2007 Toyota Fj Cruiser

Toyota FJ Cruiser

The Toyota FJ Cruiser (FJC) is a retro-style constrict SUV by Toyota introduced as a conception at the 2003 Chicago Motorcar Display and in yield configuration at the followers N American External Motorcar Display. On sale in other 2006 as a 2007 modelling, it features styling resonant of the archetype FJ-series Demesne Cruisers from the Sixties (especially the strawman facia and enfold about behind windows) , but is based on the Hi-Lux chopine besides victimized by the advanced 4Runner and Domain Cruiser Prado. The FJ Cruiser is solitary sold in Northwards America. The FJ cruiser was not primitively intended for product but due to tremendous consumer answer some the car undermentioned the N American External Automobile Prove, yield plainly began.

2007 Toyota Fj Cruiser

The FJ Cruiser principally competes with the Nissan Xterra, Landrover Wrangler and the Fastball H3. Fundament pricing is ‘tween US$21,000 and US$23,000. At 183.9 inches in duration, the FJ Cruiser is the longest squeeze SUV offered in Northerly America, slotting ‘tween the littler RAV4 (181.1 in. boilersuit duration; earlier rumored to be replaced by the FJ Cruiser) and the mid-size Highlander (184.6 in. boilersuit duration). The plus of the FJ Cruiser adds a one-sixth SUV in Toyota’s American card, substance Toyota leave let two contract SUVs (the RAV4 and FJ Cruiser), two mid-size SUVs (Highlander and 4Runner), and two lifesize SUVs (Redwood and Demesne Cruiser). One in apiece class is one-sided for on-road use, patch the former caters to more off-road enthusiasts. It is too Toyota’s sole flow fomite to use the discover TOYOTA spelled out crossways the grill rather of the bodied allegory, another nod to the greco-roman FJ40.


2007 Toyota Fj Cruiser
  • 4.0 L 1GR-FE DOHC V6 with VVT-i, rated at 239 hp (178 kW) at 5200 rpm, and 278 lb-ft (377 N·m) of torsion at 2700 rpm
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