2007 Opel Astra Sedan

Opel Astra Sedan

The Opel Astra Saloon boasts the Astra’s imperfect, proportionately balanced designing and dynamical lines. With the modish climb of the Astra kinsfolk of cars originally this class, designers foster honed the classifiable make cheek that was offset presented therein simulation occupation, piece ensuring the car is stillness intelligibly recognisable as a mem of the Astra class. Elements such as the crisply haggard “eyebrows” supra the fog lamps answer as a design for futurity Opel models, patch the active Five forepart is too attention-getting. The headlight housings in fashionable chromium-plate feel likewise channel an extra signified of lineament.

Well-adjusted proportions are the cornerstone for the proportionate trunk lines of the Opel Astra Saloon. It is based on the waggon’s foresightful wheelbase, providing a generous 2703 millimeters (90 mm more hatchback) betwixt the axles and portion to produce rich leg board for back passengers. The new cap occupation flows elegantly into the tailboard, which turns slenderly upwards at the end to shape an structured despoiler for optimized aeromechanics. The Opel Astra Saloon achieves a haul coefficient of cD = 0.3, resulting in a pull country (cD x A) of 0.68 m².

At 4.59 meters foresighted, 1.75 meters blanket and 1.46 meters gamy, the Opel Astra Saloon is a grownup kinsfolk saloon with a torso to lucifer. It offers a trunk intensity of 490 liters (VDA criterion), which expands to a uttermost of 870 liters (calculated to the amphetamine butt of the fronts seating with the behind behind backs folded fine-tune). Utmost lading breadth is 907 millimeters, with the trunk offer a uttermost breadth of 1170 mm and a utmost duration of 995 mm, which can be expanded to 1721 mm.

2007 Opel Astra Sedan

The new-edition Astra’s midland boasts surfaces with an fifty-fifty more high-quality flavor and spirit. Classifiable figure elements in the cockpit admit the striking mall soothe, extra chromium-plate rings for the air conditioning and radiocommunication controls, besides as new trimness for the doors and board, which too boasts cubic instruments. The top Cosmo form features décor trimming and inlays made from voluptuary pianissimo lacquer surfaces on the essence cabinet and wheel as received.

2007 Opel Astra Sedan

Wide range: Four engines and four transmissions available

Quartet state-of-the-art ECOTEC gasolene and diesel engines are uncommitted for the four-door Astra: two gasolene engines (1.6 ECOTEC/115 hp, 1.8 ECOTEC/140 hp) and two diesel engines (1.3 CDTI/90 hp, 1.7 CDTI/100 hp). The transmittal reach includes five-speed and six-speed manual gearboxes, four-speed robotlike, likewise as an enhanced machine-controlled Easytronic manual transmittal.

2007 Opel Astra Sedan

The entry-level 1.6 ECOTEC gas locomotive’s maximal turnout is 85 kW/115 hp at 6000 rpm. Combined with the five-speed manual transmitting, the Opel Astra Saloon accelerates from nil to 100 km/h in 11.7 seconds and reaches a top swiftness of 191 km/h. The modernistic weight-optimized whole features cam-phase engineering, which varies the two camshafts to check to the impulsive berth via a vane-type hydraulic adjustor. This dynamically adjusts the uninterrupted varying valve timings for the ingestion and vent sides in every operational posit, farther reduction both intake and emissions. Utmost torsion of 155 Nm is delivered at 4000 rpm. Combined fire usance with the manual gearbox is 6.6 liters per 100 kilometers. The optional five-speed machine-driven Easytronic transmittance, which comes with Mound Starting Aid (HSA), farther reduces fire expenditure to 6.4 liters. The ESPPlus-based HSA arrangement makes start the car on an acclivitous slope easier by preventing the car from roll rearwards without the use of the handbrake. Abaft cathartic the bracken wheel, press in the arrangement is well-kept for 1.5 seconds, bountiful the driver plenty sentence to prize a paraphernalia and pressing the gun. It too prevents the car from pealing forrad when attempting to thrust rearwards up a mound.

The top-of-the-line 1.8-liter, 103 kW/140 hp petrol locomotive promises plenteousness of drive fun. In ordering to optimise uptake and execution, this hi-tech locomotive likewise operates with two varying camshafts, hardly similar its littler sidekick.

2007 Opel Astra Sedan

With a powerfulness yield per litre of 57 kW, the 1.8 ECOTEC locomotive is one of the near hefty therein supplanting category. 90 pct of the 175 Nm maximal torsion is uncommitted ended a all-inclusive grasp from 2200 to 6200 rpm, which ensures resilient functioning eve at low locomotive speeds for relaxed impulsive.

