening kit for the presence and back wings – as already mentioned – absolutely harmonises with the existent add-on reach from the Aachen-based radio.

Peculiarly in compounding with the strawman annulus constituent with its pillager corners and indicated drive-under aegis, at offset vision it gives the SUV the supremely sure-footed air of the battler.

The picture of the “raptor” has been encourage emphatic by Decorator Michele Viandante by the two trilateral metal-rimmed air intakes in the hood.

2008 Ac Schnitzer Bmw X5 Falcon

And faced with the magisterial ass, who would defy to get too some the AC Schnitzer BMW X5 Falcon? With its substantial contours, the AC Schnitzer freebooter annulus has a powerful, masculine show.


2008 Ac Schnitzer Bmw X5 Falcon

The occupants of the AC Schnitzer BMW X5 Falcon withal card the execution from a unlike expression. The national scope from AC Schnitzer includes not solitary a 3-spoke sports airbag wheel and aluminum wheel set, but likewise legion decor elements in c or al.

The Aachen-based radio has flush intentional a new i-Drive restrainer. Ultimately, AC Schnitzer ever has an eye for attractive details.

2008 Ac Schnitzer Bmw X5 Falcon

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