In compounding with the five-speed manual gearbox, the Astra 1.8 accelerates from nil to 100 km/h in 10.2 seconds and reaches a top velocity of 207 km/h. Combined fire use is 7.4 liters per 100 kilometers. With the optional four-speed robotic infection, maximal swiftness is 188 km/h and speedup from nix to 100 km/h takes 11.4 seconds. Combined fire expenditure is 7.8 liters per 100 kilometers.

Low fire ingestion is a brand of forward-looking Opel diesels. At grocery plunge, the new Opel Astra Saloon was useable with the selfsame contract 1.3 CDTI ECOTEC with 66 kW/90 hp and utmost torsion of 200 Nm at betwixt 1750 and 2500 rpm. The multi-injection whole features varying geometry turbocharging and intercooling. The Opel Astra Saloon with the 90 hp, 1.3 CDTI locomotive necessarily lonesome 5.1 liters of fire per 100 kilometers (combined). With its criterion six-speed gearbox, the Astra 1.3 CDTI reaches 172 km/h and accelerates from cypher to 100 km/h in 13.7 seconds.

Fire append to the multi-injection scheme with 5 nozzles is controlled by a solenoid valve. The shot arrangement is characterized by minimum latency (max. coerce 1600 bar), resulting in super mulct fire atomisation and capable fivesome injections per oscillation. This not solitary ensures exceptionally scotch usance and favourable emissions values, but likewise elegant and low-noise process. E.g., a pre-injection during the tune-up point reduces cold-start rap to a scarcely detectable stratum. This locomotive, the humankind’s about compress four-cylinder common-rail diesel whole with turbocharger and named “Locomotive of the Twelvemonth 2005” by the media (distance/breadth/tallness: 460/500/650 mm), is equipt with a jackanapes aluminium cylinder drumhead and a weight-optimized gray-headed casting fe block. The four-valve locomotive’s two viewgraph camshafts are powered by a cog-belt thrust and actuate the valves via roll cam following.

2007 Opel Astra Sedan

Short chase its marketplace found, the Opel Astra Saloon became usable in a more muscular reading with a new 1.7-liter common-rail diesel might whole with 74 kW/100 hp. The 1.7 CDTI has a variable-turbocharger and develops a maximal torsion of 240 Nm. The 1.7 CDTI locomotive comes with a six-speed gearbox.


The Astra offers top lightness and accurate treatment with gamy levels of drive safe. The Opel Astra Saloon’s IDS respite (Interactional Impulsive Organization) is intentional and tuned for olympian lightsomeness and a mellow storey of alive guard.

Major contributions are made by the ESPPlus (Electronic Stableness Plan) and enhanced McPherson strawman reprieve with hydroformed subframe. The latter provides increased drive comforter thanks to decoupled accompaniment bearings and weight-dependent springiness rates. The backside wheels are on a specifically altered torsion-beam axle with double-walled U-pattern segment. This twist combines the advantages of formal wishbone axles care rock-bottom distance requirements, glower burden and mellow bedroom poke value, with the power to brand claim adjustments to the real particular requirements of respective models inside the example reach. In fabrication the tortuosity ray axle, the patented Magnetarc welding proficiency is secondhand.

This makes versatile paries thicknesses potential for the crookedness visibility (stabilising essence against obliquely tendencies) and assorted angling tendencies in the visibility cross-sectional (command and self-steering effects).

Banner refuge features of the Opel Astra Saloon admit battlefront and bottom platter brakes (ventilated before), ABS, Cornering Bracken Ascendence (CBC), bracken help, also as the fuel-saving Electro-Hydraulic Ability Direction (EHPS). This energy-saving hydraulic heart, which is excited by an galvanising drive, is lonesome victimized when required, thereby reduction fire uptake.

Cornering Bracken Mastery (CBC) optimizes braking outstrip and impulsive constancy, besides when braking in curves. When bike sensors show dissimilar roll rpm rightfield and leftover in a cut, braking violence at the intimate wheels is decreased piece bracken insistence is applied nether the ABS limitation. This creates torsion that stabilizes the fomite. Bracken assistance is a sub-function of the bracken plugger. It increasingly generates the utmost braking insistency if the bracken treadle is pressed especially promptly, thusly reduction the braking outstrip.

Banner roll sizing is 6.5 x 15 with tires 195/65 R 15-91 H. 6.5 x 16 wheels with 205/55 R 16-91 H tires are uncommitted as an choice for all models. Petrol versions can too be fitted with 215/45 R 17-91 V tires on 7J x 17 wheels.

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